Dutch Establishment Threatens Reprisals Against Natives Who Fight Back Against Mohammedans

No surprises here. The ruling Socialists/Marxists  will defend their multicultural utopia until the Muslims cut their throats. In France, the fake ‘conservative’ Sarkozy warned citizens not to defend themselves:  there is hardly anyone among Europe’s politicians who would   trust citizens with weapons or self-defense, and Sarkozy is not only one of them, he goes even further:  Disarm Yourself for Self Defense.

In other words: stand by and watch while Muslim thugs rob you and rape your wife. (Or your daughter) Terrific, isn’t it?
But the Muselmanic threat is real:  for the soldiers of Allah its all or nothing. For us, Islam means the end of our culture and civilization.
Islam is deadly for  freedom.  Our politicians, those who are sworn to protect us, have failed miserably and  to cover up their dereliction of duty they throw  more money at those who are determined to destroy us in the false hope that the threat might somehow (how?) go away. It wont.
Question: What are these people doing in Europe? Who invited them? Who let them in? Who let them stay? What has allowed them to even dream about moving to Europe, let alone realizing a colonization plan?
From the Gates of Vienna
First, from Elsevier:

Natives threaten to address “inconveniences” themselves

“Natives are increasingly likely to intervene when there is trouble”

By Arne Hankel

The Dutch increasingly often threaten to address the misconduct of Moroccan youth themselves, and with violence. This is what District Chief of Police Ad Smit says, who heads the districts of Amsterdam East and Amsterdam Southeast.


Police Chief Ad Smit notices at the neighborhood meetings in Amsterdam East that many people talk about “C**t-Moroccans”. During disorders they threaten from the sidelines to intervene on their own. “If you’re not going to act now, we’ll do it ourselves, but differently, we’ll get the baseball bats out then,” according to Ad Smit.

Smit states that the police will in no way will accept natives taking the law into their own hands.

Hard approach

According to him this can be prevented by taking a hard line on the troublemakers [i.e. the Moroccans]. “Early this year I informed the police leadership [in the Netherlands that is the unelected mayor and the chief commissioner] that the response by the natives to Moroccans is becoming increasingly more intense, and something needs to be done. Well, since then we have taken significant action. We have arrested dozens of those [Moroccan] robbers.

“And now we have paid extra attention — especially our neighborhood directors [police officers stationed for a number of years in a specific neighborhood] — to whether it was getting out of hand with those natives.”

That did help, says Smit. “If you take away the problem, you see their reactions also fading,” according to the Amsterdam police officer about the anger of the natives.

From an interview with Ad Smit in newspaper De Pers :

It [the response by natives] is limited to grumbling and cursing?

“So far it is. You must take it seriously, though. Show them that you are not going to take their side when it comes to that kind of wording. And that you will act against them when it goes too far. The minute the hands start fluttering, when things are going to be collectively organized against certain population groups, then it will go wrong, and then I will intervene. When I, as police chief, know that one group is organizing against another, I will pick them up.

“As long as the responsibility is mine, I will resist tooth and nail against taking the law into one’s own hands. It is an incredibly dangerous issue. I find it too easy that in times when things are going a bit badly — and in these times there are people who are not doing too well, and are somewhat in trouble — you are going to give vent to rage against others. Halfway through the last century we had a very bad example of that.”

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One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left said…

In Socialist countries, the Police exist only in order to enforce the DIKTAT of the state. The Dutch State has decided to REPLACE its native born, ethnically and linguistically Dutch citizens with ULTRA-VIOLENT THIRD WORLD BARBARIAN THUGS. The Police will enforce this diktat.
Thus the POLICE are the mortal enemies of the native born Dutch.

5 thoughts on “Dutch Establishment Threatens Reprisals Against Natives Who Fight Back Against Mohammedans”

  1. What do you expect in a country where a former police chief can get away with a thinly veiled call for the murder of Geert Wilders on public television?

  2. Go Dutchies..take the law into your own hands..it is your country..Remember the days of the Nazi occupation..as I said it is your county.

  3. Remind me again Holland – why did my grandfather put his life on the line to march into Apeldorn and liberate you from the nazis? Why are you now rolling over and playing dead before the stone-age theocracy which plans to annihilate you, instead of listening to Geert Wilders, the last sane man in your quisling country?

  4. Unless these imbeciles understand that within Islam it is permissible to do just about ANYTHING to the infidels, they will not solve this problem. There are only a few solutions that do not include genocide: 1. Deport all the Muslims back to their native lands; 2. outlaw Islam as a seditious Nazi-esque ideology; 3. rip the guts out of Islam by forcing Muslims to teach their children an “Islam-lite” version devoid of all the anti-kaffir propaganda; and 4. round them all up as essentially as prisoners of war, a la the Japanese concentration camps in the U.S.

    I dare say that the best solution would be to turn the clock back about three decades and NEVER let these people into Europe in the first place. However, if that happened, we would never have the likes of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, probably, and that would be a bad thing. Those Muslim-brainwashed individuals who desire to escape and become more like Hirsi Ali should be welcomed. The rest, get them out by whatever means!

    1. Of course we should support and accomodate refugees from Islam like Ayaan Ali Hirsi, apostates and oppressed Jews and Christians from Islamic hell holes. A reversal of Islamic immigration is inevitable, the question now is only how it can be achieved.

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