Jamaica: Down the way where the nights are gay….

Jamaican Islamic Community Welcomes 7/7 Hate Preacher


Abdullah El-Faisal

* Unfortunately he was not a ‘martyr’- he might have got himself an even bigger funeral…

Before being deported from Britain back to his native Jamaica, Islamic hate preacher Abdullah El-Faisal told young British Muslims it was their duty to kill non-believers, Jews, Hindus and Westerners, urging them to adopt a “jihad mentality”. He also promised schoolboys that they would be rewarded with “72 virgins in paradise” if they died in a holy war. He was the “mentor” for one of the July 7 London bombers.

And he’s being welcomed back to Jamaica with open arms by the Islamic community: Islamic community extends olive branch to el-Faisal.

JAMAICA’S Muslims have made it clear they will welcome reputed hate preacher Abdullah el-Faisal into the community unless he proves himself unworthy, following his deportation to the island last Friday.

“As a Muslim coming back to Jamaica, we welcome him. We welcome any and every Muslim who come here as long as they abide by the rules and regulations that are stipulated,” president of the Islamic Council of Jamaica (ICJ) Mustafa Muhammad told the Sunday Observer.

At the same time, he said they were relieved to learn of el-Faisal’s release from prison.“As a member of Muslim family in general, we are somewhat relieved that he has been released from prison. Just like any family member who has gone to prison and is released, family members will experience joy and relief that he is out,” Muhammad said.

* Prislam,- prison da’awa: The fastest way to find ‘reverts’

“It is now up to that person (who was in prison) to prove whether their going to prison was justified and whether they have learned anything from the term they spent in prison. And actions will prove stronger than words,” he added.

Setback for Muslim sect’s ‘mega-mosque’ in Londonistan


* Will it float, will it fly or will it sink? 

Image of Abbey Mills Islamic centre being built in Stratford East London. Once built it will be the largest mosque in Europe, which will be located just outside the London Olympics site in East London


Joanna Sugden Times Online
An ultra-orthodox Islamic sect has delayed plans to build a “mega-mosque” in East London after the Government warned it could “raise tensions” in the community.

* Hard to imagine that the British government these days concerns itself with ‘tensions in the community’-

Tablighi Jamaat had intended to submit plans to build Britain’s largest place of worship next to the Olympic site, this September. But the group told Times Online that no plans would now be submitted until next year at the earliest.

More than 48,000 people have petitioned the Government to “abolish plans for the £100m mega-mosque” with a capacity for 12,000 worshippers beside the London 2012 Olympic park in Newham, East London.

The Government said that the issue could “raise tensions” and did not expect any planning application to be made in the “near future”.

* Similar situation in Berlin, Germany.


Residents of Berlin’s Heinersdorf neighborhood protested the foundation laying ceremony last week. Residents have also filed legal complaints to block construction of the mosque. (Johannes Eisele/ Deutsche Press Agency)

And the mosque is going ahead in spite of massive protests by the population…

A statement in response to the petition, published on the Downing Street website, said: “We understand from Newham Council that there is no current planning permission or application for a mosque and Newham Council do not expect a planning application in the near future.”

A spokesperson for Tablighi Jamaat said that plans for the 18-acre site in Newham were being drawn up, but he added: “There’s no expectation of any planning application before the end of the year, because of the size of the application.”

The Government called the proposed mosque, which would hold four times as many worshippers as Britain’s largest Anglican cathedral “controversial” and said it had to take into account the views of local communities. “All involved should ensure that discussions are conducted in a manner that respects the views of all sections of our communities and in a way that does not raise tensions in local areas,” the statement said.

* There is that limp dick word again: ‘Controversial..’- the valueless society doesn’t like ‘controversy’…

Tablighi Jamaat’s spokesperson said the group did not think the plans were controversial but admitted there would be a lot of public interest in the application, “It should not be looked at any differently from any other faith building” he said.

Plans for the mosque have been blighted over the last few months. The group, which intelligence agencies fear is a gateway to extremism, recently claimed they had dismissed award-winning architect Ali Mangera from the project, and has yet to announce his replacement.

Alongside the proposal for the mosque the group also envisage a religious boarding school for up to 500 pupils on the site, a former chemical works that they bought for £1.6m in 1996.

