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Islam is the ultimate rebellion against Western values.

Real Men don’t Eat Freedom Fries!

Taliban armed with rocket-propelled grenade launchers patrol outside Swat valley near Buner district Militants are attempting to extend their influence in Pakistan

You will  find this story highly unlikely, folks.  Since when have young Germans ever been drawn to militaristic, fascist death cults inspired by racism and an urge for world domination?

Last week the Pakistanis found a village apparently full of white German Taliban. From the Telegraph report it sounds like it even has its own estate agents:

A recruitment video presents life in the village as a desirable lifestyle choice with schools, hospitals, pharmacies and day care centres, all at a safe distance from the front.

A couple of years back there was a surge of Germans converting to Islam, and among these there seem to be many young people attracted to the most extreme form. And while the self-hating Germans may be especially vulnerable, it’s easy to see why teenagers immersed in modern youth culture are attracted to radical Islam.

There is, firstly, the political currents. Among the youth of western Europe anti-Americanism and anti-capitalism is the norm, so that unless a 17-year-old happens to pick up a copy of the Spectator or read Theodore Dalrymple in City Journal, he or she will not know any different from the mainstream opinion that America is a war-monger destroying the planet, Israel is causing conflict between the Muslim world and Europe, and white racism stops Africa progressing. And with Communism dead and socialism weakened, global Islamism is the number one international opponent to American capitalism. To those who see no moral difference between the US and the gangster states of Asia and Africa, and their proxies, the Taliban might even be seen as the underdogs.

Most of all teenagers yearn for idealism. To people growing up in Germany radical Islam is both sufficiently non-European (indeed, anti-European) while also having the manly and moral qualities of strength and brotherhood that attract drifting young men, who in the past might have opted for Nazism and Communism.

And, most of all, it’s the ultimate rebellion.

Jordan has begun tackling the issue of honour killings, but rights advocates say they have not gone far enough

German School Must Provide Prayer Room For Muslims

A Berlin court ruled Tuesday that a city high school must provide a room in which Muslim students can pray or it would be violating Germany’s guarantees of freedom of religion.

Islamic Dictionary: What is Islamization?

Islamization [Islamisation]: The erasure of the customs, norms and laws of any country or region in order to purely reflect Islamic dominance. This can be done through political pressure – as in the West – where full out Jihad is not possible, such as in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan, where the ultimate goal of Islamization has been achieved by violent Jihad and finally through political pressure for peace – which in Islam can only come under Shari’a rule.


In Islam’s 3 Holy Books: 97% references to jihad relate to holy war; while only 3% relate to inner struggle

Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-Munajid Describes the Virgins of Paradise and States: In Paradise, One Has the Strength of 100 Men in Eating, Drinking, and Sex

He knows! He just knows! He’s been there, done it….?

“…the women of Paradise are pure, unblemished, menstruation-free, free of feces, urine, phlegm, children… Moreover, Allah cleaned them of all impure and foul things, both in appearance and character. In character, they are not jealous, hateful, or angry. They are not greedy….”



Following are excerpts from an interview with Syrian-born Saudi cleric Muhammad Al-Munajid, which aired on Al-Majd TV on July 25, 2009.

Interviewer: How does one conduct relationships in Paradise – whether with the black-eyed virgins or with Muslim women who entered Paradise?


Muhammad Al-Munajid: Allah said that the black-eyed virgins are beautiful white young women, with black pupils and very white retinas, whose skin is so delicate and bright that it causes confusion. Allah said that they are like hidden pearls. They have wide eyes, and they have not been touched by man or jinn. They are virgins, who yearn for their husbands. They are all the same age, morally and physically beautiful. They are like precious gems and pearls in their splendor, their clarity, their purity, and their whiteness. They are like hidden pearls – as pure as a pearl within a shell, untouched by man. Each one of them is so beautiful that you can see the bone-marrow through the delicate flesh on their legs.

Such brilliant beauty does not exist in this world. Where can you find such beauty? Whereas the women of this world may suffer, for days and nights, from menstruation, from blood for 40 days after childbirth, from vaginal bleeding and from diseases – the women of Paradise are pure, unblemished, menstruation-free, free of feces, urine, phlegm, children… Moreover, Allah cleaned them of all impure and foul things, both in appearance and character. In character, they are not jealous, hateful, or angry. They are not greedy.

More from this lunatic:


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CAIR is a Criminal Organization…

Another CAIR Infil-traitor goes down:

CAIR Leader Tied to Nazi-Style Islamist Mosque


Another day, another CAIR official linked to extremism.

Ahmad’s favorite targets are Jews and Christians, whom he chillingly describes as “enemies of Islam.”

