Never let a good crisis go to waste

Funny that no Muslim was ever accused of suffering from Jewphobia:

Café Countersuit Accuses Muslim Women of ‘Civilizational Jihad’
A counter-suit by a café owner against a group of Muslim women suing for discrimination accuses the group of waging “civilizational jihad.”–BREITBART.COM
Report: Islamophobia is a multimillion-dollar industry

For the Islamofascists, every criticism of Islam is “hatred of Muslims”.

Instead of whining about a non-existent mental condition the Islamofascists would do a lot better if they’d stop murdering infidels all over the world. 

More than $200m spent on promoting fear and hatred of Muslims in US by various groups between 2008 and 2013.–ALJAZEERA.COM

Look what Obama is up to:

State Department officials call for US military action against Assad regime

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Crossbreeding With Morons

by Baron Bodissey

A couple of weeks ago the German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, said in an interviewthat mass immigration is a good thing, because otherwise inbreeding might make the German race degenerate.

In response, the well-known German-Turkish writer Akif Pirinçci wrote a sardonic open letter to Dr. Schäuble. Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this post from Mr. Pirinçci’s blog:

Degenerate until the shrink shows up

Dear Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble,

In an interview with Die Zeit you said in connection with the mass immigration of fleeing men into our beautiful country: “Isolation is precisely what breaks us, what would cause us to degenerate through inbreeding.” Arguably true. I personally, as a man with an immigration background, implemented this message years ago, and have mounted a Teuton up to three times a day. The result is my inbreeding-free son, who on the other hand shows some conspicuous behaviors. He constantly wants money from me and additionally demands that I buy him expensive brand-name clothes, cell phones, wifi-streaming services, etc. And to top it off, although he is a crossbreed himself, he ridicules me with stuff like “old Turk” or “Migrantino”. Additionally he is lazy as a dog.

You see, Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble, to let a multitude of blacks and Muslim men breed with our young women without any screening can go completely wrong. Unfortunately, I let my horniness overpower me in that fatal night. But whatever, at least I have done my part in the softening of European inbreeding, which bestowed on us such terrors as Daniela Katzenberger and Anton Hofreiter, or catastrophes such as “the mother of all believers”, and I have advanced the cause of crossbreeding the German race.

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Pennsylvania Muslims fear ‘backlash’ over cop-killing by devout Muslim

Ramadan in Pennsylvania: Muslim shoots cop 7 times, fires on 2nd cop

No doubt the shapers of opinion are already busy at work trying to discover Abdul Wahi’s motive — that is, the non-jihad explanation of the shooting that they can use to try to fool the American people.

“Folcroft police officer survives being shot 7 times; suspect identified,” WPVI, June 24, 2016 via Jihad Watch:

FOLCROFT, Pa. (WPVI) — The man who allegedly shot a Folcroft police officer seven times on Friday morning, and opened fire on a second officer, is under arrest.

The officer who was shot is identified as 25-year-old Officer Christopher Dorman. He is hospitalized in critical but stable condition.

The suspect is identified as Donte Brooks Island, aka Abdul Wahi. He is charged with two counts of attempted murder, two counts of aggravated assault and related offenses.

Action News was there Friday as Island was escorted to a patrol car to be taken to his arraignment. He is being held on $1 million bail.

Island had been recently released from prison after serving time for drug and firearms violations, District Attorney Jack Whelan said….

In other news:

Most U.S. Voters Want Immigrants Screened, Barred for Supporting Sharia Law
Paul Sperry writes in his Counter-Jihad blog. More than 7 in 10 registered American voters think Muslim immigrants should be screened for belief in Sharia law, a totalitarian system that calls for executing gays, adulterers and apostates, among other human-rights abuses, a new national poll finds. And …Read More…
Hamas-Linked CAIR Lawyers-Up Orlando Terrorist’s Family, Mosque Suspects
Paul Sperry writes at his Counter Jihad blog.   If you are a member of the media or even an investigator with the FBI seeking to question members of the Orlando terrorist’s family or mosque, you will now have to go through a federally listed terrorist front group — the Council on American-Islamic …Read More…
Anatomy of the terror threat: Files show hundreds of US plots, refugee connection
Judson Berger writes at Fox News:
Newly obtained congressional data shows hundreds of terror plots have been stopped in the U.S. since 9/11 – mostly involving foreign-born suspects, including dozens of refugees. The files are sure to inflame the debate over the Obama administration’s push to admit …Read More…

Café Countersuit Accuses Muslim Women of ‘Civilizational Jihad’

The owner of this establishment must be quite switched on. He went straight to the right lawfirm( David Yerushalmi) who is well versed about Mohammedan chicanery. He has a good chance of winning this, as he should.

