Islamic Radicalism Slows Moroccan Reforms


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King Mohammed VI, on horse, held a ceremony of mutual allegiance in July in Tetouan in the north, a hotbed of extremism.

CASABLANCA, Morocco — Morocco has long been viewed as a rare liberalizing, modernizing Islamic state, open to the West and a potential bridge to a calmer Middle East that can live in peace with Israel.


But under pressure from Islamic radicalism, King Mohammed VI has slowed the pace of change. Power remains concentrated in the monarchy; democracy seems more demonstrative than real. While insisting that the king is committed to deeper reforms, senior officials speak instead of keeping a proper balance between freedom and social cohesion. Many discuss the threat of extremism in neighboring Algeria.

Since a major bombing of downtown hotels and shopping areas by Islamic radicals in 2003, and a thwarted attempt at another bombing campaign in 2007, there has been a major and continuing crackdown on those suspected of being extremists here.

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In 2003, anyone with a long beard was likely to be arrested. Even now, nearly 1,000 prisoners considered to be Islamic radicals remain in Moroccan jails. Six Islamist politicians (and a reporter from the Hezbollah television station, Al Manar) were jailed recently, accused of complicity in a major terrorist plot. The case was full of irregularities and based mainly on circumstantial evidence, according to a defense lawyer, Abelaziz Nouaydi, and Human Rights Watch.

In a rare interview, Yassine Mansouri, Morocco’s chief of intelligence, said that the arrested politicians “used their political activities as a cover for terrorist activities.”

“It was not our aim to stop a political party,” he said. “There is a law to be followed.”

Morocco is threatened, Mr. Mansouri said, by two extremes — the conservativeWahhabism spread by Saudi Arabia and the Shiism spread by Iran. “We consider them both aggressive,” Mr. Mansouri said. “Radical Islam has the wind in its sail, and it remains a threat.”

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, especially active in Algeria, remains a major problem for Morocco, Mr. Mansouri said. Officials say it is appealing to the young and has recreated a training route to Afghanistan through Pakistan, and it just sponsored a suicide bombing in Mauritania.

Foreign Minister Taïeb Fassi Fihri said: “We know where the risks to our stability are. We know kids are listening to this Islamic song, so we have to act quickly.”

King Mohammed, who celebrated his 10th year on the throne this year, has vowed to help the poor and wipe out the slums, called “bidonvilles,” where radicalism is bred. One such slum, Sidi Moumen, where the bombers lived, is being redeveloped. Half of it has already been ripped down, and some 700 families shipped to the outskirts of the city, where they are provided a small plot of land at a cheap price to build new housing.

Hamid al-Gout, 34, was born in Sidi Moumen and built his own hovel here. Nearly everyone has been to prison, he said, and Islamist political groups quietly hold meetings. “Sometimes we talk, 12 or 14 people, about our lives,” he said, then added carefully, “But there is no radical thinking here now.”

Abdelkhabir Hamma, 36, said that he had been told that if he and his family did not leave by the end of the year, they would be thrown out. He said that while many respect the king, few trust other authorities.

The king sees himself as a modernizer and reformer, having invested heavily in economic development, loosened restraints on the news media, given more rights to women and shed light on some of the worst human-rights abuses of the past. These are remarkable steps in a region dominated by uncompromising examples of state control, like Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.

Because the king, a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, is also revered as the “Commander of the Faithful,” challenges to Moroccan Islam are taken very seriously.

In March, the king cut diplomatic ties to Iran, accusing Tehran of “intolerable interference in internal affairs” by trying to spread Shiism in Morocco and recruiting Moroccans in Europe, especially in Belgium, to participate in acts of terrorism, Mr. Mansouri said.

The king has tried to be more inclusive, traveling for instance to the north of Morocco, where his father had refused to go. The north is also a hotbed of extremism and home for many of the Qaeda bombers of Madrid. The king held a traditional ceremony of mutual allegiance, or baiaa, this year in Tetouan and highlighted significant development funds there.

