Winds Of Jihad By Sheik Yer Mami

The inbred insanity of Muslim Arabs

by sheikyer mami on August 28, 2014

Remember what Carlebach wrote?

 Wherever Islamic psychology rules, there is the inevitable rule of despotism and criminal aggression…. The danger stems from the totalitarian conception of the world, the passion for murder deeply rooted in their blood, from the lack of logic, the easily inflamed brains, the boasting, and above all: the blasphemous disregard for all that is sacred to the civilized world…their reactions — to anything — have nothing to do with good sense. They are all emotion, unbalanced, instantaneous, senseless. It is always the lunatic that speaks from their throat.

Muslim journalist says U.S. “taught the world how to slit throats”

Muslim journalist says U.S. “taught the world how to slit throats”This denial and projection are familiar tactics of Islamic supremacists. Back in 2006, I received a series of venomous emails from a prominent “moderate Muslim,” Professor Khaleel Mohammed of San Diego State University, accusing me of “shameless lies” about Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. When I asked him to specify the lies, he responded: “As […] / Comments/Continue Reading »

Israel accepted ceasefire without demilitarization of Hamas under US pressure

Israel’s initial goal in Operation Protective Edge had been to destroy Hamas utterly. But Barack Hussein Obama persuaded (how?) the Israelis to accept Hamas still existing, and still heavily armed. It is quite clear which side Barack Obama is on. “PLO to pursue diplomatic efforts following ceasefire deal,” Ma’an News Agency, August 28, 2014: BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) […]Continue Reading »

Even their idiocy is megalomanic:

Mashaal Says Israel ‘Carried Out a Holocaust Double Hitler’s’

Hamas leader rejects disarmament demand, claims a Gaza victory that ‘dazzled the world.’
Do you really believe there is a difference between this a$$hole and the ISIS head choppers?
ShowImage.ashxHamas’s Qatar-based political bureau chief Khaled Mashaal on Thursday vowed that his terrorist organization would not agree to Israel’s demands for a disarmament of Gaza.

“The weapons of the resistance are sacred and we will not accept that they be on the agenda” of continuing negotiations with Israel to be held in under a month, Mashaal said in Doha. ”The issue is not up for negotiations. No one can disarm Hamas and its resistance.”

So what exactly are the terms of the ceasefire, anyway? (EoZ)

Another one:

Jordanian State TV says Jews use Christian blood for matzoh

Antisemitic Muslim Cleric of the Day:  From MEMRI:

In a Friday sermon delivered in Amman on August 22, 2014, Sheik Bassam Ammoush said that the Jews slaughter children to use their blood for matzos. Ammoush, a former Muslim Brotherhood leader who was expelled from the organization in 1997, was appointed minister of administrative development that year, and became the Jordanian ambassador to Iran in 2001. In 2011, King Abdullah appointed him to the Jordanian Senate. The sermon aired on the official Jordanian TV channel.

Following is an excerpt:

Sheik Bassam Ammoush: In Gaza we are dealing with the enemies of Allah, who believe that the matzos that they bake on their holidays must be kneaded with blood. When the Jews were in the diaspora, they would murder children in England, in Europe, and in America. They would slaughter them and use their blood to make their matzos.

So it should come as no surprise, after they occupied our lands, in complicity with the [Western] enemy… Now they have all these women and children in front of them, so it should come as no surprise. This is their faith.

They believe that they are God’s chosen people. They believe that the killing of any human being is a form of worship and a means to draw near their god.

See? He mentioned Gaza! So it must be Israel’s fault that Arabs are antisemitic!

Muslim cleric: Zionists in Israel so that “promise of Allah will be fulfilled: ‘We have brought you in droves so that it will be easier to slaughter and kill you’”Muslim cleric: Zionists in Israel so that “promise of Allah will be fulfilled: ‘We have brought you in droves so that it will be easier to slaughter and kill you’”

Sheik Muhammad Abu Rajab, aka Qa’qa’ of Gaza, is quite certain that jihad involves the slaughter of unbelievers, particularly Jews. He is also quite certain that his audience will think the same way. Are “moderate” Muslim leaders in the U.S. doing anything about this massive misunderstanding of Islam? Are Ahmed Rehab and Feisal Abdul Rauf […] /Comments/Continue Reading »

Egyptian media blames Israel for Egypt’s siege of Gaza

From Egypt’s Al Ahram, which is close to the government:

The World Food Programme (WFP) said that a humanitarian convoy has crossed from Egypt’s Rafah border crossing into the war-torn Gaza Strip, becoming the first aid sent to Gaza by the UN organisation since the start of the seven-year Israeli blockade in 2007.

