FBI Defends Decision to Spy inside American Muslim Mosques

Death by a thousand papercuts

070524_americanmuslims_widehlarge-300x187                                  Jihad in America’s mosques…

* The real question is why should the FBI have to defend its decision to investigate those who openly  engage in jihad activities and use the mosques to recruit their soldiers?

“What matters to the FBI is preventing a massive attack,” said former counterterrorism chief Robert Blitzer. Mosques and other religious institutions are of particular concern, he added, because potential terrorists could consider them a safe place to plot attacks.”

It’s also time for the FBI to start recruiting Jews and Lebanese Christians emigres from the Middle East that are fluent in Arabic and Islam. The present policy against this is untenable. The excuse, that such individuals might come with a bias, is ludicrous given the bias that results from relying on Muslims for the truth.

Yes indeed, its ridiculous, its stoopid and scandalous. May sanity prevail…

China cracks down on jihad in Muslim Western China

 China cracks down on jihad in Muslim Western China


Closing Islamic schools and conducting house-to-house searches. The ChiComs, of course, are ruthless against dissent. Their regime is abhorrent in it authoritarianism and brutality, and certainly Western governments should not imitate it in that.  (Why not? Because our Muslims are so moderate?/ed)

At the same time, China is not hamstrung by politically correct niceties preventing it from even recognizing that Islam has a political character — and one that threatens Chinese government and society. If the West could even go so far as to recognize that political Islam does indeed constitute a societal threat, a threat to Western free societies, a great deal would have been accomplished.

“China cracks down in Muslim west,” by Alexa Olesen for AP, March 30 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

BEIJING (AP) — An overseas rights activist said Monday that authorities in China’s predominantly Muslim far west are closing unregistered Islamic schools and conducting house-to-house searches in a new security crackdown in the restive region.

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What goes around comes around – Galloway barred from Canada

Galloway gets a taste of his own medicine

Anti-Israel hate-monger British MP George Galloway has been finally barred from Canada by a Canadian court this afternoon.

What goes around comes around. Galloway was all in favor of barring Geert Wilders from Britain. Here’s the videotape.

From Carl in J’lem

* Ezra Levant makes it clear that its not a free speech issue:

This case is an interesting intersection between free speech and national sovereignty and security.

Galloway is not a Canadian citizen; he does not have a right to come to Canada (nor any other rights guaranteed to our citizens). He would be a guest, and he is being turned away for security reasons.

Were he a citizen, he would have the right to spout his bigotry in Canada (but not to engage in material support for terrorists, which is a crime.) If he were a citizen, he would be allowed back home, and arrested for his crimes.

I don’t see this as a free speech issue; I see it as a sovereignty issue — keeping out an undesirable foreigner who has no right to be here, and who boasts about violating our criminal code.

Good riddance.

Stephen Taylor has some additional video clips of Galloway. I’m not sure why it’s our legal duty to import such a man if it’s our good luck that he isn’t a Canadian already.

An Ambassador’s Warning to the French People

Thanks to Brussels Journal


Here is a text from the pen of René Servoise, former ambassador of France to Indonesia. It is posted at Bivouac-Id,Le Post and Terre d’Israel. Despite its length, I chose to abridge it only slightly.

A mutation of our nation is in progress. It is growing, it is profound but uncontrolled. In all likelihood, the immense majority of Frenchmen are unaware of it.

Hundreds of thousands of Muslim families, from North Africa, the Middle East and black Africa – whose religion, aspirations and mores are radically different from ours – now live on our soil. Their birth rate is higher than that of European families. What is the consequence? Within 30 years the population of Islamist culture could be in the majority among those 40 years old or younger. “In France, we will have between 6 and 8 million Arabs by the years 2005 – 2010,” said Edgar Pisani, honorary president of the Arab World Institute. We have been duly warned: this is a radical transformation (political, economic, cultural and social) of our society.

