No More Crusaders in New Zealand

New Zealand: Crusaders rugby team drops sword from logo because of Christchurch mosque massacres

Too easy, eh? Even when they lose a few headbangers, they still come out in front.

Was it Crusaders who attacked the Christchurch mosques? I hadn’t realized. Changing this logo, and certainly, the team name is not long for this world, is a sign of the acceptance of the idea that Westerners should be ashamed of the Crusades.

Why is Erdogan allowed to fund Muslim Brotherhood mosques in America?

If Erdogan is now the biggest threat to global security because of his actions in the Syrian civil war, then shouldn’t we be more concerned with his subversion activities in our own country by a factor of a million?

Belgium: Knife-wielding Muslim screaming about Allah asks passersby if they’re Jewish, cops say it’s not terrorism

“The suspect is not considered a terrorist, a spokesman for the Brussels Prosecutor’s Office told HLN…” Then the word “terrorist” is meaningless. How has this suicidal lunacy overtaken the entire Western world?

Iraqi (Musel-) man charged over people smuggling venture which killed more than 350 people

The man was taken into custody at Brisbane Airport on Friday evening, following his extradition from New Zealand.

Greta Thunberg’s dream world would cause ‘a human tragedy of disastrous proportions’ – economist to RT


Chaos in Catalonia: Locking up independence leaders for 13 years – what could possibly go wrong?

‘We don’t want an empire built in Brussels’: Hungary’s FM speaks to RT about migrants & rocky relationship with the EU

Zuckerbugger lays out grand vision of Facebook-fueled utopia – too bad it bears no resemblance to the platform he’s actually built

The billionaire rhapsodized about the liberating potential of Facebook before an audience at Georgetown University on Thursday in a “conversation on free expression,” an event that undermined its own purpose before Zuckerberg even opened his mouth. Reporters were barred from asking questions or even filming the proceedings, while students’ inquiries were subject to a moderator. But such matter-of-fact hypocrisy set the stage for a speech that described an enticing vision for the platform’s future – one that would require a 180-degree turn on everything Facebook is doing now.


Malaysia: 70% of Malaysian Muslim Women Okay With Polygamy

Kabul: At Least 62 Killed in Mosque Blast…

The article doesn’t mention anything about the Sunni/Shia divide, but as long as they do it there we don’t have to put up with their BS here ….

Outraged Muslims Demand Removal of Doc. Exposing Child Exploitation
(Sweden) Muslim Judge Who OK’d Wife-Beating Convicted of Fraud…
70% of Malaysian Muslim women okay with men practising polygamy but not their own husbands

21 per cent also felt that it was fine for men to beat their wives if they were disobedient.

Mahathir’s Daughter Marina:

“…things that used to be considered extreme have now become the norm in Malaysian society, such as wearing the hijab, donning the niqab and polygamous marriages.”

Family demand Kuwaiti hit-and-run driver who left two young men with life-changing injuries is DEPORTED after he was freed just 18 months into a four-year term for vehicle jihad outside club
  • Friends Luke Mason and Matthew Lockwood were run over by Hadi Hamid, 40 
  • The then 18-year-olds had been enjoying a night out celebrating a birthday 
  • Banned driver Hamid ploughed into them both inflicting devastating injuries 
  • Hamid, from Kuwait, was jailed for four years in February 2018 – but it is understood he was released last week, having served less than half his term
  • The decision has provoked fury from Mr Mason’s mother Wendy and prompted MP Simon Clarke to write to the Government calling for Hamid’s deportation 

17,000 Muselmaniacs complain about BBC show depicting Nikah Mut’ah

That’s 17,000 Mohammedans who have no problem with selling underage girls into sex slavery, but they get all fired up about kafirs reporting it.

17,000 demand BBC deletes show on Muslim clerics selling girls for sex

“But a BBC spokesman told MailOnline it won’t be deleted and said: ‘This thorough investigation was conducted over an 11-month period and exposes the sexual exploitation of children and young women. The documentary fully complies with BBC Editorial Guidelines.'”