* ‘Religous Boarding School’= Indoctrination center for the soldiers of Allah…

Strong local opposition has generated bad publicity for the mosque. A Newham councillor, Alan Craig, who is leading the campaign against the development, described the mosque as an unwanted “landmark” in the East End of London and Tablighi Jamaat as a “ambitious, separatist and isolationist group”.

The beleaguered group have recruited a Westminster lobbying company to undertake their public relations. The public affairs company, Indigo Public Affairs set up a website for the mosque and put Tablighi Jamaat on YouTube with a short statement from an unnamed representative who tries to dispel fears and says the mosque will only reach its maximum capacity of 12,000 at two festivals a year.

Tablighi Jamaat, which translates as “Proselytising Group”, claims on its website to stand for “democracy and freedom” and says it is “a role model to promote social and religious integration”.

* Islam is “Democracy and Freedom?”

Funny, last time we checked we saw Muslims run around with placards reading ‘Freedom go to hell’ and ‘Democracy is western terrorism’

But the site also adds that “complete success in this world and the hereafter is only achieved in following the way of life shown by Muhammad and every other way leads to failure in this world and the hereafter”. Strict followers of the sect’s doctrine sleep on the ground and brush their teeth with a twig following the practices of Muhammad.

French intelligence agencies and the FBI have raised concerns that jihadi groups could use Tablighi Jamaat as a recruiting ground. The movement, founded in India in 1927, has 80 million followers worldwide and refutes all accusations of links to terrorism or terrorists. Its website states: “We do not teach an extremist line, but we clearly can’t speak for every single one of those who have ever attended our mosques.”

* Allah is with the believers… But we are unbelievers. What do you make of that?

Besides: ‘Unbelief is worse than slaughter and resisting Islam is terrorism’- Muslims are only following their religion… got it?


Boston: Another mega-mosque project runs into difficulties

Breaking: Islamic Society of Boston Drops Lawsuits from LGF

Well, well. The Islamic Society of Boston, who has been filing harassment lawsuits against every critic of its planned mega-mosque project, has suddenly abandoned all their claims without receiving any payment. Apparently, the ongoing discovery efforts by the targets of their suits were getting uncomfortably close to exposing things the ISB didn’t want exposed.

The ISB’s decision to drop all of its claims against all of the 17 defendants it sued back in 2005 alleging “defamation” and accusing them of conspiring to violate its civil rights comes just months after the defendants—who included a Muslim cleric, a Christian political science professor and the Jewish daughter of Holocaust survivors, as well as Boston civic leader William Sapers and national terrorism expert Steven Emerson—had begun through their lawyers to conduct discovery into the ISB’s financial records, its receipt of millions of dollars in funding from Saudi Arabian and other Middle Eastern sources, its contributions to certain organizations and the records of certain of its officers and directors. The ISB’s abandonment of its lawsuits comes only weeks after two of its original Middle Eastern Trustees, Walid Fitaihi of Saudi Arabia and Ali Tobah of Egypt, suddenly resigned as Trustees just before they were required to submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the Massachusetts court hearing the case.

The David Project, whose public records litigation against the BRA forced the public disclosure of evidence regarding the below-fair-market land deal between the BRA and the ISB and the role played in that deal of BRA Deputy Director Muhammed Ali Salaam, will proceed exactly as before with its litigation, seeking the remainder of the documents presently withheld by the BRA. That litigation, The David Project v. Boston Redevelopment Authority, is on file in Suffolk Superior Court in Boston.

Polygamy thrives in Britain, all in the name of ‘Tolerance & Diversity’- of course!

POLYGAMOUS marriage is flourishing in Britain as the Government admits for the first time that nearly a thousand men are living legally with multiple wives.

Although the families are entitled to claim social security for each wife, no one has counted how many of them are on benefits.

The separate practice of unauthorised polygamy is also believed to have become commonplace in some Muslim communities. The Ministry of Justice admits that it has no estimates of numbers for these unions, which are often presided over by an Islamic cleric.

A senior Conservative MP and immigration expert called for action yesterday to end the scandal of women being pressured into entering unrecognised marriages with no rights.

“The Government has no grip on the situation,” said Humphrey Malins, the former opposition home affairs spokesman and founder of the Immigration Advisory Service. “This is quite clearly exploitation of women.”

