Yale and the dreaded cartoons of blasphemy


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Yale & the Danish Cartoons: The Plot Thickens

Pajamas Media/Andrew Bolt

So why did Yale University refuse to publish not only the Danish cartoons, but famous historial images of Muhammad, even when Muslim scholars gave it the go-ahead?

The suspicion was at first the normal one – that the university was simply too scared to stand up for free speech. ButRoger Kimball digs deeper and smells money….

When the Danish cartoons were first published I was completely delighted, and then was just flummoxed when nearly all of a cowardly free press failed to publish the cartoons in a show of support for a) freedom of speech and expression, and b) support and protect the cartoon authors.

The oil-slick princes  of Arabia must be wondering  if there is anything petrodollars can’t buy in a country whose president bowed to a Moslem king as one of his first acts in office:

Follow the money:

…energetic investigative reporters are looking into Yale’s financial relationships with some of the spots where Linda Lorimer, Vice President and Secretary of the University, told Professor Klausen she has often traveled recently: Saudi Arabia, for example. Quite soon, I suspect, we will know why the Yale administration insisted that the Yale University Press dim the lux and veritas when it came to Professor Klausen’s book.

A book about Mohammed cartoons without the cartoons. What does that make us?

Would it surprise you if  Yale is planning to remove the hebrew lettering from its seal because it could be perceived as offensive?