Urth Caffé (Facebook)


The attorney representing the Muslim owner of a popular Orange County café is countersuing a group of Muslim women who initially sued her business for anti-Muslim discrimination. The counter-suit accuses the group of waging “civilizational jihad” and trespassing.

According to the UK Guardian, David Yerushalmi of the Los Angeles-based American Freedom Law Center (AFLC), the lawyer representing Urth Caffé in Laguna Beach and café owner Jilla Berkman alleged that the initial lawsuit was part of a wider “civilizational jihad” being waged by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which aims “to weaken western civilization”. Further, Yerushalmi reportedly said the women’s discrimination suit was a form of “extortion”, calling the lawyers representing the seven female Muslim plaintiffs “ambulance chasers.”

The seven women, six of whom wore hijabs (a traditional head covering required under Sharia law and in most Muslim countries) claimed that they were asked to leave before they finished eating at the café, and suggested the owner called the police on them due to Islamophobia. However, the restaurant has a stated 45-minute time limit per table and Yerushalmi argued that his client said the women “were loud and abusive to the Urth Caffe employees and refused to give up their table per the stated policy.” Berkman personally authorized one of her employees to call the police on the women.

“That night, as every Friday night, a large number of young people, including a majority of whom are Muslim and of Arab descent, make up the base of Urth Caffe’s customers,” Yerushalmi wrote. “Not surprisingly, many of these customers are women wearing hijabs. None of these other Muslim women were asked to leave.”

Mohammad Tajsar, one of the attorneys representing the Muslim women, had painted the incident as just he latest in a series of hate crimes against Muslims in the area.

Yerushalmi pointed out in the initial case that “the lead plaintiff in the frivolous lawsuit is Sara Farsakh, a college-age activist for Palestinian causes who self-promotes her involvement in radical organizations, at least one of which calls for the destruction of Israel.” He also noted that “the organization behind the scenes organizing this fraudulent lawsuit is CAIR.”

(CAIR has been declared a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates and was named by federal prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas-funding operation.)

Yet CAIR’s Executive Director in Los Angeles, Hussam Ayloush, told the Guardian that contrary to Yerushalmi’s allegations, his organization was not involved with the Urth Caffé case. He blasted Yerushalmi in an interview with the Guardian‘s Nicky Woolf, saying “if anyone had any doubts about what happened on that day, those doubts are eliminated by the fact that the owners of Urth Caffé decided to retain David Yerushalmi. There are 1.2 million attorneys in America, and for them to choose the most hateful, the most bigoted attorney, tells a lot about the values that Urth Caffe’s owners hold.”

CAIR has often had a hand in representing Muslims in troubling situations. For example, they helped the families of San Bernardino terrorists Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik. a

As for the claims of Islamophobia against Yerushalmi, he issued the following statement to the Guardian:

I represent Muslim Americans, running from jihad and seeking asylum. If you want to say I’m an anti-jihad lawyer, you’re 100% right. Am I anti-Sharia? Yes, I am. Am I anti-Muslim? Not if he doesn’t have a gun in his hand shooting at me.

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Brexit was all about stopping Islamic immigration.

Now it’s our turn to send a message to the snivelling politically-correct class in Australia.

Vote 1 Australian Liberty Alliance on July 2.

Bernard Gaynor – ALA Senate Candidate for Queensland

Dale Marshall's photo.

Britain is free of global government. America can be next.

Daniel Greenfield

Londonistan, that post-British city of high financial stakes and low Muslim mobs, voted by a landslide to remain, a decisive majority of the English voted to wave goodbye to the EU. 67% of Tower Hamlets, the Islamic stronghold, voted to stay in the EU. But to no avail. The will of the people prevailed.

