Big Bang in Kabul

Suicide car bomb kills 41 in central Kabul

* Not to worry: suicide bombing is “un-Islamic”- and anyhow, its only a tiny minority of extremists who misunderstand their peaceful religion, right?

Blast near Indian Embassy reportedly deadliest in capital since Taliban’s fall


Image: Afghan security force personnel assist survivors

updated 12:43 a.m. ET July 8, 2008

KABUL, Afghanistan – A suicide car bomb outside the Indian Embassy killed 41 people and wounded nearly 150 others Monday, ripping through the building’s reinforced walls and scattering bodies and pools of blood across some of Kabul’s most protected streets.

Like other recent high-profile attacks, Afghanistan quickly blamed Pakistan, India’s archrival, for the blast, which was the deadliest in Kabul since the fall of the Taliban in 2001.

Breaking: Explosions Rock US And UK Embassies In Kabul (UPDATES: Blast In Front Of Transportation Min, Multiple Casualties, 55+ Injured)

Afghanistan: husbands to deny wives food if they fail to obey sexual demands (that’s the law, baby…)

The bomb detonated only 30 yards from where dozens of Afghans line up to apply for visas, one of the reasons the casualties were so high. Women and children browsing nearby shops were among the victims who lay on the ground, bloodied and in agony, crying for help. Debris covered the pavement, including sandals, a wrecked bicycle and heaps of twisted metal.

The embassy is on a busy, tree-lined street near Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry that is protected on both ends by police, though the checkpoints are easily driven past. The 8:30 a.m. explosion rattled much of Kabul and kicked up gray dust that shrouded the bodies of the dead and enveloped the survivors — a monochromatic coating broken only by the crimson blood of the wounded. The blast blew clothing off many victims.

Karzai condemns bombing
President Hamid Karzai condemned the bombing and said it was carried out by militants trying to rupture the Afghan-India friendship. He told the Indian prime minister during a phone conversation that Afghanistan would do all it could do identify the attackers.

The Afghan Interior Ministry hinted that the attack was carried out with help from Pakistan’s intelligence service, saying the blast happened “in coordination and consultation with some of the active intelligence circles in the region.”

A spokesman for Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry declined to comment on the bombing. The Pakistan foreign minister said his country condemned the attack and all terrorism.

The bombing showed that Afghanistan is also a theater for the struggle between longtime rivals India and Pakistan.

“These attacks seem designed to sabotage any improvement of relations between Pakistan and either of its two neighbors, India and Afghanistan, to assure that Pakistan has no alternative but to continue to support militant organizations as part of its foreign policy,” said Barnett Rubin, an Afghanistan expert at New York University.

At Kabul’s hospitals, anguished parents railed against the Afghan government.

“Where is the security?” cried Mirwais, a father of four who knew that two of his children had been killed. Before heading to another hospital to search for his other two children, he shouted obscenities at Karzai.

Moments later, a woman ran outside screaming, crying and hitting her face with both hands. Her son and daughter had been killed. “Oh my God!” the woman screamed. “They are both dead!”

Zemeri Bashary, an Interior Ministry spokesman, said 41 people were killed and 147 wounded in the blast. Six police officers and three embassy guards were among the dead.

In New Delhi, India’s foreign minister said four Indians, including the military attache and a diplomat, were killed.

The blast also killed five Afghan security guards at the nearby Indonesian Embassy, where windows were shattered and doors and gates broken. Two diplomats were slightly wounded, Indonesia’s foreign ministry said.

CONTINUED : Condolences from Washington

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  1. Teach the western troops to speak their language – that’ll calm the jihadis down

    From Rochdale – what used to be the UK …..
    “Mr Shazad who is a trained Urdu teacher, said: “I have been very pleased with the commitment shown by these officers to the classes and by the speed that they have been learning.”

    ‘officers’ means police officers

  2. The bombins and terrorist acts will only get worse as the battle against them moves on.

    The blog-owner will use the Spencer-Style tactic (he is his self-confessed admirer/sweat-heart anyhow) that every example of a horrible act is that of the entire religion. Quoting of course …. Spencer and his Jihad-Watch as if that is quality evidence or even worse – Hindu Nationalist websites such Hunutva and quotes by Robin MacArthur.

    The other complete BS is that any attempts at pointing this out will result in accussations of being an “apologist”, “jihadist” or a master of taqqiya – the great right-wing agenda bigot’s “escape clause” that your answer is not necessary as it will be treated as a lie.

    For my part, bloggers and posts like this only does a disfavour and lack of respect to the victims of terrorism and diminishes the ability for collective support in battling it by misdirecting whom the enemy is.

    1. solkhar sez:

      “The bombins and terrorist acts will only get worse as the battle against them moves on.”

      Really? Where did we hear that before? “Fighting crime creates more crime” and “fighting Islamic terrorism creates more Islamic terrorism?”


      Be gone Solkhar, be gone!

      This is my final warning to you, Solkhar: If you don’t contribute anything meaningful, if you continue to offer nothing but imbecilic bickering, slander and vile smears ALL your posts will be summarily deleted and you will be banned from posting on this site.

      Are you ready to answer my 10 questions now?

  3. I said I will answer your ten questions but missed them in the confusion of right wing propoganda.

    Also ban me if you like, it is your blog (or Spencer’s) but you should not yawn over a real issue.

    The bombing will continue and get worse, it always happens when a side starts losing – they get more desperate – do you not get that or is it you just want to try and make some capital?

    Note on the other item about your ten questions, I will answer them even though I know you will use the right wing taqqiya “escape clause” anyhow but regardless …….. I will answer them.

  4. * misdirecting whom the enemy is

    The enemy, ultimately, is satan, using false gods like “Allah” and false
    prophets like “Mohammed” to deceive humanity – the battle is being
    fought in the highest places, and will be won when satan is finally cast
    into the lake of fire and brimstone (Revelation 20:10)

    1.x billion muslims are currently serving him well, regardless of whether they appear to be “moderates” or “extremists”.

    Who will you serve, Solkhar? Choose wisely.

    This is a war that Islam, its “god” and its “prophet” will not win.

  5. And Solkhar responds diversion ,diversion, taqiyya, taqiyya ,diversion diversion, sorry what did you ask, diversion taqiyya . LOL

    Mohammedans you can read them like a book HYPOCRITICAL LIARS each and every one.

  6. Since this blog noted the events in Gaza with the radical Islamist group being wiped out by Hamas, a radical political group, I thought you might want to read an item I wrote about the history of why violence, terrorism and the like has grown over the last 30yrs. I suggest if you want to look even slightly fair and non-agenda based, you can even post it yourself. Send it to Spencer, he may even learn and admit to the realities instead of his dreams. But then again, he would not think it sells copy to his limit but vocal audiance.

  7. solkhar

    your ‘religion’ is NO GOOD
    your ‘prophet’ is NO GOOD
    If you follow this ‘religion ‘ , then YOU’RE NO GOOD
    If you don’t understand why , then no-one can explain it to you .

  8. Solkhar, you have already been exposed as a liar. You lied about your own religion, in an attempt to smear Geert Wilders. (See link to website.) So it’s funny as hell to see you cry now when people suggest you’re lying about your religion. You’ve already been caught red-handed, my boy!

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