Car-Be-Que Nights in France and Sweden

Thanks to Tim Blair:

It’s car-b-q time again in France, where – ahem – restive youths are on the warm-path:

Restive youths in a Paris suburb torched a tourist bus and nearly a half-dozen cars and hurled objects at police early Tuesday, a night after fullblown unrest prompted by the death of a teen fleeing police …

A night earlier, some 40 people hurled Molotov cocktails at police and firefighters, torched dozens of cars and one person fired a handgun during a rampage hours after the death of the young man.

And in Sweden, a Saab-b-q:

More than ten cars were set alight in a series of arson attacks across Malmö on Sunday night …

Police have cordoned off the area and will conduct a forensic examination of the scene on Monday. CCTV pictures secured from a nearby restaurant will be examined for clues.

Reader comments following that news story hint at rampant Presbyterianism.

Not a word about what motivates these “angry youths” –  could it be some kind of ideology?

6a00d8341c60bf53ef0120a4e31c9d970b-500wiPARIS RIOTS: Vehicles were torched and Molotov cocktails thrown as youths clashed with police after the death of a young pizza store worker.


In other news:

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