Pat Condell: Islam's war on freedom

Just when you think the United Nations couldn’t get anymore useless, something called the Organization of Islamic Conference, -which is a fancy way of saying “a Saudi funded cartel of Islamic dictatorships”- have been allowed to hijack the United Nations Human Rights Council thus rendering it instantly and permanently worthless.

Nevertheless, with all the plotting predictability of a Hollywood car chase, their first order of business was to pass a resolution, banning criticism of Islam and sharia, and by extension of their own barbaric regimes, with all the stonings and beheadings, amputations and female genital mutilation that so disgusts everyone in the civilized world.

In other words they’ve tried to make it “illegal to criticize evil”. A bit like abolishing penicillin because the bacteria are offended.”

At UN, US fights Islamic attempt to snuff out free speech

* Watch out: if the Manchurian candidate, the Kenyan Arab Muslim Barrack Hussein Obama gets in, we will end up living in a giant theocratic prison camp. Because the Bommah  has already declared that, if push comes to shove, he ‘will stand with the Muslims’- and for that, for this flake, for this worthless piece of garbage, that asssole Oprah has been ‘crying her eyelashes off’…

“U.S. fights Islamic anti-defamation push,” by Betsy Pisik for the Washington Times, September 2:

UNITED NATIONS | The Bush administration, European governments and religious rights organizations are mounting a new effort to defeat a General Assembly resolution that demands respect for Islam and other religions but has been used to justify persecution of religious minorities.

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UK: Muzz, Muzzlings & Voluntary Muzzlers

“MPs too scared to talk about forced marriage ‘in case they lose Muslim votes”

“They should be fighting on the front line, but they are the ones keeping quiet on the issue because they don’t want to lose votes.

* At UN, US fights Islamic attempt to snuff out free speech

Politicians are too scared to speak out against forced marriage in case they lose valuable Muslim votes, according to a veteran Labour MP.

 *  Mahmood denies it…

Ann Cryer said politicians in areas with high Muslim populations, many of which are Labour heartlands, should be at the forefront of the campaign to stop young couples being made to wed against their will by their families.

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Like Sister, Like Brother: The BLiars In The Service Of The Pals


Tony Blair’s sister-in-law Lauren Booth ‘trapped’ in Gaza

Lauren Booth, a ‘human rights activist’ who is also Tony Blair’s sister-in-law, said she is effectively trapped inside Gaza after being prevented by Israeli and Egyptian authorities from leaving.

Lauren Booth shows her VIP Palestinian passport she received during her stay in the Gaza Strip

Lauren Booth shows her VIP Palestinian passport she received during her stay in the Gaza 

She arrived in Gaza on a “peace boat” ten days ago carrying human rights activists who wanted to draw attention to the tight blockade imposed in Gaza by Israel. But when the boat left last Thursday she decided to stay.

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The one who got away

  “Almost captured”- imagine that!

As if Pakistan had an interest in chasing the sinister midget and the chief headbanger out of their caves!

Pakistan: We just barely missed nabbing Zawahiri!

Because, after all, the Pakistani government is doing it’s absolute very best to capture al-Qaeda — except when it’s pre-warning them of U.S. operations. “Pakistan ‘missed chance’ to catch al Qaeda deputy,” by Kamran Haider, for Reuters, thanks to JW

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Dennis Prager: "the term 'Islamophobia' has one purpose– to suppress any criticism, legitimate or not, of Islam

*  Hooper tells the truth for once: “Islam is an ideology, not a race..”

This vid is not new, but its for keeps, bookmark it!  In addition, Hooper  accuses Jihad Watch of ‘fomenting hatred against Muslims’- referring to a posting on JW earlier the same dayconveniently planted by an Islamo-agit-prop from CAIR.

Sorry, there is still a glitch in the system, we’ll correct that asap. Here’s the link

Hooper asks Prager if “he is now ready to repudiate Robert Spencer and Jihad Watch?” This was originally covered here, but since Europe News just republished it, and for all you new JW followers out there, here it is again. Besides, as Muhammad always counseled, fa-in ‘adu, fa-‘uwd: “If they do it again, you too do it.” Incidentally, Prager interviewed me about a month after this causing, no doubt, more accusations of “Islamophobia” to be hurled his way (though now I know why he seemed to be playing the role of devil’s advocate — I mean, apologist).


Angola: 'Inner Strugglers' attack church, decapitate deacons daughter, torture 40 worshipers

* … Must have been self-defense. Because Christians are beheading  poor little Muslims all the time. And doesn’t the Bible tell Christians  to spread Christianity by the sword? NOT?

* Somalia: You can have any religion as long as its Islam, (or else..)

An undated but apparently recent item from the Barnabas Fund, via JW

“Angola – Girl Decapitated In Attack By Muslim Extremists”:

Muslim extremists recently attacked the Christian community in the town of Andulo. In an horrific incident, the school-age daughter of a deacon at one of the churches was decapitated. Forty believers were assaulted or tortured, and one of them needed 20 stitches in his head. The mob burned three church buildings. They also went to believers’ houses to intimidate them and damaged or destroyed items of property.

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Philippino Nail-bomb Jihad

A bomb blast victim is rushed to a hospital in Digos city

A bomb blast jihad victim is rushed to hospital in Digos city

*  Didn’t the government make a promise to the MILF’s that they would ‘respect Ramadan’ and stop the fighting? Then why are the jihadists not stopping the bombing?

Jihadists kill six in nail bombing on bus in Philippines

By Jenny Booth for the Times,

A powerful bomb packed with steel nails has exploded on a passenger bus in the Philippines today, killing at least six people and wounding 26 others in a possible attack by an extortion gang, police said.

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No new mosques, says Italy's Northern League

Because “mosques can be used to ‘spread hatred for the West.'”

Can anyone honestly dispute that assertion?

“Finally, someone says: No new mosques! Party seeks to ban prayer towers, loudspeaker chants, Arabic sermons,” from WorldNetDaily, August 28 (thanks to JW):

Italy is fighting a rapidly increasing Muslim presence by introducing a bill to block construction of Islamic mosques and prohibit minarets, or prayer watchtowers, and loudspeaker chants.

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Vote for the black guy to prove you’re not racist

*  There is no end to left-wing stupidity. Once again, the Guardian provides the soapbox for it:

From Andrew Bolt:

The Guardian’s Martin Kettle says making Obama president would be America’s way of saying sorry for its racism:

The election of Obama would be, beyond question, one of the noblest gestures of historical redemption that Americans have ever been called upon to make. But that is precisely why it may not happen.

So a black man must be voted in so America can prove it is color blind. An argument as self-contradictory as it is racist. Talk about Kettle and pots.

Kashmir Jihad: Muslims protest shrine deal, one dead, fifteen injured

*  Al Bebeeceera just reported that 40 have been killed so far…

* The MCB whines: “End the Collective Punishment of Kashmiris”

In the inverted reality of the Musulmaniacs, perpetrators become victims…


Insolent Hindus dare to not only annex their own former lands from Sayf al-Islam, but use them for mushrik worship. According to the strictest reading of “sharia,” Hindus aren’t even worthy of dhimmi status, so imagine the effrontery. “Muslims protest after IHK shrine deal,” from Daily Times, August 30:

One killed, 15 injured as forces, protesters clash in Srinagar 

SRINAGAR: Hindus in Indian-held Kashmir on Sunday suspended two month of protest after the government agreed to temporarily provide land to a Hindu trust, while one person was killed when security forces fired on Muslims protesting against the decision.

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