Philippines: Amnesty for Abu Sayyaf?

Amnesty for Abu Sayyaf Terrorist Group will send ‘terrible signal’

 Abu Sayyaf terrorists 
The Inquirer – Maila Ager

MANILA, Philippines — Three senators have strongly opposed the proposed granting of amnesty to Abu Sayyaf Group, saying this would only send a wrong signal to other “criminal elements.”

“Amnesty for Abu Sayyaf is a bad idea. They’re an extremist fringe who should be taught to follow law and order,” Senator Aqulino Pimentel Jr. said on Wednesday.

“It sends a terrible signal,” said Senator Francis Pangilinan.

“It creates the impression that criminal elements involved in heinous offenses will be accommodated by an amnesty proclamation. Respect for our laws will be diminished severely by an amnesty proclamation,” he said.

An amnesty proclamation for Abu Sayyaf Group, Pangilinan said, would also give an impression the government was incapable of enforcing laws.

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