Noordin Top arrested, Baitullah Masood roasted

A small setback for Islam terror. These half-assed efforts won’t make a dent in the jihad ideology:

Andrew Bolt:

ASIA’S most wanted terrorist Noordin Mohammed Top has been arrested, according to reports.

Indonesian police have not confirmed the arrest, but they have reported an armed standoff with gunmen in a suspected hideout of Top, the alleged mastermind of terror attacks that resulted in about 100 Australian deaths. Shooting erupted after crack counter-terrorism police surrounded a house in rural Central Java as part of investigations into last month’s twin suicide bombings on hotels in the capital Jakarta, he said.

And in Pakistan:


Pakistan’s Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud, who led a violent campaign of suicide attacks and assassinations against the Pakistani government, has been killed in a US missile strike, a militant commander and aide to Mehsud said on Friday… Mehsud has al-Qaeda connections and has been suspected in the killing of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

* Sure, the death or the arrest of leading headbangers show at least that the whole war-machinery is not in vain. But we all know that they breed faster than we can eradicate them. So don’t call it “victory” just yet…

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  1. Just heard on the 5pm news that this Noordin Top was killed in a shoot-out with Indonesian police.

    Certainly hope so…so that leaves only 1.5 billion to go, right?

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