U.S. Riots: “shot police officers are still breathing”


A constitutional judge in Hamburg has been linked to Germany’s far-left extremist Antifa scene as well as the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorist group.

Judge Cornelia Ganten-Lange, formerly an asylum lawyer, was elected to the Hamburg constitutional court in 2009 and again in 2015. She has been reported to have a deep history with Antifa far-left extremists during her legal career.

Hamburg, double-name, asylum lawyer, leftoid (of course) Antifa-supporter &  bonking a Mohammedan Kurd? She ticks all the boxes.

Even Far-Left Southern Poverty Law Center Says No Evidence White Supremacists Sparking Riots

Far-Left SPLC Says No Evidence White Supremacists Sparking Riots

What a revelation! When even this mob cannot support the lies you know that commies have gone too far.

Police officers shot in St. Louis and Las Vegas amid protests
“Law enforcement officers were targeted in attacks in cities across the country overnight, with some officers wounded in gun battles in St. Louis and Las Vegas and others injured as they were run over by cars in New York City and Buffalo.”
“All are conscious and breathing. Their injuries are believed to be non-life threatening.” At least four officers with the St. Louis Police Department in Missouri were struck by gunfire on Monday night, police said

Gold Rolex’s Matter

$2.4M Worth of Watches Stolen from Soho Rolex Store

A plethora of luxury brands — all of whom endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement — have had their stores ransacked and looted by rioters over the past few days.

Is this social justice or what? Why should  a n*99a not have what you & I can’t afford?

“Bright & Bubbly” Gone!

Italia Marie Kelly was leaving the protest with a friend around midnight Sunday when she was struck from the back by a bullet and collapsed near a local Walmart.

“She was the bright, bubbly big personality in the room.”

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The use of children in Mohammedan warfare

“Unaccompanied minors” have been vandalizing and looting businesses in the town of Mataró in Catalonia. 

They have been looting stores, bars, etc. for days.

Weeks ago they occupied a house, and they do not stop robbing neighbors as well as entering premises and robbing them.

Some neighbors who are tired of them have formed patrols. The second video shows how these immigrant children get into the sewer to move around without being seen, and hide.


Four St. Louis police officers were shot in last night’s riots, and a cop was shot in the head in Las Vegas. Two men threw Molotov cocktails into a county courthouse in Minnesota. Meanwhile, protests about the death of George Floyd took place in Amsterdam and Belgium. The latter was held illegally, and social distancing was not observed at either event.

‘Lion of Allah’ Uses Own Children as Human Shield…

al-Shabaab suspect who used his 2 children as human shield killed in dawn attack

Think about it. Why would you want to keep his brood alive knowing they will continue his dirty work?

Al ShabaabPolice officers killed a suspected al-Shabaab millitant early Saturday morning at his house in Diani, reports say.

The suspect’s two children that he was using as human shield were also killed.

According to a police report, the suspect refused to surrender and instead, tossed a grenade at the officers injuring one of them.

It was then that the officers opened fire,  killing the suspect and two of his children.

Channel Migrants ‘Threaten to Throw Their Children Into the Water’

Mohammedan warfare without morals. Everyone has to participate. No one & nothing is exempt. Using children as weapons is legit.


Nigel Farage via YouTube

Illegal migrants crossing the English Channel in small boats threaten to drown themselves or their children in order to keep French ships back, according to reports.

Migrants from coronavirus-infected camps on the French coast have been crossing the English Channel in record numbers, with many seemingly being escorted into British territorial waters by French ships rather than intercepted and turned around.

“Liberation begins where America dies”

I am shocked that people don’t make use of their guns & protect their property like they should.

Murder, dumbing down & taking a knee

The Most Disgusting Phenomenon I Have Ever Witnessed

Seeing your country looted, burned, and destroyed by vermin in the name of moonbattery evokes a number of emotions, prominently including rage, sadness, horror, and above all, disgust:

This is maximum cringe. Dumbing down meets Kaepernick.

