Dutch Mosqueteers reject "assimilated" imam's

Of course. Who guessed it! Muslims want their Islam straight up, pure, undiluted. And that means jihad, along with sharia and the subjugation of the unbelieving  dhimmies. Because Islam must dominate and not be dominated:

Assimilated Imams Not Wanted

Only hardcore headbangers need apply!

12625143-redirectedGates of Vienna/by Baron Bodissey

Well-meaning officials in the Dutch government thought they had it all figured out: to stop “radicalism” in the country’s mosques, well-educated Dutch-speaking imams were needed. To address the perceived need, a state-funded program was created to do just that, and turned out a cohort of imams ready to go to work eliminating violent fundamentalism from Dutch Muslim society.

Khalid Yasin fits in just fine: “we Muslims are ordered to do brainwashing..”and  “Wilders should be flogged…” Yasin also claims that AIDS was invented at a US government lab and spread by Western governments through UN agencies and Christian missionaries.

But — surprise! — they’re not wanted by Dutch Muslims. Not only are they too expensive, but the congregations in the mosques like Islamic radicalism just fine, thank you very much. They want no truck with these fancy-pants Dutch-speaking “polder imams”.

So not only did the state pay for the training of the new imams, it will now have to provide them with unemployment benefits. Another little joke on the Dutch taxpayer.

According to NIS:

Mosques Refuse Dutch ‘State Imams’

THE HAGUE, 24/07/09 — Not a single mosque in the Netherlands has to date been prepared to take on an Imam trained in the special government courses. “Mosques have no money and no confidence in the ‘polder Imam,” reported Trouw newspaper yesterday.

The Free University Amsterdam, the University of Leiden and Hogeschool InHolland college have developed Imam training courses, at the initiative of the cabinet. It wants to put a stop to the ‘import’ of Imams from Morocco or Turkey. These are said to be conservative, get in the way of integration of Muslims and sometimes incite to radicalisation.

The universities and college courses supply Imams that speak Dutch and understand Dutch society. But the Imams trained in the Netherlands should not count on a job for now. “Poor mosques have no money for expensive, qualified Imams. Additionally, the older generation of mosque-goers, who pay contributions and therefore decide what happens there, do not want a Dutch-speaking Imam at all,” says Trouw.

Laine nails it:

So much for the pretense that mosques are filled with moderate Muslims who are being misrepresented by fire breathing jihadi-preaching Wahhabist imams from Saudi Arabia.

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him (the congregation) drink. It is clear that as far as Muslims in western countries are concerned, inability to speak the local language and despising local citizens and customs is part of the job description to be an imam. Only such a person can reinforce the home teachings of parents who are turning out little umma loyalists and traitors to their western birth countries.

While living in western countries, western ways are seen as “contaminating” by Muslims and shunned by creating sharia compliant ghettos with constant indoctrination of youth at home, via the Internet and in mosques. Some parents are so afraid of western “contamination” they keep their children virtual prisoners in ignorance. Others send them back to a Muslim country for immersion courses in hate for the West. Still others kill children who are rebellious as an example to the others.

These are colonists, not immigrants. They never intended to assimilate and resist all western attempts to do so.

Indeed, they have succeeded in making the West assimilate to THEIR ways far more than the reverse! 

One by one, the West gives up its customs for this eternally whining minority so as not to “offend” them. Crucially there’s been government curtailment of even the keystone of the West, freedom of speech and belief to reject and agitate against threats including this takeover by hostiles.

In other News:

‘Palestinians’ to name streets after terrorist murderers

“This is the legitimate right of the Palestinians” 



Pictured is Ahlam Tamimi, who is serving several life terms for leading a suicide bomber to Jerusalem’s Sbarro restaurant eight years ago this (Jewish) month.

The ‘Palestinians’ are going to name more than 100 streets after terrorists serving time in Israeli jails for serious crimes like murder.

Issa Qaraqi, who was recently appointed prisoners affairs minister in Salaam Fayad’s government, said the streets would be named after at least 100 Palestinians who were serving terms of 20 years or more in Israeli jails.

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