MPs and peers have struggled for years to extract figures from ministers about the extent of polygamy. The first official estimate was made in response to a Freedom of Information request by The Times asking for statistics on benefits that are paid to wives who share a husband.

“It is estimated that there are fewer than 1000 valid polygamous marriages in the UK, few of whom are claiming a state benefit,” the Department for Work and Pensions said.

The Government has long reassured parliament that its policy is to prevent the formation of multiple marriages by refusing to allow second wives entry into the country.

Under British law, husbands and wives can have only one spouse at a time. Multiple simultaneous marriages constitute bigamy, a criminal offence.

Britain does recognise polygamous marriages that have taken place in countries where the custom is legal, such as Pakistan and India.

The Times

Ayaan Hirsi Ali in Australia: Soldiers of Allah go Ballistic


Ayaan Hirsi Ali is visiting Australia under tight security to give two sold-out talks, and local Muslim groups are seething and issuing veiled threats (as usual):

Anti-Islamic writer stirs hatred, Muslims warn.

* Tell the truth about Islam and we will kill you. That’s what they really mean. Because that’s why Hirsi Ali needs 4 body guards at all times…

* Muslims think the real problem is what she says, rather than the threat to her life from bigots when she says it:


Where’s your hijab, Jamila?
University of Technology Sydney Islamic law lecturer Jamila Hussain said Hirsi Ali’s ideas were extreme and stigmatised Muslims.

* Jamila Hussein doesn’t think catmeat sheik Al Hilali’s or Feiz Mohammeds ideas are extreme. She doesn’t mention Nacer Benbrika either…

“I think she’d be better staying where she came from,” Ms Hussain said. “I’ve read enough of her thoughts. It’s a narrow and radical opinion, and I don’t agree with it. She’s obviously had some dreadful experiences, but they’re not typical.”

* Lipstick on a pig, the usual reaction…

In her writings, Hirsi Ali describes being circumcised as a young girl and how she escaped an arranged marriage.


Nada Roude, of the NSW Islamic Council, said Hirsi Ali’s comments on the prophet Mohammed were a “no-go zone”.

“They (prophets) are not just like you and me, they have special status – you’re supposed to show respect,” Ms Roude said. “There have to be boundaries in how far you go in respecting other’s beliefs. The reaction from the community is likely to be quite worrying.”

* Right. We should be shaking in our shoes, we should pay the the jiziyah, submit to Islam or die, right Nada? Or should we just be worried about terrorism?

Andrew Bolt comments:

Instead of seeing the “quite worrying” likely response from Muslims here to the exercise of free speech as the real problem, Roude quite typically reverses the blame, and claims the real problem is actually the woman who has had to live under police guard for four years.

She’s not a victim, after all. No, the victim is the Muslim community whose more extreme members have given her such reason to fear for her life, and whose leaders so often refuse to defend her right to speak, to visit and to live unmolested. Victimhood is once more triumphantly claimed by people who should instead examine their own illiberal culture:

Nada Roude is on record of stating on Australian TV that ‘Jihad is inner struggle”

Ms Roude said there seemed to be a double standard about who was allowed to visit Australia, particularly as Hirsi Ali’s visit appeared to have the potential to incite hatred.

* Ms Roude would love to have Muslims control the visa policy of Australia?

“Muslims are not treated the same,” she said. “There are a set of rules for one community and another for the rest of the community. Anyone who causes harm to our society because they have the right to express their opinion is not welcome.”

Translated? Shut up and you’ll be safe. Criticise Islam, and the consequences be on your head. No matter what we do to you, we are the victims.

This is mad. Consider: of the three people mentioned above – two Muslims and one non-Muslim – only one needs constant security. Who, then, is the true victim? Who has more to fear?


What Muslims really like to do…



* Further vilification, slander and ‘defensive’ action, otherwise known as kitman & taqiyya,- from the Religion of Peace: 

Hanifa Deen, a Melbourne author and Muslim feminist, said … “Sadly, Ali is alienating many Muslim women in the West, forcing them into defensive positions.” 

Hmm. Strange. Who has been ‘forced into a defensive position’- the Muslim or the non-Muslim? 

Women are losers in world of Islam, says author 

Switzerland: “Accept Swiss Laws or Piss Off!”


* We reported this earlier here, but the Swiss are actually serious about it and seem to ignore the howling from the left and Al Bebeceera.


