“Satan made me do it”

From the Religion of Peace:

Islamic Holy Man Rapes and Murders Child in Mosque

“Satan made me do it” –thanks to TROP

People who can look you in the eye and describe what it was like to use a knife to slit an innocent child’s throat show how desperation can lead to animalistic rape, how paedophilic obsession can infect, fester, destroy

A chilling videotaped confession of a murderer who molested and killed a seven-year-old boy, was filmed just a few days after he was arrested by the police. “I did not have the intention of killing a child,” the imam (prayer leader) of a mosque told the police after he pleaded guilty to molesting a boy, slashing his throat and dumping his body in a mosque. In a candid, half-hour interview, the imam went into detail about how and why he had lured the boy to an empty room on the top floor of the mosque, and when he made the decision to kill him.

IS Executes Women in Mosul For Refusing Temporary Marriage

The seven women objected to ‘nikah’IS tell women that if they have sex with IS insurgents within the contract of nikah, it will be considered jihad for women.

Erdogan to EU: Not Letting Turkey Join is ‘Islamophobic’…

Responding to questions from reporters at the press conference, Erdoğan said Turkey’s EU accession process is still under way and that “it is not important whether it is accepted or not.”

“You have to accept Turkey to the EU. Turkey is now a powerful country. If you still see Turkey as a country that would beg [for accession] at your door, Turkey is no longer a country that would beg at your door. Turkey would join the EU if it is accepted. If it is not [accepted], it would draw its own path,” Erdoğan said.

“Unfortunate Incident” in the Philippines Kills 49

MAMASAPANO, Maguin-danao, Philippines – Moro Islamic Liberation Front guerrillas were involved in the killing of 49 Special Action Force (SAF) commandos but the “unfortunate and saddening development” was due to the failure of the elite police unit to coordinate its activities with the rebel group, MILF chief peace negotiator Mohaquer Iqbal said yesterday.

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Is Freedom of Speech on the Way Out?

TURKEY orders Facebook to block pages that insult the paedophile prophet Mohammed
  • Turkish court orders Facebook pages insulting Mohammed to be blocked 
  • Also warns that site will be banned if it doesn’t comply with Turkey’s ruling 
  • Turkey has also banned web access to cover of Charlie Hebdo magazine
  • Move is seen as the latest in crackdown on ‘offending religious material’

Daily Mail via Barenaked

Zuckerman caves in to Erdogan’s threats

Facebook Enforces Sharia, Bans “Anti-Islamic” Pages Rather Than Face Turkish Ban

Earlier today, Pamela Geller reported that a Turkish court ordered Facebook to block pages that insulted Islam. In response, It is somehow ironic that the younger generation raised on leftist propaganda in academia and in the culture are so eager to utterly relinquish our freedoms without so much as fight.

Mark Steyn on Charlie Hebdo attacks: ‘Free speech has to include the right to insult Islam’
The terrorist atrocities of Paris have brought new attention to freedom of expression, an issue on…
Indo Chairman of Muhammadiyah Din Syamsuddin:
“Western countries cannot continue to promote their right to freedom of speech. As long as freedom of speech is understood in absolute terms, it will continue to yield actions and reactions,” Muslims are forced to murder the blasphemers….”
German Children Forced to Participate in Tolerance Demo

Ärger in Lübeck: Schüler beschweren sich: Wir wurden zur Toleranz-Demo gezwungen – Aus aller Welt

1000 Schüler der fünf Europaschulen in Lübeck gingen bei einer Demonstration für Freiheit, Toleranz und Weltoffenheit auf die Straße. Wenige Tage später werden…

We made them do it. Nothing to do with Islam…

Official PA daily:  Israel was behind the terror attacks in France

….because Israel “was the only one to benefit from them” Israeli Intelligence Service Mossad planned the attacks because Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu wanted to encourage Jewish immigration from Europe and take “revenge on European …Read More…

Litigation Jihad
A hardline imam at a mosque where the killers of soldier Lee Rigby worshipped is suing the BBC, saying it described him as an ‘extremist’. Shakeel Begg, 37, is taking legal action after presenter Andrew Neil said on the Sunday Politics Show that the imam had praised jihad as ‘the greatest of deeds’. Mr …Read More…
Yemen:  “Death to America, Death to Israel” Means They Are Moderate Headchoppers

“Unjust” Infidels

These Pakis are marching for murder, not against it:

Thousands march in Parkistan against Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cartoons
The largest rally was held in Karachi, where 25,000 people shouted slogans including ‘death to France’, ‘death to the blasphemers’ and ‘(We are) ready to…DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
Its not working too well, that ‘land for peace process’ in the Philippines:
49 Philippines police killed hunting for Malaysian bomb-maker 
Forty-nine Philippines police commandos were killed when they clashed with Muslim rebels in the south, police said Monday, a bloodbath which tested a peace…
Halal Spreads Like Obola

Fettayley Halal Now in Coles supermarket.
Which includes AUSTRALIAN CAMEL .
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Residents of Dagestan say that Russian forces destroyed their homes and trashed Korans during anti-terror raids last fall.

