What next? Fareed Zakaria as propaganda minister?

Obama Unmasked: Obama fails to Name Anti-Semitism envoy (whom he removed 6 months ago)



Newsweek’s Embedded Obama Campaign Reporter Joins Obama Administration

Just making it official:  his comrades are all the Public Relations branch of the Obama Administration.

 State Run Media indeed.

Photo of Tim Graham.

The revolving door between the media and Team Obama continues to rotate. Some journalists on the campaign trail were infatuated with Obama, and that’s certainly true of the Newsweek reporter who covered Obama in-depth (with the promise that nothing he learned would be revealed until after the election). Philip Klein on The American Spectator’s blog reported:

Daren Briscoe, a Newsweek correspondent who was embedded with Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, has taken a job with the Obama administration, according to an email sent to a listserv of his classmates at the Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

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The only freedom the Arabs want is the freedom to murder Jews with impunity.

Antisemitism On Egypt’s Al-Rahma TV – Children Memorize, Recite Antisemitic Slogans; Clerics Say Jews Are Offspring of Snakes and Vipers, Call For Reading ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’, And State: Our Hatred of The Jews is Purely on Religious Grounds – While Warning Against the Jewish-Zionist Starbucks, Domino’s, Burger King & Others


A case for David Miliband:

Sudden Jihad Syndrome?

The following are transcripts from programs that aired on the Egyptian television channel Al-Rahma. They include segments from children’s shows, and of speeches and discussions with numerous sheikhs.

To download a PDF of the report, visit http://www.memri.org/downloads/2466_Al-Rahma_SD.pdf

To view MEMRI TV’s page for Al-Rahma TV, visithttp://www.memritv.org/content/en/tv_channel_indiv.htm?id=197.


*Egyptian Cleric Teaches a Child to Memorize Antisemitic Messages on Al-Rahma TV and Explains: The Understanding of What He Said Will Come

Following are excerpts from an Islamist children’s program, which aired on Al-Rahma TV on March 6, 2009.

To view this MEMRI TV clip, visit http://www.memritv.org/clip/en/2093.htm :


“Oh Allah, Completely Destroy and Shatter the Jews”

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Bombs go off in Palma di Majorca, Police Blames "ETA"

The Spanish government also blamed ETA when Islamic terrorists bombed the trains in Madrid. But ETA has no beef with Majorca. Why would ETA bomb Majorca, (an Island) when they can find easier targets in Bilbao, in the Basque Country?

Yesterday we reported:


Palma di Mallorca: Police arrest 3 in mosque, 150 Muslims go apeshit…

Majorca sealed off after bombing

Ports and airports on the Spanish island of Majorca have been closed after a bomb at a Civil Guard base there killed two officers.

The measures – which Spain said were meant to “prevent the terrorists from fleeing” – were expected to affect many thousands of tourists.

The bomb blast, in Palmanova, comes a day after a similar attack at a barracks in Burgos, northern Spain.

That left 46 people injured and has been blamed on Basque separatists Eta.

The BBC’s Steve Kingstone in Madrid says Eta, which has been held responsible for more than 820 deaths during its decades-long campaign for an independent homeland in Spain’s Basque region, will again be the focus of police inquiries.

There was no claim of responsibility, but local politicians and police were quick to blame Eta, saying it was an attempt to take lives and cause maximum damage.

* Hmm, any idea why they’re  so quick to blame ETA?

Day in pictures

Kindly husband Noordin Top tried to hit Manchester United "Crusaders"

Manchester United targeted by Jakarta hotel bombers

* Soccer Jihad in Australia: Australian Islamist admits football terror plot 

Today’s Offerings from the RoP:

Malaysian terror suspect Noordin Mohammed Top

Noordin Top

The suicide bombers who attacked two luxury hotels in Indonesia this month were aiming to kill members of the Manchester United football team, according to an internet message allegedly written by the fugitive leader of an al-Qaeda faction.

“The [Manchester United] club consists of players who are Crusaders [Christians] and therefore they did not deserve to play in a Muslim country,” 

More from Times Online

To his wife, the man who called himself Abdul Halim was just an Indonesian husband like any other. His work took him away for long periods, it was true, but in the weeks that he spent at home he was attentive to Arina Rahma and their two young children.

He would put the kids to bed, help with the cooking and pray at the mosque in their hometown of Cilacap in Central Java. Then he would disappear for weeks at a time for his job — something to do with an Islamic school on the island of Sulawesi.

