Islamo Clones

No, I didn’t mean Clowns, I do mean clones. Just compare:

Here’s  Fathali M. Moghaddam, director of the “conflict resolution program at Georgetown University” in Washington, who says some Muslim youth may embrace violent causes because they believe they have no chance for upward mobility in their country.

Fitzgerald: CNN: An Inquiry on Why Muslims Become Muslim Terrorists (But Hold The Islam)

“They’re driven by a sense of humiliation”

F*kc, where did we hear that before? Isn’t Fathali M. Moghaddam from the Saudi sponsored Georgetown university spouting the same bullcrap we heard from Professor Riaz Hassan from Australia’s Flinders university,  reported by Adelaide Now on August 20 2009?

Recap: Fathali M. Moghaddam and his Lipstick on a Pig propaganda:

* Flinders university prof: Suicide bombings ‘almost unstoppable’

Its all our fault, you see, because “suicide bombing is mostly a desperate action to right social wrongs”, like Abu Ghraib. (He didn’t mention Gitmo, why not?) Making efforts to improve human rights – such as the treatment of (Muslim-) refugees – would halve the number of suicide attacks, he forecast, pointing out the treatment of Abu Ghraib prisoners in Baghdad led to another spike in suicide attacks.

Suicide bombers were spurred on by the humiliation suffered by those in their community, It would be impossible to stamp out suicide attacks unless real changes were made to improve social conditions in countries around the world, Prof Hassan said.

Terrorism is not confined to any faith or any culture. Terrorists are driven by varying impulses. Yet since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on America, terrorism has often been associated with young Muslim men.  (Enough to make you puke! And its all our fault to point a finger at it!)Video Watch as CNN’s Christiane Amanpour investigates how one madrassa student is recruited to join the Taliban »

People often assume that Muslim youth who turn to violence are ill-educated fanatics inspired by visions of meeting virgins in paradise. But that portrait is rarely true, terror experts say. (On Winds of Jihad we never do that. We are well aware that the terrorists are usually well educated, better educated than their illiterate goat-herding brothers in the desert. We simply maintain that educated Islamic terrorists are more dangerous/ed)

“They are not crazy people,” says James Jones, author of “Blood That Cries Out From the Earth,” a book that examines the psychology of religious terrorism.

“They [terrorist groups] won’t recruit psychotic people,” Jones says. “Crazy people are unstable. That’s exactly what you don’t want.”

This is exactly the same kind of enemy propaganda spouted by  Riaz Hassan in Adelaide.

Basel Saleh, an assistant economics professor at Radford University in Virginia, blames da Jooozzz:

Saleh says if Israel did more to help improve Palestinians’ living conditions, fewer Palestinian youths would turn to violence.

Read the whole thing from CNN:

“You have to open a new path for them [Palestinians],” he says. “They want freedom of movement. Give them an airport, a port. Don’t demolish their schools and their universities. Pay attention to basic human rights.”

The anger felt by some Palestinian youth is also stoked by propaganda, says Michael Jacobson, a senior fellow in The Washington Institute’s Stein Program on Counterterrorism and Intelligence.

Hamas sponsors children television shows and summer camps that are designed to indoctrinate Palestinian children with the same message, Jacobson says. Video Watch Amanpour go inside a Hamas boys summer camp »

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  1. ” Yet since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on America, terrorism has often been associated with young Muslim men. ”

    ‘associated with ‘
    Don’t you mean ‘ carried out by ‘ ?

  2. Forgetting to note, of course, that the reason many of these institutions were removed by Israel was that the muslims abused their function and turned them into terror support facilities. But why spoil a sensational news story with the truth???

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