The people did not want migrant rape mobs in their streets and Muslim massacres in their pubs. They were tired of Afghani migrants living in posh homes with their four wives while they worked hard and sick of seeing their daughters passed around by “Asian” cabbies from Pakistan in ways utterly indistinguishable from the ISIS slave trade while the police looked the other way so as not to appear racist. And, most of all, they were sick of the entire Eurocratic establishment that let it all happen.


Brexit: What the world’s papers say



Terrorism, Sharia & Protection of Muslims

Suddenly for Loretta Lynch, Orlando was terrorism.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes

The motives were “unknowable’ just a few hours ago according to Lynch.

Do Loretta Lynch’s Ties with ‘Muslim Advocates’ Org Explain Her Whitewash of Orlando?

PJ MEDIA:Top Justice Department officials, including Attorney General Loretta Lynch, have worked with an organization dedicated to interfering with law enforcement efforts to monitor activities at the most radical mosques.

Lynch and DOJ Civil Rights Division head Vanita Gupta have appeared at gala events for an organization called Muslim Advocates. The George Soros-funded charity has badgered the New York City Police Department away from monitoring the most radical mosques in the city.

The organization is also responsible for rewriting training materials for federal law enforcement to decouple the role of radical Islam from terrorist acts. An inter-agency working group comprised of multiple federal law enforcement agencies in 2014 adopted this whitewash urged by Muslim Advocates.

What about the rest of us? Sharia rule in the USA
Attorney General Loretta Lynch to Muslim community: You ‘are under our protection’ 
Muslim communities “are targeted as well [and] they are often swept up in this.” “So we want to make sure that every community in the United States knows that they…| Pamela Geller
 Would it surprise you if the calls went straight to the white house or to the DHS? 
Calls to Orlando jihadi’s father and other relatives are now redirected to a CAIR phone number…
This tells you all you need to know about the Orlando jihadi’s family and Hamas-tied CAIR . Hamas-CAIR makes these limp-wristed, toothless statements about terror after Islamic slaughter, but the fact is they unequivocally stand with the jihadis. –ByPamela Geller
 Muslim Paradise

The Orlando jihadist, Omar Mateen, was buried in a Muslim cemetery named “Riyadh Ul Jannah” (The Gardens of Paradise). The word “jannah” means Islamic paradise (the one that jihad warriors are eager to enter). Don’t you think, if Omar’s actions were deeply un-Islamic, or brought shame to the community of Muslims, that the cemetery owners (or other decision-making Muslims) might have had an objection to having Omar buried there? The truth is, they know he is a shaheed (Islamic martyr), they just can’t say it in public.

Orlando shooter’s body buried in Muslim cemetery near Miami
Omar Mateen’s death certificate shows he is buried in Hialeah Gardens, Fla.—USATODAY.COM
Tel Aviv & Orlando: The Big Difference
Imagine the naming of parks, institutions and sporting events in honor of Omar Mateen.

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Sheikh of Al-Azhar Ahmad Al-Tayyeb: In Islam, Apostates Should Be Killed; Homosexuality Is a Disease

Forget the taqiyya gigolos and their leftist sock puppets, here’s the authoritative voice of Cairo’s Al Azhar university, the worlds  highest institution of sunni Islam:

Sheikh of Al-Azhar Ahmad Al-Tayyeb: In Islam, Unrepentant Apostates Should Be Killed; Homosexuality Is a Disease
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Oz TV Moonbats: Lets Submit to Islam & Pretend Christianity Is Just As Bad

Thanks to Vlad Tepes

No mate, we won’t share a plate.

In an act of fawning dhimmitude Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull not only hosted a ritual Islamic dinner at Kirribilli House, making him the first Australian Prime Minister to host such ritual, he even ordered special crockery so that observant Muslims wouldn’t have to eat from plates previously used by non-Muslims. Malcom Turnbull then recited from the Koran and spoke of mutual respect. It would seem our current PM needs to pull his dictionary off the bookshelves and look up the meaning of the words ‘mutual’ and ‘respect’ – while he’s at it, also ‘grovelling’ and ‘capitulation’.

Writes the Daily Mail: ‘Halal caterers brought in special crockery for Malcolm Turnbull’s Ramadan feast to accommodate for devout Muslim’s who chose not to eat from plates previously used by those not of their faith.’