Are Russia’s Troops Vandalizing Korans In Dagestan?

 “Thrashed” Korans and “flushed” Koran stories are supposed to bring out the 1.5 gazillion Koranimals to set the world on fire. Its their M.O.

Residents of Dagestan say that Russian forces destroyed their homes and trashed Korans during anti-terror raids last fall.
The head of al BeBeeCeera is a Mustard

“Unjust” is when infidels have power to rule over Muslims. That needs to be corrected.

An imam in Nottingham believes it would be wrong to rename the A453 in honour of soldiers who died in the Afghanistan war. Dr Musharraf Hussain, chief executive… NOTTINGHAMPOST.COM
More unjust kafir power:
Lakemba protest by Muslims who believe Australian terror raids were ‘unjust policing’
AN URGENT meeting was called last night by members of the Muslim community who were outraged about yesterday’s anti-terror raids in Sydney.  –NEWS.COM.AU

Manure from Teheran: No terrorist attack took place in France. What occurred was theater on a grand scale.

Canadian “expert”: What occurred in Paris was theater on a grand scale

Following is the text of the interview:

-As you know, France experienced terrorist attacks carried out by extremists; are some (currents) using these events to stir Islamophobia?

No terrorist attack took place in France. What occurred was theater on a grand scale. It was clear that the video clip showing the so-called execution of a police officer in the street was not genuine since the masked actors masquerading as terrorists were shooting blanks. …

More ‘telltale signs’ at Tehran Times thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Thousands turn out for anti-Islam rally in Dresden -

More and more Germans refuse to believe the news propaganda from the mainstream media, what is increasingly known in Germany as the ‘liar press’ (Luegenpresse)

“Respekt fuer Neger” (WTF?)

P1130491Thousands of protesters turn out in the German city of Dresden in support of the right-wing Pegida movement, demonstrating against what they describe as “the Islamisation of the West”.

The rising tide of anti-Semitism

By Andrew Gilligan

… Only 25 miles north of Barnet, in Luton, one of the town’s main mosques, the Luton Islamic Centre, publishes statements on its website describing Jews as the “brethren of swine and pigs” and calling for “victory over the Jews and the rest of the enemies of Islam”. …

More Judeophobia at The Telegraph

Western media outlets such as the right-wing Fox News Channel have launched smear campaign of fueling Islamophobia and are spreading hatred against Muslims. …

More fueling fear of the evil, blasphemous religion at PressTV

Egypt condemns alleged execution of Japanese captive by IS group

“Egypt strongly and condemned the alleged brutal murder of one of the two Japanese who were captured by the terrorist Daash (IS group),” the statement said, adding that such “a barbaric incident contradicts the teachings of Islam.” …

More on allah’s wet work and the droppings of islam at Cairo Post Jan. 25, 2015 thanks to Mullah, pbuh

That big fat Warsi thing

The infidels have to enforce dhimmi laws and ensure that the kafirs don’t tell the truth about Islam:

Baroness Warsi accuses government of creating a lack of trust in Muslim community

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi

“Baroness” Warsi said there had been a failure to tackle anti-Muslim sentiment and described the current climate within the Muslim community as one of concern, worry and fear. …


Obama professes to be a Christian, but acts like a Shiite….

by Roger L Simon

Much of this Iran-coddling began back when the Green Movement was in the streets of Tehran seeking the overthrow of the ayatollahs and chanting “Obama, Obama… Are you with us or are you with them?” Our president did not respond.  He was already in private communication with the bizarre Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  Obama wanted to be the one who got credit for reining in the excesses of the Islamic Republic, not those unruly student demonstrators who were the ones suffering from the regime in the first place, being murdered, tortured and raped in Evin Prison, often in reverse order.

Indeed, this unconscionable and out-of-control narcissism has been the key to Obama’s foreign policy throughout and accounts for the catastrophic global results we see in front of us now.  The “leading from behind” mantra has always been a fraud, masking what it really means: “I, Barack, know best and manipulate affairs from behind.”  It’s all about me.  (Is it ever!)

BREAKING NEWS: Bomb threats reported at Hartsfield Jackson airport
NORAD fighter jets were deployed to escort Delta flight 1156 from Portland and Southwest flight 2492 from Milwaukee to the Atlanta, Georgia, airport, the FAA… DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
What Will Happen To America As Obama Floods The US With Muslims – Page 2 of 2 – Truth And Action
In his book, Slavery, Terrorism and Islam, Dr. Peter Hammond illustrates what happens to a country as their Muslim population grows. He details the level of… TRUTHANDACTION.ORG
What the Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You to Know About PEGIDA
LEIPZIG, Germany – Wednesday night saw a flare of violence and an accompanying police operation on a scale without precedent in recent German…BREITBART.COM
Saxony’s premier Tillich says Islam is not part of Germany

But he says he wants more immigrants Muslims  in his state.  “Muslims are welcome in Germany and can practice their religion….”

