Tadros tells Trump to behave, or else….

The World Health Organization is corrupt, incompetent and full of Chinese communist sympathizers.

We should get our nations out of the WHO & the UN.

WHO director tries to blackmail Trump: “We will have many body bags in front of us if we don’t behave”

WHO director hits back at Trump threat to defund agency

Trump had declared at a White House press briefing Tuesday: “We’re going to put a hold on the money sent to the WHO.”

He (Tadros)  went on to urge a global response to the virus similar to the one that combated smallpox.

“The United States and China should come together and fight this dangerous enemy, they should come together to fight it and the rest of G-20 should come together to fight it, and the rest of the world should come together and fight it,” he said.


“We will have many body bags in front of us if we don’t behave,” he said. “When there are cracks at [the] national level and global level, that is when the virus succeeds.”


TIME ‘Expert’ Bruce Aylward

Take this turkey, Bruce Aylward. This commie tool couldn’t even get himself to mention the word ‘Taiwan’ in a recent TV interview. He is totally in the Chinese bag, but TIME promotes him as the “WHO’s top expert”, puke!

Here’s the link!


Wuhan: Corona victims burned alive

Moslem truck driver meets virgins after sudden affliction with SJS

SJS= Sudden Jihad Syndrome

Allahuakbar! “…truck driver Idris Abdus-Salaam stabbed four women at the truck stop location before he was shot by a Knox County Deputy after he refused to drop his knife.

Abdus-Salaam was pronounced dead at the scene. We can only hope he rots in Muhammad’s hell!🤩🤩🤩

Germany: Easter is cancelled over coronavirus, Ramadan event with 50,000 participants is set to go ahead


GROOMING GANGS? WHAT GROOMING GANGS? Journalist DENIES there is a problem with Muslim Rapists

Yawn. Another Moslem propagandist who would have you believe that “Islamophobia” is worse than the rape of infidel women.


Aussie media ‘defaming’ Chinese companies


The Reserve Bank has created $30b in new money out of thin air. Here’s how


Wuhan flights start to return to Australia

The first flight to Sydney in over two months from Chinas coronavirus

Freight from Wuhan arriving into Sydney tonight. Good luck.

The first flight to Sydney in over two months from Chinas coronavirus capital Wuhan, is due to land in Australia tonight.
Wuhan Funeral Homes Burned Coronavirus Victims Alive

“…people are saying that … there are video clips of screams coming from funeral homes, from inside the furnaces … which tells us that some people were taken to the funeral homes while they were still alive….”

Locals in Wuhan, where the Chinese coronavirus pandemic originated, have heard screams coming from funeral home furnaces, and some treated in hospitals say they saw workers put living coronavirus patients in body bags, Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported on Monday.

RFA noted that it could not independently verify that the Chinese Communist Party was burning coronavirus patients alive, nor has the Communist Party confirmed or denied the rumors. Yet the rumors persist that, to make room for new patients in Wuhan’s overcrowded hospitals, medical staff chose older patients less likely to survive the infection and shipped them to incinerators while they were still alive and conscious.

So what’s the plan?

Our governments are determined to conflate and thus exaggerate Coronavirus deaths. Why? Not for our health.

 Trump Announces Hold on World Health Organization Funding

President Donald Trump announced Tuesday at the White House that he would put a hold on funding to the World Health Organization amid the coronavirus crisis.

“They were wrong about a lot of things,” Trump said.

Defund it – permanently.

China Floods Facebook with Ads Blaming Trump for Chinese Virus

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has previously pledged to learn a language and eat only meat from animals he killed himself
Chinese state media has been flooding Facebook and Instagram with undisclosed political ads blaming President Donald Trump for the Wuhan coronavirus. Facebook said in a statement that it was an “error” that the ads were not classified as political and is correcting them.

The Telegraph reports that Chinese state media has been posting undisclosed political ads to Facebook and Instagram in an attempt to downplay China’s role in the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic and blaming President Donald Trump. Three Chinese state media outlets, Xinhua, China Central Television, and the Global Times, have targeted ads towards users across the world in English, Chinese, and Arabic.