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Shrillary doesn’t have policies, she’s got Huma….

by sheikyer mami on August 28, 2014

…and Huma’s Muslim sisterhood calls the shots:
Rand Paul:
“Think what would have happened had we seriously degraded Assad to the point where he was overrun, think who would be in charge of Syria right now?” Paul asked before answering his own rhetorical question: ”ISIS.”
In conclusion, Paul said:  we are very lucky that the American people are much wiser than Hillary Clinton, and much wiser than the president. We got the president and Hillary Clinton to slow down, but Hillary Clinton was widely reported to be the chief person proposing that we get involved in Syria. But really the only person directly involved in bombing ISIS’s bases right now is the Syrian government—so for all their wrongs, we’re actually quite lucky we didn’t have regime change, because I think it is a very realistic prediction that, had we had that happen, that ISIS would be in charge of Syria. Really, Syria, with Assad and all this war, is somewhat of a counter to the power of ISIS.

….the leader of UKIP was mobbed by admirers, including one taxi driver who Breitbart London caught on camera.

“Your policies are our policies,” he told Farage, talking about the feelings that the average working man, which London cabbies are well known to represent, have towards the UK Independence Party.

Hollande rules out working with Syria president against Islamic State, as group is accused of executing Syrian soldiers.
Still not sure what expects them when they arrive in Muhammad’s bordello…..
10561791_10204185971587509_3196055023506313484_nTell me something I don’t know….
A dollar for a bullet to put this dog out of his misery:
The Obama Regime Watergates Every Day:

As if the Islam they got wasn’t bad enough already:

More Islam for Pakistan

Pakistan set for ‘decisive’ day of protests

Cleric Tahir ul-Qadri declares “deciding day” in bid to topple prime minister as tens of thousands gather in Islamabad.

Cleric Tahir ul-Qadri is the lying dog who imposed the blasphemy laws on the nations remaining non Muslims….

201482883348564580_20Tens of thousands of protesters are preparing to convene in the Pakistani capital Islamabad, in the “deciding day” of a bid to bring down Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, after discussions between opposition groups and the government ended without agreement.

Anti-government cleric Tahir ul-Qadri, who has a huge following and runs a network of Islamic schools and hospitals, told his supporters on Thursday he had “shut the door” on further talks and urged them to prepare for a decisive day in their campaign against Sharif.

“Thursday will be Revolution Day,” he told a roaring crowd. “We will not go forward from tomorrow as it will be the deciding day.”


Too scared to seem racist, too scared to save children

Andrew Bolt

FEAR of seeming racist is now almost as dangerous as racism itself, as a report into child trafficking in a British town showed this week.

But even more shameful is the cowardice of authorities, too scared of seeming “racist” to admit predominantly Pakistani gangs were responsible: “By far the majority of perpetrators were described as ‘Asian’ by victims, yet throughout the entire period, councillors did not engage … with the Pakistani-heritage community.

(Read full article here.)

Lawyer for 15 girls abused in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013 say officials missed opportunities to prevent crimes.

Obfuscation Via Euphemism:

Report Blasts Gangs of “Asian Men” Responsible for Horrific Sex Crimes in U.K. Town

Asians“? Oh, you mean blokes from China, Japan and/or Korea? (Scaramouche)

How can they hope to confront the exploitation if they’re still hiding behind the “Asian men” euphemism?

Obviously, they can’t. And the effort to disguise the provenance of these “Asians” is so revolting that a local Muslim can’t help but condemn it:

Professor Alexis Jay’s report, commissioned by Rotherham Borough Council, said:

“Several councillors interviewed believed that by opening up these issues they could be ‘giving oxygen’ to racist perspectives that might in turn attract extremist political groups and threaten community cohesion.”

This has left the leader of a Muslim organisation in Rotherham furious.

“In the name of what community cohesion and political correctness? Not in the name of my community,” said Muhbeen Hussain, founder of British Muslim Youth.

“I’m truly disgusted to see such a report in my home town of Rotherham.

The fact these guys were predominantly Pakistani heritage men should not be a reason for providing a cloak of invisibility.”

Asia is a huge continent, and euphemizing “Pakistani” as “Asian” can cover a multitude of sins. There is no way, however, that the craven Rotherhamers would ever deploy the “A” word had these gangs been comprised of sexual predators whose last names were/are Lee and Kim.