Who do you believe, our soldiers or “Afghanistan’s top human rights official?”

A boy and his father were shot dead by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan. New reports claim theySee More

Leaked documents allege Australian soldiers shot sleeping child dead in father’s arms

This is almost certainly a BS story.


Call it Climate Communism already!
Great Barrier Reef is ‘not at risk from climate change’ says professor – as he claims global warming ENDED 20 years ago
  • Warming of any significance ceased about 20 years ago, renewables a ‘bubble’ 
  • Man-made global warming ‘does not appear to be a serious problem’ 
  • Landscape will be degraded by rusting wind farms, decaying solar panel arrays
  • Australia’s Barrier Reef ‘not in any danger’ and recovers from bleaching events

Professor Lindzen said Australia’s political class had gone completely bonkers& hadn’t taken the time to actually read and understand the science.

‘I can’t imagine what suicidal instincts reside in Australia’s political class.’

Venezuela, Libya & Sudan on the UN’s Human Rights Council

The United Nations Human Rights Council is meant to criticize human rights abuses around the world. Just don’t expect it to say anything about civilian killings in Libya, the slain Sudanese people who had neither freedom of expression nor presumption of innocence, or any of Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro’s human rights abuses.

Why? All three countries now have a seat at the table. On Thursday, the U.N. General Assembly voted to induct all three countries into the ranks of human rights arbiters, despite their blatant disregard for human rights. This is exactly the type of hypocrisy that led the United States to withdraw from the Human Rights Council last year.

So far, most of the media has focused on the high-profile problem of Venezuela. Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley warned that the addition would “make a mockery of human rights.”

“The Maduro regime in Venezuela is among the world’s worst human-rights abusers,” she wrote in the Miami Herald. “Venezuela is the last country that should sit on a council that’s supposed to protect human rights.”

Trump on a roll!

Trump Slams ‘crazy Nancy’ and ‘shifty Schiff’

He sure has a way with words, this former New York Real Estate Tycoon.

Trump in Texas: Left Wants to Install Justices Who Will ‘Shred the Constitution’

He knows how corrupt & how depraved the communists are.

Schiff Staffer Met with Impeachment Witness in Ukraine…
Trip Paid by Burisma Sponsored Org!
Schiff Pressured Diplomat to Back ‘Whistleblower’ Narrative in Impeachment Testimony

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) attempted to push former U.S. Special Envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker to testify during his secret deposition early this month in favor of the allegation that President Donald Trump leveraged aid to Ukraine in exchange for it investigating Joe Biden and his son. The effort failed.

Despite Republican calls for Schiff, the leader of the Democrats’ impeachment probe, to release the transcript of Volker’s deposition behind closed doors, Schiff has refused to do so. Details of Volkers’ October 3 deposition behind closed doors are still pouring out.

WHERE WAS THE MEDIA? ISIS Committed Genocide on Christians, Shiites and Yazidis, Killing 170,000 While Obama Partied and Did Nothing
WHERE WAS THE MEDIA? ISIS Committed Genocide on Christians, Shiites and Yazidis, Killing 170,000 While Obama Partied and Did Nothing

Educated Ball Tossers in China

UK: protecting Moslems from Islamophobic kafirs has highest priority

It reads like parody, but these clowns are serious. British police put people in jail for mocking their oppressors. Goodnight, Britannia. You had a good run, but now it’s over.

UK’s sharia police cracking down on kafirs

POLICE are clamping down on Islamophobia after it was revealed there were 150 religious hate crimes in Essex in the past year.

The highest figures came from the Muslim community, who reported 48 crimes.