The story that this bat-derived coronavirus came from a Wuhan animal market is falling apart. A Chinese academic says no bats were sold at that market, and bats weren’t a local animal or food. I may have escaped instead from one of two local laboratories working on bats. One advertised last year for a scientist to work on “new” bat viruses.

Could it be that there’s an agenda behind this?

Continue reading So what’s the plan?

WHO planned this Coronavirus disaster?

The World Health Organisation has refused to release the names of doctors who blocked an early bid to declare coronavirus a global health emergency.

Donald Trump Has Stake In Hydroxychloroquine Drugmaker: Report

The president has repeatedly touted the anti-malaria drug as a coronavirus treatment despite a lack of medical evidence.

PuffHo tards are beneath contempt.

Defund the UN & the WHO – permanently!

Is this a fake crisis or is it a dress rehearsal?

Anyone in U.S. who dies with Covid 19, regardless of what else may be wrong, is now being recorded as a Covid 19 death.

Culture of corruption: who deep does the blackmail go?

House Republican Demands Congress Defund WHO Until Chief Tedros Resigns

House Republican Demands Congress Defund WHO Until Chief Tedros Resigns

President Donald Trump announced Tuesday at the White House that he would put a hold on funding to the World Health Organization amid the coronavirus crisis.

Our fake news media is defending W.H.O.

Praising Communist China

The media is truly the enemy of people, including the enemy of the citizens of China

They are protecting the oppressors.

“They were wrong about a lot of things,” Trump said.

Vile, pernicious, obsessed & deranged: the journaille is truly demon-possessed. These fake news media clowns are insane:

Fact Check: Trump Does Not Own Stake in a Hydroxychloroquine Drugmaker

Climate Activists Use Coronavirus Pandemic to Push Climate Change Agenda

Climate Activists Use Coronavirus Pandemic to Push Climate Change Agenda

The climate racket: another turd that won’t flush.

U.S. to China: Stop ‘Exploiting’ Coronavirus to Colonize South China Sea

U.S. to China: Stop ‘Exploiting’ Coronavirus to Colonize South China Sea

To say ‘Moslems spread Coronavirus’ is “Islamophobia”

Mohammedans deliberately spread the virus, ignore the laws against mass-congregations, but don’t you dare mention it, infidel! That’s “Islamophobia”.

Islamic scholar, invoking Qur’an, says Muslims should rejoice when unbelievers “died because of the coronavirus”

U.S. Created Coronavirus to Target Islamic Nations! (And Other Conspiracy Theories)

France: Mohammedans Revolt

Nurses and doctors, on the front line in the fight against the Chinese coronavirus in France, are not the only ones under attack. This week, the College of Pharmacists, reported a sharp increase in attacks since the arrival of the coronavirus. French police have reported violent attacks by migrants who refuse to comply with quarantine measures. Immigrant neighbourhoods have started to revolt and loot supermarkets.

Coronavirus: Swedes told to brace for thousands of deaths

A couple hug and laugh as they have lunch in a restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden.
A couple hug and laugh as they have lunch in a restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden.

Stefan Lofven, Sweden’s Prime Minister has told the country to steel itself for thousands of deaths after 2300 doctors and academics criticised its laissez-faire approach to the pandemic.

The Swedish “mitigation” strategy, under which life has been allowed to go on with a degree of normality for most of the population while the vulnerable have been urged to stay at home, is being closely watched by scientists and political leaders across Europe.


China should be sued for $6.5 trillion for coronavirus damages says top UK think tank

Too easy. All we need is a bill collector to ask the ChiComs to pay up, right? Piece of cake, really….

Where would we be without the BS from al Jizz?

Generation Hate


Al Jazeera exposes secret links between one of France’s largest political parties and a movement calling for the expulsion of Muslims from Europe.

Any resistance to the Islamic expansion program is “hate”. That’s what Qatar’s nasty Islamic propaganda rag al Jazeera is suggesting. Ignore the jihad, the daily murders & the hate preachers in the mosques, suck up the Moonbat propaganda!

Islamophobia Inc


Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit unmasks the powerful organizations and individuals behind a surging demonization of Muslims in America.

Rest assured that the 56 Islamic countries have a lot more powerful resources, organisations & individuals than the few brave individuals who don’t want western civilisation succumb to Islam.

