CNN & the New York Times Attack Jihad Watch, Call For Censorship

CNN hits Jihad Watch for publishing “content critical of Islam”

Within the space of two days, Jihad Watch has been hit by both CNN and the New York Times. I’m both amazed and amused that these media giants are so deeply threatened by this modest website, but the fact that they are is yet another indication that the establishment media sees one of its primary duties to be shielding Islam (not Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, or any other faith) from criticism, and doing everything it can to ensure that no one thinks that the crimes committed in the name of Islam and in accord with its teachings have anything to do with the religion itself.

CNN, reporting here on research done by a couple of far-Left think tanks and the Antifa factory that is Stanford University, claims that Jihad Watch is “known to spread disinformation or content critical of Islam.” Of course, they give no examples, because they can’t. We don’t spread disinformation: everything we say is documented and sourced. When a news item proves to be inaccurate, we take it down, as do the New York Times and CNN themselves. But what is chilling here, aside from CNN’s disinformation, is that it is criticizing us for publishing “content critical of Islam.” Is it illegal now to criticize Islam? It certainly has become something that few dare to do, as vilification, demonization, and ostracism are heaped upon all Islamocritics. But is CNN exercised about content critical of Christianity or any other religion? Of course not. That kind of content it would celebrate as free speech.


UN poised to launch global ban on speech that insults Muslims

Nations belonging to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and other governments adhering to Shariah law across the world are ramping up their new campaign with the United Nations to prohibit all speech that Muslims consider offensive.

The fact that CNN — as well as the Leftist propagandists who carried out this “study” — blandly report that “content critical of Islam” is something reprehensible and to be stopped is an indication of how much the establishment media and political elites have already accepted the Sharia notion that Islam must not be criticized. This submission began nearly fifteen years ago, when newspapers all over the U.S. and Europe declined to reprint the Muhammad cartoons over which Muslims were rioting worldwide; the “journalists” who hailed “Piss Christ” and a dung-encrusted painting of the Virgin Mary suddenly discovered “respect” for religion.

Now, fifteen years later, the submission is nearly total. Even a little site like this one, posting accurate information about jihad violence, Sharia oppression, and Islamic doctrine is being targeted, and may soon be shut down. Totalitarian regimes have destroyed the freedom of speech before, and yes, it could happen here. However, totalitarian regimes also find that they can never manage to extinguish completely the desire for freedom that exists in every human heart. Official lies have prevailed before. But they never prevail in the long run.

Oh, and speaking of disinformation: the actual report about which CNN is writing states on page one: “Jihad Watch is run by Richard Spencer.” Are they really so careless as not to be able to distinguish between the names Richard and Robert, or are they deliberately trying to associate Jihad Watch with the neo-Nazi Richard Spencer in order to add weight to their defamation? Either way, this report is hardly a trustworthy source.

“Gab’s Islamophobic content draws from YouTube, Twitter, study finds,” by Chris Good, CNN, June 21, 2019 (thanks to JW):

New York (CNN Business)The fringe social media site Gab is a well-known home for far-right content, but a new study looks at how Islamophobic posts in particular pull from across the web and more traditional social media. Continue reading CNN & the New York Times Attack Jihad Watch, Call For Censorship

The Islamisation of the U.S. is coming along nicely

How can this be happening in the United States of America?

Hodan Hassan takes Oath of Office on the Quran

Hodan Hassan was recently elected to Minnesota House of Representatives, District 62A.

Hassan came to the United States as a refugee, from Somalia.

Hassan is anti-Trump and calls him a racist.

Hassan calls guns a public health issue.

Hassan claims that muslims are the victims of the September 11th terror attacks.

On January 8th, Hassan was sworn into office with her hand on an oversized copy of the quran.

See video here.

Star Tribune is covering up Ilhan Omar Fraud

The star tribune is a SUPER liberal fishwrap.

Ilhan Omar committed tax fraud and married her brother to get into the United States.


Star Tribune Investigation ‘Could Neither Conclusively Confirm nor Rebut’ Ilhan Omar Married Brother

Evidence On Ilhan Omar’s Sister’s Website Indicates Ilhan Omar Lied Oath About Brother She Married: Hoisted on her own petard. This is nasty stuff.