But Morocco’s response has also been to slam the brakes on reform, even of the corrupt judiciary and of laws governing women’s rights, in order not to inflame conservative and traditional views of Islam, especially in the countryside and among the poor, where extremists fish. For that reason, too, the king has not put Morocco forward as an interlocutor between Israel and the Palestinians, as his father did. The view here is simply that Israel — and other, harder-line Arab states — must move first, before Morocco exposes itself.

The crackdown has also damaged Morocco’s human rights record. Muslim prisoners are treated roughly in jail, sometimes sodomized with bottles, said Abdel-Rahim Moutard, a former prisoner himself, his hands broken during interrogations. He runs Ennasir, a rights organization for prisoners. But when they emerge from prison, they get little help, even from the mosques or Ennasir.

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  1. It is a pretty good item, though as some journalists like to make things more dramatic on ways to sell copy and reputation, the Government and the King are not slowing on radicalism to avoid conflict but is in fact concentrating on core issues to stop the spread of radicalism. At the same time (and this is not mentioned at all) acknowledging that there is strong conservative Islam in Morocco and that they should not be harmed or punished for the actions of radicals. If you smack to hard and to collectively you get everyone against you – rather like right-wing agenda anti Islam mistakes by the former Bush-Cheney administration.

    Getting rid of poverty and slums is a very good measure as it is poverty that breeds radicalism. The risks as mentioned though are correct and I can add to that. Al Qaeda’s group in Algeria is being contained at the border with many good arrests and seizures of weapons. Wahhabism is still being targetted and is being sent back to Saudi packing, it is they who try and infiltrate the poor areas on purpose. The remnants of the cells that carried out attacks before are linked to Wahhabists and thus this is the main concentration. Shi’ism (with connections) is trying to infiltrate and has been stopped dead, so that needs vigilance.

    The other side is were I work in, terrorism-financing. At present north Africa is targetted by Lebenese based terrorism groups for money laundering and collection via counterfeit product sales, with a market place close to 2 billion US dollars for the North and Sub-Saharan African market. Basically mostly Chinese made counterfeits are bought and transported to factories in Lebanon and Syria, packaged adn then sent to the region and sold as being real products – Razors, Sanitory Napkins, Shampoos, Batteries, Nappies, Toothpaste are the more common examples.

  2. Very interesting Solkhar. Do you have an estimate for how actively these Lebanese groups are targeting Europe in terms of terror-financing. Is it reasonable to presume that these are Shiite groups controlled through Iran?

  3. Speculations are only what they are, when one tries to provide a description of the global narco financed terror network and formal BCCN Saudi financial legs of Al-Quaeda. Some of these mentioned in the commentaries above may be true for all I care . BUT what does this have to do with Morocco and its inability to institute reforms? It seems that all the fingers are pointing at this islamo-fascist fundamentalist terror network. Ok I agree but there is something else worth looking at in the case of Morocco. I think it is because of Islam itself as an ideology that its the crux of the matter. The problem is that the king (M6) is the known to be “the Commender of the Faithfuls” . He bosts at this etiquette because of political legitimacy and yet at the same time he is not living up to his obligations to fight the unbelievers and hypocrites and (internal evil doers) as the Koran suggests….

    Now I do not know about but I smell something here…. Either forgo the title of the commender or forgo islam all together…. One cannot have it both ways…

  4. It would be interesting to know if the Lebanese have links in Oz, specialising in chop shops, drugs, extortion, fraud and the like. The Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad might like to know about
    any links, if they don’t already.

  5. I think Sammish raises a good point – from my understanding there seems to be an internal contradiction within Islam with regard to the treatment of other belief systems.

  6. Kaw, the main recipient for trade in counterfeit in the Maghreb is Hezbollah and thus all the politics that follow it. As for Europe, the funding sources are closing quickly as tracability and laws are improved. The concept of the pass-the-hat around in the Mosque is a falicy as is Zakat funds as Mosques are the most scrutinized of potential sources. What you will in fact find that it is European sources investing in off-shore Building and Investment funds in those countries with slack laws, something difficult to monitor and target. Counterfeiting of products fails miserably in Europe because of strong Customs links and that most business is not “sans factures” – without paperwork (in the black so to speak) and demand is minimal.

