"Islam Will Rule the World"

Muslims Will Conquer Rome – Islam Will Rule the World

Hey, not to worry: there is no jihad and they only want what’s best for us: our submission to Islam!

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quran-44-9-11An illustration from the “American Qur’an” implies that the 9/11 attacks
were Allah’s punishment for not accepting Islam (Sura 44:10-12).

The use of the term ‘Salafi’ is in essence a perpetuation of the myth that there is an ‘extreme’ form of Islam and some ‘normal’ form which is just like Christianity except they have more interesting food. The myth of course is the moderate Islam. Islam is and always was, an ideology in the guise of religion targeting  violent world domination. To understand Islam one only needs to look at life in countries where it is the dominant religion.


“We will rule the world, as has been said by the Prophet”


Communism & Mohammedanism:

Do we want adherents of this foreign ideology of mass murder holding high government positions?

The evidence  suggests that a communist network has a direct pipeline into the White  House. It is a network that includes the President  himself.

Van Jones Scandal Threatens Obama Presidency

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7 thoughts on “"Islam Will Rule the World"”

  1. One of the best video’s i’ve seen on islam ever:


    It manages to condense a lot of information into a short 10 minute running time, and is both informative and uplifting with it’s message. It gives the viewer the motivation to combat the threat to us, in no uncertain terms.

    If only people like this guy were in power in Europe and other Western nations….

  2. Islam never conquered anything. It is simple an ideology. This ideology has no basis, Is copied from the Jews & the people of best practices. The best part is the process of ‘Collecting’ this ideology is tremendously flawed.

    Therefore, People conquered places. In this Case, Muslims claim that they will conquer Rome & the World.

    Well, Muslims are people & because their foundation is flawed, they will never achieve anything substantial, But with great effort, they will succeed to break many things.

    As Such, Muslims are Humans, And Humans CAN BE BEATEN!

  3. * An illustration from the “American Qur’an” implies that the 9/11 attacks were Allah’s punishment for not accepting Islam (Sura 44:10-12).

    But, but, “9/11” was “nothing to do with islam” (right, Solkhar?), or
    an inside job (Mossad / CIA) to marginalise muslims and cause hurt
    feelings, alienation, loss of self esteem and …

    “Europe you will pay! Your 9/11 is on its way”

    … misunderstanding of islam, the “religion of peace”.

    Spin it again, Solkhar!

  4. Religions can not prevail worldwide because they all represent human interpretations: Hinduism (Brahman was a human), Buddhism (so was
    Buddha), Islam is based on the “moongod”, Judaism distorted elohim and Christianity diversified into 38 000 denominations straying from
    YHWH, that’s why the opponent will wipe them all from the face of the earth and introduce his cult. (YHWH in) YHM will destroy it all and will bring QAHAL YHWH on earth against the will of the survivors.
    human politics, religion and idealism don’t have a future.
    Yeshuwah YHWH ! Via Veritas et Vita.

  5. All other religion should work together to block this to happen.
    The big nations should think how to combat the situation from now as their target is not very far

  6. These people cannot even rule over their own countries propperly and have the audacity to seek world dominion.
    The Muslim world is in chaos.
    Sunnis, Shias, Kurds, all of them are doom to end up in a bloody war and the non- Muslim world will have to intervene in helping them achieve peace.

    Muslims are their own worst enemy.
    Islam is a belief system that is spiritually dead.

    The fact that they are incapable of seeing that they cannot fight and will never be abele to change the culture of the Chinese, Indians, Japanese,Western Europeans, Eastern Europeans,North Americans, Canadians, Australians , Caribbeans and Latin Americans tells a lot about how far removed from reality Muslims are.

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