Not so fast: Lockerbie bomber, freed because he is terminally ill, may not be terminally ill

Was this an act of abject dhimmitude, not of compassion for a dying man?

“Medical advice on Libyan bomber ‘in doubt,'” by David Maddox for The Scotsman, August 26 (thanks to JW):

JUSTICE secretary Kenny MacAskill was last night under pressure to reveal more details of the medical evidence that led to the release of the Lockerbie bomber, after it emerged that only one doctor was willing to say Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi had less than three months to live.
Labour and Conservative politicians have demanded the Scottish Government publish details of the doctor’s expertise and qualifications, amid suggestions he or she may not have been a prostate cancer expert.

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The parties have also raised questions over whether the doctor was employed by the Libyan government or Megrahi’s legal team, which could have influenced the judgment.

The evidence provided by the doctor is crucial as compassionate release under Scots law requires that a prisoner has less than three months to live….

11 thoughts on “Not so fast: Lockerbie bomber, freed because he is terminally ill, may not be terminally ill”

  1. So its about to be revealed that the ‘Sweaty Socks’ are PATHETICALLY STUPID as well as Dhimmies . Cant say I am surprised knowing JOCKS and Scotland well.

  2. Looks like Sheik may have been red hot, if not correct, with the “miracle recovery” post. Another “agenda-driven” “right-wing” “hate mongering” post, no doubt.

    I wonder what “psychologists” have to say about people who put things
    in quotation marks – the resident troll may inform me (or inform on me)
    in due course.

  3. I think I would wait a couple of months before closing a decision on this topic. Having known a few people with terminal cancer it was not always apparent that they were so ill. However, given the magnitude of the crime he was convicted off, he should not have been released. If there was doubt, with additional evidence, then an enquiry could have been held – his release being dependent on the outcome. I think the people of Scotland have every right to draw the respective politicians over the coals. From what little information I have there is a rather offensive smell coming from this decision. Well, perhaps the wind is blowing in the wrong direction. On other stuff – the only person I know who places emphasis with quotation marks is Dr. Evil a la Austin Powers – “We are using a — (pause with expectant silence) — ‘computer’ “

  4. kaw, notice the two most vocal in rhetoric falling down overthemselves with the sniff of an actual scandal way before any evidence either way has been made public.

    I guess the desire for scandal is so strong and the need to look for conspiracies means that there is an automatic assumption from such people that the correctional and court authorities on a high profle prisoner would not put quality and proven testings about the state of terminal illness.

  5. Wrong AGAIN Solkhar the reason people are asking is that the medical diagnosis is suspect by ONE doctor who included Political BS in the report and that doctor was NOT a prostate cancer expert . Also under the Act of Devolution the responsibility for International Relations was retained by the UK Government not the Scottish Assembly. So Mac Askills claim that he and he alone made the decision is hardly credible. But then all the others who would have had to be involved are moonbat JOCKS too Alex Salmond and Gordon Mc Broon. I wonder if you or they will apologise if this Terrorist SCUM is alive three months from now. somehow I doubt it.

  6. Bad move; I couldn’t care less if he has prostate cancer or not. He’s a despicable blight on humanity, and should have died in prison.
    If I were king, he’d have been put into a cage in the Lockerbie town square, so that inhabitants could watch him rot to death without painkillers.

  7. Personally I think he was convicted in a court of law and should not be released for any reason, but then again it was that court that is part of a law that also allows for such release – thus the complaint should be to have the law changed the rest is now mute.

  8. Anyone want to take bets that our poor sufferer will be now have taken one swig of magical camel piss and Allahu Akbar, he has been cured.

  9. The Daily Mail has jus revealed it was all about OIL so the HYPOCRITICAL moonbat JOCKS have completely made fools of themselves. What is under a JOCKS kilt?? A WHITE FLAG.

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