Essex Police said: “We work closely with Imams of local mosques, Islamic Prayer Centres, and leaders of other groups within the Muslim communities to ensure we raise awareness of hate crime and, where we believe that hate crime incidents have taken place, offer extra reassurance and high-visibility patrols to ensure that people from the community can go about their daily prayers, known as Salat.” Continue reading UK: protecting Moslems from Islamophobic kafirs has highest priority

The Islamic Occupation of France

France: More Death to Free Speech

Eric Zemmour:

“…a few decades ago, the French could talk freely about Islam but that today it is impossible”.  He denounced the use of the “hazy concept of Islamophobia to make it impossible to criticize Islam, to reestablish the notion of blasphemy to the benefit of the Muslim religion alone…”

“All our problems are worsened by Islam. It is a double jeopardy…. Will young French people be willing to live as a minority on the land of their ancestors? If so, they deserve to be colonized. If not, they will have to fight … [T]he old words of the Republic, secularism, integration, republican order, no longer mean anything … Everything has been overturned, perverted, emptied of meaning.”

One-third of Mohammedans in France live according to values that are fundamentally incompatible with French standards.

Why would it only be one-third when all Mohammedans have to adhere to the laws of the prophet without exemption?

Invasion causes national crisis in Greece

France: Islamic radicals are teaching students in public schools

France has, for years, been in a state of denial about the Islamic occupation

Giulio Meotti

  • French police investigating a woman for suspected ties to ISIS discovered a USB drive that contained personal details, including home addresses, of thousands of French police officials. Who provided that information?
  • “In the street, veiled women and men wearing jellabas are de facto propaganda, an Islamization of the street, just as the uniforms of an occupying army remind the defeated of their submission.” – French journalist Eric Zemmour, September 28, 2019.
  • Le Monde, France’s most prestigious newspaper, ran an op-ed after the recent attack, charging the country with “Islamophobic McCarthyism.” Harpon, the terrorist who murdered his colleagues at police headquarters, would have agreed.

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The CIA Coup Against the President

Never in US history has either party tried to deceive the American people the way Adam Schiff and Speaker Pelosi have.

Why aren’t Republicans fighting back and defend the President? Where is the investigation into the widespread and documented corruption by the Biden, Clinton, and Obama family?

Pelosi: ‘The Voters Are Not Going to Decide’ Impeachment Issue

Secret Impeachment: Pelosi Says ‘Voters *Not* Going to Decide’…

The people mourning Elijah Cummings are the SAME people that wish death upon President Trump and his supporters

CNN Supervisor Says He Hopes Trump “Dies Soon”

Project Veritas released the third part of their ‘Expose CNN’ campaign on Thursday. The right-wing undercover news company is currently exposing CNN for the frauds that they are.

Trump Urges Prayers for ‘Very Sad’ Nancy Pelosi

Judge Jeanine: CIA ‘Attempting a Coup Against the United States President’

Pirro said the whistleblower wanting to testify against Trump in writing behind closed doors is further evidence of the CIA “attempting a coup against” Trump, questioning why the whistleblower wants to remain anonymous.

“New Italian government is the least democratic of all time” – Salvini says

“A theft of democracy is underway: a minority of a minority defeated in all the elections is trying to get back through the window. This government is the least democratic of all time”

The new leftist coalition has been hailed by the globalist mainstream media and Eurocrats as an especially positive development.

Multicultural Malmö: Police Disarm Multiple Explosive Devices

‘Similar to ISIS’: Syrian Kurds Accuse Turkey of Using ‘Banned’ Weapons, ‘Genocide’

‘Similar to ISIS’: Syrian Kurds Accuse Turkey of Using ‘Banned’ Weapons, ‘Genocide’

Baghdad Bishop: Iraqi Christians Fear ‘New Rise’ of Islamic State

Baghdad Bishop: Iraqi Christians Fear ‘New Rise’ of Islamic State

Greece Evacuates More Migrants from Islands Fearing New Migrant Wave

Greece Evacuates More Migrants from Islands Fearing New Migrant Wave

Environmentalism – It Was Always And Only About Achieving World Government.

Climate Communists Climbing on London Underground Trains Physically Removed by Angry Public
But now there’s a ‘Tired of your shit’ rebellion in the making:

Angry commuters pelted climate kaputniks with rubbish and physically dragged them back to the platform.

Celebrity Extinction Rebellion Backers Say ‘Heed Greta Thunberg’ for Climate Salvation

Celebrity Extinction Rebellion Backers Say ‘Heed Greta Thunberg’ for Climate Salvation

Baltimore Corruptocrat Elijah Cummings Kicks the Bucket

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish!