India: Muslims claim charges that Islamic convention was super-spreader of coronavirus are just “Islamophobia”
Reality check:

Nigeria: Muslims hack 50 Christians to death in March, and ten more in first two days of April

Cleric Insists: Allah is Angry…

‘There is no doubt that sins of human beings are responsible for this problem,’ said Maulana Saad, leader of Tablighi Jamat, Islamic group that has become Coronavirus hotspot in India.


The Mexican brewery that makes Corona beer has shut down production after the government ordered the closure of non-essential businesses.

Austria Says EU Migrant Redistribution ‘Has Failed’, Refuses Asylum Seekers

Austria Says EU Migrant Redistribution ‘Has Failed’, Refuses Asylum Seekers

It was never meant to work. Redistribution of Mohammedans is utterly destructive. Why did they wait so long to refuse?

Germany: Leftist officials push to bring in more Muslim migrants amid coronavirus pandemic

The Germans are governed by a bunch of degenerates who cannot wait to see Germans replaced by unassimilable third world savages. I can’t wait to see them get their just desserts.

Germany: Muslim migrant randomly attacks two people with machete and axe, police say it’s “mental illness”

It’s always mental illness because no Mohammedan would ever attack infidels with an axe screaming ‘allahuakbar’, right?

UK: 53 Illegal Boat Migrants Brought Ashore Despite Pandemic

Just wondering why they’re so eager taking them to Britain.

Suspected Terrorist Found ‘Praying In Arabic’ on Street After Knife Rampage

France: Moslem Terrorist Found ‘Praying In Arabic’ on Street After Knife Rampage

 They always pray in Arabic before & after murdering infidels.

Coronavirus: Sweden May Release Illegal Migrants Set For Deportation

Sweden May Release Illegal Migrants Set For Deportation…

Because deportation is just too hard…

ICUs on Rails: France Deploys Hospital Trains to Virus Trouble Spots as Macron Criticised for Slow Response

Toyboy Macron Feels Heat for Slow Response

But he wears a mask, right?

Indian Official: Mosque Instructed Mob to ‘Manhandle’ Health Workers
Fmr Ambassador to Japan: China Handling of Virus ‘Crime of the Century’

What else is new?

Greek authorities have sealed off a refugee camp after 21 migrants residing there tested positive for the Wuhan Coronavirus. Meanwhile, the mayor of Palermo in Sicily said that anyone who does not obey the lockdown order will be guilty of mass murder. Also, the worldwide number of coronavirus cases has now passed the one million mark. And the annual Wimbledon tennis match has been cancelled for the first time since the Second World War.

From the Religion of Peace: Continue reading Cleric Insists: Allah is Angry…

China’s incinerators are working ’round the clock

Spain’s coronavirus death toll rises by 674 to 12,418 

Italy: over 115,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, 13,915 deaths

Iran’s mad mullah regime threw out Doctors Without Borders and has refused US aid.

China was just elected to sit on the UN Human Rights Council—despite infecting the world with this deadly virus

Other members to have been voted on to this human rights council:

Saudi Arabia

Remind me again why the US pays 22% of the UN budget?


UN Blasted As “Absurd & Immoral” For Appointing China To Key UN Human Rights Panel

China will now oversee the vetting of candidates for crucial human rights

GENEVA, April 2, 2020 — China was appointed on Wednesday to a United Nations Human Rights Council panel where it will play a key role in picking the world body’s human rights investigators — including global monitors on freedom of speech, health, enforced disappearances, and arbitrary detention — in a move that has sparked protest by international human rights activists.

“Allowing China’s oppressive and inhumane regime to choose the world investigators on freedom of speech, arbitrary detention and enforced disappearances is like making a pyromaniac into the town fire chief,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, a non-governmental human rights organization based in Geneva that closely monitors the 47-nation UN Human Rights Council, and a leader in speaking out at the UN for victims in China.

“It’s absurd and immoral for the UN to allow China’s oppressive government a key role in selecting officials who shape international human rights standards and report on violations worldwide,” said Neuer.

United Nations wants 10% global tax and wants it now!

Smash the UN!

Wuhan residents are increasingly sceptical of the Chinese Communist Party’s reported coronavirus death count of approximately 2,500 deaths in the city to date, with most people believing the actual number is at least 40,000.

