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CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Loses ALL Touch With Reality


All that’s needed is another “Marshall Plan” for the Pals and everything will be hunky dory,  sez Christiane Amanpour. The Chief international correspondent of Cable News Network grew up in Tehran where her father was a shill for the Shah’s government. Since that the overthrow of the of the Shah, Christiane, a Roman Catholic, has been making up for her father’s support of the Shah by supporting Islamic Terrorism every chance she has. Read it all…

By Felix Gillette/New York Observer

In January, Christiane Amanpour was covering the inauguration in Washington D.C. for CNN International when she was struck with an idea for a long-form project. President Barack Obama had said in his inaugural address that he wanted a new way forward for the Islamic world, and that the United States could no longer afford to have another generation of Muslims who view the U.S. as the enemy. She wondered: Would the next generation of young Muslims in the Middle East inevitably feel antagonistic towards the U.S.? Or were there tangible, effective ways of winning over their loyalties?

Reality Check:

“Warriors of Allah” declare “Islamic emirate” in Gaza

Although Hamas is determined to implement Sharia in Gaza, some Muslims there are getting impatient. More on this story. “Pro-Qaeda group declares ‘Islamic emirate’ in Gaza,” by Nidal al-Mughrabi for Reuters, August 14 (thanks to JW):

More Reality Check:

We all want the same thing and the Pals are just ordinary mums and dads who want a better life for their little kiddies, right? Read the transcripts of what they say on middle-eastern TV here and here

Ms. Amanpour spent much of the next 8 months reporting on those questions, and tonight at 9 p.m. on CNN, she’ll unveil her findings in a two-hour documentary titled “Generation Islam.”

The documentary focuses on a range of efforts being made in Afghanistan and Palestine to turn young Muslim children away from violent extremism. Along the way, Ms. Amanpour introduces viewers to a handful of Westerners devoted to the task and employing a range of tactics, from building new classrooms to constructing skate-boarding parks to creating TV shows. At one point, viewers are even introduced to something called “Muppet diplomacy.”

Not long ago, we wrote about the surge of Western reporters returning to Afghanistan as the U.S. steps up military operations in the area. Ms. Amanpour said she decided to focus on children in Afghanistan and Palestine based on the administration’s priorities.

“President Obama has identified two special envoys, one for Afghanistan/Pakistan,” Ms. Amanpour told The Observer recently via phone from France. “And one for the Middle East peace process. That’s why we chose those areas, because they are central to American security and to the efforts of the new American administration.”

“And also because, both among the Palestinians and the Afghans, it’s such an overwhelmingly youthful population,” she added.

So are the efforts working?

“The big aggregate news that is good and optimistic is that militant-ism and extremism is declining,” said Ms. Amanpour . “Whether it’s in Afghanistan or Pakistan, the percentages are plummeting. That’s where the opportunity lies. Now is the time to grab that opportunity.”

“Nation building is not a luxury,” she added. “It’s an absolute imperative. And it can be done. The payback of success is huge and long lasting.”

Ms. Amanpour believes that the U.S. today needs something equivalent to The Marshall Plan, which would help in part to intensify and coordinate civilian efforts to win over the young, impressionable members of the Muslim world. “What I came away with is a belief that if that is done, it is 100 percent assured of success,” said Ms. Amanpour. “The people want it. The people are willing.”

“The individual programs that have been attempted are successful,” she added. “What I don’t want is for people to say, ‘Oh, she’s just picked out a few stories that are hopeful.’ I want to get across the idea that it is hopeful. That you can be optimistic about it. But it doesn’t come cheap, and it doesn’t come easy. It requires real patience. It requires being in there for the long haul.”

In September, Ms. Amanpour will debut a new, eponymous hour-long program that will air weekly in the U.S. and will focus on international issues. For Ms. Amanpour, the show can’t start a moment too soon.

“The lack of foreign news on American television is unconscionable,” she said. Americans need to know what’s going on in the world and what’s being done in their name by their soldiers and also by the civilian effort. The notion that the most powerful country on Earth is cut off by their own media organizations from the real information about what their country is doing–it’s untenable. It’s wrong.”