Baltimore Corruptocrat Elijah Cummings Kicks the Bucket
Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) – a key figure in the impeachment enquiry into President Donald Trump – has died of “health complications” at 68.
After receiving a letter from Trump about the Kurds, Erdoğan threw it in the trash and invaded Syria

Turkish President Despot Recep Tayyip Erdoğan reportedly threw a blunt letter from President Trump about the Kurds in the trash and then promptly invaded Syria —

A message from President Donald T. Trump:

“About 500,000 human beings were killed in Syria while Barack Obama was president & leading for a “political settlement” to that civil war. Media has been more outraged in the last 72 hours over our Syria policy than they were at any point during 7 years of slaughter.” BuckSexton

And here’s how Turkish savages behave:

All Turks are Mohammedans & all Mohammedans are savages.

NYT scribbler: calling media ‘fake news’ is just like …Hitler!

How Hitler Pioneered ‘Fake News’

Amazing garbage printed in a paper that supported Hitler.

F*kcing degenerates!

A century ago, the future Nazi leader began his career as a propagandist.

Timothy Snyder writes: Hitler and the Nazis found a simple slogan they repeated, again and again, to discredit reporters: “Lügenpresse.” Today the extreme right in Germany has revived this term, which in English is “fake news.”

Yowza, yowza, yowza!  If you call the Fake News media ‘Luegenpresse’ & nail them on their corruption, you are just like… Hitler! You can always rely on the New Yawk Slimes to project absurdities. Walter Duranty must be grinning in his grave.

All they have to do is not lie. And they can’t do it.

What this fake news scribbler from the NYT calls “the extreme right in Germany” are ordinary mums & dads who see their country overrun by third world savages. Snyder is an extreme left propagandist adding insult to injury.

Fake News is claiming Jesus is Palestinian, Jordan Peterson is far-right & showing a KY gun range & claiming it’s Syria.


“There’s a lot of sand there that they can play with.”

Trump’s indifferent to new fighting in Syria.

WashPoo nonsense behind a paywall.


“There was a lot of corruption, maybe it goes right up to President Obama, I happen to think it does.” -President @realDonaldTrump dropping a SCUD

Pelousi & Schumer storm out of meeting, claiming Trump had a ‘meltdown’

No joke: the U.N. will tomorrow elect Mauritania — which has 500,000 slaves — to its highest human rights body.

For centuries, Arabic-speaking Moors raided African villages, resulting in a rigid caste system that still exists to this day, with darker-skinned inhabitants beholden to their lighter-skinned “masters”. Slave status is passed down from mother to child, and anti-slavery activists are regularly tortured and detained. Yet the government routinely denies that slavery exists in Mauritania, instead praising itself for eradicating the practice.

Now that the lying machine that comprises the US and Western media has failed with the Russiagate propaganda, the machine has switched to Chinagate.

Trump is being set up by his own National Security Council so that if Trump wins reelection it will be because he was elected by  China, Iran, and North Korea.  

What kind of “intelligence” idiots think that Americans can be influenced in their vote by thoroughly demonized China, Iran and North Korea?

Trump: ‘Clowns’ Need Impeachment to Win

Kurds Say Islamic State Fighters Launching Attacks as Turkish Invasion Continues

Kurds Allege Fresh ISIS Attacks…
Trump: Let Syria and Turkey Play with Sand in Middle East

NATO Divided, Struggling for Answers as Turkey Launches Fresh Offensive

NATO Divided, Struggling for Answers as Turkey Launches Fresh Offensive
Erdogan: Armenian Genocide Never Happened
Report: Migrant Numbers Arriving in Europe Surge in 2018-19
 Migrant Numbers Arriving in Europe Surge in 2018-19

Video: Fight Over Food Sets Overcrowded Migrant Camp Ablaze

GREECE: Fight Over Food Sets Overcrowded Migrant Camp Ablaze
 ‘Powerful’ Explosion At Swedish Police Station

Anyhow, this appears to be a canard:

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