Netherlands: No Cartoon-Flick on the Life of Muhammad (for now)

Dutch Pressure Stops Anti-Islam Film

* The ummah is jubilant: the self-censorship of the Dhimmi-Dutch and the world wide back flips in the Dar-al Harb by intimidated, cowardly governments has encouraged the soldiers of Allah to demand more censorship.

* The government of the Netherlands is loath to face another firestorm like the one brought on by Fitna, and has squeezed Ehsan Jami hard enough to persuade him not to release his planned animated cartoon about the Prophet’s pedophilic marriage to Aisha.

Dutch Pressure Stops Anti-Islam Film

From Islam Online


Jami, a former Muslim of Iranian origin, has decided not to release his cartoon film as expected on April 20.

Thanks to the intervention of the Dutch government, a second anti-Islam movie will not see the light, at least for now.

“I can confirm that Mr Ehsan Jami has decided not to broadcast his controversial film,” Ayhan Tunja, a member of the Muslim Coordinating Council of the Netherlands, told Tuesday, April 1, over the phone.

“He has announced his decision on Dutch television,” he added.

Jami, a former Muslim of Iranian origin, told the Netwrek TV show he has decided not to release his cartoon film, The Life of Muhammad, as expected on April 20.

The film would have reportedly shows a sexually aroused prophet.

A clip from the film aired on a Dutch television channel last week showed a man said to be the prophet in the company of a 9-year-old wife on their way to a mosque to allegedly deflower his bride.


Jami said Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin has talked to him about repercussions of the film release on social harmony and coexistence in the Netherlands as well as it national interests.

“The minister told Mr Jami he will be responsible for what happens,” said Tunja.

The European country is already embroiled in a controversy regarding a documentary by far-right lawmaker Geert Wilders portraying the Qur’an as inciting violence.

Pleased Muslims


Muslims thanks Minister Ballin for his intervention.

The leaders of the Muslim minority, estimated at nearly one million, welcomed the new development.

“I’m pleased that Mr Jami has decided to listen to the minister’s advise. It is a wise decision,” said Tunja.

* “Shut up or else…we cannot guarantee your safety….”

So the government of the Netherlands, the leadership of a sovereign European state, has declared that people who perpetrate violence are not responsible for their behavior. Has it really come to this?

Notice has now been given: cartoonists are to be held responsible for the destructive and murderous behavior of religious zealots.

Total dhimmitude has now arrived in Holland:

He was particularly thankful for the government for its swift intervention in the issue.

“We were planning a meeting with the justice minister to make it clear that Mr Jami’s film was totally unacceptable and would trigger violence across the world,” the Muslim activists told IOL.

“We are very pleased that the minister acted fast even before our meeting.”

Tunja noted that the government could not have done the same with MP Wilders.

“These are two different cases,” he said.

“Nobody saw or knew the content of Mr Wilders documentary in advance and that’s why the government could do nothing,” explained the Muslim activist.

“But segments of Mr Jami’s cartoon were shown on TV and that’s why the government was able to complaint that its content was unacceptable,” he added.

“This is how freedom of expression works in the Netherlands.”

The government has reportedly distanced itself from Wilders and tried unsuccessfully to convince him not to broadcast the film.

The 15-minute documentary, entitled “Fitna,” an Arabic word for sedition or strife, intersperses images of terror attacks with verses from the Qur’an.

It has being dawning condemnations from across the world since its release on Thursday.

Rallies have been staged in several Muslim capitals to protest the insult to the Muslims’ holy book.

A leading Malaysian Muslim supermarket chain has called for a boycott of Dutch products in protest.

Dutch businesses have already threatened to sue Wilders if his film led to an economic boycott of their products.

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Henryk M. Broder: "Wilders Is No Right-Wing Populist"

By Henryk M. Broder

* After a revolting interview yesterday, the once respectable SPIEGEL allows Henryk Broder to present his views, obviously because we need some’ balance’:

Dutch politician Geert Wilders may be many things, but he is not the right-wing populist he is accused of being. What the debate over his film “Fitna” reveals most clearly is the West’s cowardice toward Islam.