    There is though, an intensive study and investigation into Iran’s business links in Europe via “personalities” under the cover of individual business dealings, both Iran based and from the ex-pat community. Those that remain quasi-legal move a lot of cash, obviously with questionable motives and reasons, if that is terrorism related or another way of avoiding the impact of boycotts is the subject of the investigations. I am not involved in that as Iranian business is negligable in N’Africa.

  7. Via Rantburg & Magharebia:

    Spain dismantles Morocco-based drug ring

    Spanish police dismantled an international drug-trafficking ring that used prams with real infants to smuggle hashish from Morocco to Europe, international press reported on Wednesday (August 26th). Five Moroccans are among 21 suspects arrested in Malaga, Cadiz and the Spanish enclave of Ceuta.

  8. Sammish raises questions but with all due respect is missing references and details. I will go over them to shed some perspective.

    ” It seems that all the fingers are pointing at this islamo-fascist fundamentalist terror network.”

    There is no network. There are eight separate known organisations linked to terrorism activities and terror support in Morocco, only two of them are linked, the rest are working on their own bat. Even the Wahhabists are split into two and the stronger salafist-offshoot community has nothing to directly deal with them. The Al-Qaeda sub-group as I meantioned (and not part of the eight) is active only in Algeria and their link is with one such group in Morocco whom in turn has no links to other groups.

    It should be worth mentioning at this point that the Moroccan authorities are very well trained and experienced considering their battle against Polisario terrorism for many, many years.

    ” The problem is that the king (M6) is the known to be “the Commender of the Faithfuls” . He bosts at this etiquette because of political legitimacy and yet at the same time he is not living up to his obligations to fight the unbelievers and hypocrites and (internal evil doers) as the Koran suggests…. ”

    The King is by blood-line a member of three families that have direct decendance to the Prophet Mohammed and the older Caliphates and is the titular head of the Maleki School of Islamic Thought and Jurisprudence and takes the role very seriously. What you have not understood is that the Moroccan population is extremely supportive of the Moroccan royal family. His and his government’s role to tackling terrorism and fanaticism is a serious business and is very successful and if there is doubt, then look at the difference between the culturally similar neighbour Algeria that technically is a richer country (it has oil unlike Morocco) and yet is poorer, violence ridden and suffering serious terrorism.

    The issue of fighting “evil” as certainly is the obligation of the King from both his royal and Islamic leadership roles and he is from my professional perspective doing it correctly in tackling the serious “now” issues as well as the long strategic perspective of fighting the base courses – poverty and iliteracy.

    As for your reference to “fighting unbelievers”, that is basically BS.

  9. [Solkhar] “Getting rid of poverty and slums is a very good measure as it is poverty that breeds radicalism.”

    Is it, Solkhar? Maybe you are right, and getting rid of poverty and
    slums would get rid of islam, and in turn islamic “radicalism”.

    After all, it is the poor and illiterate women of Mali who are the real
    muslims, according to the president of the NUMWA:

    (Islam Online) Muslim Protests Block Mali Family Code

    [The massive demonstrations that swept the country so many women protesting the law as un-Islamic.

    “It’s a tiny minority of woman here who want this new law,” Hadja Safiatou Dembele, president of the National Union of Muslim Women’s Associations (NUMWA), told the BBC.

    “The poor and illiterate women of this country, the real Muslims,
    are against it.”]

    Apparently Solkhar, literate if not too cluey about islam, and not
    poor, wouldn’t qualify as a real muslim in Mali.

  10. I personally would not consider Hadja Safiatou to the representative and speaker for 1.6 billion Muslims.

    In late 2004 Morocco changed completely its family law system, eliminated antiquated sexist laws and improved the conditions of women and their rights to a standard that was internationally applauded as an example for the rest of the Muslim world. Now Jordan, Syria, Tunisia are following suit.