Ilhan Omar (Stefani Reynolds / Getty)

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported Saturday that an extensive investigation into the question of why Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was married to one man but filed a joint tax return with another could not determine whether she had married her brother.

Muslim Brotherhood and Muslim–Moonbat Alliance

How does a MuBro operative who murdered a policeman in Egypt get to live in the United States?

Ami Horowitz investigated the mother of many Islamic terror groups, the umbrella group known as the Muslim Brotherhood, and unsurprisingly found that it is devoted to the imposition of a global caliphate. This sinister organization has already established a secure beachhead in the USA.

The success of the Brotherhood in the U.S., says Horowitz, has become the model for all of the branches of the organization. Horowitz specfically asks if the Brotherhood works with some other widely influential Muslim groups in the U.S.; the leaders explain that these groups share the same views and work for the same goals. Continue reading The Islamisation of the U.S. is coming along nicely

Germany ‘loses track’ of 160 returning Islamic State jihadis

No shiite. Only 160?

What could possibly go wrong? These jihadis will no doubt settle down and become loyal, productive German citizens. Won’t they, Ms. Merkel?

Of course, it is Merkel’s policies that made this happen. Her open-door immigration stance made it easy for these jihadis to return to Germany, which — like other Western countries — didn’t dare charge them with treason and/or refuse them entry. Merkel will go down in history as the most destructive German Chancellor since Adolf Hitler.

About 1,000 Germans traveled to the Middle East to join the ‘Islamic State’ after 2013. A third of them have since returned to Germany. Some died on the battlefield, others are in prison, but many appear to be missing.

The End of an Era—A Feminist Firebrand Looks Back

You know what the Quran says about women.

“One chapter of ‘Politically Incorrect Feminist’ deals with a particularly painful truth that Phyllis Chesler has not previously written about: the high rates of mental illness among Second Wave feminists.”

“The multicultural canon has not led to independent, tolerant, diverse, or objective ways of thinking. On the contrary; it has led to conformity, incivility, and totalitarian herd thinking.”--Phyllis Chesler.

After 9/11, I felt as if the Afghanistan I’d fled so long ago had followed me right into the future and into the West. That distant and dangerous country began to dominate American and European headlines. Muslim women started wearing burqas (head, face, and body coverings) and niqabs (face masks) on the streets of New York City, London, and Paris.

As global violence against women gained horrendous momentum, many Western feminists became increasingly afraid to criticize that violence lest they be condemned as colonialists and racists. This fear often trumped their concern for women’s human rights globally.

This was not the universalist feminism I helped pioneer. We favored multicultural diversity; we were not multicultural relativists. We called out misogyny when we saw it and didn’t exempt a rapist, a wife beater, or a pedophile because he was poor (his victims were also poor) or a man of color (his victims were often also people of color). We had little sympathy for a perpetrator because he had suffered an abused childhood (so had his victims).

Something about slaves I bet’cha didn’t know:

Uh Oh, Reparations Snafu! Native-Americans Owning African Slaves

The Cherokee and other “Civilized Tribes were  willful and determined oppressors of blacks they owned, enthusiastic participants in a global economy driven by cotton, and believers in the idea that they were equal to whites and superior to blacks.”

In other news:

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Let’s “lower the number of Muslims entering Britain,” but first, we must “tackle Islamophobia”

Tough call, that. the absurdity of it is hair raising.

Almost half of Tory party members (40%) believe the Government should “lower the number of Muslims entering Britain,” according to the survey. …

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt have been challenged to tackle Tory Islamophobia after a shocking poll revealed the extent of anti-Muslim sentiment in the party.

Tory Candidates All Agree That “Islamophobia” In Their Party Must Be Investigated (Part One)

Sajid Javid, the home secretary, who had previously called for an independent investigation into “Islamophobia” in the Conservative Party, did so again in his reply to Mr. Patel, and asked his rivals to back his demand; they all nodded in seeming agreement. “It’s great that we all agree on that,” Javid said, noting that there was a “concern [about] growing anti-Muslim hatred in our country, certainly over the last few years, in all parts of society. And, wherever that is, including in political parties, it must be absolutely rooted out.”

Got that? All resistance “must be rooted out”.