So, it comes as no surprise that TV presenter Tom Buhrow opened the Friday late-evening news on the German TV channel ARD with a report on the “anti-Islamic video of the right-wing populist” Geert Wilders — as though there were a central authority in the otherwise censor-free Federal Republic of Germany that is responsible for prescribing the vocabulary of Euro-Islamic affairs. It was followed by a report on the relaxed response of Dutch Muslims, who were shown sitting in their cafes peacefully drinking coffee while Wilders raised havoc outside.

According to this interpretation of events, Wilders has only himself to blame for the fact that he has to be under 24-hour police protection and sleep in a different location every night. If he’d taken on, say, the Federation of Dutch Floriculturists, his private life would be fully intact.

* A snickering Muslimah residing in Germany complains that Fitna didn’t ‘shock’ her…

The hostility does not lie in the eye of the beholder, but rather in the nature of the film’s subject. Part of the ritualistic response of Muslim communities to the observation that Islam is not always a peaceful religion is invariably the threat of violence, should the “insult” not be retracted — regardless of whether it was made by the pope, a politician or a poet.

And Wilders is guilty of breaking with yet another aspect of the prevailing consensus. He opted to act, not just react. Since announcing his film three months ago, he has been defining the course of the debate, driving his opponent away from him. Nobody would have been surprised if Wilders had ended his game by confessing that the film itself did not actually exist.

What he wanted to accomplish had already been accomplished (more…) with the threat to show an “anti-Islamic video.” He showed the “free West” to be a paper tiger. The Dutch government distanced itself from the project and asked its ambassadors in Muslim countries to explain to their host governments the situation in their home country, where the government is not as omnipotent as it would like to be.

The EU, wanting to please all sides, issued a statement that emphasized the importance of freedom of speech while at the same time relativizing it: “We believe that acts such as (Geert Wilders’) film serve no other purpose than inflaming hatred.”

Even UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon chimed in to condemn the Wilders film “in the strongest terms.” He said that nothing can justify hate speech or incitement to violence. “The right of free expression is not at stake here. … Freedom must always be accompanied by social responsibility.”

*  UNESCO condemns Fitna 

This is the kind of tone that one waits for in vain when Islamists call for jihad, fanatics massacre non-believers or Holocaust deniers organize conferences. The only objective of these exercises is to prevent a repetition of what happened in 2006, when a dozen harmless Muhammad caricatures caused a blaze of indignation from Jakarta to Rabat. At the time, many politicians, including the prominent German Green Party politician Claudia Roth, called for “de-escalation.”

The call was not aimed at the arsonists who were burning Danish flags and destroying embassies, but at the Europeans, who were watching the jihadists in bafflement, in a bid to not pour more oil on the flames.

A similar thing happened recently in Sudan, when a British woman innocently named a teddy bear Muhammad. Or when Salman Rushdie was knighted by the British queen. Muslims were outraged and Europeans sought cover until the storm had blown over.

And now the “right-wing populist” Wilders is being sacrificed on the altar of appeasement policy. He is no cineaste, and his film is certainly no masterpiece. It is, however, a brute challenge to us to at least recognize reality.

* C’mon, Broder, get real: Wilders doesn’t have to be a cineaste and it he didn’t set out to make a ‘masterpiece’, the film is a mirror in the face of ugly Islam, and the ummah don’t like it.


Wilders Vacation Plans Ruined

Indonesian government bans Fitna

But what have they done to counter the use of the Qur’an to justify violence? Exactly zero.

“Moderate” Indonesia: Government bans anti-Koran film,” from AKI via JW

Jakarta, 1 April (AKI) – Indonesia has banned the controversial anti-Koran film by the Dutch right-wing MP, Geert Wilders.
The Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono called for calm in the mainly Muslim nation on Tuesday and said that Wilders would also be barred from entering the country.

* Damn! Where’s he gonna go now?


Dole bludgers today, our masters tomorrow?