Calais: Anarcho-Support for Islamic Invasion of Britain Brings Police Out in Force

Police arrest 47 anarchists threatening to lead swarms of illegal migrants through Channel tunnel to Britain

By Peter Allen/Mail Online thanks to Davey

French riot police have arrested 47 anarchists after they threatened to lead swarms of illegal migrants through the Channel Tunnel to Britain. 

Weapons including machetes, metal poles and a spiked club were found hidden by the activists during raids in Calais late on Wednesday. 

Some of those arrested had been massing in a protest camp aimed at helping the migrants to ‘tear down the borders’ to England . 

Gathering: Protesters belong to the anarchist group No Borders and are believed to be headed for Britain  

Protesters belonging to the anarchist group No Borders are massing in Calais

police outside channel tunnel  

Police position themselves close to the entrance of the Channel Tunnel

More than 800 elite CRS riot-control officers are in the town, with another 1,200 on standby in the immediate vicinity.

A tense atmosphere has gripped the port all week, with a spotter helicopter circling overhead, roads blocked, and mobile police patrols circulating constantly. 

A local policeman spokesman confirmed that 17 of the arrests had been made in the vicinity of the camp, where officers were using stop and search tactics. 

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Pat Condell, the Burka and Women's Lib



Real bad craziness: UK: Jail Time for Revving Engine in a “Racist Manner”

British High Court Worries More About Safety of Muslim Criminals than the British People

The Opinonator

It gets better by the day: the UK justiciary aids and abets criminal Moslems!

Chalk up another ludicrous ruling by Britain’s High Court into the “you couldn’t make this up” category.

Just yesterday The Royal Courts of Justice ruled that :

“A judge ruled that the ‘undesirable’ immigrant, who ’embarked on a criminal career’ in the UK and still poses a threat of further offending, must be freed from detention………Daq, an alcoholic and drug addict, committed 18 offences between 1998 and 2004, using 13 aliases. They included robbery, assault and burglary. The High Court was told Ahmed Daq, 32, must be released on bail because the Home Office has already held him for three years to facilitate his removal from the UK but there is still no prospect of deportation. “

Now it’s not like this thug has been a model prisoner:

“Over the past three years, he has been repeatedly in trouble for violent outbursts against other inmates, and detectives fear he will be a menace on the streets.”

Yet once again the simpering, politically correct, British Courts are worried more about crooks then the British men, women and children.

“His [Daq] latest appeal hearing has been delayed as the legal debate continues over whether it is safe to return criminals and failed asylum seekers to the violent and war-torn east African state.”

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No sane, free person would "choose" to wear a burka

  • Do we have an obligation to ban the freedom sack?

Calgary Herald

burkalili1Everything a Muselman needs…

A while back I was asked to give a talk at my kids’ school about my December 2003 trip to Afghanistan.

As I waited to be introduced, I hid in an auditorium storage room wearing a burka I bought in that war-ravaged country, thinking I’d be out in a minute, maybe two. But the introduction took a lot longer than I had anticipated and by the time I came out to greet all those shining faces, I was very nearly hyperventilating from the oppression of it. I didn’t time my self-imposed confinement to the burka, but I probably wore the suffocating tent-like garment with mesh over my eyes for no more than 10 minutes. I told the kids I felt like I was buried alive.

I also told them that while in Afghanistan, I asked all of the many women I met there whether they liked wearing a burka. Not one said yes. In fact, they all said they hated it almost as much as they hated the Taliban.

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UK: Two Muslim Men, Two Teenage Girls – Two Gang Rapes…

Asian News

No doubt these poor Muslims are victims of racism and discrimination. These sluts brought it on themselves, because they didn’t cover up.

Besides, “Muslims have a different understanding of rape than Europeans, and this must be taken into account”

swedishrape                                          Swedish victim of Mohammedanism

  • Another case that cries out for  a politically correct, multicultural judge with “understanding and compassion:”

TWO men from Salford have appeared in court in connection with the rape and sexual assault of two teenagers.

At Manchester Magistrates Court it was alleged that a 15 year old girl was taken to a flat in Hulme by two men, where she was raped and her friend, also 15, was sexually attacked.

Mohamed Nasr, 23, of Liverpool Road, Eccles, was charged with rape and sexual assault. Mubaraj Abdulwali, 19, of Mellor Street, Eccles, was charged with sexual assault.

Both men were refused bail and committed to Crown Court for plea and case management on September 3.

Bare Naked Islam: We will take your women as war booty”

* Christian Man Raped, Murdered for Refusing to Convert to Islam, Family Says

*  Rape is perfectly justified as per Koran and hadith

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UK Compo Jihad: … and the winner is..?

Yesterday, when we put up this post, we almost instantly received mail from a co-religionist of  this oversexed, misogynist Polizotto, telling us that the “Police force has a kangaroo court system – if you are not white you are guilty until proven innocent.”

  • How it really works we can see here: once again, the British kangaroo court awards taxpayers money to an undeserving Moslem infil-traitor. A brown man can do no wrong. Its all our fault. “Racism”, or being accused of it, terrifies British judges. Muslim grievance theater pays:

UK: Muslim cop wins £11,000 payout for remarks that “left him feeling hurt, humiliated and depressed”

snn0643a280_400124aPerhaps we should call him “Santa” instead, what’s that worth?

Imagine if you had £11,000 — over $18,000 — for every remark that left you feeling “hurt, humiliated and depressed.” Lots of failed actors, rejected suitors and American Idol contestants would be very rich people today.

