Its our fault that Muslims are backwards, stoopid & poor

West told to ‘cease meddling in Muslim world’

Tony Hotland and Muhammad Nafik, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

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Islamic scholars blamed protracted conflicts in the Islamic world on Western countries and incessant disunity among Muslim nations.

The West’s perpetual interference in many Muslim states has resulted in enduring domestic strife within them, they said Thursday on the sidelines of the third International Conference of Islamic Scholars (ICIS) in Jakarta.

The scholars urged Western nations to change the pattern of their relations with Islam in order to end the widespread conflicts. (Does that mean give more money or stop the money?)

The three-day international conference, attended by some 300 Muslim scholars from 65 countries, is hosted by Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) — Indonesia’s largest Muslim organization — and will end Friday after the adoption of several key recommendations.

“The main cause for the chaos we see in Muslim countries is the external factor — the Western interference. In the 19th century, they exploited and made Muslims backward,” senior Iranian Muslim scholar Mohammad Ali Taskhiri said at a news conference.

(Hmm, no mention about the jihad, Islamic conquest  and occupation of Christian & Jewish lands, Muslim raids on infidels over 1400 years and the more than 30 relentless jihad wars worldwide?)

“Western countries chose to stay put even when we gained independence, meddling in our economic and domestic affairs because they wanted to maintain their presence and exploit our natural resources.” (Really? Muslims don’t exploit their natural resources?)

Taskhiri pointed out Iran’s nuclear program as an example, saying Western countries continued obstructing its efforts to develop the technology for peaceful purposes. (who says they want nukes for ‘peaceful purposes? Ahmad-in-jihad?’)

Said Sulaiman Hassan Qeeeq from Palestine and Ali Mahmoud Hassan from Somalia shared Taskhiri’s views, saying foreign intervention rendered the Muslim world powerless to stop internal conflicts. (‘stop conflicts by wiping out the existing kuffars?’ Translation: resistance from infidels to the spread of Islam makes it harder for us to make the world Islamic..’)

Hassan Qeeeq said the ongoing hostility between Palestine and Israel was not a conflict of religions but rather one between “the colonized and the colonizers”, who were supported by Western powers. (Sure. Continued presence in Israel by Jews over 3500 years makes Jews ‘colonizers’)

“Islam teaches its followers to live peacefully with non-Muslims. So it’s a question of occupation by these powers, not a question of Islam and the Jews,” he said.

*  Yep. ‘Peaceful’ like here:

Beheadings of Christian schoolgirls by pious Muslims


*   Indonesia: Hundreds of Muslim Attack Bible School With Machetes, Sharpened Bamboo Sticks and Acid…..

*   Christians, Jews praying on Temple Mount ‘seek religious war’

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Hung Jury in London Bombing Case

* Would be interesting to know if there were any Muslims on the jury….(From left) Waheed Ali, Sadeer Saleem and Mohammed Shakil are seen in a combination photo. (Metropolitan Police/Handout/Reuters)

Reuters Photo: (From left) Waheed Ali, Sadeer Saleem and Mohammed Shakil 

No verdict in London July 7 bombing case

* Just sit back and watch: next time when these poor innocent widdle Muslims succeed in their quest for ‘martyrdom’ and successfully blow themselves up amongst the infidels, the nutroots will claim it was the detainment, the trial and the persecution that radicalized them…

By Michael Holden/Reuters

A jury failed to reach a verdict on Friday in the trial of three Britons Pakistani Muhammednas accused of helping to plot suicide bombings in London in July 2005, the capital’s worst peacetime attack which left 52 dead.

The jurors were dismissed and prosecutors must now decided whether to bring a new trial.

Mohammed Shakil, Sadeer Saleem and Waheed Ali were accused of scouting London for possible targets with two of the four young British Muslims who detonated homemade bombs in coordinated attacks on three underground trains and a bus.

However, the jury at Kingston Crown Court failed to reach a verdict on charges of conspiracy to cause explosions against the three men, the only people charged so far over the bombings.

Prosecutors said it was not immediately clear whether there would be a retrial.

The men were friends of the bombers Mohammed Sidique Khan, Shehzad Tanweer, Jermaine Lindsay and Hasib Hussain. They knew them from the tightly knit area of Beeston in Leeds, northern England, attending the same Mosque and gym.

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The nutroot solution: "Ban all religions"


Banning all religions the only solution to combatting radical Islam?

Reacting to the recent poll which revealed some “disturbing” things about the UK’s Muslim youth, and instead of having the guts to simply lay the blame where it belongs, Ms. Marrin thinks the only remedy is to ban all religous groups, including Christian schools. “To beat extremism we must dissolve religious groups,” by Minette Marrin for Times Online, July 27:

First, I think, we should abandon all discussions of what Islam truly is. No one will ever agree how many infidels can dance on a pin’s head; questions of true doctrine are insoluble, as Anglicans are proving all too comically at this very moment. For example, one in six of the nonSunni Muslim students polled thinks Sunnis are not true believers in Islam, while three in 10 non-Shi’ite respondents think the same about Shi’ites. 

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Fox discovers honor killings

* UN discovers honor killings also, assigns task to Dr.YakinErturk, UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against women. A bit like trusting Mohammed ElBaradei with keeping an eye on nuclear proliferation in Islamic countries…

Here’s Part 1 of 6:

* The credit for getting this horrific (Islamic) murder-practice out and into the mainstream media goes to Pamela Geller, who has done fabulous work to expose the killers and makes sure the victims are not forgotten.

*   Btw: its not ‘tribal’ as Fox claims. Just like FGM it is a practice that  is very Islamic, because women are property.

