UK: Fox Guards Chicken Coop, Arabs Very Pleased

Voluntary Dhimmitude, you can’t beat it!

MCB welcomes the refocusing of our collective responsibility in the pursuit to prevent terrorism Arab News —


The Muslim Council of Britain today welcomed today the reported comments of Cohesion Minister Shahid Malik who announced a rethink into the Government’s Prevent programme and the wider approach to tackling extremism in Britain. The Minister announced a policy that would not single out any one community and would cover extremism emanating from all quarters.

A reassessment of the prevent agenda is long overdue. There is scant evidence that the policy is successful. In this respect, the MCB largely welcomes the findings of the New Local Government Network (NLGN), whose new report suggests that the Prevent scheme to help local councils to tackle violent extremism at a local level ‘risks alienating some local communities and particularly Muslim communities.’

Supporting the announcement, MCB Secretary General Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari said: “We recognize the challenge that violent extremism poses to all of us, and we welcome the overdue acknowledgement that we need a judicious and collective response to the problem. Our message – ever since 9/11 – has been unequivocal and focused – to call on all members of society to eschew criminality and participate positively in society. It is the job of the professionals – the Police and intelligence agencies – to uncover criminality and ill-intent. In so doing we believe that everyone should help in efforts to prevent injustice being perpetrated.

The rise of the Far Right, and the violence that has come with it means that we must redouble our efforts, and reach across the divide to foster a Britain at ease with itself.”

He added “In recent years, we have endured a policy that has been at the mercy of a handful of cynical ideologues that have appeared out of nowhere, but are now the benefactors of a massive stimulus package to the ‘prevent economy’. They have sought to portray British Muslims as a policy problem through the narrow focus of security and demanded that only those who sign up to their own undefined set of values be considered part of British society. The effect is that millions of pounds and thousands of man-hours are being wasted on a PR exercise that aims to make some look more attractive to anti-Muslim bigots.”

“If Muslims, as individuals and groups are not allowed to take part in the life of this nation without first signing an anti-extremism waiver as defined by dogmatic and self-appointed group of ideologues, they may be forgiven for being skeptical of the message they hear from such ill-conceived initiatives.”

4 thoughts on “UK: Fox Guards Chicken Coop, Arabs Very Pleased”

  1. Company, Attention!


    First rank… KNEEL!

    Second rank…LOAD!

    Redoubt…MAKE READY!

    Just reminiscing “Roarkes’ Drift”. I’ll bet the guy with the “Behead…” sign needs a little taste of British cold steel.

  2. “The rise of the Far Right, and the violence that has come with it ”

    Where can I find out about this ? – I read the papers but I missed it .
    You want to read about muslim violence ? – open any paper

    The not so innocent MCB!

    It Doesn’t Add Up

    Few people may have realised that the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has a charitable foundation attached to it. The Muslim Council of Britain Charitable Foundation (charity number 1084651) was established in 2001 to spread Islam and educate the public about it, as well as to ‘relie[ve] poverty, sickness, distress and suffering.’ The website of the Charity Commission allows you to examine a charity’s financial records and those of the MCB Foundation are fascinating, revealing a very poor track record of submitting accounts on time (a statutory requirement for charities). Their accounts for 2001 and 2002 both arrived extremely late — an example of management failure.

    A few eye opening articles, that explain why MCB Watch was founded, their links make interesting reading, to think the Government ever trusted this bunch, is akin to, having Nazi’s employed in the MOD pre WW1 and Two.

    By the way, Sharia is by far, the most far right any country could be, hanging homosexual’s, having to pay a tax to keep ones religion, only being allowed a job in the offices of state if ones a muslim.
    On and on, an islamic society segregates people into muslims and the rest,
    Thats Raw Fascism in anyone’s un PC Language!!

    I just wish they’d tell us all where this BNP violence is happening, it’s nowhere where i reside and yet we have a good BNP council guy.
    Most recent violence i recall, Blackburn Brit beaten to death in a local park by a gang of Asians.code for [ muslims]
    Rotherham, video of a young Brit being beaten and kicked as he lay on the floor. surrounded by Asian Gang [ muslims]
    Rapes of young girls is pretty regular, you guessed it, muslims again!

    Most people laughed when the police warned of a far right threat, on close inspection this amounted to, two saddo loony types. so thick they kept risin in a kitchen cuboard, where it had lain for two years. more than likely our low grade entry police SERVICE couldn’t read properly and the jar contained Raisins.

    But Hey, anything to keep the muslims happy at the expense of the British Tax payers!!

    Jihaad is carried offensively to cleanse the earth from the kufr [unbelievers], with the implementation of Islam as a system thus liberating man from the rule of man.
    MCBs Friends Hizb-ut-tahrir

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