Is Sharia Enforcement Coming to America?

We are reaching a dangerous point here in America when merely asking polite but pointed questions about certain aspects of Islam can result in efforts to silence you and summon campus police.

by Gary Fouse

The 57-member nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which constitutes the largest bloc within the UN, has for years lobbied to have the UN pass a resolution that all member nations should criminalize defamation of religions. In practice, what they mean is defamation of Islam. Given our First Amendment, most would scoff that the US would pass such a law. Yet, when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, she met at least twice with the OIC behind closed doors in Washington and Istanbul. Publicly, she danced around the issue assuring the OIC that they would shame those who spoke out against Islam and its prophet.

Meanwhile in Europe, publicly criticizing Islam can get you criminally charged and dragged into a court of law. Just ask Elisabeth Sabaditsch Wolff in Austria. Just ask Dutch politician Geert Wilders. Ask Tommy Robinson in England. Of course, Europe has no First Amendment. Though it is democratic, if you engage in what they deem hate speech, it is criminalized.

Of course, our Constitution and the First Amendment protect us if we criticize Islam. Even genuine hate speech is considered protected speech in the US unless that speech directly incites violence. Thus, Jews on American college campuses have to endure anti-semitic speech coming from pro-Palestinian students and many of the speakers they invite to speak on campus. It’s the price of having a free society where saying the wrong thing doesn’t bring the police to haul you away.

On the other hand, Mark Zuckerberg engages in censorship on Facebook when Muslims are offended. YouTube will take down videos if they are deemed offensive to Muslims. But that doesn’t involve bringing in the police. Continue reading Is Sharia Enforcement Coming to America?

Class warfare by rape: Paki gangs see white girls as “easy meat”

The Iconoclast

By now we know the story of the rape gangs operating in the UK, as reported by Brian of London in The Iconoclast, but did you know that this mind-bendingly awful phenomenon goes as far back as 1975? I myself became aware of something similar in 1985 but was told by friends that ‘it was not possible’. 

Yesterday ALTNEWSMEDIA published an interview with the books’ author Peter McLoughlin, by Shazia.  It’s worth reading just to get a fuller picture.  What caught my attention was McLoughlin’s very clear description of the kind of white-on-white class-warfare that permeates the issue.

In other news:

Videos Released Of The Las Vegas Shooter Leading Up To The Horrifying Massacre

In under 10 minutes, 58 people were killed and 700 people were wounded in the worst mass shooting in modern American history.

Something is just not right with this story. After all this time still no motive?

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“We are being replaced, conquered by radical Islam, and we are not allowed to talk about it!”

I Slam, You Slam, We all Slam Islam (or The Disgrace of a Submissive Britain)

By Sam Vimes/XYZ

Facetious title aside, today’s piece is a corollary to last week’s commentary on the detention and deportation of Brittany Pettibone and Martin Sellner, born from the news this week that Tommy Robinson was to follow through with the free speech event and deliver Sellner’s planned speech at Speakers Corner last weekend.

Amidst the usual media outrage machine and threats of violence and intimidation from the Left, the speech went off well, but more on that in a moment. Before I get into that, I wanted to take the opportunity to paint a picture of exactly what Sellner’s speech was originally intended to address.

Again this weekend I’ve had to read further sickening and troubling news from the UK, that once green and pleasant land, evidencing it’s government and public institutions’ complete capitulation to political correctness, the deliberate undermining of the rule of law, and the destruction of communities across the country, all in the name of appeasing Islam, that-which-must-never-be-blamed, that archaic and hate-filled ideology that no lesser luminary as Tony Blair once called “fundamentally incompatible with the modern world”.

Photo by marksweb

Firstly, I want to mention Telford briefly in this piece, not to gloss over these latest disturbing events, especially not the murder of the 3 young girls in question, but simply because at this juncture Telford acts as a blip on the radar. It’s not unusual, not surprising, and will not be the last time this happens. It is merely representative of a litany of criminal negligence, a callow and indifferent police force and a justice system in the UK that has opted through cowardice to allow “social justice” and left-wing ideology to underpin a system which not only fails to prevent such instances as Telford but actively encourages them.

But it’s not just Telford; it’s Rotherham, Keighley, Newcastle, Rochdale, Peterborough, Oxford, Bristol and Aylesbury of the ones that I’m aware of or that have garnered some coverage in the media.

