Yusuf Rubs It: Jihad Factories Good, Tim Blair Baaad…


Islamo-shyster Yusuf from Planet Irf  doesn’t want infidels to take a closer look at the jihad factories in Indonesia where good Muslims breed indoctrinated  killer zombies  for the future kaliphate. Yusuf  is trying to hard-sell the mythical “moderate Islam”  and the best way to do that, is to attack Tim Blair, his old foe:

INDONESIA: Tabloid expert declares terrorists poised to take over

Daily Telegraph resident blogger Tim Blair is worried about Indonesia being on the verge of taken over by the likes of Noordin Top. Apparently there are Noordin Tops in schools across Indonesia. (Indeed, there are. Breeding more and  faster everyday…)

* A racist little slur: Understanding the cultures of non-Western countries and non-white peoples isn’t one of Blair’s strengths. So it’s not surprising that Blair can’t notice it’s highly unlikely that Indonesian boarding schools are filled with Malaysians. (red herrings anyone?)

And what of these boarding schools? Well, Blair describes Indonesia’s pesantren as …

… these terror-breeding fundo-pods …

… and after noting that there are 45,000 of these, states …

The scale of the problem becomes clear. It’s broad-based rather than Top-down, you could say.

Yes, that was quite amusing. (I’m not amused, Yusuf…) What’s even more amusing is Blair’s refusal to do some basic elementary research on indigenous Indonesian boarding schools and their role in Indonesian society, instead of writing them all off as terror factories. (Go back to sleep kuffars, its not happening… its all good.. trust me! I’m Yusuf from Planet Irf. I’m a Muslim and Muslims don’t tell lies…)

And we all know about these nasty Indonesian schools. Blair’s ideological compatriots in the US were busy during the last US Presidential Election trying to prove that US President Obama attended an Indonesian pesantran. (We have Barry Soetoro’s school enrolment form to prove that the Obamessiah is a Muslim, Yusuf. Still in denial? Look here, scroll down, bottom of page!)

If Indonesian boarding schools were such terror factories, surely the biggest terrorist on the planet is this bloke. Still, Blair isn’t the only “expert” to pontificate on pesantren.

Gus Dur aka Abdurrahman Wahid, Yusuf? Lets have a closer look at this “moderate Muslim”, shall we?

1749_INDONESIA - GUS DUR (147 x 120)

Gus Dur aka Abdurrahman Wahid, an Islamist former PM of Indonesia, best known for embezzlement and corruption.  When he was exposed and forced to resign he  threatened  to bring to Jakarta tens of thousands of armed supporters. In the end he was being forced to resign as president, but he was never brought to trial.

No way can I have respect for Abdurrahman Wahid
(Gus Dur)

Firstly, I can not forget that his paternal Grandfather, Hasyim Asyari was the founder of Nahdlatul Ulama/NU, which played a major role in the 1965 mass murders

Beginning in later October 1965, the Indonesian army and its civilian allies (espeically Muslim militia groups (Nahdlatul Ulama/NU) began to kill members and associates of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI).

In most cases the killings were one-sided. In most cases the authorities arrested party members and members and leaders of affiliated organizations and held them in detention for some time before sending them out to be killed over subsequent weeks and months.

In some cases, the army and militias(Nahdlatul Ulama/NU) organized raids on communist villages or hamlets, slaughtering all or most of the inhabitants. The estimates of the death toll of the conflict range from over 100,000 to 3 million, but most scholars accept a figure of around 500,000.

Interesting to note,the muslims where murdering non muslims at a faster rate, than what the Germans where killing the Jews

The purging of two secularist parties, the Nationalists and the Communists, had a notable side effect of having given greater space for the development of Islamism in Indonesia. This included liberal, conservative, and extremist groups practicing Islam in Indonesia.

It widely believed by observers of Indonesian history and politics that Suharto’s forces whipped up anti-Communist sentiment in part by exploiting conservative Muslims’ fears of “godless” Communism to instigate a jihad against them during the civil war.

As for more mainstream groups, conservative Islamic groups Nahdlatul Ulama/NU became a prop of the regime for some time after the civil war.

During this time Wahid was in Egypt, employed with the Indonesian Embassy which was ordered to conduct an investigation on university students and give a report on their political stance. This order was then passed on to Wahid, who was charged with writing the reports

Wahid later returned to Jakartahe then conducted tours to pesantrens and madrasahs all around Java. It was a time where pesantren were desperate to gain state funding by adopting state-endorsed curricula and Wahid was concerned that that the traditional values of the pesantren were being damaged because of this change. Wahid was also concerned with the poverty of the pesantren which he saw during his tours. . It was at this time that Wahid finally decided to drop plans for overseas studies in favor of developing the pesantren.

Wahid’s family background meant that sooner or later, he would be asked to play an active role in the running of NU.

In 1984 Wahid became chairman of Nahdlatul Ulama/NU, so the big question is, how can Wahid been seen as moderate, when he becomes chairman of a fascist organization that has the blood of more than a million people on its hands

Secondly,I do not forget how this snake was threatening to bring to Jakarta tens of thousands of armed supporters,when he was being forced to resign as president.

On 1st February 2001,, the DPR met to issue a memorandum against Wahid. Two memorandums constitutes an MPR Special Session where the impeachment and removal of a President would be legal. The vote was overwhelmingly for the memorandum and PKB members could only walk out in protest. The memorandum caused widespread protests by NU members. In East Java, NU members went around to Golkar’s regional offices and thrashed it.I do not forget how his supporters where running riot here in East Java,burning and destroying. Or how they wrecked my car,and beat up a girl friend of mine.

Wahid is not a man to be trusted, he is a greedy wolf in sheeps clothing, and is working for islamization in the form of moderation, and his supportters belong to some of the most fanatical muslims in Indonesia, consisting of East Javanese and Madurese who are violent by default

Remember Wahid was chairman of an organization that murdered millions yet the skumbag only says sorry

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  1. I met Gus Dur in London once when he was President he gave a very good speech then I had a few words with him one on one afterwards. He seemed very plausible and knowledgeable but they do don’t they look at Obambi and what a complete disaster he has been. I think its because Mohammedans like Gus Dur and Obambi come from a CULT that not only allows but ENCOURAGES you to LIE so they can do so with a straight face and no conscience about it whatsoever.

  2. Irfan is a pretend Muslim, since reading his book I now feel pity for the poor little mummies boy. He does not have the intestinal fortitude to cross a busy road.

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