And do you think this chap would have been awarded $18,000 if he had been a non-Muslim police officer insulted by Muslims? Did Dost’s offensive remarks to his female colleague cost him $18,000? If losing 13 days’ pay cost him $18,000, then he must be pulling in a salary of around $500,000 a year. Not bad for a police officer.

Absurd Britannia Alert: “Bin Laden slur Muslim PC wins £11,000 payout in racism claim,” from the Birmingham Mail, June 27 (thanks to Robert Spencer):

A DEVOUT Muslim police officer who claims his boss compared him to Osama Bin Laden, mocked his beard and referred to his prayers as “shouting and wailing”, has won £11,000 in damages against West Midlands Police.PC Tariq Dost, of Small Heath, said the comments made by his former line manager Darren Yates left him feeling hurt, humiliated and depressed.

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Aloha Akbar: Hawaii Councilman can't wait to resettle Gitmo jihad-apes

Hula Hula Jihad, from RBO:

A subversive group of Hawaiian residents offers asylum to Gitmo terrorists.


The group has also worked to drive the US Armed Forces out of Hawaii. The Kauai Alliance was involved in anti-Superferry protests which kept Honolulu ferry passengers off of Kauai. After rejecting both military personnel and Honolulu residents, the Alliance extends an “invitation to the Uighur national former detainees to come and settle on the Hawaiian Islands….”

Andrew Walden, editor of the Hawai’i Free Press, wrote June 25:

Bermuda and Palau may not be the only beautiful tropical islands to host illegal Islamist combatants being released from US custody at Guantanamo Bay Naval Station. If a Hawaii County Councilman and a Kauai County activist get their way, some would get a new home—and complete freedom–on two of Hawaii’s most beautiful islands.

Other links:

  • Robert Greenwell represents the North Kona district where activists recentlyprotested against training US military personnel at Pohakuloa Training Area. They may not want US soldiers and marines, but al-Qaeda fighters are welcome. According to a flattering article in West Hawaii Today June 25:

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Corrupt Paki generals go apeshit over U.S. predator drones


Pakistan bitches about US Predator Drone attacks

*  US hellfire missiles sends 60 Talibs to Allah’s bordello, big problem. Taliban blow up girls school: NO problem!

The corrupt, mustachioed Paki-swine who are at the helm of this failed Islamic terror state are becoming an unbearable liability:

“We have conveyed our serious concerns over the continued drone attacks to the United States. These are not acceptable and must be stopped,”


Why is it that every time there is a successful Predator Drone attack the Pakistani government screams and shouts that the US should stop them because they’re “counterproductive”. Xinhuanet/Jawa Report

*   “Counterproductive” in Islam-speak is everything that doesn’t help the soldiers of Allah  spread  Islam…

ISLAMABAD, June 25 (Xinhua) — Pakistan Thursday asked the United States to review its policy of drone attacks in its northwest tribal region, saying the attacks are counterproductive.

“We would continue to convey the concern of the people of Pakistan to the United States,” Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit said at weekly press briefing in Islamabad.

Earlier this week U.S drone aircraft struck two areas in South Waziristan bordering Afghanistan, killing 60 people, including the participants of a funeral of a slain Taliban commander.

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Question: how does a Talib find a wife?

Answer: he kills her husband!

Times Online

Pakistan villagers revolt against Taleban after militants want women they widowed

*  Emulating Muhammad, of course, who captured and raped Safiya the night after he murdererd her tribe,  tortured her husband (the merchant Kinana)  for his gold, and then ordered one of his companions  to kill him…

swat_577594aJeremy Page in Islamabad and Rehmat Mehsud in Peshawar

It was the Taleban’s demand to take the women they had widowed that was the last straw for the residents of Upper Dir.

When the militants arrived in their mountainous corner of northwestern Pakistan in February the locals cautiously welcomed them, thinking they were waging jihad against foreign troops in neighbouring Afghanistan.

Some even joined them, attracted by the five or six pounds a day they paid. Over the next three months, however, Upper Dir’s residents were increasingly angered by the Taleban’s criminal activities and disrespect for local customs, according to residents and Pakistani officials.

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John Esposito, Slave of Islam: "West must respect the Muslim veil"

No we don’t.

We don’t respect polygamy, wife-beating, child marriage, FGM, stoning of adulterous women, beheadings, arm-and feet amputations, Koran riots, cartoon riots, pope riots, teddy bear riots, rape-jihad on infidel women, suicide bombers, hijackers, honor-killings and all the rest either.

We cannot, and will not respect a violent cult that comes with a religious mandate for genocide on Jews and Christians, we don’t respect a cult that seeks our submission by paying the jiziya or forcible conversion, we cannot  respect those who demand we accept the terror regime  of the sharia to subjugate us.

72150150CF020_Muslims_DemonDefending the freedom sack:

Regular readers know that  the slick John Esposito,  director of the “ Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Centre for Muslim-Christian Understanding” in Georgetown is a paid whore for the Saudi royal family.  Which means the Sauds pay him big bucks to promote  Islam in America. Documents Link Saudi Ruling Family to al-Qaeda…

Which, in turn, means that a man on the payroll of the world’s most oppressive Islamic regime is engaged by the Washington Post and Newsweek to provide their readers with objective facts about Islam. This perverse state of affairs is, alas, par for the course in today’s mainstream media.

* The burka, a symbol of repression, has no place in a free society

Esposito: “West must respect the Muslim veil”-

… but no call for Muslims to respect us…


Modernity should not be defined solely from a Western, liberal, secular-centred point of view. Our world today is one of multiple modernities, in which societies are increasingly multicultural and religiously and non-religiously pluralistic. Western societies should respect the rights of Muslim women who choose to wear the veil.”

John Esposito in the Gulf Times, 25 June 2009