Father Zakariah Boutros really, really worries Muslims

Muslim Leaders want radio station to stop airing comments by priest they say defame Muhammad.


* Mysterious how a Coptic priest reading from their own scriptures infuriates Muslims so bad that they want to kill him and put a 50 million dollar prize on his head:

Gregg Krupa / The Detroit News

SOUTHFIELD — Muslims and interfaith leaders in Metro Detroit are asking a local radio station owner to discontinue broadcasts in which, they say, a Coptic priest has repeatedly defamed the Prophet Muhammad over the past year.

In an Arabic-language broadcast Wednesday on WNZK 680/690 AM, the Rev. Zakariah Boutros said the Muslim prophet Muhammad had engaged in necrophilia and gay sex, according to the Council on American Islamic Relations.

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Al Qaeda declares Coptic priest Zakaria Botros “one of the most wanted infidels in the world”

Now the ummah goes after Coptic priest Zakaria Botros’

Boutros has previously come under fire from area Muslims, who say he disparages Islam. The controversial, American-based priest can be heard on purchased time slots on radio stations internationally. His words have stirred controversy in Egypt and Great Britain, and are embraced by a number of bloggers and Web sites that criticize Islam.

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Jihad News around the world

Dynah Moe hum:


Pali Myth Machine spins like an Iranian centrifuge

Thousands welcome Erdogan on his return to Turkey from Davos. Sickening. Video here. 

Mideast: Hamas backs Erdogan over Davos walkout

Europe urged to consider Arab feelings and not help prevent smuggling weapons into Gaza.

Egypt warned European countries on Tuesday to think carefully before sending ships to patrol Gaza’s coastal waters to prevent arms smuggling, saying such a move could have significant consequences on ties with Arab states.

Morocco: Ex-Italian imam jailed for suicide attacks

Andrew Bolt: The school Israel didn’t shell

Andrew Bolt – Friday, January 30, 09

Every Israeli operation to defend itself has one. And the “bombed school” was the ”Jenin massacre” or the ”bombed ambulance” hoax of Israel’s operation this past month in Gaza.

In early January Israel was once again accused of a horrific war crime – an allegation that ran and ran. Some examples:

From Britain’s The Independent:

Massacre of innocents as UN school is shelled

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Iran's Ahmadinejad Demands US Apology For "Crimes" Committed Against Iranian Nation

* Obamessiah is quick to oblige: Obama administration drafting “conciliatory letter to Iran”

Krauthammer: Outreach, Yes. Apology, No: We’ve Never Been Islam’s Enemy

* Son Of Iranian Ayatollah: Ahmadinejad Is A Jew


Picture thanks to Gail

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks in Kermanshah, Iran, Wednesday Jan, 28, 2009. Ahmadinejad is calling for “profound changes” in U.S. foreign policy, saying the new U.S. administration should change the way it deals with the outside world and not just tactics. (AP Photo/ISNA, Saman Aqvami)

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s president called Wednesday for “profound changes” in U.S. foreign policy including an end to support for Israel and an apology to the Islamic republic for past misdeeds.

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Gold Coast Mayor calls Christians opposing a proposed Islamic Indoctrination Centre at Carrara 'bigots'

Geoff Chambers/Gold Coast.com H/T Zip

MAYOR Ron Clarke has refused to back down over comments that Christians opposing a proposed Islamic school at Carrara are ‘bigots’ who have embarrassed the city.

In a Weekend Bulletin exclusive, the founding pastor of the nearby Dream Centre church, Rodney Gilchrist, has described a meeting with Cr Clarke, at which he was told that the school would proceed ‘no matter what’.

* That’s the spirit: a mayor who rides roughshod over his constituents in order to make Australia Islamic. Very democratic, or is he?

* Related link: Protesters rally against Islamic school

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Hamas loves you & Yusuf rubs it…

* All this and more in a single day: 

“We want to be part of the international community” - “We accept a state in the ’67 borders,” said Hamad. “We are not talking about the destruction of Israel”- “We won this war,” said Hamas politician Mushir Al-Masri. “Why should we give in to pressure from anyone?” 

“We have our hands open to any country …”  Sho thing bro, keep the cash coming!

* Hamas signals desire to talk to world

Translation: Hamas needs a new PR manager who can convince the world to keep the terrorist  supporting industry, the UN and a great number of NGO’s,  supplying the goodies. That’s right folks, and who would be more suitable than:

Yusuf rubs it

Double-dealing jihad advocate Yusuf Irfan rubs the peace’n love buttons in his latest ABC-unhinged column and -as always-  finds a sucker here and there.