    The point I am making is that as long as you confuse local politics and the behaviour of individual communities as representing the faith as a global whole – you will constantly get yourself wrong, confused and missing the point.

    1. What is “the point”, solkhar?

      Btw: did the fast breeding ummah increase the numbers of Mohammed worshippers by 500 million over night? I know you’re doing the best you can, but call me unimpressed….

  11. The “faith” as a global whole denies the Son, and in turn the Father, and will be destroyed. It is a “faith” based upon the teachings of a false prophet, and is doomed – no amount of weaselling, shapeshifting and role-playing can change that, Solkhar.

    It is muslims themselves who claim that [A B or C is islamic], or [X Y or Z is un-islamic] – they are the ones following the false prophet who are “wrong”, “confused” and “missing the point”. I am not a muslim – I simply watch islam seek dominion over God’s earth, knowing what
    will happen to them according to the Prophets (not the false ones).

    Many of them will butcher each other, much as they do now, but on
    a massive scale. I doubt it will be long before the Rider of the Red Horse saddles up, and rides.

    I don’t really care who speaks for 1.x billion muslims – it is a babel
    of confusion anyway – but I do care for the One who will deal with them.

    I am not “wrong, confused, or missing the point” when it comes to
    islam and its false prophet, Solkhar.

  12. No, what you do is prothelitize on one hand and condemn another’s faith on the other.

    What you will see is that I do not do that and that is why I consider your efforts pathetic and contrary to what I know is as good common Christian moral norms.

    You may like it or not, but there are people like myself whom believe in Jesus, whom we call Issa, respect him as a Prophet of God/Allah and consider those that refer to Him as the son of God/Allah as being incorrect. That the Bible is though originally from God/Allah it is now tainted and incorrect in many aspects because at the hands of man, and that the Crucifixion as you know it, did not happen.

    That is how Muslims believe and you can rant and abuse all you like on this blog or others that it is heresy but frankly speaking, we do not care and even more, just quoting more tainted over-translated Bible versus only proves the point to us further.

    Ma’asalama – (peace be upon you).

  13. Solkar,

    If you think the king is a descendent of the prophete I do not know you have been getting your information about the bogus lineage of all the arabs kings now living or dead. It is a joke. I do not see any descendent of Charlemagne or king Ferdinant or Isabella. The Moroccan king’s father father is the black ex-slave, the mighty and bloody thug El-Glaoui the ancient pasha of Marrakesh and you know it.. Look closely at his father face and that of El-Glaoui and you see the similarity. His father does not even come close of this father late M5 or Abdullah his homosexual bother who dies of AIDS in 1981.

    You can fool western readers with your PC historical rubbish about the decedants of the prophete of Islam but you are not going to pass my test. I know all too well your line of reasoning.

    All I was advancing is that Islam is at the core of the problem, if the king thinks he is the “commender of the faithfuls” then he is bogus…Most moroccan know all to well that he is the son of ex-slave but are afraid to say so.. I know for sure that he himself knows too well that he is not descendant of the prophete ….. now that’s good why not say it and fight these nutcakes islamists to perdition instead of acting out your bogus role of the defender of the faith….. that’s deceit to the core.

  14. * Ma’asalama – (peace be upon you).

    “I am leaving you at peace. I am giving you my own peace. I am not giving it to you as the world gives. So don’t let your hearts be troubled, and don’t be afraid.” (Jesus Christ – John 14:27)

    “That the Bible is though originally from God/Allah it is now tainted and incorrect in many aspects because at the hands of man, and that the Crucifixion as you know it, did not happen.”

    I will take the truth of Jesus Christ over the lies and blasphemies of
    “allah”, his false prophet, and you any day, Solkhar.

    Stop this particular bit of role-playing – it will not end well for you.

  15. Sammish,

    I made no comment about my own belief in the descendancy and for my part that does not matter, it is the stability of a nation that is important.

