Sharia courts conquer UK

There are now 85 sharia courts in the UK. Muslim spokesmen already declared they want 300 of them by the end of next year:


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Jordan’s Board of Fatwas: “Anything that contradicts the Sharia” in UN anti-discrimination convention is prohibited

The advancement of human rights in Islamic countries is perennially blocked by Sharia. It’s promoters argue that, sure, it allows for human rights, but all the “rights” one is allowed — supposedly by divine fiat — are spelled out in Sharia. Stories like this show the obvious limitations on Sharia’s respect for human rights by modern standards, and should serve as a cautionary tale for the West. “Amman accused by Islamists of “destroying the family,” from Ennehar Online, August 22, Jihad Watch:

AMMAN- The Jordanian authorities are facing a hardening of the Islamists, who accuse them of having seriously damaged the families of the country in recognizing new rights to women, including freedom of movement.

To these Islamists, a wife is at home instead, with her husband or his family members, and any attempt to change this situation constitutes a flagrant violation of family values.

The government decision approved by King Abdullah II, to lift its reservations on paragraph 4 of Article 15 of the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, has had therefore the effect of a thunderclap.

This paragraph, taken from a text signed by Jordan in 1980 and ratified in 1992, stipulates that “States Parties shall accord to men and women the same rights with regard to legislation on the right of movement and the freedom to choose their residence and domicile”.

By removing its reservations on this point, “the government has violated the constitution and the country’s religion, Islam. It should be fired”, denounced to the AFP Chief of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hammam Said.

“Giving a woman the right to leave the domicile of her husband and move where she wants, will destroy their families,” he tried.

The Board of fatwas of Jordan, an authority that issues religious rulings, has also expressed its disapproval.

“Anything that contradicts the Sharia in the Convention (UN) is prohibited. A woman should not live and work as she wants because this would eliminate the sense of the word family, according to the Sharia,” he said in a statement….

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  1. Immigration – let’s get down to the absolute basics .

    Forget about how much immigration , what kind of people we let in ,
    the trickle of people who always land up on any foreign soil –
    I’m talking about planned immigration , the policy of a government to let
    foreign people into a country .
    Why should there be a policy ?

    A people , settled in their country for hundreds , maybe thousands of years ,
    go about their business , get married , produce the next generation – and so life goes on .
    Why on earth would the idea suddenly come to someone ,
    ” Let’s invite some foreigners to live here .”
    Can you see the absurdity of this ?
    I’m not talking about the reactions to people once they’ve arrived from other countries , acceptance , intolerance , hospitality , indifference , hostility .
    I’m talking about people in their daily lives , trying to get an
    education ,working , finding a partner , looking after their children suddenly wanting to share their lives , their country , with foreigners .
    Foreigners live in other countries – maybe you’re bigoted and you dislike foreigners just because they’re foreigners – maybe you find them interesting because they’re foreigners . Maybe you want to go abroad and meet some .
    Maybe you could meet a nice foreigner who liked your country and you might say in a fit of generosity , ” Why don’t you come and live here ? ”
    But to look outside of your country to individuals you know nothing about
    and say , ” Come and live in my country ” WHY ?

    I’m not debating the pros and cons of planned , wished for immigration up to now – I’m saying that it’s strange idea .

    Governments do things for a reason – not always good reasons and they don’t always ( often ? ) tell us what these reasons are .
    Planned immigration is not an idea that’s just popped unbidden into their collective heads .
    It’s been thought out as a policy – what was their policy ? – they didn’t tell us .
    What IS their policy ? – they haven’t actually explained but it’s something to do with the FACT that we live in a multicultural society .

    Politicians are not , in general , kind people .
    Their first priority in life is neither foreigners nor the locals .
    Advocating immigration has something to do with their careers or their ideology but nothing to do with us or our wishes.
    We can all come up with our own ideas why – whatever reasons we come up with , muslims will figure largely , but maybe not exclusively , in our thoughts .

    It might not occur to someone to invite foreigners into their country but ,
    given everything that’s happened over the last years , it wouldn’t be difficult
    to find good, solid reasons why we are now wary of inviting any more – why some want a complete halt to immigration and some might even want to send our foreigners back whence they came .

  2. I couold just see the North American aboriginals going to Europe and saying…”Hey, white man! Come to our country and live with us. We’ll share our food and our hospitality with you. Just don’t start breeding like rabbits and take us over and flooding our tepees with your crap”.

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