UK Muslim Sex Groomer Says Raping Little Girls is a “Religious Requirement”

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He has a point.

Mohammed’s most famous marriage did involve raping a little girl and plenty of Islamic clerics have made a case for doing it today. Just one more way that Islam is incompatible with the West. (via Religion of Peace)


Thirteen Muslims have been found guilty in Bristol for a whole catalogue of sexual offences including child rape and grooming  under age school girls. Two separate grooming gang trials took place with a complete media blackout being enforced.

A slight variation from the Muslim grooming gangs we are becoming so used to now. The repulsive paedophiles committing the sex offences were all Somali immigrants.

One nonce who had sex with multiple victims told the court at his trial that sharing girls for sex “was part of Somali culture” and “a religious requirement”.

I believe him.

Plenty of Muslim rapists have made the argument in the past. I documented it in detail in Muslim Rape Culture.

Esmatullah Sharifi, an Afghan refugee, offered an Australian woman a ride home and then put his right hand around her neck and his left hand over her mouth and raped her. Sharifi’s lawyers claimed that due to cultural differences he was confused about the nature of consent.

This wasn’t Sharifi’s first misunderstanding of the difference between rape and sex. He had already been sentenced to 7 years in jail for raping an Australian teenager on Christmas Day in 2008.

In the Ashfield rapes, four Pakistani brothers raped eighteen women and girls. Their father urged that his sons be pardoned because they “did not know the culture of this culture.”

Our culture and religion however tells us to keep men who behave like the Prophet Mohammed away from our families and our children.

Surely the Somalis and Pakistanis will agree to respect our culture.

“Right wingers” asked to retract their words


When ‘right wingers’ like Van De Graaf in the Netherlands draw  harsh criticism from members of social democratic parties you know they’re onto something.

Let’s state it one more time:

The large-scale Muslim presence in Western Europe has created a situation, for both the indigenous non-Muslims and for non-Muslim immigrants, that is far more unpleasant, expensive, and physically dangerous than would be the case without that large-scale Muslim presence.

boatKeep saying that, to yourself and to others. And let the doubters among those others go over every phrase in that sentence with you, as you expand, irrefutably, if not for their sake than for the sake of others who may be onlookers, but interested in the topic, and whose minds are not made up, and who may be susceptible to the appeal of reason and knowledge that you may now so seductively and convincingly deploy.– by Hugh Fitzgerald

“…their intent is to use our system to destroy it”

Nice rant, but why apologise for it?

“Islam is a theocracy. Islam is Sharia law. Sharia law is the biggest collection of anti-human rights laws under one religious cap: islam. It goes round and round. How long are we ready to blind ourselves because of some kind of convoluted self-destructive political correctness? We in the west, our poets and writers, our philosophers and thinkers have waged war against the catholic and Christian theocracies AND WON, and our theologies CHANGED and reformed. These idiots (insults intended to the full sense of the word) are tied to a set of rules written 1500 years ago and have stuck to them. Ask any muslim if he believes in Sharia law. If he says no then he is not a muslim and can join our club, with full perks, rights and liberties. If one says he believes in Sharia law then there is where our conversation ends with me making sure that the idiot does not attain any political power whatsoever, at the risk of using violence against him. The same thing I would do to a Nazi, klux klux klan member and slave trader. These individuals have reneged on the values we cherish because their intent is to use our system to destroy it. What’ so difficult to get about this. When are we going to wake up. This is a call to cultural arms”.– Mario Philip Azzopardi of Malta

Now this:

Mario Philip Azzopardi apologises for Islam rant after Justice Minister says comment ‘unwarranted’

brukseli_me_kritika_per_shkak_Ivan Rioufol: Overpopulation, The Key To Ecological Catastrophe  

Don’t give money, don’t allow your Western governments, to give any aid whatsoever to those countries or entities that do nothing to limit, and in some cases actively encourage, overbreeding by their chattel-women. They have made problems not only for themselves, but for everyone. Give money for contraceptives, family planning, and for the encouragement of voluntary sterilization after the first or, at most, second child. Otherwise no aid whatsoever. Do this all over the Third World. And that’s it.

Rioufol, here. (Hugh Fitzgerald)

Dozens killed in Nigeria mosque blasts

While you were sleeping (or eating your Thanksgiving turkey)

At least 36 people dead and 150 injured after two bombs exploded outside central mosque in city of Kano.

The blasts occurred outside the Grand Mosque in Kano, the biggest city in the Muslim north of the country [AP]
At least 36 people have been killed and 150 others injured after two bombs exploded outside the central mosque of north Nigeria’s biggest city, Kano, just as residents were packing into the area for Friday prayers, local police say.

The blasts occurred outside the Emir’s Palace Mosque. Witnesses said they heard gunshots but did not know who was firing.

“Two bombs exploded, one after the other, in the premises of the Grand Mosque seconds after the prayers had started,” resident Aminu Abdullahi said, adding that a third went off nearby.

The AFP news agency put the death toll at 120.

Al Jazeera’s Rawya Rageh said the blasts took place in the centre of Kano, the largest city in the country’s north.

“It was a very brazen attack in the centre of the city. The crowds at the mosque is usually the largest in the city during Friday prayers,”  Rageh,  reporting from Yola in the nearby Adamawa State, said.

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Muslims’ refusal to stand ‘a slur on court’
TWO Muslims have refused to stand for a District Court judge, with one claiming they are not “at the behest of any authority other than Islam”.

On your feet

Andrew Bolt

Again, we must ask how compatible Islam is to a secular nation like ours, comprising people of many faiths and none:

TWO Muslims have refused to stand for a District Court judge, with one claiming they are not “at the behest of any authority other than Islam”.  

