Yusuf is a victim too, dont'cha know?

* Tim Blair responds to Yusuf Irfan’s latest episode of ‘Yusuf rubs it’- while we can sit back and watch our resident sharia advocate become increasingly unhinged.


* Oh the Islamophobia! The racist rednecks! Filthy kuffars! These Aussie fruit-loops and sicko’s! If only we could shine the light of Islam on them! If not with terror, how can we ever whack them into submission? If this was an Islamic state, I would be a kadi and have them all stoned, or flogged, or hanged!

Yusuf’s latest exploits from the Sydney Moonbat Herald:

                   “Heritage was mixed a long time ago”

Yusuf’s stand alone ‘apology’ in the New Zealand Herald to Dr Daniel Pipes:

* An earlier version of this article wrongly said US columnist Daniel Pipes had argued that Europe’s next Holocaust victims would be Muslim migrants and they deserved such slaughter. The author, Irfan Yusuf, and the Herald accept that Mr Pipes has never predicted nor has he ever endorsed a Holocaust of European Muslims and they unreservedly apologise to him for the errors.

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New York: Once Again, The Empire State Building Lights Up In Dysentery Green For Musulmanic Holiday


*  Thomas Jefferson must be spinning in his grave like an Iranian centrifuge…


The Empire State Building is aglow in green this weekend to honor the Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan.

* City Council members are calling on the state to give New York City children the day off from school on two Muslim holidays.

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Jihad on the High Seas

By Stephen Brown  FrontPageMagazine.com


                   * America’s First War on terror/Andrew G. Bostom
                   * Somali pirates funding mainland jihad
                   * Fourteen Centuries of War Against European Civilization

Barbary Pirates

After years of battling al-Qaeda on land, Western forces now face a terrorist war at sea. In a recent communiqué, the Islamist organization claimed responsibility for this year’s surge in pirate attacks in the vital Gulf of Aden off the coast of Somalia. Dozens of vessels from different nations have been seized and held for ransom, shaking the world’s shipping industry. Al-Qaeda calls its maritime campaign “a new strategy which permits the mujahedeen” to hijack shipping, since “fighters who aspire to establish the caliphate must control the                                        seas and the waterways.”

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Does Islam Justify Honor Killings?

* A better question for these muslim apologists is “What can you use in the koran to stop honor killings?” if in fact, islam doesn’t condone honor killings. So why has islam not been able to stop honor killings? Ask your honor killing neighbors and watch them squirm!

Supna Zaidi, the assistant director of Islamist Watch and daughter of my dear and much-missed friend the late Tashbih Sayyed, considers this question in an article of the same name atPajamas Media (from DW)

* Jailed Jordanian women escape ‘honour killings’ by being jailed, some for 15 years and more…

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