The true significance of allowing this ritual to take place at an official residence of the Australian PM has yet to sink in with Aussie pundits. It is bad enough when political leaders forget about the separation of state and religion and accept invites to attend religious rituals. But to submit the PM’s official residence to sharia law adds a whole new chapter to the formal submission of our current government to Islamic supremacy.

Meanwhile, Austrian Islamic cleric Farrokh Sekaleshfar was thrown out of Australia recently.

What a crock! How halal caterers brought in special crockery for Malcolm Turnbull’s Ramadan feast – because guests REFUSED to eat from plates previously used by non-Muslims

Looks like Turncoat is too dumb to even  realise the vile and insulting attitudes behind this.

  • Halal caterers brought in special crockery for Muslims at an Iftar feast
  • Malcolm Turnbull hosted the Ramadan dinner at Kirribili House in Sydney
  • Some of the guests chose to use plates and cutlery for religious reasons 
  • Anti-gay preacher Sheik Shady Al-Suleiman was invited to the event
  • Mr Turnbull condemned the radical views of the sheikh on Friday morning
  • The sheikh issued a statement denying he wanted homosexuals punished  

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“Lone wolves”and “motives that may never be known….”



Anatomy of the terror threat: Files show hundreds of US plots, refugee connection»
Judson Berger writes at Fox News: Newly obtained congressional data shows hundreds of terror plots have been stopped in the U.S. since 9/11 – mostly involving foreign-born suspects, including dozens of refugees. The files are sure to inflame the debate over the Obama administration’s push to admit …Read More…
U.S. Doesn’t Track if Millions in Biz “Loans” to Refugees on Public Assistance Are Repaid
You can’t make this stuff up. Judicial Watch: The U.S. government gives refugees on public assistance special “loans” of up to $15,000 to start a business but fails to keep track of defaults that could translate into huge losses for American taxpayers, records obtained by Judicial Watch reveal. The …Read More…
More than 150 years jail for 13 men who sexually abused vulnerable Halifax schoolgirl
On the day that South Yorkshire MP Jo Cox was murdered reporting restrictions on this trial at Crown Court Leeds were lifted and some of the crimes of these  Muslim men could be made public. I have not said anything here about Mrs Cox, and I am late in posting about these sentences. From the Halifax …Read More…
Idaho: Muslim migrants hold knife to throat of little 4-year-old girl, rape her, urinate on her
The immigrant boys were 8, 10 and 13. They also video taped the crime, but so far no arrests have been made and the City Council is in complete denial. The entire borrifying story with background from the Islamic texts is at Jihad Watch.  …Read More…
Canberra; Muslim Imran Hakimi Jailed For Machete Attack on Passing Motorists
As reported within the past week, from the ABC’s Georgia Hitch.  “Machete-Wielding Man Who Attacked Passing Motorists in Canberra Jailed”. ‘A Canberra  (Musel-)man (that is: “a Canberra-resident Muslim” …Read More…
President Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch Have a “Terror Truth” Problem…
From the Conservative Treehouse: ….And they need to hide it, big time. It is not accidental that Loretta Lynch was featured on all five major broadcasts for the Sunday news cycle (Topic Orlando Terrorism).   You might well remember the last time a key administration official named Susan Rice met …Read More…

Attorney General Lynch: Pulse Jihadi’s True Motive ‘May Never Be Known’

Attorney General Lynch: Orlando Jihadi’s Motive ‘May Never Be Known’

Orlando mass killer Omar Mateen’s motivation remains a mystery:

After meeting with prosecutors, first responders and victims of the Orlando terror attack, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that the investigation is still ongoing, and a motive has yet to be established.

If only there was a record of Mateen himself offering some hints as to why he murdered 49 people. Alas, we’ll probably never know. Also from the US Attorney General:

Attorney General Loretta Lynch admitted today that the FBI is unaware of the whereabouts of Omar Mateen’s wife, Noor Salman.