    I also would not pathetically go into personal attacks that are unfounded, considering that I have met both the wife, two sons and daughter of the person you have targetted. As for family recent origins, you obviously have a motive that is questionable.

  16. “I also would not pathetically go into personal attacks that are unfounded…”

    Really, Solkhar? Aren’t you the one who claimed that Sheik Yermami
    is an evangelist who probably drank too much beer, or words to that
    effect? Isn’t it you who constantly claims that [A B or C] is “agenda-driven”, “right-wing” and the like?

    You specialise in unfounded personal attacks on this blog Solkhar,
    so what is your motive?

  17. “I also would not pathetically go into personal attacks that are unfounded” – Solkhar

    So how would you go into your unfounded personal attacks against
    the Sheik, Realist, me and others?

    Go on Solkhar, spin like an Iranian centrifuge, as the Sheik might say.

  18. Solkar,

    I do not know to what extent your knowledge of Morocco is, but you mentioned as if it was factual the whole jazz of descendency of the king of Morrocco, and you say you “made no comment about “your” own belief in descendancy or your part in it..” Thank God you do not have any part in it.
    What are you talking about?

    There are two issues here. The evil islamic terrorism and legitimate rule….
    We all agree about the first… but the legitimate rule that’s different matter all together….this is were you faulted …

    Yes, the stability of a nation is important, I agree …. If it was me I would rather have king M6 than the theocratic turban headed immam Ben-Ladden2 as the head of state… This however has nothing to do with legitimacy or what the title of “Commander of the Faithfulls” that King M6, or his late father H2, uses why uses when you know it is bogus… It is mediaval and works only to find excuse not to reform this country, but again reform what? islamic thinking…….? .

    I would like to know the opinion of the king of some verses in the Koran that stipulate the killing of infidels, apostates, Jews and everything in between…These terrorists are merely acting out what the Koran (the word of Allah) stipulates, these people are not cave dwellers, some were western educated, others formed in Islamic universities…. The king is after all the Commenders of the faithfuls and the descendent of the Mohamed right?….Is he going to say that his ancient ancestor was a madman? why not come clean and say that this religion is made up and it is only a political ideology devoid of any spiritual undertones…. WHY play it both ways? that’s my question….

    Deep down the king is a secular ruler and you know it, he is not trully a beleiver …but he is using religion as a way to legitimate his rule and that of his ancestors and it is bogus in a modern literate world….

  19. Solkar
    Poverty does not breed radicalism…remember the doctors in the UK…islam breeds radicalism.
    It is possible to go to many places in the world and visit poor non muslim communities. The people are smiling and happy despite their conditions; they are not making bombs or plotting mass murder.
    You said that I used my experiences as an excuse…
    ”Poverty breeds radicalism ” is an excuse used by muslims who do not wish to face reality. It is also a lie as poor non muslim communities all over the world overwhelmingly prove.

  20. Thersaj has a point – poverty is only one element of the radicalisation equation.
    It is almost certainly not a sufficient condition and it seems unlikely that it is a necessary condition.

  21. Sammish,

    First of all I stated what the beliefs and facts are, I never expressed my opinion to any points of legitimacy of the views of the linage of the dynasty here to the Prophet Mohammed. So your first para above does not make any sense.

    As for knowledge of Morocco, I live and work here now for almost 8 years, married to a Moroccan, I work within the framework of the Moroccan government as an advisor on tracking and combatting terrorism-financing. I work with people that have been an integral part of the previous Monarch and I am a graduate of the Marrakech campus of the historic University of Al-Quaraouin – the second oldest Islamic University in the world. I think I know the country well, considering I also have travelled to every single corner of it.

    You said “There are two issues here. The evil islamic terrorism and legitimate rule…. We all agree about the first… but the legitimate rule that’s different matter all together….this is were you faulted .”

    Well first I agree of the issue and problem of evil Islamist terrorism, but if you say Islamic terrorism – there is no such thing. Islam is not evil, but the acts of man has throughout history been evil and claimed it to also be under the banner of their religion.

