Hizbutt’s whine about criminalisation of Islam & Muslims

Tony Blair: The “perversion of Islam is the source of a lot of the problems in the Middle East”

Not. Western space cadets like Tony BLiar spinning fantasy tales about Islam, being something that it is not and never was, is the source of all our problems. 

Where does this “perversion” come from, Tony BLiar? Don’t you read your Quran, like you should?

‘If you are not able to find a [bomb] or a bullet … Smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car, or throw him down from a high place, or choke him, or poison him.”

Muslim Murders Police Official, Authorities Rush to Defend…Islam
Just another day in the suicidal West.
Robert Spencer wraps up the callous response by our political leadership to Islamic jihad and the murder of Curtis Cheng. If the current political leadership is too ignorant and too weak to confront an ideology which presents a clear and present danger to our society, what will you do come election time?  FRONTPAGEMAG.COM
Kaldas is not kosher:


Five arrested over NSW police shooting
Only five?
Five people have been arrested in Sydney’s west in relation to the fatal shooting of a NSW police worker.
How Sydney’s Parramatta became a ‘hotspot’ for Muslim extremism
Farhad Jabar, 15, shot dead police accountant Curtis Cheng outside NSW Police headquarters in Parramatta on Friday afternoon before he was later killed during…DAILYMAIL.CO.UK

Media Release


In the Name of Allah, The Gracious, The Merciful

Parra Shooting, media lies and criminalisation of Islam & Muslims

Mainstream media reports have attempted to link Hizb ut-Tahrir to the Parramatta shooting on the most specious of grounds. The cheap allegations emanated from a reporter at Channel Seven known for his duplicitous and sensationalist reporting and were subsequently spread by many other media outlets with the flagrant irresponsibility all too common from mainstream media.

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Stop Wilders for his offensive views!

Who are these degenerates? 

Check this out:

Professor Linda Briskman  joins unhinged Muslim ‘revert’Susie Latham in her condemnation of Geert Wilders.  They call themselves a ‘group of concerned Australians who are not aligned to a political party’.

Which is a lie, obviously.

These two frightbats are  sock puppets for  the Muslim ummah. In other words, these two bigots call freedom fighters bigots.

They. are. that. stupid.

Voices against Bigotry calls on Turnbull to refuse Geert Wilders a visa

Susie Latham
P: 0412 641 695
M: 0412 641 695
W: www.voicesagainstbigotry.org

Linda Briskman

W: www.voicesagainstbigotry.org

Political Party Launch, Australian Liberty Alliance, Geert Wilders, Visa–NEWSMAKER.COM.AU

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Dutton’s dirty little tricks

Paul Zanetti delivers the postmortem on the ‘Liberal’ in Liberal Party of Australia. Have a closer look at what might really be behind the Turnbull government’s reason to risk a diplomatic row over a visitor visa.

Cherry Picking Free Speech
Could it be the Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is playing a dirty political game to protect the interests of the Liberal Party?
Full post below the fold!
Campsie Police Sharia Law Division's photo.
Campsie Police Sharia Law Division

Campsie Police Station Inspector thinks Lakemba is a beautiful place. A place where Australians cant walk freely down the street.
Look where he sends his officers. (May 21 )




Whether they participate in the terrorist act itself or not they are just as guilty. Israel gives them jobs, schools their children, pays their medical care and they rally in support of the death and destruction of the very people that keep them alive. They are idiots and need to be gone. Period.

Northern Israel: Israeli Arabs Hold ‘Third Intifada’ Rallies
Rallies featuring PLO flags, calls for violence organized by Balad, the DFLP, and the Islamic Movement in Israel.



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The ‘evolving’ TURNBULL won’t be kicking Hizb-ut-Tahrir out of Australia….

TURNBULL has announced he won’t be kicking Hizb-ut-Tahrir out of Australia.

He boasts his government was taking an ‘evolving’ approach to tackling radicalisation.

Whenever a Muselmaniac goes to the mosque or reads the Quran he is engaged in “radicalisation”.
Who is spearheading this new de-radicalisation campaign?
The head Imam?

Meanwhile Geert Wilders’s visa has been delayed..

Australia allows seditious treacherous radical Muslims from all around the world to obtain visas and spew their hate speech while refusing elected MPs from Western democracies.

Our societies are fooled into welcoming hate preaching & radicalisation centres (Mosques) & then we wonder why we have home grown terrorists?

Groups like Hizb-ut-Tahrir openly call for the overthrow of Australian’s liberal democracy in favour of an Islamic state or caliphate ruled by Islamic law (Sharia) and with a Caliph head of state elected by Muslims.

Melbourne’s Deakin University hosted an extremist Muslim group just this last weekend promoting the teachings of “legendary” scholars Zakir Naik and Ahmed Deedat.

