America Funds Hamas

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Change you can believe in:

“Hamas will not  get U.S. aid money..!”

obama-hamasYou’ll remember than the United States agreed to pledge almost a billion dollars of your tax money to rebuild Gaza.

We were told by Secretary of State Clinton and the White House that Hamas, of course, would never get its hands directly on any of it and it would be closely monitored to make sure none of the funds were used inappropriately.

At the time, I said that Clinton’s remarks were out and out nonsense:

hillary-clinton-wants-youRemember the $5.2 billion in aid money that was pledged to ‘rebuild Gaza’ including $900 million from the United States pledged by Secretary of State Clinton herself? 

Update: Hillary: We’re Making Progress With the “Palestinians” Towards Reviving Peace Talks So We’re Giving Them $200 Million in US Taxpayer Money….

This jizya from the Obama administration will enable these scum to use all their money and facilities to purchase weaponry, rebuild their tunnels and bunkers and pursue the War against the Jews. It will be used to kill Israeli civilians.

Well, guess what? The genocidal terrorists of Hamas are going to get American money directly after all…and no one is even bothering to hide the fact:

Increasingly concerned that Hamas will steal money donated for Gaza’s rehabilitation, the Defense Ministry distributed a document this week revealing that unions affiliated with the terrorist group have set up joint committees with UN agencies that dispense humanitarian aid.

The document was distributed to the Foreign Ministry, Finance Ministry and the Israeli intelligence community, and was also sent to the United States to warn it that the $900 million it has pledged to help rebuild the Gaza Strip could fall into Hamas hands.

All humanitarian aid sent into the Gaza Strip today needs to receive Hamas clearance,” a senior defense official told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday. “Hamas uses violence against international organizations, including UNRWA, if they do not cooperate.”

Hamas recently published an ad in a Palestinian newspaper warning that “whoever does not follow its orders will be forced to leave Gaza.”

Your daily dose of Michael Jackson:


The internal Defense Ministry document revealed that on July 12, a meeting was held between UNRWA, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Hamas officials who are in charge of the contractors and engineer unions in the Gaza Strip.

The objective was to establish a mechanism which will be responsible for distributing the billions of dollars pledged for the rehabilitation of the Strip by the US and European and Arab countries.{…}

At the meeting, Hamas officials told the UN representatives they wanted to be able to draw up the list of people who would receive the money, according to the Defense Ministry document. The sides decided to set up joint committees and to continue to meet in the future.

“This is an indication to us that there is no effective mechanism that can be established that will bypass Hamas and ensure the money goes straight to the Palestinian people,” the senior defense official said.

And UNRWA’s response? They’re just fine with that.

In response to the report, UNRWA Spokesman Chris Gunness released a statement saying: “UNRWA distributes its aid on basis of need. Humanitarian need dictates the way we distribute aid and nothing else.”

That would be ‘humanitarian needs’ as dictated by Hamas, as well as totally ignoring the human needs of Jews who are going to be targeted by Hamas.

Of course, the big plan of the Obama Administration and the EU is ultimately to legitimize Hamas the same way Yasir Arafat and the PLO were sanitized for the Oslo debacle.

The EU needs to keep its restive Muslim population calm by demonizing Israel and in essence contributing to a second Holocaust. And Obama? He just likes the idea of eliminating any relationship between what he obviously sees as that white colonialist state of Israel and America to appease his friends in the Muslim world so he can concentrate on his domestic agenda. That’s simply who Obama is.

You see, Barack Hussein Obama wasn’t snoozing in Rev Wright’s church all those years after all. No matter what those silly Jews that shilled for Obama during the campaign and continue to fantasize about him being pro-Israel thought.

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