Strangely, on his Planet Irf blob, where he finds no space to condemn the Mumbai attack on the Taj Mahal Hotel and the Chabad house, (where Mumbais Rabbi and his pregnant wife  were sexually mutilated, tortured and cut to pieces by his co-religionists, (-something  Irfan tried to blame on Hindus- in the old fashioned Islamic way,  because war is deceit; Muslims wouldn’t do a thing like that)    No, when Yusuf rubs it, he rubs it all over Israel, where the baby-killing, white phosphorus shooting Israeli army commits every crime under the sun  – that’s in between mass-murdering innocent civilians, raping hijabbed females and drinking the blood of the Palistanians. And his sources? Al Jizz, of course!

But not only:   there is also Tim Blair and Andrew Bolt and Piers Akerman. And Yusuf has a boner for all of ’em. He even compares them with Nazis and the KKK.

Yes,  that’s Yusuf for ya.  He even disabuses us about “Marital rape and misunderstanding the nature of sexual assault …”

But in his shy way, (why so coy, Yusuf?) Yusuf never tells us that wife beating and marital rape are part and parcel of Islamic tradition, firmly rooted in Koran and hadith.

Keep on rubbing it, Yusuf. But whatever you do: don’t forget to flush!



Erdogan's Temper Tantrum in Davos Might Backfire

Sobering up? Crash-landing with Hurriyet Daily News:

* Newsflash: another Rice, anyone?

1. The Jewish lobby in the U.S. might withdraw its years-long efforts to prevent the U.S. President to use the word “genocide” in his message regarding the 1915 “incidents”- (calling the annihilation of 1.5 million Armenians “incidents” is adding insult to injury, but don’t forget: this is from a Turkish Newspaper)

2. A possible attempt in the U.S. Congress to recognize the 1915 incidents as “Armenian genocide” will pass easily as the Jewish lobby withdraws its support to Turkey’s arguments.

3. Israel could raise its voice in the argument that compares its struggle with Hamas to Turkey’s fight against the terror organization PKK. The Jewish lobby might withdraw its support to Turkey in its struggle with PKK in Europe as well as the U.S.

4. This incident might have a negative impact on Turkey-Armenia relations. The Armenian diaspora could garner the support of the Jewish lobby.

5. This might end Turkey’s “mediation” efforts in the world especially in the Middle East.

6. The Davos crisis might harm Turkey’s image of a “neutral country” in the UN Security Council.


The (New) Spanish Inquisition

Analysis: EU-funded Palestinian NGO leading the ‘Spanish inquisition’

* Spanish judge opens ‘war crimes’ ‘investigation’ against 7 Israelis

* Erdogan’s temper tantrum might backfire

The case in Spain against Israeli officials, which stems from the 2002 air force attack that destroyed the home of a senior Hamas terrorist and killed several of his children, is based on the universal jurisdiction provisions in the legal systems of a number of democratic countries.

While designed to bring heinous dictators to justice, “lawfare” – as this tactic has been dubbed – is exploited by non-governmental organizations that use the façade of universal human rights to promote their political goals.

* Gaza victims describe being used as human shields by Hamas

The pattern emerged in 2001 when Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Badil (which focuses on refugee claims) and other NGOs used Belgium as the venue for allegations of war crimes against then-prime minister Ariel Sharon. The case was eventually dismissed and the law changed after Belgian officials linked to African dictators realized that they, too, were vulnerable to prosecution.

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Finally! FBI cuts off CAIR over its Hamas ties!

This is great news, but why the hell did it take the FBI so long?

“FBI Cuts Off CAIR Over Hamas Questions,” by Mary Jacoby for IPT News, January 29 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has cut off contacts with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) amid mounting concern about the Muslim advocacy group’s roots in a Hamas-support network, the Investigative Project on Terrorism has learned.


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Sowdi Arabia: "At Least She Hasn't got AIDS"

Indonesian maids returning home

* An Indonesian maid who ran away from her employer and was subsequently raped by 43 Sowdi swine is not infected with AIDS, Arab News reports. The article doesn’t tell us whether she will be stoned to death for making them do it:

Arab News: Raped maid not carrier of AIDS: Police

H/T Atlas Shrugs/Pamela comments:

I almost reported on this yesterday and I thought, another heinous gang rape in an Islamic country. I’ll report on it when the 46 men get off. But accusing the rape victim (who was attempting to escape domestic slavery) of AIDS is a new twist. A rape by 46 men wasn’t bad enough — they always have to add a new horror, a fallacious charge of AIDS. The implication of course, that she was a whore - in Islam, every rape victim is a whore. Get it?

* Maids ‘treated as slaves’ in Saudi Arabia

* Runaway Maids in Saudi Arabia

* Spotlight on Saudi Slave Abuse of Foreign Maids…

*  “Foreign Female Workers Were Tortured to Death, Saudi ambassador Said It Was Her Destiny”

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