Practising their religion includes striking terror in the hearts of the infidels in order to subjugate them, the stoning of women and the beheading of blasphemers. This idiot doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Iranian Cleric: ‘Having A Nuclear Bomb Is Necessary To Put Down Israel’
Top lawmaker reveals Obama courting Rouhani     By Adam Kredo A top Iranian lawmaker and cleric said that the country’s uranium enrichment program could… BY JEWS NEWS
Protests mar Australia Day parade through Melbourne
We need to deal with these ferals the way they would deal with us if they held the reigns of power.
HUNDREDS of protesters have interrupted the city’s official parade, chanting slogans and waving Aboriginal flags — after earlier ceremonies celebrating scores of new citizens.
Zahid Salmaan's photo.

Gold Coast Police Warn Aussies To Be Nice To Muslims On Australia Day


Our minders are  suggesting we are the savages and Mohammedan savages are protected species. How good is that?

Police warn against behaviour aimed at Muslims as religious leaders call for Australia Day peace

RELIGIOUS leaders have called for calm on Australia Day and police have warned they will clamp down hard on Gold Coasters who get caught up in any anti-social behaviour aimed at the city’s Muslims.

Their comments follow concern that alcohol-fuelled youth may vent their anger against Muslims on January 26, following terrorist attacks in Paris.

Pastor Erica Nugent, of the 500-strong Pentecostal Surf City Christian Church, appealed to Christians across the city to be true to their faith by showing love to others on Australia Day.

“People will know we are Christians by our love. We must do what Jesus said and love everyone,” she said.

That twat should take her love to the market in Baghdad.  She needs to learn very quickly that churches burn and Christians are raped and killed when Mohammedans take over. (sheikyermami)

A teenager lies on the ground wrapped in the Australian flag during the Australia Day rio

A teenager lies on the ground wrapped in the Australian flag during the Australia Day riots at Burleigh in 2009.

“We are so blessed to live in this beautiful country, which has a wonderful, distinct heritage of mateship. We are one of the only countries in the world which has never had a civil war and that is a heritage to be valued and guarded.”

Her love for Mohammedan savages will make that civil war inevitable.

Gold Coast Islamic leader Imam ­Imraan Husain, who has publicly condemned the killings in France as “disgusting” and the work of “Muslim thugs bereft of mercy”, called for tolerance at Australia Day celebrations.

Tolerance for Muselmaniacs, that is.

Mr Husain, the secretary of the Queensland Imam Council and Imam of the Arundel mosque, said he was working on a joint statement with leaders of other faiths.

“We will be calling for all Gold Coasters to celebrate together peacefully on Australia Day. We are all Australians,” he said.

No you’re not. You came to make Australia Islamic, not to become Australian, you lying f*kc.

Gold Coast Islamic leader Imam Imraan Husain has called for tolerance at Australia Day ce

Gold Coast Islamic leader Imam Imraan Husain has called for tolerance at Australia Day celebrations.

“We are not expecting our (Muslim) community to be victimised but if they are physically or verbally abused, we are asking them to be patient and to show tolerance and ­forbearance.“It is their responsibility to act like true Muslims and not retaliate.

“They are not to form vigilantes and we have told them that if they are not happy about something, they should go through the correct legal channels and not take the law in to their own hands.”

How Islam Elevates Women

IS Executes Women in Mosul For Refusing Temporary Marriage

The Islamic State (IS) militants have executed seven women in Mosul for refusing temporary marriage, or ‘nikah’.

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) official from Mosul Saed Mamuzini told BasNews that IS are demanding women accept nikah with insurgents. Nikah is a temporary marriage which permits the participants to have sex.

“Many women refuse to have sex with IS militants, in which cases they are arrested. The militants often kill them,” said Mamuzini.

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The seven women objected to ‘nikah’
Wilfred Montero's photo.
US Says Netanyahu Will Pay ‘Price’ for Upcoming Visit; Obama and Kerry Refuse to Meet Israeli PM
The Obama-Netanyahu relationship is moving from bad to worse after a senior US official accused Israel’s Prime Minister of
Obama said he won two elections in his state of the union speech, ah, no he didn't, somebody else built that, the media made that happen!

Obama said he won two elections in his state of the union speech, ah, no he didn’t, somebody else built that, the media made that happen!

Three ‘under-age girls’ fled hotel in underwear before police child sex raid
Officers were called to The Birmingham Hotel in West Midlands, after staff reported fears that youngsters were in a room with adult men–MIRROR.CO.UK|BY JEANETTE OLDHAM
Newsweep whines about Wilders

To the trained eye of most card-carrying members of the ComIntern frolicking in journalism, anyone not to the left of Hillary Clinton must be a right-wing extremist.

Geert Wilders: The ‘Prophet’ Who Hates Muhammad

“…he’s planning a trip to Australia, he says, to help right-wingers in that country start a political party modeled after the Freedom Party.”

Geert Wilders is Europe’s most notoriously anti-Muslim radical. He may also be Holland’s next prime minister.
Migration Invasion to Europe on the rise

More refugees, mostly Syrians, are trying to reach Europe from Turkey ports.

The European Union has called on Turkey’s government to explain the rising number of ships leaving its ports carrying migrants bound for Europe.

Kurt Westergaard is the Danish cartoonist who drew the Mohammed exploding head bomb cartoon