This mutation is in progress at the very moment when, to use Toynbee’s expression, “an external proletariat” is forming on the southern and western shores of the Mediterranean Sea. This army of reservists came about as a result of the birth rate of these peoples, and the absence of an economic policy capable of guaranteeing them a decent life in their homeland. In front of them lie France, Italy, Spain and Germany, lands of mirage, highly developed, with guaranteed employment, free social protection and education. Who could resist the call of this “promised land”?

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"Defamation of Religions"- How Islam Controls the UN

* Morocco Expels 5 Christian Missionaries…

* U.N. forbids defaming religion, especially Islam

Religious Persecution Wolf in Anti-Defamation Sheep’s Clothing

* We all know that this fraud is not about ‘religions’- but about ONE religion only, and that is Islam. How is it possible that Western nations submit to this horrid attack by Islamic thugs to shut down free speech?

By Austin Dacey /Religion 

Capitalizing on the Muhammad cartoon riots and Western anxieties over the persecution of Muslims, the UN Human Rights Council passed a resolution urging member states to prosecute for “religious defamation.” Problem is, those likely to suffer most are religious minorities.

Innocent victims of Blasphemy Laws on way to jail in Pakistan. 

The Inquisition is back, and this time it has set up shop at the United Nations. Consider the resolution “Combating the Defamation of Religions” passed by a comfortable margin last week at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva (and passed by the General Assembly every year since 2005).

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Pakistan army ends bloody siege of Lahore police academy

Times Online

Video: Militants storm police centre in Lahore, killing 20 – Times …

* 37 worshippers die in bombing

Pakistan is in deep, deep trouble when the attacks are as brazen as this:

TERRORISTS dressed as police and armed with machineguns and grenades launched a deadly attack on a police academy in Lahore yesterday, triggering an eight-hour gun battle that killed as many as 34 policemen and wounded 92 others.

Pakistani troops and police have broken the bloody, seven-hour siege of a police training academy in Lahore where militants were holding out with a number of hostages after killing at least eight cadets and three civilians.


Television showed footage of security services celebrating on the rooftop of the academy building, firing their guns into the air.

 * ‘Al-Qaeda could kill Pakistan from within’

* A  bloody show of strength 

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When a bishop has to leave the Church of England to stand up for Christians, what hope is left for Britain?

* Newsflash:

Jacqui Smith Porn free… but it’s the greed that is truly obscene

* RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Not even in the Augean sleaze of the Major years did we have a Home Secretary claiming porn on expenses

* Humiliation of a minister: Jacqui Smith ‘could face axe’ after claiming taxpayers’ cash for husband’s pornographic films

By Melanie Phillips, writing in the Daily Mail

Shock: Michael Nazir-Ali is leaving his post as the Bishop of Rochester      

Shock: Michael Nazir-Ali is leaving his post as the Bishop of Rochester

The resignation of Michael Nazir-Ali as Bishop of Rochester is a terrible blow, not just for the Church of England but for Britain.

The bishop says he is resigning so that he can work for endangered or beleaguered Christian minorities both abroad and in the UK.

* Archbishop Praises Muslims for Bringing ‘Religion’ Back to Britain

* Muslim Muggers Leave British Residents in Fear…

* 180 British Schoolchildren Identified as Potential Terrorists

What a shocking rebuke to the church, that he has to leave his post of influence and authority as a bishop in order to carry out the church’s core duty to defend its own against attack.

Shocking – but hardly surprising. Across the world, in countries such as Nigeria and Sudan, millions of Christians are being persecuted at the hands of militant Islam, with forced conversions, the burning of churches and widespread violence. 

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Arabs offer Israel last chance to commit suicide

The Arab League summit in Doha, Qatar has given Israel one more chance to commit suicide. It has told Israel that it’s now or never for the 2002 Saudi initiative.

More from Carl in J’lem

Arab States to Issue Israel an Ultimatum

by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz/ Israel National News
(IsraelNN.com) The Arab League is formulating an ultimatum to be issued Monday warning Israel that it must accept the League’s terms for an Arab-Israel agreement. If Israel refuses, the Arab League statement indicates, the offer will be off the table. Meanwhile, the Arab League is hosting a leader charged with racist massacres of non-Arabs in his own country.