Indonesian Hotel Bomber Just a ‘Kindly’ Religious Man…

Put a Bomb in yer Shoe…

News first:

 Obama’s ratings fall.  Moral: you may elect a symbol, but you must live with his performance.

  1. Up against the wall: “Angry judge” considers fate of young Gitmo detainee…(WTF do we need angry judges for?)
  2. What Kind of Beer piss is Served at the White House?:  F*kc Professor Gates!  Says Yes to Beer With Sergeant Crowley
  3. 4,000 displaced as troops battle Nigeria militants
  4. Wingeing, whining wanker: Eric Holder Says He Has Been Racially Profiled

Shoe Bomber sues to resume his jihad from prison, Obama caves in


Yet another Which-Side-Is-Obama-On Alert: “Revenge of the ‘Shoe Bomber’: The terrorist sues to resume his jihad from prison. The Obama administration caves in,” by Debra Burlingame for the Wall Street Journal, July 29 (thanks to Pamela) via JW:

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Negotiating with the Taliban is a policy of defeat

People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.

Benjamin Franklin

obama-as-hussein-of-america-dale-toons-via-gateway-pundit6The Manchurian candidate Abu Hussein Obama is laughing is ass off as American and allied troops are being killed and maimed in Iraq and Afghanistan:


As we said here the other day: “The truce is long dead, but now the region is stuck with the implementation of Sharia that occurred as a result of the truce.” And the now-arrested Sufi Muhammad, who brokered that agreement with the Taliban, most definitely got what he wanted.

“Sharia is still the law of reference in the districts of North-West Frontier,” by Fareed Khan for Asia News, July 29 via JW:

Shem’s latest cartoon came just in time:


Negotiating with the Taliban is a policy of defeat

By Nile Gardiner/Telegraph UK

David Miliband’s speech on Afghanistan at NATO headquarters yesterday sent completely the wrong message to our enemies. The foreign secretary called for a political deal with so-called moderate elements of the Taliban in an effort to split the insurgency:

“First, a political strategy for dealing with the insurgency through reintegration and reconciliation. That means in the long term an inclusive political settlement in Afghanistan, which draws away conservative Pashtun nationalists – separating those who want Islamic rule locally from those committed to violent jihad globally – and gives them a sufficient role in local politics that they leave the path of confrontation with their government.”

In effect Miliband is saying that Britain and the United States must be willing to place cooperative, supposedly more reasonable wings of the Taliban back in local power in Afghanistan. This would be like putting the Nazis back in office after the fall of Berlin or the Khmer Rouge in charge of Cambodia again. No matter how much spin is placed on this negotiating strategy, it smacks of defeatism and appeasement, and a failure to place the conflict in Afghanistan within the broader context of a global war against a brutal Islamist ideology that seeks the destruction of the West and the free world.

Why negotiate with moderate Taliban if we’re “winning?”

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Miliband Finds Hope'n'Change in all the Wrong Places…

The left leaning Harry’s Place prints a letter from the “Crown Prince of Bahrain” at the request of Britain’s imbecilic Foreign Secretary David Miliband.


Miliband   sings the princes  praises on his  blog: yes, Miliband is a blogger!


 “This article by the Crown Prince of Bahrain deserves wide readership. It’s really excellent. It cuts through the argument that peace is a zero-sum game deserves wide readership. It’s really excellent. “

* Flashback: In his first British television interview Shaikh Salman, the Crown Prince of Bahrain, has accused the UK Government of being too pro-Israeli in outlook.

Miliband, ecstatic: There is a group of Arab leaders who now view a regional approach as key to progress in the Middle East and see the ‘rush’ of moves for peace as far better than the status quo of stand-off and separation. This energy needs to find release, and that is the significance of the American drive to establish a freeze on settlements as a trigger to direct negotiations.

6a010536b72a74970b0112790894b128a4-800wiLittle friends of all the world: Bahrain Crown Prince Al-Khalifa (L) and friend(R) wearing a Jew bracelet.

*  Sheik yer’mami’s advice to David Miliband:

 The Arabs will eat you up for breakfast and shit you out before lunch!

Those of our readers who are irritated and disturbed by Milibands overtures should write him directly, here….

Miliband links:

Update: Perfidious Albion

Israel should start supporting Irish,  Scottish and Welsh independence movements and any group challenging the British hold on the Malvinas.