Former Equality Chief: Islamophobia Definition a ‘Bullies’ Charter’ for Censorious Muslims


Muslim demonstrators hold banners at the Danish Embassy on February 3, 2006 in London

Britain’s former equality tsar Trevor Phillips OBE has warned the sweeping new definition of “Islamophobia” is a “bullies’ charter” for Muslims inclined to censor criticism of Islam and Islamic practices. Continue reading Let’s “lower the number of Muslims entering Britain,” but first, we must “tackle Islamophobia”

The Terrorist Brood We Have To Have


These “cubs of the caliphate” will murder our children. Mark my words!

ScoMo defends mission to get terrorists’ kids to Australia
Sharrouf children reunited with grandmother in Syrian refugee camp


The next generation of jihadis battle trained by IS.

Children of slain Australian Islamic State terrorist Khaled Sharrouf among group rescued in secret mission

Scott Morrison has revealed more about why the children of infamous terrorist Khaled Sharrouf were rescued and are now on their way home to Melbourne from a refugee camp in Syria.

Claire Bickers, staff writers, News Corp Australia Network

PM defends mission to get terrorists’ kids to Australia

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Does this moron speak for GOD?

Pope Francis: God desires solidarity among Catholics and Muslims

Pope Francis and King Mohammed VI of Morocco (CNS photo/Paul Haring)


‘With Muslims, we are descendants of the same father, Abraham,’ the Pope said

No. We’re not. Muhammad made a mockery of all biblical figures. His adherents claim to be “Abrahamic”, but it is meaningless. Mohammedans worship Muhammad, nothing else. They’ll tell you they worship ‘allah’, but allah is an unknowable quantity. Muhammad is it. 

Reflecting upon his recent apostolic journey to Morocco, Pope Francis said Wednesday that God desires a greater sense of fraternity among Catholics and Muslims as “brother children of Abraham.”

“Some may ask, ‘But why does the Pope visit the Muslims and not only the Catholics?’” Pope Francis said in St Peter’s Square on April 3.

“With Muslims, we are descendants of the same father, Abraham,” he said. “What God wants is fraternity between us in a special way,” he added, noting that this was the motive behind his travels.


Pope Francis offered thanks to God that his trip to the Moroccan capital of Rabat March 30-31 was “another step on the path of dialogue and encounter with our Muslim brothers and sisters.”


Pope Francis: “We are called on to consider Muslims as partners to construct peaceful coexistence with”

Who called, Francis? Did GOD whisper in your ear? Are you hearing voices?

“We are called on to dialogue with Muslims to build the future of our societies and our cities,” said the Pope.

Yet this dialogue has been going on for years, and has not saved a single Christian from persecution by Muslims, or prevented a single church from being destroyed by Muslims.

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Prison for Burning EU Flag?

Latest news roundup:

Salvini Directly Accuses Sea-Watch Migrant Ferry NGO of Human Trafficking

Salvini Directly Accuses Sea-Watch Migrant Ferry NGO of Human Trafficking

Italy holds Netherlands, EU ‘responsible’ for migrant boat

Italy’s hard-line Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said he would hold the Netherlands and the European Union “responsible” for the fate of 42 migrants that Rome has blocked from disembarking at Italian ports for over a week.

Libyans Stop Boats Carrying Hundreds of Migrants to Europe

Germany: Lawmakers Want Three-year Prison Terms for Burning EU Flag

Germany: Lawmakers Want Prison for Burning EU Flag

Everything will be forbidden in the EUSSR. 

Huge crowds of protesters demand Czech PM step down

Here’s a former communist apparatchik showing amazing entrepreneurial skills to fill his pockets, but the people are onto him:

Huge crowds flooded central Prague demanding Prime Minister Andrej Babis step down over allegations of graft in a protest that organisers and local media claim drew around 250,000 people, making it the largest since the fall of communism in 1989.

Christian Persecution 2019 a Scourge of ‘Mammoth Proportions’

Christians in North Korea, China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria and a host of other countries live under a constant threat of active persecution, as documented by Open Doors, a Christian persecution watchdog group.

There’s a lot happening in the world that is not covered by al BeBeeCeera or any of the other gov’t propaganda channels in Eurabia.

Iran: Mullahs call US “the real terrorist in the world”

Iran: Members of Parliament scream “Death to America,” call US “the real terrorist in the world”

Because the real terrorists are those who oppose the Islamic expansion programme.

