Mahfouz kicks the bucket

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Saudi Billionaire Dead, In Hell


Infamous libel tourist, Saudi billionaire Khalid bin Mahfouz died last Saturday.  His charity funded al-Qaeda and Hamas.  He was involved with the BCCI bank, also known as the “bank for crooks and criminals.”

Mahfouz is the guy who sued Rachel Ehrenfeld and others in what is known to be ‘Libel Tourism’- to prevent free speech.

The Campus War Against Israel and the Jews: Abdul Alim MusaBy: John Perazzo

… about the individuals and organizations that are waging an all out war on American college campuses against Israel and the Jews .more

New York enacts Libel Terrorism Protection Act

Gov. David Paterson signed the Libel Terrorism Protection Act on Thursday, helping New York set the pace in protecting American journalists from foreign libel verdicts.

The bill was first proposed in response to a ruling from New York’s highest court that the state could not exercise jurisdiction over Khalid Salim a Bin Mahfouz, a Saudi Arabian businessman and banker who obtained a default judgment in a defamation suit against American author Rachel Ehrenfeld in a British court. Bin Mahfouz is one of the world’s most notorious libel tourists, having used or threatening to use plaintiff-friendly British courts to sue for libel at least 36 times since 2002. More>>

Reporters Committee for the Freedom of the Press

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  1. Universities all over the world have been brainwashing students with PC, MC, anti American, antisemitic, Islamophile , left wing, Green NAZI, communism since the 60’s. Why do you think Americans were so stupid and gullible to vote for the Obamanation why do you think that in the UK the only choice is PC MC Nu Liebour and the Tories who are just NuLiebour ‘lite’. They have been parachuted in to top Police posts and the media and Judiciary is full of these morons too especially Al Bee Bee Ceera who apart from all the left wing idiots detailed above is also full of Feminists and Gays and Lesbians and Green NAZI’s. You have no of hope getting straight unbiased story from BBC the Islamophile, antisemitic, anti American, Green NAZI propaganda machine.

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