Brazil: Mohammed kills and chops up his British girlfriend, takes pictures:

The boyfriend of the 17-year-old British girl whose body was found in a suitcase has reportedly told a Brazilian newspaper that chopping up the teenager was ‘just like cutting beef.’

Continued 2nd page

UN takes notice of honour-killings in Pakistan

KARACHI: The United Nations (UN) has taken notice of the frequent cases of ‘honour-killings’ (karo-kari) of women in Pakistan, Daily Times learnt on Thursday. Sources in the Interior Ministry told Daily Times that United Nations’ In-charge of World Women Monitoring Mr Yakinerturk has sent a letter to the Interior Ministry expressing concern over the rising number of honour-killings in Pakistan. It has also been learnt that the UN has asked for the copies of registered cases and detailed progress reports of 10 murder cases, which took place in the name of honour across the country last year. The victims in these cases included Saba and Zarina Mirani killed in Karachi, Inayat Khatoon in Shikarpur, Sakina Khatoon, Naseema and Rehana in Lahore, Safiya in Sialkot, Saba in Multan, Shahzadi in Faisalabad and Amjada in Swat. faraz khan

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San Francisco SUV Jihadist Ruled 'Insane', Won't Go To Prison

* Why won’t anyone believe him? He told the truth. And he heard voices, just like Muhammad…

“I planned to kill those people I ran over,” police quoted him as saying. “They needed to be killed.”…


When Omeed Aziz Popal, like Muhammad Reza Taheri-azar, drove his SUV into people, he was clearly trying to hurt or kill them. Like Taheri-azar, he seemed completely calm and at peace with himself after the incident. Like Taheri-azar, who explained his jihadist motivations in detailed letters full of Qur’an quotes, he then identified himself as a terrorist. Police, however, quickly ruled out the possibility of terrorism — again, as they did in the case of Taheri-azar.

The cases are different, of course, in that Taheri-azar repeatedly demonstrated his jihadist motivations, while Popal, at least according to published reports, only identified himself as a terrorist once. Popal, we were told, was suffering from stress over an arranged marriage. And now he has been found not guilty of murder, by reason of insanity.

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Australia: Rudd Government will scrap its predecessor's plan to slow African immigration

Fears our crime being imported

Liam Houlihan/Heraldson

* Somali Community of Victoria president Abdurahman Osman says the Somali community is peaceful and is working with police to resolve crime issues. (ya think?)

“Let us have our drugs, or else..!”

* “If khat is banned then men in our community will go to alcohol or hard drugs or something worse than khat,” says Abdurahman Osman, president of the Somali Community of Victoria.

*  Khat is still legal in Australia, link…

The Multiculti Madness Continues:

PEOPLE born overseas committed one in seven of crimes in Victoria last financial year, including a quarter of rapes and one in five murders.

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At Last: Canuck Airport Security Gets Sensitivity Training! Elmasry Delighted!

Whingeing & Whining with success: Mohammed Elmasry shows how its done!

Sensitivity Training for Canada Airports

CAIRO — Hundreds of officers at Pearson, Canada’s busiest airport, will receive sensitivity training to guarantee a better treatment of Muslim and Arab passengers, to the welcome of lobbying groups, Toronto Star reported on Thursday, July 31.“The CBSA constantly takes steps including outreach and training to ensure our services are not discriminatory or perceived to be discriminatory,” said Patrizia Giolti, spokesperson for the Canada Border Services Agency.

The sensitivity courses, to start from September through March, will be give to 500 officers at Pearson airport, Canada’s busiest airport.

The aim is to help officers “effectively perform their enforcement responsibilities in a respectful manner,” said the CBSA.

Muslim passengers have long complained of being singled out for searches at Canadian airports.

They are often questioned about their activities and purchase abroad, have their luggage searched and passport information taken down.

“We feel that this is a type of profiling, which must cease,” said Mohamed Elmasry, president of the Canadian Islamic Congress.

“After 9/11 we became all potential terrorists without doubt, and we still have some examples of people being picked up from the line because they wear long beards or the hijab,” agrees Mohamed Boudjenane, executive director of the Canadian Arab Federation.

“It still happens on a regular basis.”…


*  Horror of horrors! For, as everyone knows, Methodist grandmothers are just as likely to commit an act of terror as young Muslim males!


The aim is to help officers “effectively perform their enforcement responsibilities in a respectful manner,” said the CBSA. Muslim passengers have long complained of being singled out for searches at Canadian airports. (imagine the hide, the audacity of these filthy kuffars to inconvenience the soldiers of Allah..!)

Insensitive treatment of Muslims, no mo can do…

Correct treatment of Muslims: putting them in charge of airport security!

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Son of Hamas chief converts to Christianity, tells Jews " You will never, but never have peace with Hamas.."

From the ‘breeding for jihad’ department

“You Jews should be aware: You will never, but never have peace with Hamas. Islam, as the ideology that guides them, will not allow them to achieve a peace agreement with the Jews.”

Common sense from a former Hamas member who has converted to Christianity. “Hamas’ Christian convert: I’ve left a society that sanctifies terror,” by Avi Issacharoff for Haaretz, July 31 (thanks to DW):

Is that the justification for the suicide attacks?
More than that. An entire society sanctifies death and the suicide terrorists. In Palestinian culture a suicide terrorist becomes a hero, a martyr. Sheikhs tell their students about the ‘heroism of the shaheeds.'”

*  Hamas Apostate: “An entire society sanctifies death and the suicide terrorists” Andrew Bostom

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