Solkar: Question number four!

In Islam,  homosexuals must be killed. Strangely though, Mohammedans  seem to have a love-hate relationsship with same sex activities, because in some Moslem countries more than 40 % practice it.


Why is homosexuality  forbidden in this world but permitted in Muhammad’s X-rated bordello in the sky?

The relevant verses from the Koran are:

	Koran 52:24
	Round about them will serve, to them, boys (handsome)
	as pearls well-guarded.

	Koran 56:17
	Round about them will serve boys of perpetual freshness.

	Koran 76:19
	And round about them will serve boys of perpetual
	freshness: if thou seest them, thou wouldst think them
	scattered pearls.
There's lots more from the X-rated paradise of Islam

10 thoughts on “Solkar: Question number four!”

  1. I’ve been in the Hall of Mirrors long enough to hazard a guess that it
    was the language that was needed at the time, and the Five Schools of
    Flounder will flip-flop diverting attention to Robert Spencer, Geert
    Wilders, right-wing evangalists (sic) and the “agenda-driven” blog

  2. Looks like Solkhar has just done a Mohammedan classic RUN RUN RUNAWAY. He/She/It knows nobody on here falls for its TAQQIYA and BS so its off to the Huff Post or the Daily Kos where left wing moonbat PC MC ‘libtards’ congregate scratching each others backs and telling themselves how smart they are and how misguided conservatives are will fall for his nonsemnse and congratulate him for being SOOOOO Moderate!!!!!! LOL

  3. Sheikh, you might also ask Solkhar what he would do in the hypothetical situation in which he bumped into Salman Rushdie. There are three possible answers:

    1) Tell him that although you consider him a blasphemer you respect his right to free speech and that it is for God, not man, to judge our sins

    2) Grab the nearest sharp implement and proceed to saw his head off while frenziedly screaming “Allahu akhbar!”

    3) Being of a more squeamish disposition, quickly summon some of your co-religionists to come and hack off his head

    Devout Mahometan Yusuf Islam (formerly second-rate songsmith Cat Stevens) was asked the same question a while back and publicly declared he would choose option 3.

  4. No doubt Solkhar will say that the eschatological non-stop f*kc-fest described by the Mahometan “holy” texts is to be interpreted as a metaphor, in a mystic sense. However, it says a lot about Islamic “spirituality” if the best metaphor that the Mahometans can come up with to describe the afterlife is so grossly carnal. In other words, they are incapable of conceiving of the the life of the spirit except in terms of the flesh, in terms of bestial copulation.

  5. 2) Grab the nearest sharp implement and proceed to saw his head off while frenziedly screaming “Allahu akhbar!”

    Bonus points:

    At the trial, the defence will be
    (a) My client thought the knife was a toy.
    (b) My client had a harsh islamic upbringing.
    (c) My client has a “history of mental illness”.
    (d) All the above.

  6. Folks,
    enough against the islamic troll – it is just a distraction that wastes time. I think that we need to be getting the important messages to a wider audience – ideas????

  7. I thought it was good that Solkar was on here..initially I thought why is everyone wasting their time with him? But then I thought about the nature of cults. I was in one for more than seven years..islam is a cult..They all have common threads. In a cult the number one rule is to never , ever step outside the walls of the cult. Through coming on here Solkar was stepping outside the circle. Anytime someone steps outside of the tight circle of a cult , there is a chance that it will start to cause different thoughts to arise..that questions however quiet will start to surface. It is a very long and often times harrowing journey out of any cult. I am hoping that Solkar will eventually find his was to faithfreedominternational…a web site for ex muslims.

  8. kaw, I think you will find as theresaj says, that Solkhar will be under immense pressure from his cult to withdraw from here – the conflict will destabilise him, and if his commitment to islam and his false prophet is wavering, he will bravely run away and stick to firing blanks on his own blog.

  9. Solkhar is a Coward like every muzz, it certainly dream of putting a bomb on the site, where all will be turned back……thats how they dream and live.

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