While the Left is blaming Trump for escalating tensions between the U.S. and Iran, in reality, the Islamic Republic has been pushing for war with the U.S. for decades, as I demonstrate in my 2016 book The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Iran, which you can order here.

“‘Death to America’ chant Iranian lawmakers, calling U.S. a ‘real terrorist,’” Reuters, June 23, 2019:

DUBAI – Iranian lawmakers chanted “Death to America” during a parliament session on Sunday after a speaker accused the United States of being the “real world terrorist,” amid escalating tension with Washington following the downing of an unmanned US drone.

“America is the real terrorist in the world by spreading chaos in countries, giving advanced weapons to terrorist groups, causing insecurity, and still it says ‘Come, let’s negotiate’,” the parliament’s deputy speaker, Masoud Pezeshkian, said at the start of a session broadcast live on state radio.
“Death to America,” chanted many lawmakers….

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“We’re not identifying radical Islam”

“Countering Violent Extremism” is obstructionist, obscurantist nonsense. We are dealing with a Moslem insurgency, and jihad warfare is only one part in their arsenal to destroy us. Trump is doing very well on the economic front, but when it comes to Islam he is sadly lacking.


House GOP leaders are set to endorse Hussein Obama’s deliberately failed domestic anti-jihad strategy, according to Texas GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert.

The GOP’s Obama endorsement is hidden in a new bill, titled the ‘‘Countering Terrorist Radicalization Act.” The showpiece bill’s title and language is undermined by numerous exceptions that allow the president to continue his failed “Countering Violent Extremism” strategy,  Gohmert said.

The bill is a post-Orlando showpiece that actually entrenches Obama’s harmful policies, he said. “All this is doing is giving more and more credibility to this ridiculous term ‘CVE’ instead of describing the killers that were behind 9/11, the Boston bombings, the San Bernardino attack, the Orlando shooting, the bomber in Times Square… all these people who are trying to kill us in America,” he said.

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U.S. blows $83 Billion on Afghan Troop Training Project

Inadequate oversight for the U.S. taxpayer-funded $83 billion effort to develop the Afghan security forces has led to a waste of money and hindered the training and capabilities of the war-ravaged country’s troops, an American watchdog agency revealed this week.

There is nothing in Afghanistan worth $83 Billion.

It is idiotic to provide illiterate peasants with uniforms & modern weapons in the hope they will defend their shithole country against those who are willing to kill and die for allah.

The moment the U.S. pulls out, the Taliban will be in.

$83 billion to train Islamic savages, but no money to build the wall?

Jared Kushner Unveils $50 Billion Palestinian ‘Peace to Prosperity’ Plan

Stop! Please stop giving our enemies money! Stop acting as if they want peace and coexistence, that’s simply not the case.

Reuters reports: The Trump administration’s $50 billion Middle East economic plan calls for creation of a global investment fund to lift the Palestinian and neighboring Arab state economies, and construction of a $5 billion transportation corridor to connect the West Bank and Gaza, according to U.S. officials and documents reviewed by Reuters.

The “peace to prosperity” plan, set to be presented by President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner at an international conference in Bahrain next week, includes 179 infrastructure and business projects, according to the documents. The approach toward reviving the moribund Israeli-Palestinian peace process was criticized by the Palestinians on Saturday.

Who in his right mind believes that making these savages rich will make them love us?

It’s about jihad, you ignorant f*kcs!

Hussein Massawi, former leader of Hezbollah, summing up what Muslims want from the West: “We are not fighting so that you will offer us something. We are fighting to eliminate you.” Continue reading “We’re not identifying radical Islam”


By Victor Davis Hanson Tribune News Service (TNS)

What is going on with the unending Brexit drama, the aftershocks of Donald Trump’s election and the “yellow vests” protests in France? What drives the growing estrangement of southern and eastern Europe from the European Union establishment? What fuels the anti-EU themes of recent European elections and the stunning recent Australian re-election of conservatives?

Put simply, the middle classes are revolting against Western managerial elites. The latter group includes professional politicians, entrenched bureaucrats, condescending academics, corporate phonies and propagandistic journalists.

What are the popular gripes against them?

One, illegal immigration and open borders have led to chaos. Lax immigration policies have taxed social services and fueled multicultural identity politics, often to the benefit of boutique leftist political agendas.