“Maybe the authorities are gradually releasing the real figures, intentionally or unintentionally, so that people will gradually come to accept the reality,” a Wuhan resident, who gave only his surname Mao, told Radio Free Asia.

A city source added that, based on the aggregation of funeral and cremation numbers, authorities likely know the real number and are keeping it under wraps.

After mocking Trump for promoting hydroxychloroquine, journalists acknowledge it might treat coronavirus

So far – MR Trump has been correct on all of it and as usual the despicable Democrats are making total ass’s of them selves ! The media is an absolute joke – NYT – WP – idiots of the liberal mind set !

After repeatedly mocking President Trump for suggesting on March 19 that hydroxychloroquine could be an effective treatment for coronavirus, media organizations have begun acknowledging that the drug — now approved for emergency use to treat coronavirus by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) –….


January 2020Flashback: Dr. Fauci Said Coronavirus ‘is not a major threat to the people of the United States’

I wouldn’t trust Fauci further than I can throw him.


Dem Law Professor Alan Dershowitz: “Pelosi and Schumer Have To Go”

The Plot Thickens:

France: Allahuakbaring African Savage Stabs Seven People, Two Dead

‘Allahu Akbar’ Migrant Knifeman Kills Two, Wounds Seven in France

Coronavirus Panic-Buying Sweeps China as Locals Refuse to Believe Communist Party

Beijing: ‘Morally Repulsive’ to Question China’s Fake Coronavirus Data


Governor Cuomo did NOT listen. He bought ZERO. It would have been only 0.4 % of the yearly budget. Instead, he wasted HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS:

Just last year we saw Governor Cuomo allocate $30 million to provide college tuition to illegals – that’s $30 million worth of ventilators and personal protective equipment that we can’t send to our heroes working on the front lines during this pandemic today.

Cuomo critics highlight years of taxpayer waste, amid deepening coronavirus crisis in New York

Critics of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo have brought to attention his years of fiscal mismanagement and cost-cutting that have worsened the state’s healthcare system. Check out how this is causing a major burden for the state amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gov. Cuomo is mistaken when he says New York is a “microcosm” of America, and that as NY goes with COVID-19 outbreak, so goes the rest of the country. For starters, New York is a magnet for foreign travellers spreading the virus & what’s more, people live on top of each other in NYC.

Cuomo is using this pandemic to get More Federal funding to cook the books and cover his budget deficits. New Yorkers should not be fooled by this POS who closed 16 hospitals in the last ten years, leaving the city’s healthcare facilities deficient in medical equipment/supplies.

Dems ‘Salivating’ over Opportunity to ‘Decapitate’ U.S. Economy

UN chief calls for ‘large-scale’ coronavirus response of 10 per cent of global GDP

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres this week called for a “large-scale” international response to the global coronavirus crisis, consisting of 10 per cent of global GDP — and promising that the U.N. is “fully mobilized” to support such an effort.

Not one cent! 


That’s making a mockery of human rights. The UN supports this.


The UN is worthless, useless & corrupt to the core.

The WHO has been actively working against our interests. It is a propaganda arm for the Chinese

Steve Forbes: “The real push against hydroxychloroquine is the fact that Donald Trump liked it.” 

Despite Trump quickly restricting travel from China over the objections of Democrats, the crisis is spun as a catastrophe of mismanagement due to his allegedly poor and slow response.

The World Health Organisation ‘is a joke’

This corrupt jackass, Tadros, used to run Islamopropaganda for the OIC. Back in the day, he declared “Islam means peace”. Now he’s a running dog for China. Watch the video below by clicking the link.

Outsiders host Rowan Dean says Australia should be pulling out of the World Health Organisation “tomorrow” as it has been “actively working against our interests and as a propaganda arm for the Chinese”.

The Director-General of the World Health Organization is not a medical doctor, but a bureaucrat from backward Ethiopia. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has two qualifications for the position: (1) like Robert Mugabe, the infamous socialist dictator who oversaw the transformation of the Breadbasket of Africa into the starving ruin that is Zimbabwe, Ghebreyesus is a tool of the ChiComs; and (2) he has experience covering up pandemics, having done the same with a cholera pandemic in Ethiopia.

