Londonistan: Headbangers & Hate-Preachers March For Sharia

By Tom Savage and Ross Kaniuk/Daily Star

H/T Pamela has video, here

*  HOME Secretary Jacqui Smith today attacked immigration judges after they ordered the release of four foreign terror suspects despite fears that they will go on the run.


HATE preacher Anjem Choudary will march in London today calling for Britain to adopt Islamic Sharia law.  The startling move comes just days after processions celebrating St George were banned for being racist.  Choudary was given the green light yesterday despite a previous demonstration in which some of his supporters chanted: “Bomb the UK”.

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UK: Muselmanic Grievance Theater Watch


Police in Scotland ordered to give special priority to crimes where the victims are Muslim

* More of the same: “Apartheid culture” existed at Met police station, Muslim officer tells tribunal

Because, you see, this will keep them from becoming “radicalized” — i.e., turning to jihad. Living in a society that treats all equally before the law is not enough: Muslims have to be placed in a special class with rights and privileges beyond those of non-Muslims. And that, of course, is precisely the arrangement envisioned by Sharia.

“Police In Race Bias Outrage: Scottish forces ordered to give priority to crimes against Muslims,” by Dean Herbert in the Scottish Daily Mail, February 28, via The Frozen North (thanks toPamela):

Police in Scotland have been ordered to give special priority to crimes where the victims are Muslim.

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Britannia's "WoT" is coming home to rooooost..!

* Exclusive: Army is fighting British jihadists in Afghanistan …

* The West is no longer Free. It’s a Free For All..

Andrew Bolt 

Britain has imported the makings of a small civil war:

By MI5’s own admission, there are 2,000 terrorists suspects in the UK, perhaps twice that number who are susceptible to recruitment. As Jonathan Evans, the director-general, put it in January: ‘We don’t have anything approaching comprehensive coverage.’ MI5 deserves great praise for thwarting numerous attacks but sources say the Security Service can monitor, at most, two live plots at a time.

That war is not just being fought on British soil: 

Interceptions of Taliban communications have shown that British jihadists some “speaking with West Midlands accents” are active in Helmand and other parts of southern Afghanistan, according to briefing papers prepared by an official security agency… MI5 has estimated that up to 4,000 British Muslims had travelled to Pakistan and, before the fall of the Taliban, to Afghanistan for military training.

And not all its jihadists are fighting against British targets:

A university student who became a suicide bomber in Somalia is believed to be the first of a new wave of British-based Islamic terrorism. The 21-year-old reportedly blew himself up at a military checkpoint killing up to 20 soldiers in the southern Somali town of Baidoa…

The killings come amid warnings that dozens of Islamic extremists have returned to Britain from terror training camps in Somalia… Peter Neumann, a terrorism expert at the Centre for the Study of Radicalisation at King’s College London, said: ‘The numbers I hear (going from Britain to Somalia) are 50, 60 or 70 but in reality we don’t know.

America has a very much smaller problem – but cannot be complacent:

(A) Somali-American man who was one of several suicide bombers in a terrorist attack last October in Somalia had apparently been indoctrinated into his extremist beliefs while living in the United States.


Yuman Rites Watch, Germany: "Headscarf Bans Violate Rights"

Human Rights Watch

*  Yuman Rites for Muslims ueber alles, because only Muslims are human. (Koran: unbelievers are the “vilest of creatures” (98:6)  Once again we see a heavily Muslim infiltrated far left NGO come out in the defense of the most vilest, mysogynistic cult on earth:

(Berlin) – German state bans on religious symbols and clothing for teachers and other civil servants discriminate against Muslim women who wear the headscarf, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.

The 67-page report, “Discrimination in the Name of Neutrality: Headscarf Bans for Teachers and Civil Servants in Germany,” is based on extensive research over an eight-month period. It analyzes the human rights implications of the bans and their effect on the lives of Muslim women teachers, including those who have been employed for many years. It says that the bans have caused some women to give up their careers or to leave Germany, where they have lived all their lives.

“These laws in Germany clearly target the headscarf, forcing women who wear it to choose between their jobs and their religious beliefs,” said Haleh Chahrokh, researcher in the Europe and Central Asia division at Human Rights Watch. “They discriminate on the grounds of both gender and religion and violate these women’s human rights.”

Half of Germany’s 16 states (Länder) – Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Berlin, Bremen, Hesse, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Saarland – have  laws prohibiting public school teachers (and other civil servants in several states) from wearing the headscarf at work. The laws were all introduced in the last five years, following a 2003 Constitutional Court ruling that restrictions on religious dress are only permissible if explicitly laid down in law. The other eight German states have no such restrictions.

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"Jewish Nazis?" Whatever suits your agenda, Yusuf!

* Sliming da Jooozzz:?  Yusuf joins the execrable George Galloway and other fanatical Jew-haters in his latest outburst on “Planet Irfan:”

UPDATE I: Neo-Nazi blogger Sheik Yer’Mami, whose racist comments (under the name of “Red Baron”) frequently appear on Tim Blair’s blog, is rather upset with my mentioning what LGF has to say about serial extremist Robert Spencer. SYM/RB is also upset with lots of other people. He’s upset with US President Barack Obama (whom he refers to as “The Magic Negro” and “My Muslim President Obama”) and David “Britain’s dumbest Jew” Milibrand. Like I said – he’s Tim Blair’s buddy …

Words © 2009 Irfan Yusuf

Needless to mention that Islam is not a race but a violent ideology. Yusuf has a long history of slander and defamation and soils himself with glee when he gets caught out, like here: Irfan Yusuf Apologizes to Daniel Pipes and here: Irfan Yusuf Apologizes Again to Daniel Pipes

Here is a historical record:  Neo-Nazis and Old Nazis teaming up with Islamo-fascists (they must be all Jews, right Yusuf?)

Liberal Fascism

Melanie Phillips

* Silent in the Face of Anti-Semitism

On Harry’s Place, Dave Rich makes some good points about the now common analogy that is drawn between Israel and the Nazis, or Gaza and the Warsaw Ghetto, as used by such Israel-haters as George Galloway, Jenny Tonge, the British Muslim Initiative and others. Its import, as he says, lies in far more than its mere offensiveness and demonstrable barmyness. It is used for very specific political purposes. Since Nazism is totally beyond the pale – and since the Israel-haters believe, falsely, that Israel’s legitimacy rests upon the Holocaust – tarring it as a Nazi state delegitimises it and thus advances the agenda of its destruction.

But Rich points out a further consequence of demonising Israel in this way:

If Israel is a Nazi state, then anybody who does not oppose Israel is morally no better than a Nazi. There is only one place this train of thought can end: with the demonisation and social isolation of the vast majority of ordinary British Jews.

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