Winds Of Jihad By Sheik Yer Mami

The real problem is …. Police Brutality!

by sheikyer mami on September 18, 2014

Koranimals downunder go apeshit because this government doesn’t take any shiite:

Muslims call our police “pigs” or “dogs”.

The crowd chanted “we reject the terror laws, they only serve American wars”.

“Terror raids can’t break the spirit of Muslims” and “stop terrorising Muslims” were some of the signs held by protestors listening to the speakers at Lakemba station.

ANTI-TERROR RAID PROTEST“The Muslim community is squarely the target of these raids and laws, the climate of hysteria only increases as the government fabricates reasons for these draconian laws.”

“Spread the word, invite Muslims and non-Muslims and send a strong message against this government aggression.”

Let me be clear: “our” ABC stooges are a bunch of subversive a$$holes.  If the Abbott government doesn’t have what it takes to sack this Red-Green-Islamofascist Homo-Promo, Globull Worming, Agenda 21-promoting BS network, Australians need to sack this government and empower the Liberty Alliance to lead this great country out of its misery.

BxxX9frCYAAwNrWA Sydney (Musel-)man involved in terror raids has been taken to hospital with injuries he claims he received from police: Michael Smith News

More of the same:

Australia Muslim leader on terror raids: Government “attacking Islam and Muslims”

Victimhood-mongering on steroids: “We ask Allah to destroy those who plot against us.” Destroy!

Australia: “It’s is a war on Islam just because we grow our beards”Australia: “It’s is a war on Islam just because we grow our beards”

Large-scale counterterror raids in Australia. A beheading plot uncovered, and probably more plots were in the offing as well. And so the Muslim victimhood industry swings into action: “Police searching for material linked to Islamic State, al-Qaeda, says man targeted,” by Emma Partridge, Sydney Morning Herald, September 18, 2014 (thanks to Kenneth): A man targeted [/CommentsContinue Reading»

 Soldiers of Allah gather in Lakemba to protest against infidel resistance to the jihad:


From Australia (thanks to  Esmerelda Weatherwax)

AN urgent meeting has been called tonight by members of the Muslim community who are furious about today’s anti-terror raids in Sydney. The meeting will be held at Lakemba station in response to what organisers say is the Federal Government’s heavy-handed approach to the raids, which resulted in 15 arrests.

Just over 2000 people have been invited to the event via Facebook with about 150 saying they would attend.

“The Australian government has overnight carried out “the biggest anti-terror raids in Australian history”. Just as in 2005, these raids come on the eve of new laws being tabled in parliament next week! Many families terrorised in the middle of the night, people beaten, and stories of harsh, unjust policing are emerging,” the Facebook post said.

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Australia: Imam declares terror raids in beheading plots ‘clearly attacking Islam and Muslims’ and asks Allah to ‘destroy those who plot against us’

Imam cries “islamophobia!” and “institutional terrorism” in the foiled beheading plots to snatch random person off Sydney streets  and behead them: Court documents are expected to reveal that this morning’s huge anti-terror raids were aimed at a cell which planned to behead a member of the public in Sydney. -



The Daily Telegraph reports at least 600 officers from the Australian Federal Police, ASIO officers and the NSW counter terrorism unit launched the strikes before dawn this morning. 

The largest terrorist raids ever led by Australian Federal Police led to the arrests of 15 jihadists. Law enforcement  foiled a plan where jihadists were planning to kidnap random public members and behead them on camera.  (Pamela Geller)

Huge anti-terrorism raids

Andrew Bolt

imageA tiny, unrepresentative minority seems to require an awful lot of policing:

ASIO and counter terrorism police have swooped on homes across north-western Sydney and other states this morning in what is believed to be the largest anti-terrorism bust in the nation’s history.

Several arrests have been made in the secret pre-dawn raid, which is still in progress and one suspect has been taken into Australian Federal Police custody.

The AFP says a suspected terrorist cell was “close to an attack.”

The arrests follow the execution of a number of search warrants in Beecroft, Bellavista, Guildford, Merrylands, Northmead, Wentworthville, Marsfield, Westmead, Castle Hill, Revesby, Bass Hill and Regents Park.

The Australian Federal Police can also confirm it is conducting search warrants in Brisbane…

This morning’s raids is believed to have been mounted following months of surveillance of people linked to the terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Our immigration intake surely needs adjusting.  This is not how we want to live.


