Did Hussein Obama order the hit on Phil Haney?

“We will strike terror into the hearts of the infidels”

Biggest news story is the murder of Phil Haney!


Who killed Philip Haney?

Philip Haney: Whistleblower and Happy Warrior


“You have enemies? Good.
That means you’ve stood up for something,
sometime in your life.”
–Winston Churchill

We met at a conference here in Washington DC several years ago, and I knew him from his reputation based on the national reporting after he had been a whistleblower to Congress about malfeasance in the Department of Homeland Security under the Obama Administration. He struck an appearance like Dr. Emmett Brown and his delivery was not unlike Ben Stein’s economics teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. His appearance, delivery, dry sense of humor and gaiety were disarming, making it deceptively easy to underestimate him. ­­­

An etymologist and self-proclaimed nerd, Phil was relentless in his pursuit of those who were infesting our country and attacking our way of life. Among the enemies this quirky bug hunter pursued were Osama Bin Laden, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, the Holy Land Foundation and their offspring – the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) as well as the subversive operatives in the Obama administration… many of whom are still working for the Department of Homeland Security.

 “The leaders of those [Muslim Brotherhood] organizations were deliberately and intentionally brought into the [Obama] Administration to help promote and create both domestic and foreign policy and this status continues to this very day.”

Phil was so bold as to put the derogatory information about these leaders into the law enforcement system. In response, the Obama Administration ordered Phil to remove all 852 records with the linking information from the law enforcement system. They went on to order several more rounds of purges of his information.

“They told me to delete the files”

 “But I wasn’t a very good employee.” He said with a sheepish grin.

Phil turned the information over to the appropriate oversight committees, triggering Congressional hearings into the Obama Administration’s pro-terrorist policies. And make no mistake this wasn’t some civil rights case.  It was about a law enforcement officer reporting established ties between members of formally designated terrorist organizations, their direct contacts immigrating, and ultimately their integration into the Obama Administration to implement a counter-Constitutionalagenda. And he was repeatedly harassed and investigated for it.

Here’s one example. After reading Phil’s assessment of Hamas, the CIA wrongly assumed Phil had access to classified information and reported him to headquarters… rather than asking him what his methodology was and how he reached the conclusions he did. The investigation took 11 months before ultimately exonerating him. The investigator would later go one to work with Phil pursuing the very terrorist organization that would go on to facilitate and perpetrate the attack in San Bernardino.


Phil took his oath of office to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies seriously – to the point where he re-administered the oath to himself at the start of his press conferenceabout the launch of his book “SEE SOMETHING, SAY NOTHING.”

See Something, Say Nothing by Philip Haney exposed DHS malfeasance and counter-Constitutional agendaunder the Obama Administration.

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Jews Should Demand Compensation for Centuries of Abuse Under Islam

Until the late 1800s entire ancient Jewish communities had to flee Palestine to escape the brutality of Muslim authorities. The real colonialists were the Arabs.

Mohammedans are feeling the pulse of France

Giulio Meotti

France risks a breakdown according to ethnic and religious lines. It is a gradual process of balkanization, at best, or of open conquest in the worst case.

“Islamic ideologues work in the same way on both shores of the Mediterranean: what they did twenty or thirty years ago in the Maghreb, they do it today in France. If these Islamist ecosystems continue, they will speak for our Muslim companions. In the event of an extreme right reaction or electoral victory, we will be in a civil war scenario”.

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Paterson, N.J. City Council ordinance will allow Islamic call to prayer over loudspeakers

This is what happens when those who are supposed to tell the truth, our so-called intellectuals, instead remain silent about the Islamization of the West, and who even go as far as denying that it’s actually happening as it’s happening. And from their silence comes the ugly Islamic call to prayer, in an American town where Muslims celebrated 9/11, blasted by loudspeakers, during a global jihad.