UK’s Anjem Choudary Justifies Beheading of James Foley

Speaking to the Clarion Project, the Islamist cleric denied reports linking him to the British rapper identified as the beheader.

British cleric Anjem Choudary told the Clarion Project that reports linking him to Abdel Majed Abdel Bary, the British rapper identifiedas the Islamic State terrorist who beheaded American journalist James Foley, are false. However, he did endorse the atrocity and thecaliphate declared by IS.

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“Malicious Journalism”

Would it surprise you?

This is Islam:

 Islamic State militants savages parading around 250 captured soldiers through the desert in their underwear before they are killed and their bodies piled on the bare earth.

14075173811961_700Here is a must-read piece from Satya D, a prominent Hindu thinker and activist: From the advent of Islam, it is the brutality that was used to conquer. Will Durant and other authors have translated Arabs own memoirs on how the Islamic invaders have destroyed cultures and swathes of land with utmost brutality and inhumanity […]READ MORE
Spain Friday sermon: “Oh Allah, destroy the plundering Jews…do not spare a single one”Spain Friday sermon: “Oh Allah, destroy the plundering Jews…do not spare a single one”

In Italy, an imam who prayed the same thing was expelled from the country. If Spanish authorities have any residual sense of honor or justice, they will likewise expel Sheik Saleheoldine El Moussaoui from the country. In the meantime, this increasingly open, virulent and violent Jew-hatred remains unnoticed by the international “human rights” organizations. They […] /CommentsContinue Reading »

Tennessee imam who called Jews and Christians “filthy” uses ban on Foley vid to argue for blasphemy lawsTennessee imam who called Jews and Christians “filthy” uses ban on Foley vid to argue for blasphemy laws

Yasir Qadhi is an imam in Memphis, Tennessee. He is also Dean of Academic Affairs at the Al-Maghrib Institute. He is a hafiz — that is, he has memorized the entire Qur’an. He has an M.A. in the Islamic Creed and a B.A. in Islamic Sciences from Islamic University of Medina, as well as a […] / CommentsContinue Reading »

Muslim groups demand mandatory retraining of all federal, state, local law enforcement officials who may have learned truth about jihadMuslim groups demand mandatory retraining of all federal, state, local law enforcement officials who may have learned truth about jihad

They got the FBI and other federal agencies in 2011 to remove all mention of Islam and jihad in connection with terrorism from counter-terror training materials, and to fire counter-terror trainers (including me) who spoke the truth about how Islamic jihadists used the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and make recruits. Now, […] /Comments/Continue Reading »

Next Stop After Baghdad

ISIS Chant
It’s not as if we weren’t warned. The Islamic State’s proclaimed Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi told American guards, “I’ll see you guys in New York,” when he was released in 2009.  Since the Bush policy of fighting Muslims on their own ground has been rejected, we will have to fight them on ours. (Moonbattery)

From the Religion of Peace:

10 Acts of Jihad in America That Flew Under the Radar  (PJ Media)

Stand-off at Walmart. . . arson at a gay nightclub. . .? Here are ten sensational incidents that most Americans never heard of.

Inside the Muslim Rape Gangs  (FrontPage Magazine)

(Video) An interview with Gavin Boby.

Raping Nuns  (Raymond Ibrahim)

A religion of peace or a religion without shame?

The Rotherham Rapes’ Muslim Connection  (NRO)

It is obvious that the police in the UK put far greater emphasis on maintaining the image of successful diversity than on protecting children.

Child Beggars Easy Pickings for Boko Haram  (LA Times)

An interesting side-effect of cheap Chinese goods in Africa is the availability of children for pro-Sharia terrorists.

ISIS: Nothing to Do with Islam?  (Robert Spencer)

Westerners may enjoy being told that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam, but that certainly doesn’t mean that it isn’t

We must discriminate against the symbols of hate and oppression. (TT)

Sure we must. The Mohammedan shrouds and the freedom sack  are the most oppressive symbols the world has ever known.

Discriminating against intolerant symbols is a must.

Australia: How The Hell Did We Let This Happen?

