Australia: The AGE Promotes "Hijab Chic"

Newslinks: Aid agencies slam Israel over Gaza Gravy Train interruptions

* Yawn: another Al-Qa’ida’s Pakistan head killed in CIA attack

Janice Breen Burns /The Age

“It’s about desexualising the public sphere”

Saara Sabbagh (front), wears silky smudge-green patterned maxi-dress with deeply ruffled hemline, chocolate jacklet and underscarf with draped latte headscarf. Nadine (left, rear), wears sunset-orange border print maxi-dress and Toltu Tufa (right), the sage floral maxi she modernised with Dotti denim vest and metallic silver sandals.

* In the footprints of Gordon Brown-nose:  Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman goes begging to Arabia

* What’s next? Burka chic?

Israeli girls: the answer to the  hijabbed Islamic muff seen above

* Newsflash: the bailout we really need: US porn industry seeks multi-billion dollar bailout

Porn baron Larry Flynt is seeking a $5 billion bailout from Washington to rejuvenate the industry, which he says is suffering because of the economic downturn.

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Pallwood Exposed: BBC, CBS, CNN feature Hamas apologist presenting "hard-core propaganda"

* The MSM sux up undiluted  Pali-prop as if it was free beer: the usual suspects hard at work:

From LGF:

Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert a radical Marxist who openly supports Hamas and the 9/11 hijackers, is seen once again in this CNN video about the death of a “freelance cameraman’s” brother in Gaza — and the footage in the hospital room was very likely staged for propaganda effect.

A closer view of the scene in the hospital room is here at CNN: Toll of conflict strikes home as cameraman finds brother dead – Here’s another version of the suspect footage at the UK’s Channel 4. (Whose coverage is horrifically biased against Israel.)

FYI: “freelance photographer,” Ashraf Mashharawi, also runs a business in Gaza called Nepras For Media & IT, which hosts websites. And according to Internet Haganah, in 2004 they were listed as the operator of at least two websites for … Hamas.

* Useful idiot of the day: “Skeletor” supports Hamas: Alan Colmes Says NY Times Gaza Coverage is Too PRO-Israel: Is The Media Fair In Its Portrayal Of The Israeli-Hamas Conflict?

                              Mad Mads

Marxist/Jihadist/Mainstream Media Alliance Alert: a jihad apologist spreads propaganda in the mainstream — on which anti-jihadists are unwelcome: too incendiary, doncha know.

“High-Profile Doctor in Gaza Called an ‘Apologist for Hamas,'” by Jennifer Lawinski for FoxNews, January 8 (thanks to Dhimmi Watch):

A high-profile Norwegian doctor who has said the September 11 terrorists were justified in their attack is now treating patients in Gaza and is being accused of presenting “hard-core propaganda” to TV interviewers in his telling of the conflict between Hamas and Israel.

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Islamic World Conquest? Allahu Akbar!

The people you see in this vid want your demise. Don’t think for one moment that its only the thugs from Hamas who call for permanent jihad and world conquest: its a religious obligation for every soldier of Allah…

Bad News of the day: Obama camp to legitimize Hamas with direct talks

Latest video: Muslim ‘Youths’ riot in support of Hamas in Oslo

Hamas terrorists kill other Muslims in Gaza / Hamas executing Gaza residents accused of helping Israel

with thanks to Pamela

The Brits want their guns back!

* Good Luck to them!

Some are waking up in olde England, and realize they’ve been duped by the multiculti-diversity brigades and the red-brown sauce of socialism . But what’s most worrying is that its almost entirely middle-aged and older people, there are no screaming ‘yoots’ to help them pack a punch. Too little too late? 

* Gordon Brown goes down: Britain’s unelected (Beduin)-feet-licking PM who was recently seen begging in Arabia consults with Muslim infil-traitors over the situation in Gaza: Guardian: Muslims warn Brown


Could we get somebody from France to comment on Sarkozy’s treasonous remarks:  Arabic is the language of the future” ??  Sarkozy also doesn’t believe that free citizens have a right to defend their life, family and property….

Here’s the whole thing one more time:

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Philippines: Muslims Torch Christian Village


Filipino jihad continues, claims the lives of two Christian farmers

Surely the killing of farmers is un-Islamic? Actually, according to a legal manual dealing with Shafi’i jurisprudence, “Killing them [falahin, i.e., farmers] is permissible, based on their being infidels.” (Mughni Al Muhtaj, vol. 3, p.223). “Al-Qaeda-linked gunmen kill 2 Filipino farmers,” from Ynet News, April 13/2009 via JW

Al-Qaeda-linked militants have killed two farmers, one of whom they kidnapped during an attack on a Christian village in the southern Philippines, officials said Monday. 

About 50 Abu Sayyaf militants swooped down on the village of Arco in Lamitan township on Basilan Island on Friday, abducting two farmers and later shooting to death a third villager whom they met while fleeing toward a mountain rain forest, military officials said.


* The raids against the idol-worshipping kuffars continue, as the rules of jihad demand. Note also that AFP falsely presents the jihad as a conflict over land, and continues to blame the Philippino High Court for not giving the Muslims control over Mindanao, which they claim is ‘ancestral domain’.

COTABATO (Philippines) – MUSLIM separatists torched the homes of 30 Christian families in an attack on a southern Philippines village, the military said on Thursday.


Abu Sayyaf/File photo

No casualties were reported following Wednesday’s raid by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) on the farming hamlet of Sangay, but the rebels are still occupying the area, said regional military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Julieto Ando.

‘The rebels set on fire a total of 30 houses of Christian civilians. The problem there has something to do with land conflict,’ Col Ando told reporters. (sure thing, all the land belongs to Allah…/ed)

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Rome: Trade Union Calls For Boycott of Jewish Owned Shops

Kristallnacht all over:

Remember: Hitler was a Socialist… Hitler understood Islam: compare the similarities of “Mein Kampf” and the Koran, here…

Outrage over proposal to boycott Jewish-owned shops/Times Online


Jewish leaders in Rome today expressed outrage over a trades union proposal to “identify and boycott” Jewish-owned shops in the Italian capital amid fears of a resurgence of anti-Semitism linked to Israeli actions in Gaza, .

Jewish leaders said the proposal, put forward by Giancarlo Desiderati, leader of the Flaica-Uniti-Cub union, which represents 8,000 shop assistants in Rome, was reminiscent of the anti-Semitic racial laws adopted 70 years ago by the Fascist dictatorship of Benito Mussolini in imitation of Nazi Germany, under which only “Aryan” shops were allowed to trade.

Asked if he was aware of the comparison, Mr Desiderati said: “We know we will have everyone against us, but we cannot pass over in silence what is happening in Gaza”.

He said his union had already urged its members to boycott Israeli products, and boycotting Jewish-owned or Jewish-run stores was a logical next step.

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