No Fleccas, you fool. That is how America succumbs to self-hatred and anarchy.

Taking a knee means kneeling in obeisance to Black Lives Matter ideology, in the manner of the washed-up football player who became a leftist militant, Colin Kaepernick. This ideology is rooted in hatred of three things: America, Caucasians, and above all, the police. That’s why Kaepernick attended practice wearing socks decorated with cartoon pigs wearing police hats.

By kneeling to this vile, false, and obviously dangerous ideology, the police are signaling that they have no moral authority to enforce the law because they are the bad guys. They are surrendering.

This is happening throughout the country, just as if coordinated, no doubt on orders from above: in Phoenix, in Philadelphia, in Champaign, in Bellevue, in Des Moines, in Fayetteville, in Schenectady, et cetera, ad nauseam.

Meanwhile, police officers are being shot and run over by cars in the name of the ideology these cops kneel to.

Weakness invites aggression. Submissive gestures do not placate thugs but only serve to encourage them.


Ilhan Omar: Rioters “were terrorized by the presence of tanks, by the presence of the National Guard”

Omar doesn’t say, and Stephanopoulos of course doesn’t ask, why the tanks and the National Guard were there in the first place. They were called out because the rioters she supports were terrorizing innocent people, destroying small businesses (and large ones) that had nothing whatsoever to do with George Floyd, and causing billions of dollars of damage. But Omar knows that victim status is currency in our ridiculous society, the key to gaining genuine power and influence, and she, as a black Muslim migrant, is very, very rich, and avid to get even richer.

The Enemy of the People


Hussein Obama tries to put the fire out with gasoline…

Gov. Cuomo Goes on CNN, Trashes Trump for Calling Out Military to Crush Leftist Mobs and Looters — As Looters Wipe Out Fifth Avenue in NY City! (VIDEO) 

Antifa Militant Who Praises Cop Killers Gets Cash Settlement

Ilhan Omar: We Must ‘Reject Any Attempt to Criminalize Peaceful Protest’

The subversion comes straight from the universities:

Professors Around the Country Offer Assistance and Support to Rioters
Univ. of Alabama professor instructs rioters on how to tear down monuments
A professor at the University of Alabama Birmingham used Twitter to tell protesters how to successfully pull down monuments, as rioters vandalized the Lincoln Memorial, the World War II Memorial and other iconic sites in the nation’s capital over the weekend.

Why are these riots happening in Blue States only ?

Andrea Jenkins, vice president of Minneapolis City Council, says George Floyd and Officer Chauvin worked at a restaurant near Third Precinct. “They were coworkers for a very long time.”

If watching the actual original video did not make you suspicious, this should prompt some questions.

Antifa isn’t fighting fascism. Antifa wants to destroy civilized society.

MSNBC‘s Haake Near White House as St. John‘s Church Burns: ‘This Is Still Peaceful Protesters‘ 

Oz ‘Activists’ & the Politics of Shame

Activists declare COVID-19 a scam and defy restrictions in city rallies | Sky News Australia

Activists declare COVID-19 a scam and defy restrictions in city rallies

Impoverish Australians through unreliable energy. Impoverish Australians by destroying coal-fired power stations. Impoverish Australians through the foolishness of Snowy Hydro. Impoverish Australians through the lunacy of selling unreliable energy by undersea cable to Singapore and Vietnam. Impoverish Australians by the fantasy of mass hydrogen production from solar energy. Impoverish Australians and leave them undefended with political submarines. Why are we encouraging or even tolerating policies of shame?
In other news:

Channel crossings will continue as long as illegal migrants are allowed to stay in Britain

The business model for people smugglers depends on countries’ unwillingness to turn would-be migrants away

Former Australian PM Tony Abbott:

650,000 migrants ready to leave Libya for Europe, UN report reveals

Around 650,000 migrants in Libya are currently waiting to immigrate to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea, a report from the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has revealed.

Why only 650.000? Why not millions? Isn’t that what the open borders advocates want?