Australia! Land of the free. Land of opportunity. Land of milk and honey. Ask any hardworking Greek or Italian immigrant and they will tell you it is true. It’s a place where the opportunity is given to live a good life. A peaceful life. Australia – the country that opened its arms to the downtrodden peoples of war ravaged Europe. Australia – the land that opened its arms to the Vietnamese. But then, we went too far with our ope…See More


“Bad judgment was supplemented by bad faith….”

by sheikyer mami on August 28, 2014

Pallywood comes to Australia

THE activist group Australians for Palestine useful idiots has prompted outrage by misrepresenting an image of children killed in Syria as young victims of the conflict in Gaza in an email to MPs that attacked Israel’s operations.

These people are morons for Tutu…..

tutuOur religious and political leaders stand shoulder to shoulder with the Islamic community headchoppers who complain and whine that they are being targeted, when in fact the opposite is true. Its’s not the Muslim community under threat….

THE growth of anti-Semitism in our universities is deeply worrying.
In the past month students at at least six universities have reported anti-Semitic bullying. Outside campuses we are seeing growing anti-Semitic behaviour. – Unis hit by anti-Semitism

More about the rising tide of hatred against the Jews.

  • Hamas savagery comes to the U.S.: “He identified himself as ‘Mohammed…JIHAD WATCH
Palli Dogmeat Hannan Ashrawi: whom does she lead and who follows her?

“Obama’s adoption of the discourse of extremist Zionist ideology… is dangerous.”– Pal’ leader’ Hanan Ashrawi is attacking a recent statement by US President Barack Obama to the New York Times as “dangerous” because in it  According to Ashrawi, “speaking about the Jews’ return to their land” is “extremist Zionist ideology.”


U.N. delivers tough words, little action on ISIS

Useless looters and moochers….

U.N. delivers tough words, little action on ISIS–A Free Press For A Free People Since 1997

BREAKING: Over 40 Filipino forces reportedly taken captive by Islamic Syrian headchoppers…

Crack me up: ‘Al Arabiya’ claims Syed Soharwardy is “known for his pacifist sermons”

The SOB is a hardcore headbanger of the worst kind:

4a1f8f54-9ed4-4be7-aa4b-84e9fad55c53_16x9_600x338A Canadian imam known for his pacifist sermons warned Friday that Islamist militant group ISIS was actively recruiting in Canada and said one member issued him a death threat. Syed Soharwardy, founder of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada (ISCC), called on Canadian and Western authorities to intensify the fight against Islamist militant movements…..


Liberman: Take Away Their Guns — Then We’ll Talk….

For the end of the decades-long conflict between Israel and the Palestinians to be achieved, those who strenuously, violently fight against any form of peace must not be allowed the means to do so. In our conflict, Hamas, which has neither interest in nor intent toward peace, has to be diminished. The terrorist group is a malevolent force. It continually hijacks any possibility of a better future for the peoples of the region. It must not be allowed to maintain its stockpiles of weapons.–Avigdor Liberman: Take Away Their Guns — Then We’ll Talk


Andrew Bolt:

Or maybe he just wanted stimulating reading for the flight

No, nothing to worry about at all:

A SUSPECTED Australian terrorist was dragged from a plane at Melbourne Airport by Border Force officials after allegedly trying to fly to Syria to join a jihadi group…

The Melbourne man, who is an Australian citizen, was flying to Beirut in Lebanon with three family members when he was detained aboard a flight on a Middle Eastern airline on Monday.

He was searched by Australian Federal Police officers, who discovered he was carrying around $30,000 in Australian currency.

He was also allegedly in possession of terror-related images including photographs of beheadings, and images of the flag flown by the murderous terror group ISIL, which is rampaging across Syria and Iraq.

The man must be presumed innocent. After all, he could have been so horrified by the images that he was flying over on a peace mission.


Why are we stopping them? Let them go never to return.

AT least five suspected jihadist recruits have been detained at Australian airports and prevented from travelling overseas in recent months, amid suspicion that they intended to travel to fight in Syria and Iraq.
“Backlash” Fears:

We are so often told to be wary of the backlash that we perhaps don’t pay enough attention to what some might (unfortunately) lash back over. From the US:

For two bloody months, an armed jihadist serial killer ran loose across the country.

At least four innocent men died this spring and summer as acts of “vengeance” on behalf of aggrieved Muslims, the self-confessed murderer has proclaimed. Heard about this horror? Probably not.

The usual suspects who decry hate crimes and gun violence haven’t uttered a peep. Why? Like O.J.’s glove: If the narrative don’t fit, you must acquit.

(Via Tim Blair, who has more.)

We don’t need their BS taqiyya. Enough is enough.

