UK: Gordon Clown Goes Down

* …and with him his whole pathetic sad-sack assortment of corrupt apparatchiks:

Atlas: The f*kcwit home secretary, Jacqui Smith, corrupt and craven has resigned. Smith banned Geert Wilders, Michael Savage, and Moshe Feiglin from the UK, while welcoming the most vile and barbaric Islamic agitators.


Andrew Bolt

Gordon Brown is facing a major Cabinet crisis after the resignation of three of his senior ministers threw the Government into disarray on the eve of critical local and European elections. 
Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, dealt the most serious blow to the Prime Minister’s authority. It emerged that she will step down from the Cabinet when Mr Brown reshuffles his team after what Labour fears will be its worst performance at the polls for a generation.

She had been under pressure for weeks over expenses claims made by her husband on her behalf,including for two pornographic films. However, the public disclosure of her departure before tomorrow’s elections threw Mr Brown’s reshuffle off course…  More>>

But don’t declare victory just yet:


Michael Savage takes down a British home secretary.. who’s next?

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith will resign, according to the London Telegraph.  Her ban of San Francisco talk show host Michael Savage contributed to her downfall.

World Net Daily notes that in a BBC radio program today featuring Michael Savage, a barrage of callers reflected public anger over Smith’s surprising decision last month to ban the popular American talk host from entry into the United Kingdom along with murderers and terrorists.

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A little Moe Islam Every Day

Islamic states threaten UN spokesman for defending free speech


Free Speech Death Watch Update: “Islamic states clash with UN expert on free speech,” from Deutsche Presse Agentur, June 3 (thanks to JW):

Geneva – Islamic states have fired back at a United Nations- appointed special expert on freedom of expression, who said that speech should not be restricted in order to protect religion. “Restrictions should never be used to protect particular institutions or abstract notions, concepts or beliefs, including religious ones,” wrote Frank La Rue in his report presented to the Human Rights Council, which started its 11th regular session this week.

Pakistan’s ambassador said the OIC would monitor the expert and “take an appropriate course of action” if he deviated again from the mandate they wanted him to implement…. More>>

Robert Spencer:  there has been outright deception. As Julia Gorin points out here, during the campaign Obama’s Kenyan grandmother was identified as a Christian. Now she is a Muslim and is making the Hajj. Who set up this deception, and why? More>>

Muslims want Obama to throw Israel to the wolves

All smiles

They say they have already made enough concessions to Israel. What were those, again? “As Obama Begins Trip, Arabs Want Israeli Gesture,” by Jeff Zeleny and Michael Slackman for the New York Times

The “Right-Wing Threat” in Europe

Gates of Vienna/by Baron Bodissey

Paul Belien at the Brussels Journal takes note today of a last-minute attempt by the Dutch MSM to draw support away from Geert Wilders on the eve of the elections:  Read further…>>

Dhimmitude reaches new hights in Greece: "even the slightest mistake can lead to serious religious riots!"

GR Reporter

  • Why don’t the Greeks just submit and get it over with? Cupidity & stupidity in bed with complicity…

H/T Weasel:

Greek Government Issues Police “Proper Behavior Manual” When Dealing With Muslims, “We’ve Been Warned the Slightest Mistake can Lead to Riots”…..


Dhimmitude X infinity…..

“Proper Behavior Manual” distributed the Greek Internal Affairs Ministry about the attitude towards Muslims.

“Proper Behavior Manual” distributed the GreekInternal Affairs Ministry about the attitude towards Muslims. The publication consists of instructions for policemen and how they should behave in order to finish their jobs without provoking anger among the Mohamed followers. About ten days ago a Greek policeman, tore a piece of paper, which had quotes from the Koran by accident and provoked a strong angry wave among the Muslim immigrants in Athens.

The manual advises on how to arrest Muslims in police stations, in what way authorities should enter the mosques, how the Muslim fasting should be respected, the immigrants right to pray 5 or 6 times per day, not to take off the veils from the women’s faces. The policemen are advised to take off their shoes before entering a mosque for check-up, they need to be careful when searching a Muslim house and to abstain from tearing Arab papers, which might turn out to be quotes from the Koran, they also need to be very careful with any amulets they encounter. The authorities have been warned that even the slightest mistake can lead to serious religious riots.

