By Allah, My Ass is Yours!

Finally a picture of the Butt Bomber:

Thanks to the Tundra Tabloids

The Butt Bomber Abdullah Hassan Tali Assiri: oh Allah, my ass is yours!


In the non-Muslim world, the term “whacko ” doesn’t even begin to describe this jihadi Butt Bomber, but in Islam, well, he’s just a pious Muslim willing to sacrifice himself for the good of the prophet and the Ummah!

Some will say that the Tundra Tabloids is “supporting the terrorists’ narrative of Islam”, but hey, it’s never about what the non-Muslim thinks or says of Islam that matters to a Muslim, it’s what the orthodox leadership of the faithful say that matters most. And killing those who would water down the prophet’s message is permissible under Islamic law.

If the character of Mohamed was alive today, he would be one of the guys stuffing the dynamite into the arse of Abdullah Hassan Tali Assiri. So the TT (and sheik yer’mami) are  just calling things as they are, nothing more, nothing less, and anyone who thinks otherwise is just naive.

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7 thoughts on “By Allah, My Ass is Yours!”

  1. I wonder if the Quran has any details on which hand a butt bomber is supposed to use when loading up the anal ackbar WMD? You know it could mean the difference between making allah happy or not. The look on that goof’s face might be a clue that he enjoyed the insertion phase…

  2. He was once a human being, Solkhar, reduced to mince meat for his
    “god”, and now most likely destined for the islamic paradise ( the Biblical
    lake of fire) – no black-eyed virgins, or much of anything, awaiting him.

    What will your response be, Solkhar? Continue the lie that “allah” and
    the biblical God are one and the same? Will you continue to equate the “blog owner” with that?

    Membership in your death cult has consequences, Solkhar – in this
    world, and in the next. Flee from it! Run for your life!

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