They do mean business:

The largest party in Switzerland’s Parliament, the Swiss People’s Party, is campaigning to ban the building of minarets on mosques, for the simple reason that they are political statements of Islamic supremacism:

Swiss move to ban minarets.

The BBC, of course, is aghast at this “extreme paranoia.” Never mind that the Islamists themselves say the minaret is a symbol of dominance.

“We don’t have anything against Muslims,” said Oskar Freysinger, member of parliament for the Swiss People’s Party. “But we don’t want minarets. The minaret is a symbol of a political and aggressive Islam, it’s a symbol of Islamic law. The minute you have minarets in Europe it means Islam will have taken over.”

Mr Freysinger’s words may sound extreme, even paranoid, but this is a general election year in Switzerland, and the campaign against minarets is playing well with voters. A recent opinion poll for one Swiss newspaper found that 43% of those surveyed were in favour of a ban on minarets.

“We have our civil laws here,” insisted Mr Freysinger. “Banning minarets would send a clear signal that our European laws, our Swiss laws, have to be accepted. And if you want to live here, you must accept them. If you don’t, then go back.”

* A far left professor adds the usual mental flatliner:

Professor of Islamic studies Reinhard Schulze warns that any hint that Muslims are not peaceful might result in violence. Better to let them have the minarets, so they don’t hurt us.

It’s a harsh message for Swiss Muslims, many of whom were born in Switzerland. There are fears that the campaign against minarets will provoke growing resentment against Swiss society.

* You don’t say! Who are those fearful people? Sheeple?

“I think Swiss Muslims will be angry and bitter over this,” said Reinhard Schulze, professor of Islamic Studies at Berne University. “And we know that anger and bitterness among a community can lead to radicalisation, even to militancy.”

* No doubt Reinhard Schulze has nothing to kill and die for like the Jihadists. No doubt Reinhard Schulze, like most on the far left, sees nothing wrong with an alien cult perverting his country, his civilization and the laws of the land.

Will the left ever learn to tolerate their own society?


Of course, mosques and minarets don’t come on their own: Its a package deal:


Teaching Children to Hate & Kill


Belgians want Headscarf Ban

Increasing Anti-Dhimmitude in Europe:

Will the Islamophobia never end?


Via LGF: 

According to studies done by the Catholic University of Louvain-La-Neuve in Belgium, half of all Belgians would like to see the misogynistic symbol of Islamic oppression of women banned: ‘50 pc of Belgians want headscarf ban’.

The researchers, of course, conclude that this is due to “racism,” and re-education must be increased until the mindcrimes stop.

LOUVAIN-LA-NEUVE – One in three people in Belgium is bothered by women wearing headscarves in public places. Just over half even would prefer that they be banned in certain places. Intolerance and racism are at the root of these negative views on headscarves.

This was the conclusion drawn by the religious faculty’s centre for psychology at the Catholic University of Louvain-La-Neuve after two studies into the Belgians’ attitude towards headscarves.

Some 69 percent of those asked see the headscarf as a sign of oppression and 53.3 percent thinks wearing one goes entirely against modern western values. Some 44.6 percent are disturbed by someone wearing a headscarf at school.

The researchers said that this study is evidence that society still has a long way to go in the fight against racism and intolerance.

Al Andaluz: 15 Jihadists Captured

* The Islamic claim on Spain is as real as the threat to Israel: Land, once conquered by Islam must never be given back to the infidels


A jihad recruitment ring has been broken in Spain:

Spain arrests 15 over recruiting Islamist fighters.

MADRID (Reuters) Spanish police said on Monday they had arrested 15 people suspected of recruiting Islamic fighters for Iraq and North Africa.

The 13 Moroccans and two Algerians are alleged to have indoctrinated others with radical Islamic teachings and glorified “jihad,” or holy war, the ministry said in a statement. “Moreover, it (the group) was allegedly linked with the financing and sending of combatants to different terrorist organisations in North Africa and other countries in conflict like Iraq.”

Police arrested 12 in Barcelona and nearby towns, while another two were detained in Aranjuez, 50 km (30 miles) south of Madrid, and one in the resort city of Malaga. Documents, diaries, computers, mobile telephones and papers related to jihad were seized, in an operation that police said was connected to the arrest of 22 jihadists in January.

