Muslim child rape gang gets prison

Muslim child-rape gang gets prison

Muslim child-rape gangs convicted 
Mohammed Zackriya, 21; Mohammed Taj, 37; and Mohammed Shabir 

The trial of the seven Muslims, who are unrepresentative of their community, resulted in three of them (pictured): Mohammed Zackriya, 21; Mohammed Taj, 37; and Mohammed Shabir (Snr), a 36-year-old, father-of-five, all of Yorkshire, being found guilty of 28 sexual offences against an underage white girl. They were sentenced to a total of 18 years in jail.

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Indonesia: Muslim cleric re-arrested over child bride scandal

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Married with children takes on a very different meaning in Mohammedanism…

An update on this story. “Indonesia: Muslim cleric re-arrested over child bride scandal,” fromAdnkronos International and the Jakarta Post, July 16, via JW

Semarang, 16 July (AKI/The Jakarta Post) – Indonesian police have again arrested Muslim cleric, Pujiono Cahyono Widianto, in a continuing controversy over his marriage to a 12-year-old girl. Pujiono was rearrested for failing to cooperate following his marriage to Lutfiana Ulfa.

It’s lawful under Sharia, per Muhammad’s own example. Hence Widianto’s complete disregard for Indonesian law.

The police detained 44 year-old Syech Puji – who is also the head of an Islamic boarding school – along with his two employees, Dwi and Slamet, who were suspected to have damaged the police officers’ cars during the arrest.

Police were also trying to determine Ulfa’s whereabouts. Instead they brought in Ulfa’s father, Suroso, for further questioning.

The police chief of the city of Semarang, Comr. Edward Syah Pernong, demanded Syech Puji’s first wife and his lawyer Sinto Ariwibawa Umi Hani present Ulfa during the witness examination at the office.

In March, the police questioned the wealthy Muslim cleric who had married Ulfa seven months earlier.


The police then arrested him but later granted him probation at his lawyers request. Syech Puji, however, did not report to the police once a week as required by the officers.

Taliban buying children, turning them into suicide bombers

Mehsud, like many who are unshakably convinced of their own correctness, no doubt does not realize his own cruelty and heartlessness. “EXCLUSIVE: Taliban buying children for suicide bombers,” by Sara A. Carter for the Washington Times, July 2 (thanks to LGF2):


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  1. Against muslims are heard by the loudness of their silence in condemnation of what these muslim “men” have done. These “men” almost certainly consider that they have done no wrong, and they are representative of a significant part of their community.

  2. Muslim mobs rape children while crying, “Allah is Great!” (around 1998, Indonesia )

    Unveiling the Sufferings of Muslim Women in Bangladesh & Afghanistan

    Iraqi woman had 80 women raped then recruited as suicide bombers -February 04, 2009 09:15am,27574,25006101-401,00.html

    Iran virgin prisoners raped for ‘legal’ executions – July 21, 2009 06:26pm,27574,25815969-401,00.html

    “The Islamic world is heading toward that which it embraces: Islam as a complete code of life, as believed by every Muslim. This transformation seems inescapable at this moment. But our major concern now is the infidel world, particularly the West. The native population in Europe is declining from low birthrate, while Muslims are procreating at unbridled rates. In the UK, Muslim population is increasing 10 times faster than the rest; the trend should be similar in other Western European countries. And where does this lead? By the middle of this century, Muslims will become the largest religious group in Europe.”

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