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“Grooming Gangs Not in the Public Interest”

Grooming gang review kept secret as Home Office claims releasing findings ‘not in public interest’

Sure. Telling the public the truth about mass-rape of native British girls might cause that dreaded ‘backlash’ that terrifies the establishment. Better to keep sweeping it under the carpet & accuse the victims of being “racist-bigot-Islamophobes”….

 Freedom of Information request refused so ministers have ‘safe space’ to discuss policy

The government is refusing to release official research on the characteristics of grooming gangs, claiming it is not in the “public interest”.

Survivors accused ministers of making “empty promises”, while a man who prosecuted abusers in Rochdale called for the Home Office to “show some courage and publish” its findings.

It comes after The Independent revealed that almost 19,000 suspected child sexual exploitation victims were identified by local authorities in just one year, sparking renewed calls for prevention efforts.

Sajid Javid promised the review as home secretary in July 2018, pledging that there would be “no no-go areas of inquiry”.

“I will not let cultural or political sensitivities get in the way of understanding the problem and doing something about it,” he said at the time. Continue reading “Grooming Gangs Not in the Public Interest”


Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary accused of “racism” for saying terrorists are ‘generally Muslim men’. Snowflake meltdown!

The security checks in airports needed today are solely down to Islamic threats.

Ryanair boss demands extra airport anti-terror checks on Muslim men because ‘that’s where the threat is coming from’

RYANAIR boss Michael O’Leary has demanded extra anti-terror checks for Muslim men at airports as “that is where the threat is coming from”.

The budget airline chief, 58, believes terror suspects flagged at airports would “generally be males of a Muslim persuasion”.

 Michael O'Leary believes Muslim men should be subjected to extra anti-terror checks at airports

Michael O’Leary believes Muslim men should be subjected to extra anti-terror checks at airports

Yes, they should be. Everything should be really, really difficult for them.

 The Ryanair boss's comments were condemned by charities and an MP
The Ryanair boss’s comments were condemned by charities and an MP
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Only Wilders decries the Islam fueling Western European Jew-hatred

Comparative findings revealing disproportionate rates of extreme antisemitism, and antisemitic violence, or violent threats, among Western European Muslims.

The Dutch CIDI (Centrum Informatie En Documentatie Israel) annual report for 2019 just released Monday 2/17/20, recorded 182antisemitic incidents, its highest number ever registered since 1982, when monitoring began. This figure represented a 35% increase from 2018.

Even the CIDI’s full 99 page Dutch language report, however, provided only limited anecdotal information about a select sample of the perpetrators, rendering a quantitative determination of major (and/or relative) group responsibility impossible to assess. This glaring lacuna was “enlarged” by the report’s absence of background discussion of previously published comparative findings revealing disproportionate rates of extreme antisemitism, and antisemitic violence, or violent threats, among Western European Muslims, including confirmatory data on antisemitic attitudes within the Netherlands itself.

Wilders: “[I]t is almost nauseating. We’ve been talking about antisemitism, here in the Lower House,,, for ten minutes now. And nobody, really nobody has discussed the biggest cause of antisemitism, which is of course Islam, and Islamization.”  

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“She yelled Allahu akbar and tried to stab the man”

Woman detained over attempted Jerusalem stabbing

She was just trying to express her Muslimness. Nothing to do with Islam, don’t mention it!

France: 120 knife attacks reported per day, linked to mass Muslim migration

That’s a lot of knife attacks. But we all know that the real problem is “Islamophobia”, right?

Brother Tariq:

Can’t a fella rape women without being punished by the kuffar?
Tariq Ramadan on rape charges: “Yes I made a mistake…It was a political set up….to neutralize the Muslims”

Ever the victim, no matter what. Tariq Ramadan has been accused by several women now of violent rapes. He acknowledges some nebulous wrongdoing here, but then claims that it was all an attempt to discredit him, and thereby to “neutralize the Muslims.” It’s the same old victimhood paranoia we see from Islamic supremacists whenever…..