Bill Leak has had it with cant and sanctimony:



Immigration has been so badly handled that we’ve imported foreign conflicts:

A Christian school in Sydney’s west has reported death threats aimed at Christians this week.

The principal of the Maronite College of the Holy Family in Harris Park told police that men made the threats from a car outside the school about 2pm on Tuesday.

Muslims with jihad flag on car drive by church, shout threats to “kill the Christians” and slaughter their children

Sister Margaret Ghosn said the threats were general and then directed towards a staff member of the school.

“They said, ‘We are going to kill all of you here,’ “ Sister Margaret said.  “They were threatening to kill all Christians.”…

Witnesses told police a small triangular flag was placed out the window with Arabic words similar to “there is only one god and Muhammad is the prophet”.

About 1200 boys and girls attend the Maronite College of the Holy Family, an Arabic language school formerly known as the Our Lady of Lebanon School.


Remember this, just three weeks ago?

A Labor senator has accused Prime Minister Tony Abbott of “scaremongering” over national security…

Asked whether she was trying to politicise the national security debate, Senator [Sue] Lines said, “I’m not politicising security; the Abbott government is doing that by its constant scaremongering”.

Ms Lines said she believed the director-general of ASIO David Irvine had outlined only a “mild threat” …


Australia Wide Crackdown On Mohammedan Savages

by sheikyer mami on September 18, 2014

Largest terror raids in Australian history

Backlash! Oh noes! The worldwide ummah will declare everlasting jihad on Australia, and our leftards from the ABC will go on forever on how the Abbott government is making us less safe than the Red-Green looters who opened the floodgates for the Mohammedan invasion.

Allah’s soldiers in Australia had a rather rude awakening this morning, when police and ASIO agents executed the largest anti-terrorism swoop in Australian history.

Over 600 police plus an unknown number of ASIO staff knocked on the door of houses in Sydney and Brisbane before sun-up and took an unknown number of suspects into custody.

The operation is still ongoing, so check the news for further developments. Congrats and a big “Thank You” to our security services; would-be…  See More

ASIO and the Australian Federal Police have launched a number of raids across homes in Sydney and Brisbane this morning in the largest anti-terrorism bust in…NEWS.COM.AU
Andrew Bolt:

I have long considered Waleed Aly, the former spokesman of the Islamic Council of Victoria, to be our most prominent apologist for Muslim extremism. He does not openly support jihadism, of course, (he doesn’t? LOL!)  does attack its critics and rationalise or wilfully overlook some of its excesses. He opposes Western attempts to fight back in the Middle East. (Don’t they all?)

It disturbs me that the ABC has given him a platform to continue such advocacy, and thatABC presenters vilify those of us who attempt to hold him to account.

What Islamic State “genocide”, asks apologist Waleed Aly. What’s the problem? Why fight?


Wally is no different from Irfan Dufus, Keysar Trad, cat-meat sheik Hilali or our Hamas-ISIL supporting Grand Mufti: all are subversive savages, all of them should be stripped of citizenship and repatriated along with their brood.

Yesterday, though, Aly went so far that even Labor’s Tanya Plibersek had to protest:

WALEED ALY, PRESENTER: Joining us now is Tanya Plibersek, Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs…

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Which means western leaders, being the spineless cowards they are, would now have to pull the plug on Turkey. The Turks in Europe must be repatriated, Turkey must be given notice to leave northern Cyprus which they’ve been occupying for 30 years now, and finally, they need to be kicked out of NATO. But there is no will to go down the road of sanity and self-preservation in the west; and clowns like John Kerry will babble stupidly about things they don’t understand, like anti-Islamic State effort must “begin to put real Islam out there”, and lick the feet of muselmanic savages. Disgraceful.

Expelled Brotherhood leader ‘arrives’ in Turkey

Turkey would welcomes Brotherhood figures who leave Qatar

Turkey remains reluctant to U.S. anti-ISIL coalition– what did you expect? They are and have been our implacable enemy throughout history. They are not “reluctant”, they will boycott any effort against the caliphate.

