Muslim receives text asking if a friend can borrow her freedom sack for Halloween

Say No To Burqas 2 Years

Predictably, PuffHo tards smell “Islamophobia” and fake concern for Muselmanic victimhood. But even PuffHo concedes this:

Some have argued that dressing up as Islamic State militants for Halloween may be a good way to undermine the group by making fun of it. The Washington Post’s Justin Moyer recently published an article arguing that “we should fight [the Islamic State] not just with cruise missiles but also with laughter.”

The Lure of Jihad

Foreign Fighters Joining Terror Groups On ‘Unprecedented Scale’

Nusra Militants

 Powers: WH ‘Probably’ Knows Who Made Chickensh*t Comments 

The legend of Rehana continues. Rehana, the Kurdish fighter who some claim has killed 100 Islamic State (IS) militants, is reportedly still alive and well in southern Turkey, according to some reports.

Can you tell if that’s her?


A brilliant rebuttal to Islamic thugs who attack free speech

Q Society of Australia Inc in association with SkipnGirl Productions presents 
Slavery and Persecution under Islam: Simon Deng Australia Tour 2014


Sam Aziz defends his appearance together with Simon Deng at the upcoming public Q Event in Melbourne. Sam writes:

“This article appeared in today’s (31 Oct) Herald Sun, so here we go again:

Dear so called Muslim leaders

Congratulations on lecturing me on the right to free speech, which you have classified as racism, hate, and bigotry.

First of all let me remind you that you are not a race, you are a religion. So my questions about you relate to the violent practices undertaken in the name of your beliefs. My questions are not about where you ethnically originate. So stop calling people who question you racist. It makes you look silly.

Secondly, it beggars belief how you label respectful discourse bigotry and hatred, and yet you have never protested against the most heinous crimes committed in the name of your religion against non-Muslims. Whether it be savage beheadings or innocent women being stoned to death because they dared to complain about being raped. Until we see a clear protest, maybe some of us would start to take you seriously.

Finally, don’t you dare ever lecture me again about how I conduct my elected office. I am accountable to my electorate, not to you.

God bless our magnificent liberal democracy- God bless Australia.”

There’s a lot these so-called Muslim leaders will have to learn about Australia, human rights and liberal democracy; and they would be wise to learn fast.



Leftards have attacked Sam Aziz before:

A CASEY OF HATE: Local councillor Sam Aziz attacks Islam and invites fiery preacher Danny Nalliah to address council



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Sex-Slavery and Sharia in the Islamic State

by Joseph S. Spoerl (November 2014)

Again, this is one for keeps and for future references.

An Islamic State fighter acquires a bride (or a slave?) in Mosul, Iraq, Summer 20141

In September 2014, several Muslim men had the following discussion on Facebook:

“Abou Jihad: “350 dollars for the Yazidi girl in Mosul if you want. LOL


Abu Selefie: I heard there were slaves in Raqqa is it true?

Abde-Rahman: I saw it was around 180 dollars per slave LOL.

Abou Muhammad: You have revived a tradition.”2

“Abou Jihad” is a French Islamic State (or ISIL or ISIS) fighter in Syria who is one of the main disseminators of IS materials in French. He is stating openly what mainstream Western media outlets, the United Nations, and the Islamic State itself have now confirmed, namely, that the Islamic State is practicing the sexual enslavement of Yazidi and other non-Muslim women and girls.Abou Muhammad demonstrates his knowledge of Islamic history and law by accurately observing that in permitting these practices, the Islamic State has “revived a tradition.” Classical Islamic law, based on both the Koran and the example and teaching of Muhammad (c. 570-632), does indeed condone the sexual enslavement of non-Muslim women taken as captives in jihad.

To understand the tradition that is being revived in Iraq and Syria, let us begin with the Koran and then turn to the traditional Islamic sources on the life of Muhammad.