From the Religion of Peace:

Imam: Raising My Son to Be “High-Quality” Enemy of Jews, Christians
Cleric Arrested for Beating Boy with a Pipe…
Convert to Islam Admits Plot to Blow Up St. Paul’s Cathedral…
Sultan Calls Boko Haram Terrorism ‘God’s Punishment for Sins’…
Jakarta University ‘Blurs’ Images of Female Students…
Swedish Imam Compares FGM to Gender Transition Surgery…
Jerusalem Woman Praises Allah as She Attempts to Stab Passersby…
Bangladesh: Terror Activity Rising with Islamic Fervency…
Lesbian Couple Granted Asylum after Fleeing Saudi Arabia…
Migrant Gang Tries to Force Danish Teens onto Train Rails…
Caller into UK Radio Show Defends Sharia Abuse of Women…
Father of German Shooter Ran on Green Party Platform…
French Convicts Urged to ‘Trust in Allah’, Slit Throats of Apostates…
Labour Councillor Caught on Video Abusing Jewish Demonstrators…
Shiite Cleric Blasts Chicago for ‘Immorality and Homosexuality’…

Al-Aqsa Mosque Address: We Should Respond to Trump Peace Plan by Conquering America


Police have arrested a man on suspicion of attempted murder after a stabbing at a mosque in central London.

20 worshippers rushed and tackled the attacker, luckily police arrived at the location at the right time. The suspect is white, 29 years old and is being charged with attempted murder.

Prayer Leader Stabbed at London Central Mosque, One Arrested

70-year-old Islamic holy man was stabbed in the neck in the Regents Park Mosque yesterday afternoon by an attacker who ‘regularly worshipped there’.

Convert to Islam Admits Plot to Blow Up St. Paul’s Cathedral…

Don’t mention it! Who needs a Cathedral when you got mosques au mas!

White Self-Hate


We’re being sold out. White self-hatred is rotting out our society – and other Western societies, too.

Let me give five examples just from the last fortnight, starting with the seemingly trivial.

Last week a Perth primary school banned children from bringing in cupcakes for their birthday.

Now, cupcakes are a lovely Australian thing. But that’s exactly the problem.

You see, this ban isn’t just because some kids at school have food allergies. It’s also for cultural reasons.

“So we’re calling them law students now” 

We need mass immigration so we can fill the desperate shortage of brain surgeons from Botswana in the bush.

Without mass immigration, we may run out of lawyers to deal with the alarming spike in people saying mean things on the internet. Sadly, we are now one future lawyer down.

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Coronavirus & Jihad

Palestinians freaking out as Australia is about to become first country to designate PA as terror organization

‘Fake Imam’ Sentenced to Six Years for Sexually Abusing Children

Belgium: ‘Fake Imam’ Sentenced to Six Years for Sexually Abusing Children

Emmanuel Macron vows to ‘win the battle’ against Muslims
He’s lost the streets, he’s lost the French but he tells them he could win against what destroys them. This doesn’t sound like a winning ticket.

Scott Morrison pushes technology investment target for climate

ScoMo was never more than a Turncoat lackey.  The fact that he does nothing against ABC propaganda shows that he’s in on the climate racket & he will bring ‘climate taxes’ in by stealth.

Simon Benson The Australian February 17, 2020

Scott Morrison is expected to adopt a technology investment target to avoid Australia signing up to an internationally imposed requirement for net-zero emissions by 2050, with the new ­climate change plan to be presented at this year’s UN summit in Glasgow.

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In other news:

Report: China Deploys Hundreds of Internet Censors to Shut Down Coronavirus Talk

 China Deploys Hundreds of Internet Censors to Shut Down Coronavirus Talk

China: U.S. Is Racist for Offering Medical Assistance with Coronavirus

China: U.S. Is Racist for Offering Medical Assistance with Coronavirus

North Korea Threatens to Execute Smugglers to Keep the Chinese Coronavirus at Bay

NKorea Threatens to Execute Smugglers to Keep the Coronavirus at Bay