Meanwhile the plan of the Ministry of Internal Affairs about the construction of a immigrant shelter in the Athenian suburb Aspropirgos reached a dead end. The Public properties services refused the decision of the construction, because according to them this will ruin many valuable woods in the region. The Ministry announced that it is searching for another property, in order to build the shelter. This is going to be done with the goal to decrease the number of illegal immigrants around Athen

Lets Blame Islam, Because They Do it in the Name of Islam…

* But that would make sense, and we can’t have that… that would be “stereotyping…”

Who Should Be Tried For Islamist Criminal Conspiracies In the West — The Lone Shooter, His Entire Family, the Country That Shelters the Jihadic Group That Trained Him?

Chesler Chronicles/Pajamasmedia

What Does Abdulhakim Muhammed, the Little Rock Shooter, Have in Common With Hasibullah Sidiqi, the Ottawa Shooter, and the Riverdale Four?

Her brother was outraged. How could his sister — his own sister! — conduct herself like a whore? How dare she choose her own husband and worse yet, how dare she carry on a relationship with him prior to the marriage that should never have taken place? Both he and his family felt as if she had deliberately attacked them. Killing them was only an act of self-defense.

No, I am not talking about the Afghan-Canadian brother, [1] Hasibullah [2] Sadiqi, who has just been found guilty in Ottawa, Canada for having killed his sister and her fiancee and who has just been [3] sentenced to 25 years to life. Rather, I am talking about the Pakistani-Dane  [4] Akhtar Abbas, who in 2006 shot his sister [5] Ghazala Khan to death and also shot her husband, Emal Khan, who survived the deadly shooting.

  • Weasel Zippers pulls no punches:

ABC and CBS Evening News Have Yet to Run Story on Muslim Convert who Gunned Down US Soldier, Murder of Late-Term Abortion Doctor Gets Extended Coverage….

Recruiters_Shot_ARDJ104_t300What a fucking disgrace, this story is huge, but you would never know it if you watched the major networks evening news broadcasts (or listened to the President)….  

The networks, which saw the apparently politically-motivated murder of a Kansas doctor who performed late term abortions as a major story, haven’t been so interested in a Muslim convert who specifically targeted and shot two Army privates outside a Little Rock recruiting office, killing one, William Long.

None mentioned it on Monday night and on Tuesday evening, as all aired follow-up pieces on Dr. George Tiller, only NBC gave it a few seconds.

Tuesday morning, ABC’s Good Morning America ran a full story while CBS’s Early Show and NBC’s Today aired shorter items, but as noted by Scott Whitlock in an earlier post: “The Today show completely ignored two facts about a man who murdered a soldier at an Army recruiting station in Arkansas: He had just converted to Islam and was being investigated by the FBI for a trip to Yemen.Instead, NBC’s Ann Curry, in anchor briefs throughout the show, vaguely explained that Abdulhakim Muhammad was ‘upset with the military.’”

Rest here>>>

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The New Yawk Slimes Tries Damage Control

Obama Says “U.S. Could Be Seen as a Muslim Country, Too”

  • But that’s not what the Muslim POTUS said. Here’s what he said:

“I think that the United States and the West generally, we have to educate ourselves more effectively on Islam.  And one of the points I want to make is, is that if you actually took the number of Muslims Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world. “


 Barack Hussein Obama

HAHN, Germany — As President Obama prepared to leave Washington to fly to the Middle East, he conducted several television and radio interviews at the White House to frame the goals for a five-day trip, including the highly-anticipated speech Thursday at Cairo University in Egypt.

In an interview with Laura Haim on Canal Plus, a French television station, Mr. Obama noted that the United States also could be considered as “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.” He sought to downplay the expectations of the speech, but he said he hoped the address would raise awareness about Muslims.

“Now, I think it’s very important to understand that one speech is not going to solve all the problems in the Middle East,” Mr. Obama said. “And so I think expectations should be somewhat modest.”

He previewed several themes and objectives for the speech, which aides said the president intended to tinker with — and rewrite — aboard Air Force One during his 12-hour flight to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

“What I want to do is to create a better dialogue so that the Muslim world understands more effectively how the United States, but also how the West thinks about many of these difficult issues like terrorism, like democracy, to discuss the framework for what’s happened in Iraq and Afghanistan and our outreach to Iran, and also how we view the prospects for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians,” Mr. Obama said.