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The Mosqueteers of Canberra

Michael Inman, Courts reporter for The Canberra Times, takes investigative journalism to new lows:

Interstate Christian activists on board of Canberra group fighting mosque in Gungahlin

Article Lead - wide6280888511ekdeimage.related.articleLeadwide.729x410.11e7n9.png1414657919252.jpg-620x349Concerned Citizens of Canberra board member Adrian Van Der Byl says he opposes “the advancing Islamisation of Australia”.

“Islam is, in effect, a parallel civilisation replacement theology with its own civil  barbaric laws designed specifically for the destruction of its host nation.”

But why listen to greasy Islamophobes like Adrian Van Der Byl when you can get your Islam cooked to perfection by a real expert?

James Beech, seasoned Islamic expert and rapporteur extraordinary from the ‘Canterbury-Bankstown Express’ has all the facts for you. This self-appointed mufti finds Islam totally agreeable.

Please ensure you are securely seated, you do not hold a hot beverage and kindly empty your stomach in a suitable receptacle before proceeding with the following link.(Q-Society)

Lakemba Mosque joins National Mosque Open Day to reveal truth about Islam
The Islamic community is taking action to tackle prejudice against their faith and break down common misconceptions about their religion. (Daily Telegraph)

10425505_778713415529753_2953061026960628345_n Thorne ‘out of context’

Tim Blair – Friday, October 31, 2014

Islamic preacher Junaid Thorne claims he was taken out of context:
Earlier this year Thorne gave a lecture in which he called Jews and Christians “filthy rapists”.


He told Lloyd that he was misunderstood and the comments had been taken out of context.

Very well then, Junaid. What did you mean to say?

“If you go back to the lecture, I said we have our sisters being raped by filthy Jews and Christians. So I’m talking about the ones that actually do that.”

Glad we’ve cleared that up.


 Happy Halloween Islamophobes. 

No need to wear a monster costume and act like savages when we have the real thing wandering the streets.  (From the Q-Society)


UK: Theresa May’s “full spectrum of extremism” will muzzle all critics of Britains galloping Islamisation

Anyone who criticises Sharia law or gay marriage could be branded an “extremist” under sweeping new powers planned by the Conservatives to combat terrorism, an alliance of leading atheists and Christians fear.

Mad Cow Disease:   

New UK law would ban critics of Sharia from broadcasting, protesting or even posting messages on Facebook

New UK law would ban critics of Sharia from broadcasting, protesting or even posting messages on Facebook

: Useful Idiots Usher in Sharia

The last free person in Britain, if there is one, might as well turn out the lights. If this becomes law, Britain is finished as a free society. As the law would also forbid opposition to gay marriage, it would be interesting to see what would happen if a proponent of Sharia protested against gay homo marriage — but Muslim groups are largely for it, since it opens the door to the legalization of polygamy.

In any case, future free historians, if there are any, will look back at David Cameron and Theresa May as essentially saboteurs and traitors who administered the coup de grace to their own nation as a free republic. If Britain were still a sane society, as soon as this law was suggested there would have been a no-confidence vote and the Conservative government would have fallen — followed by the arrest of Cameron and May and criminal proceedings against them. Instead, Britain appears prepared to go quietly, although civil war still very likely looms in its future.

“Sharia law or gay marriage critics would be branded ‘extremists’ under Tory plans, atheists and Christians warn,” by John Bingham, the Telegraph, October 31, 2014–Continue Reading »

UK: Legalistic BS About “Extremism”….
….to be used to criminalise those who tell the truth about Islam and Muslims.
What is extreme? The Mohammedan head choppers or those in the West who try to muzzle all criticism of Islam?

 Theresa May in Lala land

‘Extremism’, that absurd euphemism to obscure Islam….

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UK: Pigs Heads More Important Than the Rape of Their Own Children



From the Daily Mail

00ffd0dee6f323f4967dd7536e4e55b4In what was once great Britain, the heavily enriched police waste much of their time and taxpayer money to investigate pranksters who dump pig’s heads in mosque neighbourhoods. Meanwhile, their children are being raped by Paki Muslim gangs.