    As for the subject of legitimate rule, this is a Kingdom, its history has been having such, the dynasty is both secure, established and popular. You may be anti-Monarchist, I do not really care but as for its value here in Morocco, I support it 100 per cent for a number of reasons.

    First is that western liberal democracy has been amongst the greatest mistakes, disruptions and in fact biggest problems in most of this world. The assumption by many in the West that their system works for them so thus is the solution is simply naive and wrong. Liberal western democracy works great if you have 1) no other historical system in place that is functioning, 2) a high standard of education, a 3) political party system that is mature and 4) no crisis or conflict. Enforcing it on, say Africa, has caused corruption, war, personality cults and ecomic destruction.

    What is needed is “Good Governance”, the word Democracy has now been used and abused so much that it has to a degree lost its original value and has been a tool for far-right Western governments as an excuse to benefit themselves under the umbrellar of “rights”.

    Morocco has very successful Good Governance and in fact it would be safe to say that the increase in limited democratic systems has to a degree shown what happened in the greater scale in other countries. No such thing as 2,3 or a hand full of parties, but over 16 with each party, including the largest being still a personality cult. I actually understand why the last King tried it twice, in the first instance throwing it out for the failure it was. Morocco supports a ruling Monarchic dynasty that in turn has the historical, cultural and yes even religious responsibilty to excercise Good Governance and it is doing so.

    You may dislike the link to Islam in the dynasty but it is there and it is working. What I reject from you though is your equating Islam and the Qur’an as “some verses in the Koran that stipulate the killing of infidels, apostates, Jews and everything in between….” which it does not. That is an argument that if you look through this blog I have pointed out time and time again is a falsity and a right-wing effort to demonize Islam. Yes there are terrorists, yes they are declaring a jihad and doing horrible things, yes they must be stopped at all costs but they represent their own particular radical and exteme version and they are not supported by the vast majority of Muslims, not by the Muslim nations and not by the main Islamic institutions that include the Five Schools of Islamic Thought and Jurispudence.

    So, to sum up, your wrong in many of the factual accussations you make, I have no comment about your views on politics, that is your opinion.

    1. Solkhar the troll: “there is no Islamic terrorism”- the stubborn idiocy behind this statement is mindboggling. As if the 164 Koran verses calleing the soldiers of Allah to the jihad are non-existent. Unfortunately, Western politicians have been the biggest fools when it comes to ignorance, wilful ignorance in this case. Informed readers of this blog know better:

      “The chief weapon in the quiver of all Islamist expansionist movements, is the absolute necessity to keep victims largely unaware of the actual theology plotting their demise. To complete this deception, a large body of ‘moderates’ continue to spew such ridiculous claims as “Islam means Peace” thereby keeping non-Muslims from actually reading the Qur’an, the Sira, the Hadith, or actually looking into the past 1400 years of history. Islamists also deny or dismiss the concept of ‘abrogation’, which is the universal intra-Islamic method of replacing slightly more tolerable aspects of the religion in favor of more violent demands for Muslims to slay and subdue infidels”

      Any quick google search will do: Quotes from Islam on Terror

      The cat is out of the bag, solkhar.

  22. Theresaj and Kaw,

    Yes I said it in a simplist way because I did not want to fill pages of blog space. Poverty is an important factor but there are certainly many more.

    Poverty and illiteracy is the factor that allows idiologs and other radicals to try and get mass support. Those that come from countries with inadequate or minimal schooling often get their only school source from religious madrasas that are run by radicals.

    Poverty also means suffering and infiltration of radicals is a common aspect that then promotes that the poverty and suffering is because of the corrupt influences of the West or that it is because the government and people are not following the ways of God (there version of it).

    There are certainly many other factors – exposure to radicalism, bad experiences (like theresaj has had), following the crowd, coersion and so on.

    1. Islamic terrorists are for the most part better educated than the poor ignorant fools who run amok over a torn Koran or perceived blasphemy or a teddy-bear named Mohammed. For our (infidel) safety and wellbeing it is far better to keep the Moslem world illiterate, stoopid and poor. Educated terrorists are simply more dangerous.