Islamic State draws steady stream of recruits from Turkey: “Diluted form of Islam practiced in Turkey is an insult to the religion”

Erdogan’s new Turkey requires all students to study the Qur’an

erdoganmohammed3A major overhaul of the educational system is one of the first acts of the new President Erdogan, and Turkish secularism suffers another major blow. Here is the latest on Turkey’s rapid re-Islamization: “Erdogan’s new Turkey to requires [sic] all students to study the Qur’an,” by NAT da Polis, Asia News, September 15, 2014 (thanks [ / CommentsContinue Reading »

Islamic State draws steady stream of recruits from Turkey: “Diluted form of Islam practiced in Turkey is an insult to the religion”

What an odd state of affairs: the imams Obama, Kerry, Cameron, Abbott and a host of others assure us that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam. But a Turkish Muslim who went to join it says of his modern, moderate homeland: “The diluted form of Islam practiced in Turkey is an insult [ / CommentsContinue Reading »

Turkish government fines Kurdish channel for showing the Holocaust film “The Pianist”Turkish government fines Kurdish channel for showing the Holocaust film “The Pianist”

In rapidly re-Islamizing Turkey, where Mein Kampf is a perennial bestseller, the truths about the Holocaust communicated by this magnificent and harrowing film must not be told. To tell them would be “Islamophobic.” “Turkish Government Fines Kurdish Channel For Showing the Holocaust Film The Pianist,” Tom Gross, September 17, 2014: The Turkish State Council for [ / Comments]Continue Reading »

“My people,my people” and the “U.S. will never be at war with Islam….”

Obama: “The American forces do not and will not have a combat mission” against the Islamic StateObama: “The American forces do not and will not have a combat mission” against the Islamic State

So who does? Apparently he expects the friends and allies of the Islamic State to fight against the Islamic State. “Obama reaffirms opposition to US combat in Iraq,” by Jim Kuhnhenn, Associated Press, September 17, 2014: TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — President Barack Obama reaffirmed Wednesday that he does not intend to send U.S. troops into  /Comments…]Continue Reading » (Treason is far too mild a word for the antics of this Mohammedan dog)

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The infidels must not be alerted to the jihad threat:

Hugh Fitzgerald reminds us:

“The chief weapon in the quiver of all Islamist expansionist movements, is the absolute necessity to keep victims largely unaware of the actual theology plotting their demise. To complete this deception, a large body of ‘moderates’ continue to spew such ridiculous claims as “Islam means Peace” thereby keeping non-Muslims from actually reading the Qur’an, the Sira, the Hadith, or actually looking into the past 1400 years of history. Islamists also deny or dismiss the concept of ‘abrogation’, which is the universal intra-Islamic method of replacing slightly more tolerable aspects of the religion in favor of more violent demands for Muslims to slay and subdue infidels”

Berlin Imam sheik Abdel Kader Dawud:

Despite ISIS Atrocities, Muslims Should Not Incite the West to Wage War against It

Because that could cause that dreaded “backlash”, which might reverse the Islamisation of Europe.

…why launch a media war and mobilize armies on land and in the air just in order to curb ISIS? How many people did ISIS kill? Did it kill as many people as the Syrian regime? Did it kill as many as the Jews did in Palestine? Did it kill as many as the sectarian wars in Iraq, following the toppling of Saddam Hussein, Allah’s mercy upon his soul? How many did [ISIS] kill?

… but this should not induce us to incite the infidels against them, and to turn the enemies of Islam against them.

The [U.S.] launched a war only against the banner of “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger.”

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But no matter what the infidel state gives, it will never be enough, not until all submit to the law of allah:

Philippines: Islamic jihad group Abu Sayyaf pledges allegiance to the Islamic State

Right after this:
All the rush by Western leaders to condemn the Islamic State and pronounce it un-Islamic overlooks the very real appeal that it has for many Muslims worldwide,… JIHAD WATCH

Everywhere Kerry goes, every time he opens his mouth, he sounds more stupid:

This will be interesting. The Islamic State preaches and practices the same Islam that the Saudis have…
“Backlash” Prevention & Taqiyya Gigolos  Invite Gullible Infidels to Hear the Da’awa

After years of failed propaganda about Islam as a religion of peace, why don’t Western leaders try the novel approach of truth telling? Why not just take jihadists at their word? …   More suggestions for the denialists at The American Spectator

Sydney church targeted by IS threats

A priest from the church told AAP the people in the car threatened to “kill the Christians” and slaughter their children. …”  –More threats from the followers of the evil god of islam and its false prophet at Yahoo! 7 News



Britain has had “four decades of state sponsored multiculturalism that has divided Britain with taxpayer money,” he says. To Farage, the U.K. has turned a blind eye to Sharia law, ignored polygamous marriage and genital mutilation. …

Thanks to Mullah, pbuh, JW and others….


