Our 'peace-partners' from Fatah: "we will remove Israel from the region"

Quick: send money, weapons, aid workers! Give them a state, give them military experts to  train their troops! Peace in our time: Yes we can!


“Ordinary mums and dad’s who all want the same thing….”

Head of Fatah militia in Lebanon: We do not recognize Israel; we will remove Israel from the region

Fatah. You know, the “moderate” guys. “Head of Fatah Militia in Lebanon Munir Al-Maqdah: Fatah Does Not Recognize Israel; Israel Will Be Removed from Palestine,” from MEMRI, August 17 (thanks to JW):

Good News: Hamas, the  moderate terrorists are fighting “extremists”:

Solkhar, where are you when we need you?

Hamas buys legitimacy with blood

Why Hamas crushed a rival jihadist group — as I said here, “Hamas can now tell gullible Western officials that it is fighting against ‘extremism’!”

“Jihadi Public Relations,” by Walid Phares in Human Events, August 18 (thanks to JW):

Schlussel News:

Michelle Malkin:

Tundra Tabloids:

Dr.Daniel Pipes observes the present US administration’s buffoonery concerning its “New Approach for Safeguarding Americans,” which is most certainly a “new approach” that will hardly make safeguarding Americans any easier. In short, it’s a recipe for disaster. Read on. KGS

Counterterrorism in Obama’s Washington

Barack Obama’s assistant for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, John O. Brennan, conveniently outlined the administration’s present and future policy mistakes in a speech on August 6, A New Approach for Safeguarding Americans.” Read More:

Obama’s Clueless Assistant for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism…….

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  1. * Israel Will Be Removed from Palestine

    Only if you “interpret” scripture using the “uncorrupted” koran, eh
    Solkhar? Otherwise, never in their wildest dreams…

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