    2. Solkhar sez:

      “Those that come from countries with inadequate or minimal schooling often get their only school source from religious madrasas that are run by radicals.”

      Any idea where these “radicals” get their radical ideas from, if not from Koran and the hadith, solkhar? Do they fish it out of thin air?

  23. Solkar,

    You are the worst islamic apologist ever, especially if you said you were western born…I understand if the denials come from the self-righteous muslims, but you… I am puzzled…. Like I said you can fool slumbering gulible westerners or your moroccan friends, but you cannot fool me…Unlike you I am Moroccan born….Well if you are trully a troll then it is ok at least you are playing the role of countless apologists that hold the same view that this whole islamic terror network has nothing to do with Islam, they just a few who try to hijack the religion of peace with the sword and contempt.

    I do not know where you lived before or in what era have you come from, but it is mind boggling to me to even comprehend your naive pretension about this religious faith you have adopted. I can understand educated muslims denying the effect of islamic ideology in fact I hear it all the time and I roll my eyes… they just do not get it… even discussing 9/11 it is still the same story.. they live in utter denial saying that only God knows who was behind it, the conspiracy never fades… I give up the discussions it is worthless however I will fight this obsurantist religion until fade away…..

  24. [Solkhar] “Well first I agree of the issue and problem of evil Islamist terrorism, but if you say Islamic terrorism – there is no such thing.”

    “allah” and the false prophet seem to disagree, Solkhar. Isn’t it “allah”who used his sockpuppet to recite:

    “I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, maim them in every limb!” (Sura 8:12 blasphemous koran)

    Ring a bell, Solkhar? It’s your god speaking. Don’t you recognise its
    voice? Lots of your fellow muslims do, Solkhar, and act on its orders.

    God will put a stop to it.

  25. Solkhar…
    [I work within the framework of the Moroccan government as an advisor on tracking and combatting terrorism-financing. I work with people that have been an integral part of the previous Monarch and I am a graduate of the Marrakech campus of the historic University of Al-Quaraouin – the second oldest Islamic University in the world.]

    Different role-play from the retired former Dutch diplomat, Solkhar.

    Who are you?

  26. Solkhar the troll: “there is no Islamic terrorism”

    He now claims to be an advisor on tracking and combatting terrorism-financing, but rejects the connection between islam and terrorism.

    Without islam there would be no islamic terrorism. The Moroccan
    government has been dudded if they have been paying Solkhar to
    “advise” them.

  27. We seem to have a feedback loop – Solkhar claims to be a graduate of the University of Al-Quaraouin, and he is also the one pushing the “five Schools of Islamic Thought” – one of which is the “Islamic School of Al Qarayaoun in Fes”. Could there be any link between the university and
    the school?

    Solkhar – August 15 [… You will find that the Islamic School of Al Qarayaoun in Fes, one of the five Schools of Islamic Thought supports the basis of Moroccan Secular Law which sepcifically refutes the necessity of a theological Shari’a Court because …]

    Any dots to connect, Solkhar?

  28. Mullah,

    Back in the mid 90’s, the NSW police knew that chop shops in Sydney were helping to finance M.E. terrorist groups. I had first hand experience dealing with some very well known identities who kept on escaping justice through the use of extremely highly paid defence solicitors. How they were able to afford these while on unemployment benefits escapes me, as does spending over 300k on house renovations. Perhaps all the income from the many ‘wives’ and their children via Centrelink?

  29. Sammish, if you are Moroccan born then you should no better, because you are not showing it. I do not know your background so it is not for me to say, but growing up outside of Morocco perhaps is an excuse to no nothing about the country you come from and then to have been told about the reality by someone who moved there is rather sad.

    The throw-in of the word apologist is rather boring and really means “I having nothing of value to add but I must criticize anyhow”.