Dr Naik has been banned from countries including Britain, Canada and parts of India for his rhetorical support for terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.

He has recommended capital punishment for homosexuals and apostates and has been quoted saying “EVERY MUSLIM SHOULD BE A TERRORIST” and asserting men’s “rights” to beat their wives, as long as they do it lightly, so as not to leave a mark.


Camera-kicking news at Mail Online

Thanks to Mullah, pbuh

First, the Aussie Cops Asked Terror Mosque for Permission to Raid It | Frontpage Mag

Then, at the mosque, nobody knows anything. “We will never know what motivated him”,  says the irate mosque chairman, and kicks the cameraman:

Parramatta mosque leader lashes out and KICKS a news cameraman – as police seize one month’s worth of security footage from the building the radicalised Muslim teen visited before shooting a police accountant

  • Neil El-Kadomi, the chairman of Parramatta Mosque, kicked a cameraman
  • He became irate when he was asked about Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar
  • Jabar stormed police headquarters in Parramatta on Friday afternoon
  • He shot accountant Curtis Cheng, 58, in the head outside the police station 
  • Iranian-born schoolboy visited the mosque before the killing on Friday  

A leader of the mosque that 15-year-old gunman Farhad Jabar Khalil Mohammad visited before shooting a police accountant has lashed out at members of the media, as the place of worship hands over a month’s worth of security footage to police.

Neil El-Kadomi, the head of Parramatta Mosque, on Marsden Street, kicked a cameraman from Nine News as he was being questioned and photographed outside the mosque on Monday.

Mr El-Kadomi, who denied any association with the teenage killer, appeared to be having a verbal altercation with the cameraman when he lifted his right leg and kicked him.

Neil El-Kadomi, the head of Parramatta Mosque, on Marsden Street, kicked a cameraman from Nine News as he was being questioned and photographed outside the mosque on Monday

Neil El-Kadomi, the head of Parramatta Mosque, on Marsden Street, kicked a cameraman from Nine News as he was being questioned and photographed outside the mosque on Monday

A NSW police spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia that there have been no formal complaints lodged in relation to the incident.

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Picture of the Week



Pal-Arab, 18, Shot Dead in West Bank Clash With Israeli Troops
Pali president asks UN chief to act toward granting Palestinians international protection from Israeli ‘aggression,’ WAFA news agency reports.

Pal Arabs attack, kill Jews and whine over the “backlash”, what else is new?

BBC on Stabbing Attack: ‘Palestinian Shot Dead’…

Two Israeli men were fatally stabbed in Jerusalem’s Old City on Saturday evening. The Palestinian attacker was shot dead by security forces after he opened fire on them. The wife of one of the victims and their two-year-old baby were lightly wounded.

How did the BBC initially report on the attack?
How Islam Creates Sociopaths

Psychopathic people and behavior are found within all cultures and religions. But one tops them all — by many lengths.

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Before you know it there is Maoist unisex clothing or the burqa:

“Not all Muslims….”

Before you know it there is Maoist unisex clothing or the burqa:

In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, I discuss The “Not All Muslims Do That” Suicidal Charade, unveiling how a leftist malicious ploy masquerades as humanitarianism but deceives and destroys.

Don’t miss this special Jamie Glazov Moment. (via JW)

Archbishop of Canterbury urges more interfaith dialogue to ease fears of Muslim community
Justin Welby, profile
The new lunatic of Canterbury is no different from the previous arch lunatic….


What about the fears of non-Muslims over jihad terrorism and the frequent Islamic supremacist boasts of imminent conquest? The good archbishop doesn’t seem to have addressed that, for some odd reason.– BY ROBERT SPENCER

Swedens Disgrace: the world’s first lesbian bishop submits to Islam

Once you start trashing church traditions you kind of get in the habit of making stuff up as you go along until suddenly there’s nothing left of what you inherited.

Swedish Bishop Calls for Church to Remove Crosses, to Install Muslim Prayer Space 

The Bishop of Stockholm has proposed a church in her diocese remove all signs of the cross and put down markings showing the direction to Mecca for the benefit of Muslim worshippers.

Eva Brunne, who was made the world’s first openly lesbian bishop by the church of Sweden in 2009, and has a young son with her wife and fellow lesbian priest Gunilla Linden, made the suggestion to make those of other faiths more welcome.

Christians across the Muslim world are being murdered for their faith – and this is how their leadership responses.

This would not be the first time a church or chapel had removed its cross so as not to offend Muslims. Have you ever seen a mosque remove a minaret so as not to offend non-Muslims? Ever?

