Evil Jew Magic: Rabbi Cures KKK Leader of Hatred

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from Rebecca Dube

As the new rabbi at the Free Synagogue of Flushing, Michael Weisser faces a formidable challenge: revitalizing a historic synagogue in a neighborhood that has gone from being heavily Jewish to being populated almost entirely by Chinese immigrants.


Luckily for his new congregation, Weisser is no stranger to accomplishing the impossible.

When he was a cantor in Lincoln, Neb., Weisser confronted diehard Ku Klux Klan leader Larry Trapp, befriended him and eventually inspired the life-long racist to renounce hatred and speak out publicly against bigotry.

Three months before his death from diabetes-related kidney disease in September 1992, Trapp converted to Judaism under Weisser’s guidance, in the very synagogue that he’d once plotted to blow up.

“The truth is, human nature is good, not bad,” Weisser said in a recent interview.

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  1. Ku Klux Klan leader Larry Trapp was lucky, and perhaps it was meant to be so, that Rabbi Michael Weisser met and befriended him. To turn bad into good in a human mind is depending on whom – I’ll not say – I meet, it is the other way round I think, who meets me and wants to befriend me. Still I think that something like the above happens more seldom than often. This true story is inspiring and very uplifting.

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