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CRIMEWAVE: Shoplifting Doubles as Police Drop Theft Investigations, Focus on ‘Hate Crime’

London’s Met Police Won’t Investigate Minor Crime, Only ‘Hate Crime’

With Mohammedans in charge the cops are tasked to go after native Brits who can be accused of “hate crimes” for speaking the truth. They will not protect infidel shipowners from thieving Mohammedans who see it as their allah-god-given right to steal from the kuffar.

Sadiq Khan’s Londonistan saw the largest increase in recorded knife crime – rocketing by a massive 38 per cent in just one year.

Shoplifting and reports of theft in shops have almost doubled in just 12 months, new figures show, with police blamed for ignoring physical crimes as they focus on “hate crime” and online comments.

There were an estimated 950,000 incidents of theft last year in shops of under 3,000 square foot, rising from 575,000 in the previous year, the Association of Convenience Stores’ (ACS) 2018 Crime Report revealed.

The organisation’s crime survey further estimated that there were more than 13,400 reported incidents of violence in shops last year, but many more could have gone unreported.

The sudden rise in crimes comes after many UK police forces introduced a policy of only investigating theft if a value of £200 or more is stolen, with those stealing less than the threshold being dealt with by post in some cases.

Critics say that criminals are exploiting the new rules and that small-scale theft has been effectively decriminalised in UK shops.

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YouTube personality Count Dankula found guilty in curious “hate speech” case

Welcome to 1984. Hell I don’t think even Orwell predicted that a man could be found guilty and (at the time of this comment) potentially sent to prison for a joke…

“Hate Speech” Crimes are prosecuted

Grooming Gangs are just too hard to convict and it makes the Mohammedans angry.

Earlier this week, Scottish Youtuber Mark Meechan, known online as Count Dankula, was convicted of hate speech charges after he trained his girlfriend’s dog to give the Nazi salute as a joke to annoy her.

YouTuber ‘Count Dankula’ Found Guilty in ‘Sh*tposting’ Case 

YouTuber ‘Count Dankula’ Found Guilty in ‘Sh*tposting’ Case by British Court

Scottish YouTube personality Count Dankula — real name Mark Meechan — was found guilty at Glasgow Sherrif Court Tuesday of a hate crime, and potentially faces two months in prison after recording a video of his girlfriend’s dog doing Nazi salutes.

Reporting from inside the courtroom, journalist and street organiser Tommy Robinson said Meechan had been found guilty of being “Grossly Offensive” under the Communications Act of 2003. Meechan was due to be sentenced Tuesday afternoon but the judge decided to release him on bail, to return to court on the 23rd of April.

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Paris: Muselmaniacs storm Basilica of Saint-Denis, force cancellation of evening Mass

Muslim migrants storm church, force cancellation of evening Mass

The Basilica is where Charles Martel is buried. He was responsible for pushing back islam from France between 732 and 740.He died and was buried in St Denis in 741. So basically this church (finished in 1140) is far more historic than either Notre Dame and Sacre Coeur. Located in what was already a bad ‘burb, it is an active Catholic church as well as historic. To see these marauding hordes who appear to have suffered no consequences, in the burial place of the kings of France should drive home how far France has fallen.

Video from Paris: Muslim migrants storm church, force cancellation of evening Mass
Muslim migrants invade the Basilica of Saint-Denis, which is in a heavily Muslim area of France. By the end of the video, police line the doorway to the church, preventing the Muslim migrants from entering. This is a glimpse into the future of France. Before too long, anytime a church service is going on, there will have to be a squadron of police lining the entrances.

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Australia Today

Mackay will open its arms to refugees, when it becomes an official “refugee welcome zone” tomorrow.’

No one asked the people of Mackay if they wanted to be a “refugee welcome zone”.  Who vetted these “refugees?”  Who brought them to Australia? Will they fit in or are they a 5th column?


Yet another example of how our refugee program – importing people, often Muslim,  from tribal war zones – puts Australians in danger: “From refugee to super villain.”


“Put fear in a person’s heart and they’ll obey you,” Qaumi told his men, drug dealers and murderers… “We’re going to give Sydney something it’s never seen.”

South Africans ‘only on merit’

How many Mohammedans have been brought to Australia on ‘merit?’ Inquisitive minds would like to know.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has refused to back Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton’s claims persecuted white South African farmers deserve “special treatment” when it comes to humanitarian visas, saying they must be “offered…
Senator Cory Bernardi argues the public broadcaster crossed the line in a comedy sketch about a member of his party.

 Bernardi is calling for the ABC to sack whoever allowed a comedy sketch which used explicit language to criticise a member of his party to go to air.