See More/| Pamela Geller

Australia’s Disgrace
Australian Liberty Alliance call Geert Wilders visa delay an assault on freedom of speech

The controversial Dutch MP Geert Wilders is still waiting for a visa to visit Australia, possibly spoiling his plan to launch an anti-Islam party in Perth later this month. It’s an Australian version of his own party. The founders of the Australian Liberty Alliance suspect his visa has been deliberately delayed, calling it an assault on freedom of speech. (More)

Dutton pursued over Wilders entry
Anti-Islam party pursues Peter Dutton over Geert Wilders visa
“Australians are the real terrorists!”

Malcolm Turnbull’s more conciliatory approach to the Muslim community doesn’t seem to be working:

The teenage gunman  (an euphemism for a  Mohammedan assassin) who executed a NSW Police Force employee has been lauded as a “hero of the Islamic people” on a tribute page set up on social media …

The page has posts calling for the Australian flag to be burnt and calls Australians “the real terrorists”. 

And check the line from Nick Kaldas:

Asked about the page, NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas said it was disappointing.

“Just as disappointing as the right-wing extremist material,” he said.

Sure, Nick. Because right-wing extremists always rejoice online when one of them murders a police employee.–Tim Blair

Well, we’ll just have to wait and see if this little freak has the extraordinary turnout at his funeral that Numan Haider had at his.

Australians Must Have More Tolerance For Extremism – PM
Prime Minister Turnbull has called on Australians to be more understanding of extremism in the wake of another death in the name of religion.  –ZANETTISVIEW.COM
A teen gunman  The assassin who shot and killed a police employee on Friday did so after he heard a lecture by the extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, Channel 7 has reported.—SMH.COM.AU
Classmate Arrested:

A classmate of the teen gunman who shot dead Curtis Cheng has been arrested on his way to high school.

Classmate of Sydney teenage gunman arrested outside high school
Police will allege the teenager “threatened and intimidated” officers during the incident.–9NEWS.COM.AU
His Fanclub Springs Into Action:


Just a reminder:
The 5 pillars of Islam are rape, murder, pedophilia, torture, and lying. If your religion can justify lying to protect it you’re in a cult. If your religion justice torture to protect it from insult, you’re in a cult. If your religion condones marriage between 9 year old girl and 40 year old man, you’re in a cult. If your religion condones murder for just about any whim, you’re in a cult. If your religion condones the rape of 10 year old boys but hangs homosexuals, you’re in a cult. If your religion uses rape at a teaching tool, you’re in a cult. Stop all immigration from countries and cultures who won’t assimilate and who don’t respect the host country’s laws and people.

Deutschland schafft sich ab (We’ll Miss You When You’re Gone, Germany)

Not a sight you will see in an Islamic country:

We’ll miss you when you’re gone, Germany!

german girls

Come on, Germans. Defend yourselves. Dump Merkel and close your borders to the Muslim invasion while you still exist. (Moon battery)

Germany now tips 1.5 million illegal immigrants this year – with families to follow

Andrew Bolt

Germany faces an existential threat:

German authorities expect up to 1.5 million asylum seekers to arrive in Germany this year, the Bild daily newspaper said in a report to be published on Monday, up from a previous estimate of 800,000 to 1 million…

The authorities’ report also cited concerns that those who are granted asylum will bring their families over to Germany too, Bild said.

Given family structures in the Middle East, this would mean each individual from that region who is granted asylum bringing an average of four to eight family members over to Germany in due course, Bild quoted the report as saying.

German Jews are again worried:

(but not the establishment Jews, they act like the Kapos under the Nazis!)

Josef Schuster, the president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, expressed fear about increased anti-Semitism due to the attitudes of Muslim migrants entering the country.

“Many Syrians and Arab migrants grow up in an environment in which hostility to Jews and Israel is common practice,” he told Hesse radio on Wednesday…

The Central Council of German Jews has 100,500 members. Germany has more than 4,000,000 Muslims, most of whom are of Turkish origin.

Make that six. No, make it seven million. Because the gov’t apparatchiks have been cooking the numbers for the last 30 years. At least.

Something else:

The German people don’t want to go extinct. It’s the ruling elites’ policies (not only from Germany but dictates emanating down from the EU) that are making them go extinct.

Make no mistake about it, the German people are victims of a White Genocide agenda.

The “hero of Parramatta”

Here’s what Muslims really think:

The teenage gunman jihadist who executed a NSW Police Force employee has been labelled the “hero of Parramatta” on a tribute page set up on Facebook.

Tribute page praises ‘heroic’ Parramatta teen gunman
Police are believed to be working with Facebook to have the page, and others calling for retaliation attacks, pulled down.
I’m still waiting for the next Moonbat hashtag campaign, something like #I’ll kill with you, or how about #I’ll jihad with you….?
Here’s more:
And this:

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