Below is the full letter from the crown prince that gave Miliband  hot and cold flushes:

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Australia: Christian Schools Can't Be Christian No More

The legal threat to Christian schools

What happens when equal rights between men and women are so widely accepted mainstream Australia hardly thinks about it? Surely it is time to acknowledge that anti-discrimination statutes have done their job?

Not according to the Victorian Government. It harbours the view that discrimination has got sophisticated – so hard to find under current law – that we must widen the law to catch more of it.

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Turkish Occupation of Cyprus: The Muslims Will Never Leave Unless They Are Driven Out

The Turks will never leave Cyprus unless the Greeks and the EUro-dhimmies get their act together.  Islam, Islamic Turkey  is an implacable enemy to all of Europe, to freedom, democracy and human rights.  

Fat chance though: the self-hating Greeks and the fearful, useless bureaucrats that govern the EU prefer to weasel and lie  about the horrible situation in Northern Cyprus. It is easier and far more convenient to smear everyone who criticizes them as “right wing extremists, Fascists, Nazis or Islamophobes”.  And the useful idiots from the media sing along and blame Israel instead.  A dissonant, ugly tune indeed…

The Muslim occupied churches of Cyprus

The Muslim occupied churches of Cyprus 
The Weekly Standard — Katherine Eastland/H/T Counter Jihad

Last week in Washington, D.C., more pressure was exerted on Turkey to recognize the widespread depredation and pillage of religious sites and objects in the northern third of Cyprus. This third, otherwise known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus–an illegal, unilaterally declared state recognized by Ankara only–is the land Turkey seized in 1974 and still holds under military occupation.

On Tuesday, July 21–one day after the 35-year anniversary of Turkey’s first invasion on the island in 1974–the U.S. Helsinki Commission released a report for Congress. This 50-page report is entitled “Destruction of Cultural Property in the Northern Part of Cyprus and Violations of International Law” and is presently available online at csce.gov.

The report roundly acknowledges what the government of Cyprus and the Autocephalous Greek Orthodox Church of Cyprus, along with many scholars and journalists, have already observed: that “a plethora of archaeological and religious sites have been damaged” and that they are still “in peril.”

The report notes that “500 Greek Orthodox churches and chapels have been pillaged, vandalized, or demolished; 133 churches, chapels, and monasteries have been desecrated; the whereabouts of 15,000 paintings are unknown; 77 churches have been converted into mosques, 28 are being used by the Turkish military forces as hospitals or camps; and 13 are used as agricultural barns.”

Concluding remarks in the report find that “under conventional and customary law, Turkey, as an occupying power, bears responsibility for acts against cultural property.” International humanitarian law pertaining to the protection of religious sites and objects is referenced throughout the report. Under the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), for instance, and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC), destruction of cultural property is considered a war crime.

The Commission’s report is notable not for presenting new information, but for being an additional witness, in another forum and before another audience, to the myriad acts of destruction and theft which have occurred, and continue to occur, in the northern third of Cyprus–and under the constant eye of the Turkish military, a force that is 43,000 soldiers strong on the island. Several of the ruined churches were, or still are, within Turkish military camps; their destruction could not have happened without the military’s help and/or compliance. >>>

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Czech Republic: Christian Democrats Oppose New Mosques

“Tolerance is one thing, but naivety is something quite different,” and: “We should not repeat the same mistakes that other European states made in relation to Muslims.”


Actualne/Brno – Two high-ranking officials of the Christian Democrats (KDU-ÄŒSL) on Monday rejected plans by the Muslim community in Brno to build a second mosque in the city, citing fears of Islamic radicalism and cultural tensions. The statements came only months before October’s general elections.

“Tolerance is one thing, but naivety is something quite different,” said David Macek, KDU-ÄŒSL deputy chairman. He said many western European countries had been tolerant to Muslim immigrants and now had to face clashes between them and the majority society. “We should not repeat the same mistakes that other European states made in relation to Muslims.”

Stanislav Juránek, the party’s leading candidate for South Moravia and the region’s former governor, voiced concerns that local traditions might be “pushed out by a foreign culture and religion”. He went on to say that, “There are no churches in Yemen or Saudi Arabia. Their construction is completely impossible.”

The two officials added that construction of new mosques should not be allowed anywhere in the Czech Republic.

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