The president said the United States and other parts of the Western world “have to educate ourselves more effectively on Islam.”

“And one of the points I want to make is, is that if you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world,” Mr. Obama said. “And so there’s got to be a better dialogue and a better understanding between the two peoples.”


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Russia, Somalia, Fatwa's and Burning Qu'ran's…

Gates of Vienna

There’s interesting news tonight out of Russia. On the one hand, Russian Muslims have issued a fatwa against intermarriage between Muslims and Jews or Christians. On the other, Russian prison officials are alleged to have burned Korans to intimidate prison inmates.


Russian Muslims Issue Fatwa Forbidding Marriages With Christians and Jews Russian Prison Officials Burn Koran to Intimidate Muslim Inmates — NGO

Concerning the financial crisis as it affects the Middle East: unemployment in Turkey is reportedly at now at 25%, and Iraqi Kurdistan is no help, having banned vegetable imports from Turkey in order to protect its own agricultural sector.

burnkoran2oa                                                     Thanks to Tundra Tabloids

Exclusive: Islam and Muslims: History of Oppression, Violence, and Fanaticism

Have you ever pondered what has been the contribution of Islam and Muslims to the world civilization until now? The answer is very evident and straightforward: oppression, violence, discrimination, and fanaticism. These negative immoral values have been an essential part of Islam since its inception.
Here is the evidence. Muhammad, the leader of Muslims claimed that he was a “prophet,” and in the name Allah, he ordered his followers to kill the “infidels,” non-Muslims; in particular, Jews and Christians.
While Judaism and Christianity were spread peacefully under sacrifices by followers of Moses and Jesus, Islam was spread under the threat of the sword: “Submit to Islam, otherwise you’ll be killed.” Islam considers non-Muslims the enemies of Allah.For more details, check out Understanding Muhammad by Ali Sina.

The Banu Qurayza Massacre

Thanks to Islam Watch

Massacre of Bani Quraiza: Muslim Ummah’s Happiest Day

The massacre of Bani Quraiza, and enjoyment of the great catch of “female booty” overnight was the first major occasion of celebration and festivity for the Muslim Ummah…


The day of Bani Quaiza massacre was the happiest, the most festive, day for the Muslim umma in Medina.

Prophet had ordered the beheading of all Quraiza adult men (about 900), and the distribution of all their belongings, including their women and children:

Al-Tabari VIII:38:

“The Messenger of Allah commanded that all of the Jewish men and boys who had reached puberty should be beheaded. Then the Prophet divided the wealth, wives, and children of the Banu Qurayza Jews among the Muslims.”

Quran mentions this incident briefly in two ayas [33.26-27]:

Many ye slew, and many ye made prisoners…And Allah gave you their lands, their houses, and their goods and women, and of a land which ye had not frequented (before). And Allah has power over all things.

All jubilant Muslims of Medina had gathered to watch the colorful beheading spectacle, and anticipated booty distribution. A trench was dug in the market-place. Several men were in charge of disrobing the Jewish male prisoners for checking the growth of pubic-hair. Those having pubic-hair were marked for beheading, and the rest were sent to the enslavement camp…Sunan Abu-Dawud Book 38, Number 4390:

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Today's Obambination: The Mask is Coming OFF!


“The United States, one of the largest Moslem countries”

  • Still got doubts that this is the Manchurian candidate?
  • Suddenly, now that it’s politically opportune, Barack Obama is no longer shy about admitting he has Muslim roots.
  • The mendacity of the dope: … “And so there’s got to be a better dialogue and a better understanding between the two peoples.”…Wait a minute, I’ve got it: so now our allegedly American president is expressing the mohammedan division of the world into mohammedans and kaffirs — and all the rest of us get to be kaffirs! 


Obama asks Supreme Court to protect Saudi Arabia and four Saudi princes from accountability for their alleged role in 9/11

Yet another Which-Side-Is-Obama-On Alert: “Obama administration supports Saudi immunity in 9/11 lawsuit,” from WND, June 1 (thanks to JW-Read it all.)