Muslim rape gangThis report doesn’t mention it (which in itself is telling), but 75%, and probably more (since it is so politically unacceptable to report such things), of these rape and sexual exploitation gangs are “Asian,” which is British Newspeak for “Muslim.” Despite the continuing horror of these revelations, the British continue to take this with equanimity, for to resist it would be “racist” and “Islamophobic.”

“Child sexual exploitation ‘now normal in parts of Greater Manchester’: report,” by Helen Pidd, the Guardian, October 29, 2014 (thanks to JW):

Sexual exploitation of vulnerable children has become the social norm in some parts of Greater Manchester, fuelled by explicit music videos and quasi-pornographic selfies, an MP has warned.

The Goose of Gosford

Anglican Parish of Gosford

I’m all for the religious (and non religious) freedom to wear what you like in public.  (I quite like my new party dress). If we impose a ban on the burqa (In Australia Muslim women usually wear niqab) we must be prepared to accept that by the taking away of this religious freedom, we could, equally, be forced to wear one. There are indeed Christian women who still cover their heads in public, or when going to church, that is their choice. We must be free to wear what we like. Its the deep rich tapestry of ‪#‎teamhumanity‬.
Fr Rod

I'm all for the religious (and non religious) freedom to wear what you like in public. (I quite like my new party dress). If we impose a ban on the burqa (In Australia Muslim women usually wear niqab) we must be prepared to accept that by the taking away of this religious freedom, we could, equally, be forced to wear one.  There are indeed Christian women who still cover their heads in public, or when going  to church, that is their choice.  We must be free to wear what we like. Its the deep rich tapestry of #teamhumanity. Fr Rod

Perhaps the Obama regime was right to call Netanyahu a chickeshit:

After day of absolute closure, holy site to reopen for Friday prayers – for some

Site will only be open to men over age of 50 and women; Jordanian spokesman: Pressure from Amman led to decision; US calls for calm in Jerusalem.–YNETNEWS.COM

We have the right to be outraged….

… which doesn’t mean we  have a right to do anything about it:

AUSTRALIAN Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says, “Australians have the right to be shocked and outraged over chilling video of Muslim child jihadists-in-training being radicalized in Australia

“You’re never too young to be a Soldier for Khilafa.”


A Muslim youth group is under investigation after a disturbing video of children as young as six calling for violence against non-Muslims and an end to Australian democracy was unearthed by 7News.

As many as 30 Islamic terrorists released from Guantanamo by Hussein Obama are now fighting with ISIS and other al-Qaeda linked groups in Syria

And he can’t wait to release the rest of them.

 The insolent Turk


Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan told German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich that Berlin was guilty of a human rights violation for insisting that Turkish immigrants who want to live in Germany must integrate and learn the German language.-READ THE REST

K1ZaN8Y “We want you to stay in Australia. We want you to randomly kidnap people off the street, behead them, videotape it, send it to us for further propaganda.” …

More betrayal and hijacking of islam (which means peace) at Sydney Morning Herald thanks to Mullah, pbuh

But the real problem is … “Islamophobia”,  for PuffHo readers, of course…..

“There are no civilians, kill them all wherever they are…”

“There are no civilians,” Musa Abu-Yusuf adds. “Kill them all wherever they are, that is, in Europe itself. Kill just one Frenchman, one American, then they will rise up. Kill them all, wherever they are. In Europe.”

Musa Abu-Yusuf says that IS militants head choppers are defending not only against attacks from the Kurds, but also from the entire world, who have “suddenly started to defend the Kurds.”

Report: ISIS Decapitates 70

Islamic State Militants Seen Using Advanced Portable Anti-Aircraft Missiles

Palestine: Closure of Al-Aqsa is

Hysterical Arabs: Closure of Al-Aqsa is “declaration of war”

The Palestinian Authority (PA) on Thursday asserted that Israel’s closure of the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in East Jerusalem was tantamount to a “declaration of war against the Palestinian people.”