Under NSW law an accused is required to stand to hear the charge against them and respond with a plea of guilty or not guilty.

Wassim Fayad and co-accused Milad Bin Ahmad-Shah Al-Ahmadzai both defied the law yesterday and remained seated during their arraignments on an aggravated break and enter charge in Parramatta District Court.

Fayad initially refused to stand for Judge Andrew Colefax in the morning but elected to stand in the afternoon and plead not guilty to one charge of aggravated break and enter and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Al-Ahmadzai, 24, has now been referred to NSW Attorney-General Brad Hazzard after refusing to stand for Judge Colefax three times during his proceedings… 

The pair laughed and talked to each other while Judge Colefax addressed the court. 

A statement should be made that this is a country bound by a common law. Don’t like it? Then leave.

They won’t leave because in their worldview they are soldiers of allah and the world must submit to Islam. They treat our laws with contempt and they should be treated with contempt. Whatever became of “Contempt of Court”? They need to be sentenced to  hard labour until they are cured of Islamic attitudes and then shipped back from whence they came.

UK: Lord Pearson causes fanatical frenzy with “diabolical remarks”….

….about Islam, which, as Sir Winston Churchill discovered, is more dangerous than rabies in a dog:

Lord Pearson Raises The Obvious Issue So Few Wish To Discuss: What’s In The Quran?
Lord Pearsonclear


Two Muslim members of the House of Lords — what a fantastic development! — wish to shut him up, and not have the issue discussed by him, or anyone else, ever.

It won’t work.

But the establishment is shaken:

The Intolerable Lord Pearson | Gates of Vienna

 Grunard scribbler Andrew Brown predicts trouble:

Lord Pearson is right – but for the wrong reasons 

(From the harebrained Andrew Brown, who  doesn’t “want to defend his unpleasant politics or even his character. Emotionally, Pearson’s message is thoroughly unsavoury. In narrow political terms, criticising the Qur’an is a way of suggesting to British Muslims that they are not properly British….”)

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Syrian Jihadi: “Jews are the kings of sex”

In a recent TV interview, Syrian Islamist scholar Muaz Al-Safouk said that the world is shaped by the Jews, “the kings of gold, sex, and the media, who spread immorality, atheism, apostasy, and discord,” and that only the Islamist Jihadi movements can break their backs. 


Syrian Jihadi: “Jews are the kings of sex”

If we’re the kings of sex in this world, then that might explain why the jihadis are so keen on sex in the next world.

Meanwhile, this Kuwaiti cleric was careful to only refer to Jews as “sons of Zion,” as in “All the wars throughout history, from the time of our Prophet Mohammed until this day, were started by the sons of Zion. All of them!”

See? he’s only anti-Zionist!

In other news:

Mustard Watch in Malaysia:

Ex judge: Those who utter seditious remarks should go straight to jail

… He said the definition for sedition should not be confined to acts of questioning issues on the position of Islam and privileges of the Malays, but also on any acts that caused fear to the Malays. … More fear-causing at The Rakyat Post thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Death Threats Against Swedish Rabbi after Jerusalem Massacre

Anonymous note praises ‘wonderful’ synagogue attack, threatens to burn down Sweden’s oldest synagogue with ‘pig’ rabbi inside.

From the Q-Society:

Rockhampton doctor dons hijab to defend Islam
A YEAR ago, Dr Gul-E-Rana didn’t wear a hijab. But hearing another Muslim woman speak about it helped her decide to start wearing the traditional headscarf.–THEMORNINGBULLETIN.COM.AU
And our soldiers are told not to wear their uniforms because it provokes  cultural enrichers like this.

Jihadists funded by welfare benefits, senior police officer warns


Nothing new here; we’ve known that ever since Abu Hamza, Abu Qatada and Anjem Chaudary. All of them are comfy thanks to the British taxpayer who is being fleeced to pay for these parasites. If it was only a few hundred it would hardly be noticed, but Mohammedan welfare recipients are in the hundreds of thousands, perhaps their numbers even exceed a million. When will the alarm bells go off?


Jihadists funded by welfare benefits, senior police officer warns  

From the Telegraph thanks to Esmeralda

Britain’s benefits system is being abused to fund terrorism, a senior police officer has warned. Terri Nicholson, from the Metropolitan Police’s counter-terrorism command unit, said that taxpayers’ money was being claimed fraudulently and used by terrorists in countries such as Iraq and Syria. She said there had been “a number of cases” recently of terrorists making fraudulent student loan claims to fund their activities.

Miss Nicholson, a Met Assistant Commander, said terrorists were using “innovative” techniques to send money abroad. “We are seeing a diverse fraud, including substantial fraud online, abuse of the benefits system, abuse of student loans, in order to fund terrorism,” she said.

She also said women were being used to smuggle money out of Britain to fund terrorists abroad, as it is believed they will arouse less suspicion.

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Mohammedanism in Japan


Muslims began arriving in significant numbers during Japan’s late-1980s bubble economy, in search of jobs. They included young people from Pakistan and Indonesia.

The path to residency:

Some of them subsequently married Japanese citizens and became permanent residents. They then began raising funds to convert ordinary homes into mosques and community centers, or to buy low-cost prefabricated homes for the same purpose.

That’s what matters. The rest of this article is a largely clueless whitewash of Islam and gushing about all the things it is not.


Islamic scholar Mohsen Bayoumy delivers a sermon at Osaka Ibaraki Mosque in Ibaraki, Osaka Prefecture, in September. | KYODO

salat-6Mosque of Osaka overflowing with Muslim settlers and converts (BNI)

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