Sydney: Islamic Indoctrination Centre gets scrapped, Muslims go apeshit


… So  now they’re busing professional protesters in by the hundreds, to tell residents what’s “un-Australian”-

you see, Allah knows best what’s good for us:


… the decision was “unfair and racist”- which race is Islam again?

A spokesman for the protestors, Rafik Hussein, says the government has made a big mistake.

“We do not accept that decision. It is un-Australian,” Mr Hussein said.

There are more than a dozen Islamic colleges in New South Wales.

Community leaders have said that Australia’s rapidly-growing Muslim population needs more faith-based education. Read it all..

Here’s how muslims really feel about education:

“Education Is Sin”- sect leader vows revenge

“Democracy and the current system of education must be changed otherwise this war that is yet to start would continue for long.”

Note the heavy reliance upon Islamic terms and concepts, and the insistence on representing the purity of Islam. Won’t Honest Ibe Hooper or some other “expert” go to Nigeria and explain to this fellow how he has Misunderstood Islam so drastically?

An update on this story. “Sect leader vows revenge,” by Ahmad Salkida for the Daily Trust, July 27

3 thoughts on “Sydney: Islamic Indoctrination Centre gets scrapped, Muslims go apeshit”

  1. If I were an Aussie , that would really get my goat , being told that this was “un-Australian ”
    Who are they to make comments like this – what do they know about being Australian ?
    They don’t feel or act like Australians .

  2. They know nothing about being Australian – and all Australians know this which is why their idiotic statements about “un-Australian” are simply ignored.

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