The WHO has been criticised for its handling and mixed messaging throughout the coronavirus pandemic which has currently seen over one million infections worldwide. Mr Dean said the World Health Organisation “is a joke” and “the bloke who is now in charge of it has disgraced himself at every stage”. He said we could have a world body that looks after health, but it shouldn’t be the WHO which has been “completely corrupted”. “We should be pulling out of that organisation tomorrow and having nothing more to do with them”.

The WHO and the Chinese Communist Party: Joined at the Hip


Today is Saturday, April 4, 2020 and in the past 30-days, there were 71 Islamic attacks in 18 countries, in which 437 people were killed and 470 injured.

‘Prophet’s perfume’ to cure coronavirus patients

A YOUNG girl killed in a park on Mother’s Day was stabbed in the neck by a Somali as she rode past on her scooter.

You will never meet 7-year-old Emily Jones Bolton because she was murdered by an African savage.  Just like that.

Ayn Rand wrote this a few decades ago:

“We are fast approaching … the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases. While the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.”

No social distancing here:

As of yesterday 6200 doctors in 30 countries said hydroxycloroquine was showing promising results in COVID-19 patrons worldwide. Again, 6200 doctors in 30 countries So of course Dr. Destruction Fauci immediately said this:

Fauci warns there’s no ‘strong’ evidence anti-malaria drug works on coronavirus

Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, warned Friday that there isn’t any “strong” evidence that an anti-malaria drug has proven effective in the coronavirus fight.

Something to ponder:

How many of the 10 million Americans who filed for unemployment during the last 2 weeks were government bureaucrats? How many were federal govt bureaucrats?  You can bet the vast majority are private-sector employees. Notice, also, that Congress hasn’t cut its own pay or benefits.

Finally: The Jews Are Behind the Coronavirus Pandemic!

It doesn’t normally take that long for Mohammedans to blame the Jews.

Hamas Top Dog: Coronavirus Is Divine Retribution for Trump’s Declaration that J’lem Is Capital of Israel

Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar: If Gazans Start Dying from Coronavirus because We Run out of Ventilators, We Will Make Six Million Israeli Settlers Unable to Breathe; This Virus Is Divine Retribution for Trump’s Declaration that Jerusalem Is Capital of Israel

That’s no easy task. But by all means, knock yourselves out, morons!

Hamas top dog: “If ventilators are not brought into Gaza, we’ll stop the breathing of six million Israelis”

Chances are that Israeli’s will drop a bomb on your head before you wake up tomorrow, Mister Dog.

Muslim researcher: Coronavirus produced in US labs as part of “biological war” against “the Islamic nations”

I wonder why they didn’t blame da Joooz yet.

Ginning up more hatred for the Great Satan with paranoid fantasies. This sort of talk is the basis and justification for jihad activity.

Finally! I’m really baffled why it took so long:

March 20, 2020


A day in the life of Israelis:

Would it surprise you if al BeBeeCeera reports “man beaten by Israeli guard?”

From the Religion of Peace:

Police Pelted with Stones for Breaking Up Mass Prayer…
Canadian Imam Calls for Jihad and the ‘Destruction’ of Atheists…
Preacher Prays for Allah to Kill 500 Million Indians with COVID-19…
Ilhan Omar Quotes Quran: Suggests Her Critics Should Be Flogged…
ISIL Member: We Kill Shiites and Sikhs over Religious Views…
PA Turns One Israeli Soldier’s Spit into Wild Conspiracy Tale…
Islamic Group Abuses and Spits on Doctors at Quarentine Center…
Brother: Murdered Aid Worker was Set Up in ‘Inside Job’…
Pakistan: Increase in Domestic Abuse Follows Virus Lockdown…
Muslim Cricketer Returns to Field after Attempt to Kill ‘Blasphemer’…
British Pub Flattened to Make Way for Mosque…
Report: Iran Ordered “Khashoggi-Style” Hit on Dissident Critic…
Georgia Man Pleads Guilty in Plot to Blow Up White House…
Turkmenistan Bans “Coronavirus,” Threatens Anyone Wearing Mask…
Mosque Encouraged Attack on Health Workers…