Don’t puke just yet:

Christiane Amanpour Reports on Muslim Youth in ‘Generation Islam’

Thai Indian News

Two-hour documentary airs on CNN International on 14 August at 1930hrs IST
CNN chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour gives viewers a look inside the battle for the hearts and minds of youth in the Muslim world in “Amanpour Reports: Generation Islam’, a new documentary that premieres on CNN International on Friday, August 14 at 1930hrs and replays on Saturday, August 15 at 0030hrs IST. This special report airs just a month before Amanpour launches her highly-anticipated weekday program, “Amanpour.’
Fresh from her extraordinary reporting from inside Iran during the Iranian elections, Amanpour takes viewers across Afghanistan, Pakistan and Gaza for “Generation Islam’. The documentary, which premieres just one week before Afghanistan’s national elections on August 20, comes as U.S. President Barack Obama seeks to forge new relationships with Muslim nations and intensify the U.S. war efforts in Afghanistan.
“In my travels through Gaza and Afghanistan, again and again I found people more interested in a future than a fight. Parents who want the best for their children and children who know there has to be something better,” says Amanpour. “And their allegiance will be to whoever helps them get there.”
More than half of the people living in the crowded Gaza strip are under the age of 18, and nearly 45 percent of the population in Afghanistan is under the age of 14. Amanpour speaks to several Americans living and working in these places and providing alternatives to young Muslims, who are potentially vulnerable to manipulation by Muslim fundamentalists and thus prime recruits.
Last year, as U.S. forces accidentally killed nearly 1,000 Afghan civilians, the Taliban began in earnest to re-establish its influence among people crushed by poverty and war. Amanpour illustrates what’s at stake with the story of one Afghan boy, Nassim, and his family. When he was just 10 years old, Nassim, along with his mother and brother, was cast out of his home after his father took a second wife. Nassim drifted from city to city for nearly a year before he found an orphanage run by American Marnie Gustafson. Nassim’s 15-year-old brother, Alahdad, did not go with Nassim to the orphanage. Instead, he was taken in by a fundamentalist madrasa near Herat, Afghanistan, a region considered by many to be Taliban country.
Viewers also learn about Palestinian obstetrician-gynecologist Izzeldin Abuelaish, whose Gaza home was bombarded by Israeli shells during the offensive in the Gaza Strip, leaving three of his daughters dead. Dr. Abuelaish invites Amanpour to meet some member of his family who survived the January 16 attack. Despite his tragic loss, Dr. Abuelaish, who was recently nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, continues to work for peace.
Amanpour also meets 35 children at a Gaza pre-school, many of whom have either lost their homes or even a parent to the war with Israel. Teachers notice behavior problems from these youngsters that seem related to their exposure to war and violence. Amanpour speaks to Dr. Eyad El-Sarraj, an expert in Muslim extremism, and he tells her that up to one third of the children surveyed there say that they want to be a martyr.
“Palestinian boys, even at age five, feel like they need to defend their families and their society, becoming disheartened when they can’t,” says Dr. El-Sarraj, a psychiatrist and founder-president of the Gaza Community Mental Health Program and a commissioner of the Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights.
-Sampurn Media

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  1. Reality Check:

    “Warriors of Allah” declare “Islamic emirate” in Gaza
    Although Hamas is determined to implement Sharia in Gaza, some Muslims there are getting impatient. More on this story. “Pro-Qaeda group declares ‘Islamic emirate’ in Gaza

    YEAH SURE, who needs the reality check. This is the example that there are radicals with political agendas like Hamas and then there are radicals with extremist Islamist agendas and they do not mix.

    Thus the reality check is for the blog-owner and those that should know better like Spencer that there is not one singular radical Muslim vision and that they are not all after a caliphate and whatever version of Shari’a that they support.

    Yep a severe reality check is needed.

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  4. Solkhar left to their own devices Mohammedans turn on each other look at Iraq for example non stop Sunni/Shia bloodletting killing hundreds of thousands more Mohammedans than the American forces ever did. Islam is built in a mirror image of its INVENTOR Mohammad’s life and nature a wallower in blood, death, misogyny, paedophilia, hypocrisy, theft Arab supremacism and antisemitism take that away from Islam and there is nothing left. Its a Hate and Death worshiping CULT nothing more nothing less.

  5. “Palestinian boys, even at age five, feel like they need to defend their families and their society, becoming disheartened when they can’t,” says Dr. El-Dorado

    If it’s not true , it’s a lie
    If it is true , what kind of things are they putting into 5 year – olds’ heads ?

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