UK: NuLabour Minister Storms Out of Mosque Because of Segregation of the Sexes

Mush meets Muzz,  kind of…

British Labour Minister Shocked!

Shocked because he couldn’t be with his tilt at the wedding!

Andrew Bolt:

It really is time to insist on more tolerance of other people’s customs – and no, I don’t mean more tolerance from Fitzpatrick at all:

A Labour minister has reacted with fury after he and his wife were ordered into separate rooms at a Muslim wedding.

Jim Fitzpatrick stormed out of the London Muslim Centre after being told that strict Islamic rules meant his wife Sheila would have to move into another room.

The minister for food and farming, who was attending a constituent’s wedding at the centre, claimed the segregation of men and women at such events was affecting ‘social cohesion’.

That’s what happens when the soldiers of Allah impose their rules on clueless, unsuspecting multiculturalist utopians. But not to worry: Australia’s sheik Fehmi, thats the successor to our very own catmeat mufti sheik Taj Din al Hilali, is going to end segregation in mosques by November this year.

Surely he is a man of his word?

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  1. This is what is happening NOW in UK and this is the path the Obamanation and his ‘libtards’ are leading America and KRudd and his Labour Party Australia down. If you still think the UK is not insane ponder this. A schoolboy of 15 was surprised to receive in the mail from his Local Council a certificate which was issued as follows:

    Certificate of Approval
    From the AQA ( Assement and Qualifications Alliance) of the Bury and Rochdale Local Council

    Using Public Transport (Unit 1)
    1) Walk to local Bus stop
    2)Stand or sit at bus stop and wait for arrival of public bus. ( as opposed to NOT waiting I suppose)
    3) Enter the bus in calm and safe manner
    4)Be directed to a downstairs seat by a member of staff. (????? need a member of STAFF to know a seat is empty)
    5) Sit on the bus and OBSERVE THROUGH THE WINDOWS . (marvelous skill that so many people dont know how to look through a window)
    6)Wait until the bus has stopped , stand on request and exit the bus (as opposed maybe to jumping off a moving bus under a following vehicle I suppose WITHOUT being requested to do so)

    Now just think some Government appointed lackey is being PAID a most probably very high salary with a gold plated tax payer funded pension scheme to make this insanity up and to administer it and issue certificates. So dont let Brits criticise you for pointing out how insane they are.

    Oh and just in case you think I invented this story and no one could be this PC and STUPID here is t he link to the story,–just-using-bus.html

  2. Damn, these people are supposed to be running this country and they’re just stuck on stupid! would have been nice if they’d done some research before opening the floodgates.

  3. “Would have been nice if they’d done some research before opening the floodgates”.

    Time to call the plumber.

  4. * A Labour minister has reacted with fury …

    That’s Rage Boy’s job – did Jim Fitzpatrick get “hurt feelings” due to the “lack of cultural sensitivity”? Islam in general is affecting ‘social cohesion’, but the trap will have sprung shut.

    MPACUK has profiled him at

  5. George Galloway has gone on the attack – I’d like to know if there really is a “civil war” raging in the Tower Hamlets Labour Party, and what it is about … (from the (Dis)respect party site:

    Galloway condemns “disgusting and insulting” attack on Muslim wedding
    Friday 14th August 2009

    George Galloway today condemned Government Food Minister Jim Fitzpatrick’s attack on a Muslim wedding as a “disgusting insult, cynically motivated by political opportunism”.

    Fitzpatrick issued a press release this week to the East London Advertiser announcing he had refused to enter a Muslim wedding party at the London Muslim Centre to which he had been invited because his wife was asked to go to the section for women only.

    “Fitzpatrick must have been a to a hundred segregated weddings, not least in the West of Scotland,” said Galloway. “Only now has he decided to gratuitously insult the family and friends of the bride and groom in the cheap pursuit of Islamophobic votes and as part of the vicious faction fight going on in the local Labour Party.”

    [… …]

    “And Fitzpatrick has singled out the Islamic Forum of Europe for attack because they have been demonised by the faction Fitzpatrick is supporting in the civil war raging in the Tower Hamlets Labour Party. The (Labour) council leader Lutfur Rahman and his close Muslim colleagues on the council have all been condemned as members of the IFE by their opponents within the Labour Party who are motivated more by career ambitions than any principled difference.

    [… …]

    UK Labour in meltdown? Too good to be true

  6. Certificate of Approval
    From the AQA ( Assement and Qualifications Alliance) of the
    Tower Hamlets Local Council

    Using Public Transport (Unit 1)
    1) Drive to distant Bus stop
    2) Stand or sit nervously at bus stop and wait for arrival of bus.
    3) Enter the bus as calmly as possible
    4) Locate seat with best chance of maximising infidel deaths
    5) Sit on the bus and OBSERVE THROUGH THE WINDOWS, in case
    you were followed.
    6) Wait until the bus has stopped in heavy traffic, preferably near Tube entrance
    7) Say quick “prayer” to allah
    8) Collect 72 Virgin frequent exploder points

  7. Mr Fitzpatrick said they had no idea they would be separated and when it became clear that his wife would be forced to sit in a different hall, they walked out.

    That just proves how little these morons in government know about Islamic customs.
    If he knew the customs then he would have been prepared to separte from his wife or would not have attended at all.
    They know nothing.
    Dear Mr. Fitzpatrick, read the Qur’an and a few books by Robert Spencer or Raymond Ibrahim, or Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Wafa Sultan and find out what is going on in the Islamic ideology that you are so PC about before considering this “shariah law”. Please do some research.

  8. Mr. Fitzpatrick and his dhimmi cohorts in the UK government encouraged and welcomed millions of mohammedans into Britain.

    He and his NuLabour govt. unleashed the cancerous virus onto the British population. So it is too late now for his hypocritical whinging.

    His government are the morons who are allowing sharia law to be enacted in Britain.

    Mr. Fitzpatrick might screech much louder when his wife is forced into wearing a burqa.

    He had better get used to the jolly Islamic customs that his 7th century barbaric masters will soon inflict on the UK. All of his own making.

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