Yusuf Rubs It

Comedy Gold from Sharia Shyster Yusuf Irfan:


Exposing the jihad ideology and raising awareness about Islamic terrorism makes Andrew Bolt (and those who read his blog) just like -you guessed it- Bin Laden.


Planet Irf:  Introducing Usama bin Ladin’s new recruit …

Yusuf, the Internet Gestapo:

Insensitive jokes were detected,
As Yusuf  in his wisdom suspected;
He can’t wait to see
Our heads roll, tee hee,
When finally we get corrected.

Yusuf  hysteria in overdrive.  Same old, same old…

When Geert Wilders was interviewed on CNN they barely gave him  a 10 second sound-bite, only to be followed instantly by a hysterical Islamic headbanger who compared him to Bin Laden and HITLER! Assorted f*kcwits from the Guardian pounced on Wilders, never having read the Koran or the hadith, never having bothered to watch FITNA, (Miliband comes to mind) supported by fanatical Muslims from “Lord Ahmed” to “Baroness Uddin” who couldn’t contain their bile and hatred for Europes most courageous politician.

Yusuf from Planet Irf is using the same playbook:

So what is Yusuf really saying? Lets take a look:

Introducing Usama bin Ladin’s new recruit …

Usama bin Ladin has being trying desperately to convince young Muslims living in Western countries of certain things …

“desperately?” He didn’t have to try that hard… there are millions of good Muslims who follow him, how do  you intend to  prove them wrong, Yusuf?

a. That his terrorist agenda is perfectly consistent with Islam.

It is. Usama is a good Muslim. Prove him wrong, Yusuf, we are waiting with baited breath!

b. That Muslims living in countries like Australia will always be marginalised and never accepted as full citizens.

Rubbish. Where did Usama say this? It is Muslims who are obliged to drive the unbelievers out of their homes. Besides, it is Muslims who are told that “assimilation is a crime against humanity”…

c. That Muslims have an obligation to join his struggle against … um … he’s not quite sure. Possibly the West, possibly Muslim rulers, possibly Shia Muslims, possibly Muslims who don’t support his agenda.

Come on, Yusuf, get real. What kind of Muzz are you? Why don’t you ask your spiritual advisor Tariq Ramadan, perhaps he can advise you? How about this: Ramadan said that there can be no islam without jihad. Hint: “Allah hath purchased of the believers their persons and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight in His cause, and slay and are slain…” — Qur’an 9:111

Anyway, bin Ladin’s popularity in nominally Muslim countries has been waning. But in Australia, bin Ladin has found an important ally. Here’s a photo of Usama bin Ladin’s most important Australian propagandist.

(photo of Andrew Bolt follows)

Bin Laden’s popularity “has been waning?” Where and when, Yusuf?  While the jihad rages and kills in more than 30 theaters of war around the world the jihad ideology takes its toll among Muslims and unbelievers. Ask your Muslim brothers who are now in the dock, Yusuf: what made Wissam Mahmoud Fattal,  El Sayed, Abdirahman Mohamud Ahmed, Saney Edow Aweys and Yacqub Khayre go on the jihad warpath? You or the Religion of Peace?

*  The Islamofascists are the Fascists, Not Geert Wilders

2 thoughts on “Yusuf Rubs It”

  1. According to another sky fairy botherer Rev. Vincent Rankin in a letter to the Sydney Morning Herald on the 27 July 2009.

    After his visit to Cairo in 1950, Robert Menzies noted in his diary that “these wretched creatures, these ‘Gyppos’, are a dangerous lot of backward adolescents, full of self-importance and basic ignorances”.

    A politician with brilliant perception, a scarce commodity amongst the yellow belly politicians that we the taxpayers fund these days. That was 1950 and the evil purveyors of Islamist terrorism have not evolved one iota. And probably never will with the likes of Irfan being a preferred spokelooney for them.

  2. A poster on the Bolt blog takes offense:

    I have read numerous Aussie Muslim websites, and am bemused by the number of contributors to these sites that refer to the rest of us as “kafirs.” Is there a legal avenue to sue those that write on these websites for racial discrimination? I for one don’t like being called a kafir in my own country, and find it extremely offensive. It would not be acceptable to write about Africans on a chat room site and continually refer to them with the “n” word, and is very reminiscent of the White South Africans who referred to the black population as kaffirs. It is racist, out of line, and completely unacceptable. I assume they’d come up with some excuse as to the word not being offensivce, but it is the intent with which they use it that counts, and thier intent is separating us from them on religious grounds……which is against the race relations act. Can we collectively sue these people and their hate filled islamic propoganda sites for racial discrimination?? From Oxford dictionary online: The word Kaffir was originally simply a descriptive term for a particular ethnic group. Now it is a racially abusive and offensive term, and in South Africa its use is actionable.

    — ORIGIN Arabic, infidel

    Offended of Melbourne (Reply)
    Fri 07 Aug 09 (10:34am)

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