UN ‘forces’ run for cover, to Israel

by sheikyer mami on September 17, 2014

The important thing is that the UN peacekeepers are safe, hiding behind Israelis.

Who will protect Israel if it doesn’t protect itself? This  is not the first time that UN peacekeeping forces charged with protecting Israel have failed to do their job.

Having UN troops retreat from a war zone into the comforts of Israeli protection is helpful because it will at least prevent them from playing their usual, anti-Israel role in armed conflict. Looked at from that perspective, then, this retreat may be the best move UN forces have made in years.

Syrian Ambassador Bashar Jaafari said fighters from Jabhat al-Nusra “had succeeded in occupying all of the Syrian side” of the Golan.

Syrian ambassador says Jabhat al-Nusra has driven out all UN peacekeeping forces from Golan Heights, captured their uniforms, vehicles.–YNETNEWS.COM

After 40 years, the U.N. forces meant to separate Israel and Syria have fled their posts — fled into Israel, for safety.

“Israelis watch the fate of the Yazidi and Christian minorities in the Middle East and tell each other: Imagine what would happen to us if we ever lowered our guard.” That guard, essential for their safety and for that of Palestinians and Jordanians, cannot be replaced by an amorphous international or U.N. force that, judging by experience, will shrink from confrontations and flee in the face of real danger. (Elliott Abrams)

702ca__76881514_afpIn pictures: Exodus of Yazidis

Thousands of people from the Yazidi religious community have sought refuge on the arid heights of Mount Sinjar, close to the Syrian border.


Synagogue in Brussels burned 

With more and more Mohammedans settling behind enemy lines, “never again” is becoming a sick joke….

A fire broke out in a synagogue in the Belgian capitals of Brussels Tuesday, in what appears to be a “criminal” act, according to reports.–Arutz-7

Geert Wilders proposes a brilliant and obviously needed idea

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands, has proposed that people who reside in the Netherlands but hold passports from an Islamic country be required to sign a declaration renouncing sharia.(Vlad)

What a worthless putz:

…More Plagiarism Charges for CNN Zakaria

Obama’s Africa Allures

The Obamessiah vs the bitter clingers:

Obama Calls For Gun Reforms That ‘Respect Our Traditions’

“Fundamental transformation” doesn’t include American traditions; it does away with them.


Al Qaeda Branches Call for Rival Islamists to Stop Fighting & Unite Against America

Fat chance of that happening.

Islamic State urges Muslims to attack Times Square with pipe bombsIslamic State urges Muslims to attack Times Square with pipe bombs

“To the Lone Wolves in America: How to Make a Bomb in Your Kitchen, to Create Scenes of Horror in Tourist Spots and Other Targets.” Why would they want to “create scenes of horror”? Could it have anything to do with the Qur’an’s command to “strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah [ / Comments]Continue Reading »

Hamas profiting from “Gaza charities” – and from Gazans fleeing to Europe

Palestine Press Agency reports that Hamas gets a cut from the Gazans who are desperate to flee Gaza to try to migrate to Europe.

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Self-claimed ISIS militant Rabie Shehada, known as “the Palestinian slayer,” made the chilling statement in a video recently posted online

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has shocked the world with its beheadings and mass killings and now an alleged member has declared that the group relishes “drinking blood.”

Self-claimed ISIS militant Rabie Shehada, known as “the Palestinian slayer,” made the chilling statement in a video recently posted online.

“I swear we are a people who love death for the sake of God Allah just as you love to live. I swear we are a people who love drinking blood. We came to slaughter you,” he said in the video.

“We love dying for God Allah as much as you love life,” he also said in the brief footage. (Al Arabiya News)

These are the same a$$holes that accuse the Jews of what THEY are doing:

Another day, another Arab blood libel 


Following are excerpts from an interview with former Jordanian MP Sheik Abd Al-Mun’im Abu Zant, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on September 7, 2014:

Abd Al-Muni’m Abu Zant: We have to understand the true nature of the Jews, because the entire world is deceived and tormented by them. The Holy Koran has revealed their true nature, as expressed by our masters, the prophets.

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