Australia: Muselmanic Crackerbox has "Nightmares"

 The Australian: Sally Neighbour ‘s heart bleeds:

Sheik yer’mami reported: Australia: “I ain’t no misunderstander” sez terrorist grandma

Thanks to Mullah


THE Mudgee girl who became a surfie chick as a teen only to now be described by security agencies as the “matriarch” of radical Islam has spoken for the first time of her “nightmare” living under constant surveillance, branded a threat to national security and barred from travelling abroad.

AUDIO: Sally Neighbour previews her book

Sydney mother Rabiah Hutchinson had her passport cancelled after returning from Iran in 2003, because of her links with al-Qa’ida and Indonesian militant group Jemaah Islamiah.

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Muslim butcher cuts baby daughter in half. Removes her vagina. Buries her. Dogs dig her up. BLAMES WHITEY.

* Nothing to do with Islam, of course. No pic’s available (we don’t think you would want to see them anyhow). With thanks to Mr Smith:

AUSTRALIA: A halal butcher who dissected his newborn daughter and buried her body in a neighbour’s yard to conceal an extramarital affair has had yet another appeal thrown out.

Brisbane man Raymond Akhtar Ali was jailed for life in 1999 over the gruesome murder of Chahleen Amy Blackwell just moments after her birth at Ali’s family home at Logan Valley, in the city’s south, on September 8, 1998. The child’s mother and the Ali family’s live-in babysitter, Amanda Blackwell, was also convicted of manslaughter.

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(Almost) everything you need to know about Swine Flu

“Wash your hands with soap,”  sez KRudd

Pious, lecturing, stern, warning and simply Doing Something, no matter how unproductive – it’s Rudd’s unmistakable style.

Needless to mention that swine flu is caused by Global Warming and the Jooozzz, but you know that…


Muslims immune from swine flu?

Carl in J’lem

Some Muslims believe that because they don’t consume pork products, they are immune from swine flu 

Generally speaking, Islam prohibits the consumption of pork because it considers the pig to be “unclean”. Many Muslim doctors and specialists have been claiming long before the present plight that pork is a harmful diet. In addition, according to the Islamic belief, consumption of swine-flesh leads to lowliness in soul and demolishes spiritual and moral faculties in any person.

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Lizard Watch

With thanks to JW & Pamela:

charles-johnson Little Green Drama Queen Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs

“Robert Spencer posted a veiled threat today to attack me physically.” 
Charles Johnson, LGF April 26, 2009

How pathetic is that?

Looks like the Charles Johnson’s derangement syndrome is infecting others, Rusty Shackleford from the Jawa Report seems to have caught a dose of it. Sometimes you think there are people who do get it, and the next moment you realize they’re almost as clueless as the next guy.

But Robert Spencer can speak for himself:

Geert Wilders a fascist?

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Race Huckster Calma


Why did Calma join a conference for racists?

Andrew Bolt –

David Knoll should have gone in even harder, given Tom Calma’s committment to institutionalising racial divides and to witchhunts:

THE decision of Tom Calma to attend last week’s UN Durban II Conference in his capacity as race discrimination commissioner was controversial in more ways than one. The principal proponents of the conference, the Organisation of the Islamic Conference and various rogue states, including some of the worst abusers of human rights on this planet, had two clear agendas.

Their first agenda was to achieve the UN’s imprimatur for a position that Islam in particular (but not exclusively) be shielded from criticism in the media and other areas of public life… The second agenda was to achieve that same imprimatur for demonisation of the Jewish nation, the state of Israel, with no other nation singled out for criticism…

The proponents of the conference will have noticed inevitably that Australia (along with the US, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany) publicly chose not to participate in a conference whose clear design, prepared during many months, was to promote a particular form of racism rather than to fight all forms of racism. Having an official as senior as the race discrimination commissioner attend as an observer could be perceived as a signal that Australia might in the future adopt some or all of the Durban II agenda.

Did Australia really oppose the conference or was Australia having a bet both ways? It is a pity that Calma did not follow Australian government policy and have no truck with racism of any hue.