                               Saudi Headbanger Watch


* Saudi Arabian Interior Minister Prince Nayef Bin Abd Al-Aziz, who last week made headlines for saying that there was no need for female members of parliament in Saudi Arabia, has been promoted to second deputy prime minister, the Saudi newspaper  ArabNews reported.

Wanted by International Criminal Court, Sudan’s president gets lavish welcome at Arab League meeting in Qatar

Holocaust denial, Armenian genocide denial, Darfur genocide denial… Say, is anyone else noticing a pattern on the part of Islamic countries?

An update on this story. “Sudan’s wanted president welcomed at Arab summit,” by Brian Murphy for the Associated Press

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Most Americans worried about growing influence of Islamic law


Obamessiah picks fan of  “transnational legal process” who doesn’t see any reason why sharia law would not be applied to govern a case in the United States” as State Department’s legal adviser.  NY Post

Update 2:

Whether it is a bank implementing Islamic banking or a 6 Flags Amusement Park catering to Muslims by asking their employees not to wear shorts on Muslim Day, it all leads to more demands by Muslims. In regards to Islam, we are slowly heading in the same direction as the UK. 

Islam in Action


Washington, Mar.30 : Many in the United States have started expressing concern over the growth of the Muslim population in the country, and the simultaneous influential outreach of Islamic law in the daily lives of Americans.

muslim_taxi_drivers                                 Muselmaniacs in Minnesota

Many see Islamic law’s growing influence as a threat and critics of the Shariah point to cases such as the airport in Minneapolis, where some Shariah-adherent taxi drivers made headlines in 2006 for refusing to pick up passengers they suspected of carrying liquor. 

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Jobless? Blame the infidel

* Newsflash: Afghan illegal migrant rapes teenage girl within hours after arriving in UK

Andrew Bolt

Islamic philosopher and sociologist Hossein Adibi knows why so many Muslims are unemployed here:

Muslim people already suffer twice the unemployment rate of other workers in Queensland and the global economic crisis is likely to make matters worse, research shows.


A study undertaken by Queensland University of Technology researcher Dr Hossein Adibi found there was a huge gap between the level of unemployment in the general population and Muslims, something that was likely to worsen in the declining economic climate… Dr Adibi found that Muslims were disadvantaged due to four main factors: racism, discrimination, media bias and the lack of Muslim representation in decision-making bodies.

* Spell it out, Andrew: Muslims have a God given Allah given right to rule over us. That’s why we call it Islamic supremacy…

That’s odd: The four main reasons Dr Adibi gives for very high rates of unemployment among Muslims all involve them being picked on or ignored by non-Muslims. Talk about feeding a nasty culture of victimhood. Isn’t is likely that Muslim unemployment might be better explained by poor English, poor skills, poor assimilation, poor education of women and a culture among some of rejection of our wider society?

* Hmm, whacking females under shrouds and using them as breeders doesn’t  help getting them employed. Besides, allowing females gainful employment is haram, is it not?

Could it be that this is the real reason?

Fraud: Dutch Benefits Milked Hard by Muslim Immigrants…

In his book While Europe Slept, Bruce Bawer reports that Muslim leaders in Norway tell their people that “Islamic law gives them the right to abuse the infidels’ system as much as possible — the right, in Kheir Sajer’s words, to ‘cheat and lie to the countries that harbor them.’ They are told to view the benefits they receive as jizya – the tributes that the infidel natives of Muslim-occupied countries are obliged to pay to Muslims in order to preserve their lives.” As commanded by the Qur’an (9:29).

That’s Norway, and this is the Netherlands, but it is unlikely that the situation in the Netherlands is significantly different. “Immigrant families suspected of state benefit fraud,” from Radio Netherlands

* Norway: Minister of Finance Kristin Halvorsen, leads  march shouting, “Death to the Jews!”

Stop Islamic Immigration!