Libyan authorities stop nearly 400 migrants attempting to cross to Europe

They will try again. How much were these  “authorities” paid to prevent them from taking off?

Czech refuses to accept migrants from Greece; minister says 17-year-old male migrants not suitable for country

Mohammedan testosterone bombs are not suitable for any country.

Antifa = a communist insurgency

Thanks to Moonbattery

Clown World takes a downward turn into darkness as black supremacists and white moonbats seize on a pretext to team up and burn their country down. Paul Joseph Watson documents the USA’s descent into end-stage liberalism:

What’s going on in HongKong?
“The Dollar Is Out Of Stock Everywhere”: Hong Kong Money Exchangers Turn Away Clients Amid Run On US Dollars

“There will be no US dollars for exchange until next Tuesday or Wednesday.”

Antifa scum tries to burn America to the ground

This is not a series of protests against an isolated criminal act by a rogue cop in Minneapolis. This is the Cold Civil War heating up. The sides have been drawn for some time. From Portland:

If the battle for civilization comes down to the wimps versus the barbarians, the barbarians are going to win.– Thomas Sowell

By now, everyone except the media has figured out that George Floyd is only a pretext, and not what the riots are about. What are they about? Democrat politics:

We still don’t know exactly what happened regarding the death of George Floyd, but that was never more than a pretext. Combine pent-up frustration from the coronavirus lockdown, the phony and corrosive black oppression ideology pushed by the liberal establishment, and the appallingly feckless liberal rule of major cities, and the riots we have seen for the past few days were inevitable. They certainly didn’t take Dave Morrison by surprise:

The same people who said Donald Trump would burn America to the ground are the people doing it right now

Who knew that burning businesses, rioting and looting cured the Coronavirus..and just like that, the plandemic was over. So much for social distancing, right?

Obama’s puppet Susan Rice went on national television to blame the rioting on “the Russians!”

Obviously, Twitter has no problem with the incitement above. If a conservative posted it, we would never hear the end of it.

This is what “community organizer” meant. Right here in front of your eyes. Obama and Soros have been working on this from 2004-2005.

18 U.S. Code § 2102 “to incite a riot”, or “to organize, promote, encourage, participate in, or carry on a riot”, includes, but is not limited to, urging or instigating other persons to riot.

So this is what they meant when they said “If Bernie isn’t elected, Cities will Burn”…

Dems think they can take over the country by burning down cities they already control to the ground. Dems think they will win over America by acting like crazed wild animals not realizing that they are turning millions of Americans against them.

Obviously, this is not about some dead nigga. This is about fundamental transformation. Which means to deprive you & your children of your birthright.

Covid is gone. But there’s a virus in the brain…

Patriots must protect life, property, and the US Constitution and end the leftist violent insurrection.

Fake news media  tells us the rioters are “hurting” and “in pain.” Really? They seem to be enjoying themselves. It’s the people whose stores and businesses they destroy who are in pain. Again the Left sympathizes with the looters and ignores the pleas of their innocent victims.

The media is now saying that the Black Lives Matter protestors are white supremacists.

Government: re-opening businesses is unacceptable.
Also government: burning down businesses is acceptable.

City officials who knowingly allow crimes to be committed, without any intention of making the guilty pay, are criminals who should be removed from power.

DemRats Causing Riots:

Minnesota Mayor – Democrat

Oakland Mayor – Democrat

Nashville Mayor – Democrat

DC Mayor – Democrat

Atlanta Mayor – Democrat

Dallas Mayor – Democrat

Chicago Mayor – Democrat

NYC Mayor – Democrat

Libturd reporters will refer to a looter or arsonist or criminal caught in the act as a #BLM protestor.

“It is not … generally speaking … unruly.” -actual words of MSNBC’s own Baghdad Bob. A screenshot from a video on the lunacy from Akkad Daily

CNN's Van Jones: "Even the most well-intentioned white person has a virus in his or her brain"
Mental brainfarts of race huckster communist Van Jones: