Lockerbie Bombing was carried out, as thousands of murders before and since, in the name of the Muslim god, Allah.

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Islamic TerroristÂ’s release exposes the weakness of Western Civilization

Terrorist al-Megrahi (left) was released August 20 after serving only 7 years for the murder of 270 people in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 in December of 1988.  Source photos/AP

Today, the Scottish justice secretary announced the decision to release the Libyan intelligence officer convicted of taking part in the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. The convicted terrorist, Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and is being released on “compassionate grounds.”

For those of you who do not remember; it was four days before Christmas, in December 1988, and two hundred fifty-nine souls were flying unheard through the clear, cold nighttime skies above the Scottish countryside. The passengers of Pan Am Flight 103 bound for New York from London had been in the air for a little over thirty minutes and were settling in for the transatlantic crossing; among them forty-five students from Syracuse, Brown, Colgate, and Oswego State Universities, returning home from study abroad.

* Dialogue with radical Muslims only legitimizes them

Suddenly, a bomb hidden in a suitcase exploded in the cargo hold under the cockpit of the 747, punching a twenty-inch hole in the side of the airplane. Within a few seconds, the cockpit and first class section of the plane broke away, ripping off the number three engine as it peeled away and began falling to Earth. The terrified passengers inside the aircraft were struck with tornado-force winds and air as cold as -50 degrees Fahrenheit. The winds shredded the passengers’ clothes and hurled unsecured objects and human bodies like missiles through the fuselage. The terrified screams of some would be snuffed out quickly, as the sudden drop in air pressure would cause the air to rapidly expand and burst their lungs. Most, however would survive the initial blast of wind and cold as the decapitated aircraft began its plunge.

As the shattered 747 continued on its long, six-mile fall, those who survived the initial breakup of the aircraft had time to contemplate their deaths. Still strapped in their seats with only the sound of the wind, most passengers were ejected as the fuselage continued to break apart – many suffering agonizing injuries in the process. The pilot and crew in the cockpit were the first to die, as they slammed into a field near a church, while the main section of the plane’s fuselage plowed into the village of Lockerbie, killing two entire families as they slept in their beds; eleven villagers in all, setting buildings ablaze as the jet fuel ignited on impact – the bodies of the passengers falling like rain for miles around. A lone flight attendant, strapped in her seat, was found still alive in a farmer’s field, but died before help could arrive.

The mass slaughter of these innocent victims was carried out, as thousands of murders before and since, in the name of the Muslim god, Allah. The Libyan dictator Muamar Quadaffi and his intelligence service carried out the bombing as part of their on going war against Israel and Western Civilization for the glory of their god.

Eventually, under immense international pressure, Libya turned over the two intelligence officers indicted by a Scottish court for the murders, wherepon they were tried under Scottish law in the Netherlands. al-Megrahi was convicted, while his co-defendant was set free. After appeals, al-Megrahi was finally jailed for his crime in March of 2002 – more than thirteen years after the mass murder. Today, al-Megrahi returns to Libya a hero and enjoys the comforts of home and family.

This gross miscarriage of justice reveals something more than a weakness in Scottish law or the misapplication of mercy in the instant case. This case speaks to the lack of will on the part of the larger Western world to defend itself against the attacks of a rival civilization. This has been plainly evident in the weak-willed responses to terrorism throughout the 1990’s which led up to the September 11, 2001 attacks, and it is again apparent as the Obama administration closes the Guantanamo prison facility, forbids its members from even using the word terrorism, and has publicly declared the War on Terror at an end – even while our enemies continue to plot our downfall.

Even after the September 11 slaughter, leftists in the Western world have been far more concerned with “mistreatment” of terrorist murderers than with pressing the fight against those who openly call for our destruction. Westerners have been murdered en masse: blown up, shot, incinerated, kidnapped, tortured, and beheaded, while the Western intelligencia and mass media wrings its hands about our “atrocities”, like putting underwear on a terrorist’s head, having a woman get near him, keeping his jail cell too cold, or dropping his Koran in the crapper.

We are locked in a struggle against an aggressor civilization that cloaks brutality and murder in the glory of religion. It is a civilization that regards us as sub-human; that murders its women for crimes such as showing their face in public, being a rape victim, or learning to read – a civilization that murders its men for shaving their beards, being a homosexual, or reading the wrong books.

Yet, in the face of this enemy, Western civilization collectively lacks the will to effectively fight back. Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill apparently lacks the will to keep a mass-murderer in jail during his last days – even in his comfortable private cell and with his specially-prepared Muslim menu. Mr. MacAskill, who is doubtless a very thoughtful and compassionate man, summed up our shared weakness in his announcement of the release, saying that the Scottish people “…pride ourselves on our humanity” and that, even though al-Megrahi was a heinous and detestable murderer, we “…cannot lose sight of who we are.” His speech was truly moving and his words about the Scottish people’s humanity, compassion, and need to remain true to their values are indeed true for all of us in Western civilization.

What Mr. MacAskill and the leftists among us in the West do not understand, is that our compassion must be tempered by the realities of war. al-Megrahi is a terrorist and a murderer who has already been shown compassion by being allowed to live – and live quite comfortably. He has been given free medical treatment for his cancer and Muslim-friendly foods to eat. The superiority of our culture has been demonstrated; al-Megrahi has not had his head sawed off his living body on video, nor been taken up in an airplane to 31,000 feet and booted out the door. He was tried under Scottish law, sentenced to life in prison, and treated humanely in captivity – there is no reason to show any more “compassion” for a man – or a civilization – that celebrates with religious fervor the horrifying deaths of those 270 innocents aboard Pan Am 103. Moreover, the focus in this matter is, as always, on the criminal – what of compassion for the families of those butchered by Quadaffi’s henchmen? There is no concern for the additional pain this injustice will cause them. There will be no “compassionate grounds” that will release them from their life sentences of grief and loss.

And that is the true heart of the matter – the Western elite has contempt for our way life and poisoned the well of public discourse. The leftist drones on about his love of freedom and our way of life, but in truth he holds our civilization in contempt as racist, imperialistic, and exploitative, and so finds it easier to show compassion for a terrorist killer than for the widow of his victim. He recoils in horror at a picture of a terrorist made to take his clothes off at Abu Ghraib, but seeks to “understand” the motives of men who fly jets into buildings packed with innocent people.

Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy has said that we must treat terrorist “soldiers” the same way we would want our soldiers to be treated. Senator John Kerry has said of America’s servicemen, “…there is no reason…that young American soldiers need to be going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children.” The Democrat’s number two Senator, Dick Durbin, stood on the floor of the United States Senate and said the following about American Marines;

“If I read this to you and did not tell you that it was an FBI agent describing what Americans had done to prisoners under their control, you would most certainly believe this must have been done by Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or some mad regime – Pol Pot or others – that had no concern for human beings. Sadly this is not the case.”

What horrifying account of torture had the Senator revealed that prompted him to compare the US Marines to Nazis, communists, and Khmer Rouge butchers? He described a terrorist held at Guantanamo Bay who had been restrained with chains, had his cell air-conditioned to an uncomfortable level, and had been forced to listen to rap music. To provide some perspective, while exactly zero prisoners have been killed at the Guantanamo Bay resort, the death camps of the Soviets, Nazis, and Khmer Rouge tortured, starved, and slaughtered no less than 13.2 million human beings.

Western civilization must reject the self-loathing of such traitors. We must turn our face toward this vicious enemy and comprehend its evil nature. We face a long, twilight struggle for the survival of our entire way of life against an enemy that does not regard any of us – not our soldiers, not our women, or even our children – as worthy of any compassion. If we cannot muster the collective will to simply keep such savages locked up in guilded prison cells, we are doomed to lose this struggle, and so sentence humanity to a thousand years of darkness under the heel of Muslim brutality.

Hero’s welcome for Lockerbie bomber who slaughtered 270 as shabby deal sparks U.S. outrage

Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, the only man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing, leans on a stick as he prepares to walk down the steps on to Libyan soil
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Distorted values

Distorted values
Three events took place this week that are seemingly disconnected, but in each event a meaningful value was distorted almost beyond recognition. It’s important to look at how the values were distorted and to learn the lessons that need to be learned for the future.
The first value is compassion.
Abdelbeset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi, suffering from terminal prostate cancer, was freed from prison in Scotland, with Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill citing compassionate grounds for the release and saying al Megrahi was “going home to die.”
A large crowd, waving flags and honking horns, greeted al Megrahi at the military airport in Tripoli.

Three events took place this week that are seemingly disconnected, but in each event a meaningful value was distorted almost beyond recognition. It’s important to look at how the values were distorted and to learn the lessons that need to be learned for the future.

The first value is compassion.

Abdelbeset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi, suffering from terminal prostate cancer, was freed from prison in Scotland, with Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill citing compassionate grounds for the release and saying al Megrahi was “going home to die.”

A large crowd, waving flags and honking horns, greeted al Megrahi at the military airport in Tripoli.

But the Torah teaches us that compassion is not always the correct value to invoke. The classic case of compassion wrongly shown is the case of King Saul, who ignored God’s command to totally wipe out the Amalekites – who posed a mortal threat to the Jews – allowing their female children, sheep and king to survive. The king managed to escape long enough to impregnate a woman, and as a result, the Amalekites survived and continue – say the rabbis – to threaten the Jews in every generation (albeit under different names). God punished Saul by revoking the royal line from his family.

Our rabbis derive from this story that one who is kind to the cruel ends up being cruel to the kind. Saul ends up pursuing King David all over the land of Israel, and ends up murdering an entire city of priests who helped King David without knowing that he was fleeing from Saul.

Al-Megrahi is a mass murderer. Although he is dying, releasing him to the hero’s welcome that took place in Tripoli on Thursday was completely out of place. Aside from the fact that it let a mass murderer feel loved, it let the next mass murderer know that society will forgive his crime too, even without any remorse on his part.

The second value is freedom of expression. Earlier this week, the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet published a disgraceful story that accused IDF soldiers of harvesting organs from dead ‘Palestinians.’

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  1. Just “misunderstanders of islam”, coupled with “islamophobia” on the
    part of anyone revolted by the actions of those carrying out “anti-islamic actions” and causing “man-caused disasters” … and the OIC and
    UN will punish anyone who thinks otherwise. Alhamdilpikul!

  2. Celebrating in the streets ust like they did after 9/11 and still the STUPID MSM and idiotic Western Governments don’t get it or rather dont WANT to get it. The Obamanation is another case he IS a Mohammedan himself so it is to be expected of him to lick Mohammedans arses hence his America insulting BOW down to the Sordid King of Saudi.

  3. Yes great celebrations on his arrival home..I was watching a breakfast show this morning , the host who is very cheeky smiled , then said my producer just said in my ear that ” the ning nong has landed.”
    I had not heard this expression in a long time.
    The victims relations are understandably distressed but it is possible that this guy is innocent as he claims.

  4. Have you guys heard the boggus news emerging from Saudia Arabia?? or some desert island that this freed terrorist was cured from his prostate cancer upon his arrival…. A miracle indeed…..

    The celebrations at the airport and the streets were sicknening to watch on TV… I could not beleive it. What sort of human beings are these people… Well I cannot brag too much…. one never knows if the mad man Kadafi was behind it all…. regardless if I was him I would have told servile people to stay at home and reflect on those blackest years of terror that led to Lockebie Scotland…. this is another reason why life itself means nothing to muslims… NOTHING… even their own…. truly destructive spirit…

  5. Sammish,
    These celebrations were organized and were on a parallel to the Al arabajabber
    “celebrations” when the child murderer was released from Israeli prisons into Lebanon. The terrorist is also apparently a distant relative of ghaddafi.

  6. Al ArabJabber report: And yea – verily was megrafi, son of megrafy, uncle of megrahfo, daughter of megrahfum freed from his plight by allahbaahinshallahbaba…baaah,

    Translation: he died.

  7. not all of us believe that muslims are the sole agressors. There are plenty of us that believe most of it is state sponsored terrorism, designed to keep the populace terrified. Have you ever delved into 9/11?? Perhaps you should give it a GOOOOOOD look

  8. Those trufers are devious! They regularly disguise themselves as muslims & march through London & elsewhere with their “Europe you will pay – your 9/11 is on its way!” banners.

    * Tip: fire does melt steel…. it really does!

    Oh no! you mean it wasn’t a CIA nuke in the basement?

  9. Sammish
    As policy I make an effort to remember the names of the innocents who have been murdered by these animals but I never honor the terrorist by writing its name – a name best forgotten. But indeed, that is to whom I was referring.

    to maridu
    Yes we have looked into 9/11 – very closely – and 9/11 was designed, funded and carried out by muslims. As with all muslims, you love a conspiracy theory – no logic involved and no need for proof – just bleat often enough and get the crowd screaming. I have “looked” at the evidence – have you???

  10. You clearly have looked at the evidence provided by our governments. What about the explosions in the basements? What about the ‘fact’ that the goverment knew who was flying the plane….. they found his passport in the streets of NY because it fell out of his pocket, flew through the window of the plane, out of the WTC and onto the streets with barely a mark on it….yeah right. What about the lack of any aircraft debris at the pentagon and also the lack of aircraft debris from the plane that was allegedly destined for the whitehouse? Of course the explanation was that the aircraft vaporised…..something which has NEVER happened before, but happened twice in one day and they expect us to believe that? The material that jet turbines are made from cannot simply vaporise. I should know. And nor were there holes in the side of the pentagon in the area where the turbines would have hit. I’m not a mad conspiracy theorist. I only believe something when I see evidence concrete enough to back it up. They want us to believe it so that we support their wars. What evidence have you looked at exactly? Clearly not the independent evidence. Why are that such high levels of thermite found in the debris of the WTC? Why did WTC 7 collapse? Look at other buildings that have been hit by aircraft….none of them collapsed, yet we are expected to believe that 3 buildings in one day collapsed….AND one of them wasnt hit by a plane?!?! For crying out loud open your eyes and bring justice to those that we lost on that tragic day. We are being lied to people. Were you aware that Osama Bin Laden was on the payroll of the CIA when he was known as Tim Osman. Look at who has profitted directly from the ongoing war and which people are on the boards of the businesses that won multi million $ contracts on the back of the war….ahem…Haliburton. The same thing happened in Germany at the start of the WW….they faked terrorist attacks in order for their people to support their war….it’s a joke and the more you study it, the thicker the plot gets. Check out who funded Hitler…..Prescott Bush for one…..
    Wait for the next ‘excuse’ for a war….it’ll be much worse next time and if you don’t support them, you yourselves will be arrested under the terrorist act. There is something very wrong in the world. And we innocents are always the ones that suffer….whether we be Christian, Muslim or non-believers. Divide and conquer is their agenda. They want us to hate the Muslim race and vice-versa….wake up before it’s too late. We need to unite against the common enemy…but not in violence….we just need to speak out against them as one. They can’t carry out their plans of world domination against a united front.

  11. Britain Freed Lockerbie Bomber After Libyan Threats…

    The sun has set on the British Empire…

    (Sky News) — Britain feared Libya would take “harsh and immediate action” against it if the Lockerbie bomber died in prison, leaked US diplomatic cables have suggested.

    Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi made “thuggish” threats to halt all trade deals with the UK and harass embassy staff if Abdelbaset al Megrahi was not freed, according to the latest disclosures.

    The cables unveiled on whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks also suggest Tripoli offered a “parade of treats” to the Scottish devolved government if it let the convicted mass killer go – although the incentives were refused.

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