What Obama Should Say to the Muslim World (American Thinker)

“We are hated because we have spent American treasure to try to secure a better life for Muslims the world over. . .”

At a few days of its arrival in Normandy for the commemorations of the Unloading, Barack Obama gave its first interview to French media, where it evokes the Middle East and pays a homage supported to Nicolas Sarkozy.

“the United States and the Western world must learn to better knowing Islam. Moreover, if one counts the number of Moslem Americans, one sees that the United States is one of the largest Moslem countries on the planet”, Obama said in an interview with Canal +, the first granted to French media. Before adding: “What I try to do, it is to create a better dialogue …

Jewish Leaders Losing Patience With Obama Policy

Tell CBS 2 HD Administration Trying To Strongarm Jewish Politicians Into Going Along With Middle East Plans

President’s Trip To Concentration Camp Also Touches Nerve

Hoenline: I’m More Concerned With Living Jews Than Dead Jews

Jews are also concerned about President Obama’s latest overtures to Iran asking U.S. embassies around the world to invite Iranian officials to their Fourth of July celebrations in Manhattan. More>>


Obama denounces ‘irresponsibly large’ debt of GM while bankrupting America for generations

Yesterday, in announcing the nationalization of General Motors, President Obama stated, “…for years, GM has been buried under an unsustainable mountain of debt… Andpiling an irresponsibly large debt on top of the new GM would mean simply repeating the mistakes of the past.”

* Taliban Editorial: Obama’s ‘Contradictory Decisions’ Reflect Americans’ ‘Weakness’ and the ‘Wavering of Their Failed Policies’

“In the Obama Administration … It’s Easy Being Palestinian” by: Daniel Pipes

The fast-moving changes in the U.S.-Israel relationship.….more

The Speech President Obama Won’t Give in Egypt By: Dennis Prager An honest speech would ask Muslims who’s making war on whom. ….more
Driving Our Allies into Bomb SheltersBy: Frank J. Gaffney Jr.The effects of Obama’s Middle East policy will be deadly. ….more

 Former Iranian Revolutionary Touts Christianity  (Buffalo Reflex)

“President Obama recently said that Muslims have made many great contributions to America. ‘That was embarrassing’, Shayesteh said. ‘I have just one answer for that – name one.’ “

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Australia: No Camden Madrassa, For Now…

No Quranic Society School for Camden

Gates of Vienna/ by Baron Bodissey

I wrote last year about the proposed Islamic school for the town of Camden in New South Wales. Local residents who protested the plans for the school were subjected to the usual stigmata of “racism”, “Islamophobia”, etc.

H/T Darrin
1a66068a-0bf9-4fc3-aac8-d757c302d5b3_mw800_mh6001                             Desecrating the flag…  

The latest news from Down Under is that the school’s opponents have prevailed in court:

Camden Islamic School Plans Turned Down by NSW Land and Environment Court

THE proposed Islamic school near Camden has been rejected by the NSW Land and Environment Court.

The Quranic Society launched an appeal over the application after Camden Council turned down the plans in May last year.

Commissioner Graham Brown upheld Camden Council’s decision to turn down the Quranic Society’s application this morning.

But the grounds for the rejection of the school are worrisome.

It would have created a useful precedent if the school’s application had been denied on the basis of its being a threat to traditional Australian values and liberties, since it represents a subversive totalitarian political ideology. Instead, the school was turned down on technical grounds:
Read further…

Malaysia: a (shari'a) work in progress…

Prince raped, tortured me – teen model


                       Manohara Odelia Pino says prince raped her

A TEENAGE model has returned to her family in Indonesia with tales of abuse, rape and torture at the hands of a Malaysian prince, after her dramatic escape with the help of Singapore police.

Manohara Odelia Pino, 17, said she was treated like a sex slave after her marriage to Tengku Temenggong Mohammad Fakhry, the prince of Malaysia’s Kelantan state, last year.

Her mother, Daisy Fajarina, said she would press charges against the prince and blamed the Malaysian and Indonesian governments for trying to cover up the abuse.

“The things I’ve been afraid of were revealed to be true. Manohara has suffered physical abuse. She’s got several razor cuts on her chest,” Ms Fajarina said.

* A man called Moe

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