Journalist Bruno Cardenosa says there’s nothing to worry about.

Bruno Cardenosa, a Spanish journalist who writes about international terrorism, said the arrests did not indicate a major threat to Spain from Muslim militants.

“We have seen several operations against Islamic terrorism in Spain in recent years, in which the charges have not been that serious. Very probably, most of these suspects will be out in the coming hours or days,” said Cardenosa.

* Amazing. We never seem to run out of Islamic terrorists and Jackass journo’s. They must be breeding like rabbits…

Meanwhile, in the real world:

“Fatah al-Islam consists of ‘various Arab nationalities”

Fatah al-Islam is made up of a few hundred Islamist extremists of various Arab nationalities and is said to be inspired by the Al-Qaeda network of Osama bin Laden.

The Saudi ambassador to Lebanon, Abdul Aziz Khoja, told the London-based Al-Hayat newspaper: “Up to now, four Saudis have been killed in the ongoing clashes between the Lebanese army and the Fatah al-Islam group, but they have yet to be identified.

Read it all…

Fear keeps Muslims silent on terrorism

* Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Could it be that there is widespread consent amongst the Muslim community to spread Islam-terror in Australia? Violent jihad is a constant of Islamic history, terror the chosen strategy since 1400 years. War against unbelievers, Jews and ‘polytheists is a clear mandate in the Koran.


By Richard Kerbaj, The Australian

MUSLIMS are refusing to give national security authorities counter-terrorism tip-offs, fearing they may implicate themselves or be labelled traitors by fellow community members.
Muslim leaders yesterday warned the Howard Government’s hard line on Islamic extremists was largely to blame for the failure of agencies, such as ASIO and the Australian Federal Police, to attract Arabic and Islamic recruits.

* In other words: Fighting crime creates more crime. Some kind of logic, that.

Community sources have told The Australian that the AFP and ASIO were desperately reaching out to senior Islamic leaders to help find recruits.

* Fat chance.

Intelligence sources also said negative attitudes held by Muslims towards national security agencies were hampering attempts to attract recruits.

Sydney-based Muslim leader Fadi Rahman said there was a lack of trust in national security agencies, stopping people from offering sensitive information and considering counter-terrorism careers.

* Who is stopping them, Fadi? The clerics?

“At the moment they (ASIO) are marketed as an organisation that if (any Muslim) was to go near it you’re basically going to get arrested,” the Independent Centre for Research Australia president said.

* My bullshit sensor just exploded!

A founding member of the Muslim Doctors Against Violence, Jamal Rifi, said police and spy agencies were often perceived to be anti-Islam. He said Muslims who dealt with the authorities were considered “traitors” and “non-believers”.

* There is more truth in that statement than what the good doctor Jamal intended to reveal.

“(Intelligence) is a taboo subject that nobody talks about in the community,” he said. “Boys and girls are not even allowed to think of it as a future career.”

* Hmm, wonder why that is?

Dr Rifi said the authorities’ heavy-handed approach against terrorism was being exploited by extremist clerics who told their followers that mainstream Australia was against them.

* Why doesn’t the good doctor tell us who these ‘extremist clerics’ are who exploit their followers?

Fewer than a dozen fluent Arabic speakers are believed to be working inside intelligence and security agencies. This is exacerbated by the difficulty in obtaining timely security clearances because ASIO is required to delve deep into their past, including time spent in the Middle East.

* Nothing that can’t be fixed. Coptic Christians and Jews from the Middle East could easily be recruited. Where is the political will?

Read it all…


Oldies, Goldies:

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAov2k9KgGY&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fdoctorbulldog%2Ewordpress%2Ecom%2F [/youtube]


* Muslims don’t seem to have a problem attacking those who oppose the spread of Islamo-fascism with frivolous law-suits:

Blogger Sued for Publishing Stories About Muslims linked to Terror

If the Muslims get away with this “test case”, it will shut us all down. The intrepid blogger and PI (and valued Atlas source) has been sued for publishing stories about Muslims with ties to Islamic terror. News stories already published in the mainstream media. Warner obviously hit a nerve. This is the next nefarious step in the litigation jihad. Warner must prevail. This wreaks of CAIR. Their tactics are written all over it. How is this different than the CAIR lawsuit against the Jane/John Does on the US Airways flight that reported the belligerent, aggressive behavior of the six imams?) Perhaps we need legislation to protect us (what happened to free speech?)
Bill Warner writes me the following;

Blogger sued and facing an injunction to cease and desist publishing stories about Muslims linked to terrorism

This is a serious threat to First Amendement rights of Freedom of Speach for bloggers and news reporters everywhere, and if I lose the law suit and the injunction is enforced, it will set a precedent for future law suits and injunctions to be imposed on any blogger or news reporter who writes about Muslims linked to terrorism.