ABC Comedy show Tonightly aired a sketch last week labelling Australian Conservatives candidate for the Batman by-election Kevin Bailey a “c***”.



The Daily Jihad Against Israel

Jihad in Jerusalem, Sunday; Muslim Stabs, Murders Jewish Civilian
“Terror in Jerusalem: Israeli Murdered in Attack in Old City of Jerusalem”. ‘Israeli murdered in stabbing attack near Western Wall in Old City of Jerusalem.  Terrorist …Read More…
by Christina McIntosh
Jihad in Samaria, Israel: Muslim Car-Rammer Attacks Four Jewish Israeli Soldiers, Murders Two, Injures Two
  “Two Killed, Two Injured in Car-Ramming Attack in Samaria”.   In a Muslim Car-Ramming Attack. – CM ‘Palestinian Arab (Muslim – CM) terrorist rams car into four …Read More…
French consular employee uses diplomatic vehicle to smuggle guns to “Palestinian” jihadis

All over Europe, Israel is routinely vilified using false “Palestinian” victimhood narratives, while the “Palestinian” jihadis’ bloodlust and atrocities are ignored. This is the result.

“French consular employee charged in Gaza gun-running scheme,” Times of Israel, March 19, 2018:

An employee at the French consulate in Jerusalem was indicted on Monday for using a diplomatic vehicle to smuggle dozens of guns from Gaza to the West Bank.

In addition to Romain Franck, five residents of the West Bank and East Jerusalem were also charged. A total of nine suspects have been arrested in the case.  More from Jihad Watch


Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi to serve 8 months for slapping soldier

She deserves more, but that’s a good beginning. You want to bet that she becomes a full time terrorist when she grows up ?

The deal is not final as it has not yet been approved by the IDF West Bank Court, but if it goes through, Tamimi will serve about five more months….  JPOST.COM

All your Israel are belong to us:

Since Time Immemorial – The Joan Peters Project Introduction

In George Orwell’s dystopia, written during WWII he imagines a totalitarian future where history is inverted and language is perverted. This is what we now mean by “politically correct speech.” And so we must draw inspiration from someone, who in 1984, took on the false and politically correct narrative that Israel is an occupier of Arab land where Arabs have supposedly lived in the land of Israel, since “time immemorial.”

In 1984, a successful and well-known female American journalist, who had specialized in reporting the Israeli-Arab conflict, published a book called From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict over Palestine. The journalist in question was Joan Peters, (who recently passed away). Peters had begun her career in the Middle East as a sympathizer with the Arabs of Palestine. However, the more she learned, the more she began to question the dominant anti-Israeli narrative that she had absorbed in the Arab World and she began to change her opinion. This caused her to become her own historian and to delve into the British archives for the period of the Mandate for Palestine, from 1922 to 1948.

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Eric Zemmour: Europe Ruled by Judicial Oligarchs, “Rule of Law” is Not Democracy

Thanks to the Gates of Vienna

Eric Zemmour: Italy Was Prevented by European Jurisprudence From Defending Herself

In the video below, the ever-popular French commentator Eric Zemmour discusses the recent Italian elections and the decline of traditional democratic processes in the European Union.

When Mr. Zemmour objects to what he calls the “Rule of Law”, the phrase does not mean what we would normally expect, possibly due to the difficulty of finding an exact equivalent in English to the French version. He is talking about the hubris of judges, which is sometimes referred to as “judicial overreach”. “Rule by Judges” might be a meaningful equivalent.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

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Theresa threatens Russia

How many Islamic attacks have you tolerated, Theresa May?

Theresa May channeling Trump?  But Russia is not North Korea.
She’s threatening Russia  with nuclear war but can’t give a rats ass about  British children who are raped, tortured and murdered by  Mohammedan invaders.
My sympathies to The British People having this traitor as PM.

‘We will never tolerate attacks on our soil’ Theresa May stands up to Putin

THERESA MAY yesterday vowed not to cave in to Kremlin threats, declaring that Britain would never tolerate “acts of Russian aggression” on home soil.
Theresa May prepared to use nuclear weapons against Russia
PRIME Minister Theresa May is prepared to use nuclear weapons if Britain went to war with Russia.
Blow for Theresa May as EU refuses to back UK claim Russia was behind nerve agent attack

Of course, the unelected apparatchiks of the EUSSR politbureau are rather squeamish about her sabre rattling:

The EU has stopped short of backing the UK government view that Russia was behind the nerve agent attack in Salisbury that left three people fighting for…