  30. Blog-owner,

    your comments have no value, considering that you think the the Qur’an was written and turned into book form in the 9th century and that somehow two centuries of Islam existed without it.

    Avoiding the real topics by changing them makes for embarassing blogging, rather than justify your statement about the intengral part of jihad in Islam that was shot-down ans BS you have again carefuly side-stepped it.

    Go ahead blog-owner, were is the evidence and references, it is you who said that the Five Schools of Islam is supporting, claiming and declaring Jihad – go ahead, your just full of constant BS. What? Still trying to find a reference in Spencer’s work and cannot find it? Of course not because he has none – because there is none.

    Yes, there are multitudes of the word Jihad in the Qur’an, considering it was discussing an talking about the time of war in the deserts around Mecca and Medina.

    Because you cannot justify yourself blog-owner, you are avoiding being in a real debate.

  31. Al-Quaraouin (or Al Karaouiyin in some spellings) is the second oldest Islamic University in the world, its is in Fes (the oldest city) in central Morocco. Like Al-Azhar (the oldest) in Cairo is one of the Five Schools of Islam, so is Al-Quaraouin.

    Al-Quaraouin is probably, though that is my opinion, the most liberal and reformist of the Five Schools and Universities and has strong links to the original Andalusi reformist movement of the 12 century that also includes elements of Suffism. The University was certainly expanded by Andalusi refugees whom settled most of all in Fes, of which they always had a strong relationship with.

    It was the Al-Quaraouin Council that supported the view that if secular legal systems follows the principles of Islam under the broad title of Shari’a-compliant, then an actual theologically run Shari’a Court was not necessary. As far as I am aware, the other Five Schools do not support that view, but be certain that the majority of Muslim governments (which have secular and not Shari’a Courts) would seek the same statement.

    As for my own connection, Al-Quaraouin has a campus here in Marrakech, which is called the Faculty of Arabic Language Studies (I think that is how you would say it in English) and you may find that it is also spelt as Al Karaouiyin if you wish to search on the net.

    I studied what is called a degree in Arabic Letters, since I am already a post-grad I did not have to do the basic DEUG (a BA). Thus I studied the Arabic language.

  32. * It was the Al-Quaraouin Council that supported the view that if secular legal systems follows the principles of Islam under the broad title of Shari’a-compliant, then an actual theologically run Shari’a Court was not necessary.

    Would a secular legal system following the principals of islam / broadly sharia-compliant also be noahide compliant, Solkhar?

    Would the Jerusalem Court for Issues of Bnei Noah under the Sanhedrin accept such a legal system as noahide-compliant?
    ( )

  33. And Solkhar, don’t expect Jews (or Christians) to “revert” to islam
    any time soon – it is Jerusalem that will be a cup of trembling to the
    nations round about – not Riyadh, Teheran, or Rabat.

  34. Islamic University…….HIHiHiHiHaHahahahah,…that guy is Fun…..
    The Earth is Flat…..and how to Wipe his Asss…HaHaHaHAAAA, Thank’s you make my Day.

  35. Hey, Bozo …You study arabic language ???….You mean the language who is written with Spaghetti and Flyspecks…..You are a authentic Clown !

  36. Solkar,
    Just because I was born in Morocco what make you think that I should think like you. You are crazy. I can understand Moroccans preaching to me to return to the fold. I told them to f*&% themselves, I can think for myself …I was born from a mixed marriage ethnically as well as religiously… but my family was secular…

    Islam is a political ideology it has no spiritual redeeming value…and you know it…

  37. sammish, I really do not care at all about your background, your opinion or your excuses.

    You make a comment about another then expect to have it commented on, what I know is that I am a proud Muslim and I am faithful to it and I chose to live here.

  38. You make a good deal about your lies / role-playing, and your claimed former and current occupations, Solkhar. You may be a muslim, but does
    “allah” encourage lying?

  39. Hey Mullah,do you know in which country live my best Friend Solkhar….He is a morrocan ??….because i know a couple of things about these Folks….I learned from French site.
    I depply love Solkhar…..

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