Link to Atlas Shrugs

Death row medics acquitted of slandering Libya police

* Not a word, not a whisper from AI’s Irene “Gulag” Khan, for whom Muslims can do no wrong: The ordeal of the 5 Bulgarian nurses who are falsely accused, tortured and incarcerated in Ghaddfi’s Libya continues:


Five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor — who face a death sentence for injecting Libyan children with HIV-tainted blood — attend a court hearing in February 2007. A Libyan court has acquitted all six of charges of slandering policemen by protesting that confessions that had landed them on death row had been tortured from them.(AFP/File/Mahmud Turkia)

By Afaf Geblawi AFP

A Libyan court acquitted five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian medic on Sunday of charges of slandering policemen by protesting that their confessions had been extracted under torture.

The ruling came just hours after an organisation headed by a son of Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi said the whole saga may soon be resolved.

At a hearing that lasted less than a minute during which the six defendants were not present, judge Salem al-Homari announced they had been found not guilty and ordered the plaintiffs to pay the legal costs.

Nurses’ lawyer Othman al-Bizanti welcomed the ruling and told AFP the charges had been “unfounded”, but one of the two plaintiffs, Jomaa al-Mishri, said it was taken under political pressure and that he would appeal.

The five nurses — Kristiana Valcheva, Nassia Nenova, Valia Cherveniachka, Valentina Siropoulo and Snejana Dimitrova — and doctor Ashraf Ahmed Juma had faced a maximum penalty of three years in prison.

The six have already been in custody for eight years and were condemned to death in May 2004 on charges of deliberately injecting more than 400 Libyan children with HIV, which can cause AIDS, at a hospital in the city of Benghazi.

The verdict was upheld last December but a final appeal, originally set for earlier this month, is due to open soon.

Bulgaria hailed Sunday’s acquittal but called on Libya to quickly release the medics.

“We are satisfied with the court’s decision. However, the trial that has just been concluded has not helped in solving the main case,” foreign ministry spokesman Dimitar Tsanchev told AFP in Sofia.

But the husband of one of the nurses, Bulgarian doctor Zdravko Georgiev, said from Tripoli: “If they did not slander, they therefore told the truth” and the death sentences would be overturned.

Georgiev was detained with the nurses until 2004 and then acquitted, but he is still not allowed to leave Libya.

The six accused said that their “confessions” in the HIV trial were forced from them under torture, including beatings, electric shocks and being threatened with dogs.

Read it all…

Black on White Racism is Cool: Mugabe targets foreign companies in assets grab

* The despicable Hitlerite Mugabe who ruined Rhodesia, expropriated white farmers, and along with businessmen and administrators drove them from the country, turned a food exporting African country into an aid dependent hell-hole called Zimbabwe. Mugabe and his henchmen are now making sure that the law of the jungle is the only law besides their despotism :

ZIMBABWEAN President Robert Mugabe plans to seize majority stakes in all his country’s foreign-owned businesses in what economists warn could be a repeat of the disastrous land-reform policy.

* As usual, organizations like the UN & AI are silent and blame the US and other civilized countries in the West for not allowing mass migration of Muslims to further the global jihad. For Irene “Gulag” Khan from AI there is no difference between Australia’s PM John Howard and Mugabe. The left seems to have no problem with that, since they either support this madness or simply shrug it off.


“The President made it clear, when cabinet approved the bill to be tabled before Parliament, that the time had come to empower our people. He said the indigenisation exercise must be undertaken in the same fashion as the land-reform program.”

A spokesman for Barclays, which has 29 branches in Zimbabwe, said: “We are currently assessing the potential impact of the proposed legislation on our business in Zimbabwe. It is early days and the proposed bill may not become law.”

Other companies likely to be targeted are BP, British American Tobacco and Unilever.

From the AGE