If you ask me, I will tell you that we should never ask “Muslim leaders” to condemn anything. Knowing what we know, they are a mortal danger to all of us. They should be rounded up and shipped out. That would be the humane way of reversing this awful invasion. The alternative will be too horrible to contemplate. At this point, our humanity prevents us from doing what they would do to us if they had the upper hand.

The real reason we keep asking Muslim leaders to condemn terrorism

Julie Szego in The Age:

What I can understand is Muslim leaders’ frustration in having to constantly condemn – and thus, by implication, own – the barbaric atrocities of their communities’ fringe dwellers. The obsessive demand for Muslim leaders to “condemn terrorism” borders on bullying.

Many Muslim leaders make the same complaint, not understanding that simply in doing so they fail in an important duty.

When Australians demand such “leaders” condemn jihadist atrocities they aren’t wanting them to “own” the horrors. They aren’t even wanting only that these leaders use their great influence to try to stop jihadism.


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Easy Meat and Islam….

by sheikyer mami on August 28, 2014

clearRaised in communities, or families, suffused with Islam, the Muslim men who raped and beat and passed around for general  enjoyment, and then threatened with death, very young English girls — did so because they thought the kuffar girls were fitting prey. In a society where the natural order of things prevailed, that is where Muslims dominated and non-Muslims subject to every sort of humiliation, Christian or other non-Muslim girls — so Boko Haram and ISIS (which recapitulates Islamic history, and the mistreatment, after conquest, of non-Muslim peoples) show us, non-Muslim women could  be kidnapped, raped, converted, killed.  In England, where the man-made laws, the kuffar laws, still prevailed, such things were punishable — but who cares about man-made, kuffar laws? The deep contempt and hatred forf non-Muslim that Islam, in the Qur’an and Hadith, inculcates in the Believers, and the more those Believers take Islam to heart, the greater that contempt and hatred, explains not only what happened in Rotherham, but similar gangs of Muslim men abusing young English girls in Oxford, in Rochdale, in Derby, in a dozen other places we know about, and probably in hundreds where we as yet do not.

When Muslims now ostentatiously deplore what the Rotherham Report revealed, and claim at the same time that this has “nothing to do with Islam” you can ignore the absurdity of the latter remark and be suspicious of the former one, in which they attempt to ensure that ignorance of Islam, confusion about Islam, fear of saying something untoward or impolite about Islam, continues, and these assertions are part of the Jihad of “pen, tongue” that is at least as dangerous as the Jihad of terrorism or qital (combat).

Sex Slave

I am not interested in Muslims benefitting, are you?


Muselmaniacs are here (So let’s try to alloy iron with clay and emulate the failures of the rest of Europe?)

….we in Malta are not working hard enough to learn the lessons from other European countries on how to go about successful co-existence with the Muslim community in Malta. …More alloying at Times of Malta thanks to Mullah, pbuh. (the Maltese should know better and if they ignore the lessons of history, they deserve to be punished most severely…)

Mehdi Hasan can get stuffed. Why waste your time on this Islamic waste product?

In Search of Real Islam ~ the UK’s Mehdi Hassan Unmasked

images (17)When I was on The Last Stand Radio Show the other night, I had said one of the things we as non-Muslims needed to do is become more assertive and challenge Muslim propagandists head-on. We just cannot allow their deception to go unchallenged. Today we see another example of this from our mate and guest blogger, The London Humanist. (www.

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Ouch! British Top Cop Steps Out of Line….

by sheikyer mami on August 28, 2014

Will the British authorities expel this top police officer? They banned Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller for saying such things, did they not? But …..
Australia: Muslim leaders’ radical unity – against Tony Abbott 
by Esmerelda Weatherwax

Andrew Bolt, writing in the Herald Sun of Melbourne, realising that there is no real distinction betoween ‘Islamists’ and ‘moderate Muslims’. There is only Islam.

AS news broke of the beheading of US journalist James Foley, 80 of Australia’s Muslim representatives issued a statement denouncing the extremism of … Tony Abbott. Last week’s statement is the most frightening yet from our Muslim “leaders”.

It attacks the Prime Minister for proposing anti-terrorism laws it falsely claims “specifically target Muslims”. It ludicrously claims the threat from Muslim jihadists returning from Iraq or Syria is “trumped up” and then savages the true villains — the West and the Jews.

The message is clear. There can be no co-operation on laws to save Australians from being blown up unless Australia abandons Israel and stops fighting jihadists abroad.

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