Muslim POTUS: "Victory Not Necessarily Goal in Afghanistan"

WTF are we fighting for? The Shariah?

big-spending-negro19               We are fighting a “War of Assistance” now!

“We are confident that if we are assisting the Afghan people and improving their security situation, stabilizing their government, providing help on economic development … those things will continue to contract the ability of Al Qaeda to operate. And that is absolutely critical,” Obama told ABC News.  More from Foxnews


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Newsweek Cover: Fareed Zakaria: Radical Islam a fact of life. Live with it….

Obama is a big fan of the Islamo agit Prop Fareed Zakaria. He believes in a “post American world”… besides, we’re already living with Islamic terror in our midst…

A Torrent Of Targets

July 24, 2009: The al Qaeda and Taliban leadership in Pakistan are having a growing problem with American UAV attacks. So far this year, the American Hellfire missiles have been used 31 times, causing 365 deaths (mostly al Qaeda or Taliban members, including over twenty senior leaders).


Yemeni Police Massacre Protesters- 16 Killed

In the largest single death toll to date, 16 southern protesters were killed in Zanzibar Abyan when police opened fire on thousands of demonstrators. Numerous reports indicated that the wounded were left on the streets with police shooting at those who tried to retrieve them. Dozens of others were treated at hospitals.

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