Australia: Herald-Sun’s Columnist Rita Panahi, Either Closet Apostate or MINO, Talks Some Sense About The Muslim Mass-Murder of Gays At Orlando
And, in a column published on June 15, categorises it, correctly, with other Muslim murders of Infidels and of other-sect or deemed-insufficiently-Islamic Muslims that have been carried out in the past month or so; not forgetting the Muslim murder of Jews in Israel. Be sure to click on the link for …Read More…
From Israel, A Cautionary Tale About “Marriage Jihad” And Much, Much More Besides
Such as that so-called peaceloving majority of Muslims, which the most astute Infidels are beginning to understand is anything but. As reported by Shimon Cohen, for Israel National News, on 13 June. “When There’s a Terror Attack, The Whole …Read More…
Why the ‘Lone-Wolf’ Terrorist is a Myth
Paul Sperry writes in the NYPost: President Obama says don’t worry, the Orlando terrorist was just another “lone actor” operating in isolation, unconnected to any larger group of supporters. In fact, these so-called “lone wolves” are running in packs, and suggesting otherwise gives the public a false …Read More…

How Much of our Culture Are We Surrendering to Islam?

by Giulio Meotti/Gatestone Institute

  • The same hatred as from Nazis is coming from Islamists and their politically correct allies. We do not even have a vague idea of how much Western culture we have surrendered to Islam.
  • Democracies are, or at least should be, custodians of a perishable treasury: freedom of expression. This is the biggest difference between Paris and Havana, London and Riyadh, Berlin and Tehran, Rome and Beirut. Freedom of expression is what gives us the best of the Western culture.
  • It is self-defeating to quibble about the beauty of cartoons, poems or paintings. In the West, we have paid a high price for the freedom to do so. We should all therefore protest when a German judge bans “offensive” verses of a poem, when a French publisher fires an “Islamophobic” editor or when a music festival bans a politically incorrect band.

It all occurred in the same week. A German judge banned a comedian, Jan Böhmermann, from repeating “obscene” verses of his famous poem about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. A Danish theater apparently cancelled “The Satanic Verses” from its season, due to fear of “reprisals.” Two French music festivals dropped Eagles of Death Metal — the U.S. band that was performing at the Bataclan theater in Paris when the attack by ISIS terrorists (89 people murdered), took place there — because of “Islamophobic” comments by Jesse Hughes, its lead singer. Hughes suggested that Muslims be subjected to greater scrutiny, saying “It’s okay to be discerning when it comes to Muslims in this day and age,” later adding:

“They know there’s a whole group of white kids out there who are stupid and blind. You have these affluent white kids who have grown up in a liberal curriculum from the time they were in kindergarten, inundated with these lofty notions that are just hot air.”

As Brendan O’Neill wrote, “Western liberals are doing their dirty work for them; they’re silencing the people Isis judged to be blasphemous; they’re completing Isis’s act of terror.”

A few weeks earlier, France’s most important publishing house, Gallimard, fired its most famous editor, Richard Millet, who had penned an essay in which he wrote:

“the decline of literature and the deep changes wrought in France and Europe by continuous and extensive immigration from outside Europe, with its intimidating elements of militant Salafism and of the political correctness at the heart of global capitalism; that is to say, the risk of the destruction of the Europe and its cultural humanism, or Christian humanism, in the name of ‘humanism’ in its ‘multicultural’ version.”

Kenneth Baker just published a new book, On the Burning of Books: How Flames Fail to Destroy the Written Word. It is a compendium of so called “bibliocaust,” the burning of books from Caliph Omar to Hitler, and includes the fatwa on Salman Rushdie. When Nazis incinerated books in Berlin they declared that from the ashes of these novels would “arise the phoenix of a new spirit.” The same hatred is coming from Islamists and their politically correct allies. We do not even have a vague idea of how much Western culture we have surrendered to Islam.

Theo Van Gogh’s movie, “Submission,” for which he was murdered, disappeared from many film festivalsCharlie Hebdo‘s drawings of the Islamic prophet Mohammed are concealed from the public sphere: after the massacre, very few media reprinted these cartoons. Raif Badawi’s blog posts, which cost him 1,000 lashes and ten years in prison in Saudi Arabia, have been deleted by the Saudi authorities and now circulate like forbidden Samizdat literature was in the Soviet Union.

After the massacre of Charlie Hebdo‘s staff, very few media reprinted their Mohammed cartoons. Pictured above, Stéphane Charbonnier, the editor and publisher of Charlie Hebdo, who was murdered on January 7, 2015 along with many of his colleagues, is shown in front of the magazine’s former offices, just after they were firebombed in November 2011.

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