September 28, 2009– by Joe Kaufman

/Pajamas media

This past July, a video was posted to YouTube produced by the Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Michigan), featuring the group’s legal advisor and project coordinator, Melanie Elturk. On the video, Elturk cautions those who are “solicited by extremists” to “report suspicious activity.” However, what she doesn’t mention are the extremist institutions that she is involved with herself.

Melanie Elturk has been with CAIR-Michigan since January of this year. Even though she is somewhat new to the organization, she holds a prominent position within it, listed on the CAIR-Michigan website as one of its top three leaders.

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For Mohammedans, Britain is (still) the Promised Land

Anglo-French claims to have smashed Calais Jungle traffickers prove hollow

Asylum_4_350_619486a“Asylum seekers” from Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran are forced to find alternative accomodation after their Jungle in Calais was raided and torn apart by police

Asylum_3_350_619487aSome migrants appear to have moved away from Calais , but many are sleeping rough

Adam Sage in Calais/Times

It was touted as a victory over the modern slave trade, a raid vital to restoring order to a lawless camp where people-smuggling gangs exploited human misery.

But days after the destruction of the “Jungle” — the makeshift collection of hovels behind the beach that were home to hundreds of migrants seeking to cross the Channel — the claims of British and French ministers to have smashed the criminal networks are proving hollow.

Not a single trafficker was among the 141 adults and 135 children arrested as the camp was evacuated on Tuesday.

By the end of the week, the gangs had resumed their business of making money out of the Afghans, Iraqis, Iranians, Eritreans and other nationalities desperate to reach Britain.

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Scotland: Which 'Race' is Islam Again?

Scotland’s largest police force has promised to “oppose” a demonstration by anti-Muslim extremists if the event is intent on stirring up “racial hatred”.

1082162988.JPGA man holds up a banner during a demonstration by the English Defence League in Birmingham

Looks more like the pandering, lazy police skirts of Scotland are hiding behind the pretentious “racial hatred’ shield not to do their job. Their job includes  upholding the right of free speech and expression, and it also puts the onus on them   to protect demonstrators who want to exercise their G-d given right to  free speech.  That includes the right of Scots to participate in any protest  against  Islamization of their country without being vilified and criminalized.

Yes, we all know that Islam is a Religion of Peace and if you say we  Mohammedans are not peaceful we smash up the place. But the law is still the law and the law must be upheld: Fiat Justicia et Pereat Mundus!

A spokesman for Strathclyde Police made the comment about a procession by the newly-formed Scottish Defence League (SDL) that is pencilled in for November.

Anti-racist campaigners believe the far-right group wants to hold its rally near a mosque in Glasgow, or at a venue that is being lined up as a Muslim place of worship in Kilmarnock.

The SDL is thought to be affiliated to the English Defence League (EDL), an organisation that has staged protests this year against what it calls “militant Islam”.

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Malaysia: Great Place for S & M…

Muslim Model’s Father Wants Caning to be Carried Out “Correctly”

A Muslim model, who will become first woman to be caned under Islamic law in Malaysia, wants authorities “to carry out the punishment correctly and not in Taliban style”.

939838-kartika-sari-dewi-shukarno-apKartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, 32, has been sentenced to be caned for drinking beer in public by a religious court and her controversial sentence has been upheld by the appeals court yesterday.

Her father today said that Kartika Sari was ready for her punishment but wants authorities “to do it correctly and not the Taliban way”.

“We accept the caning sentence. My daughter is ready to be caned. She has been reading Holy Koran to give us strength,” her 60-year-old father Shukarno Mutalib said. More>>

15sims_CA0_600Some people enjoy public flogging in moderate Indonesia…

Caning for beer-drinking Malaysian model to go ahead

Islamic scholars have mostly backed the sentence, and said it would be carried out when Kartika was fully clothed and with a cane that was smaller and lighter than the heavy length of rattan used in criminal cases.

KUALA LUMPUR – AFP/ir A Malaysian religious court has reportedly ordered that a caning sentence handed to a Muslim model for drinking beer will go ahead, after a review triggered by a furore over the case.

Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, 32, was sentenced by a religious court last month to six strokes, making her the first woman to face caning under Islamic law in Malaysia, a moderate Muslim-majority country.

But she won a surprise reprieve in late August when she was detained and then abruptly released by religious officials who had planned to take her to a jail where she was to undergo the thrashing.

The government said the sentence was “too harsh” and could damage Malaysia’s reputation.  (Not much left of it since Mahatir ruined it…/ed)

A small Victory for free speech in Sweden

Migration Board firing of pro- Israel blogger ‘violated constitution’

The Local

Sweden’s Parliamentary Ombudsman (Justitieombudsmannen – JO) has rapped the Migration Board (Migrationsverket) over its controversial reassignment of Lennart Eriksson, an employee who had voiced pro-Israeli opinions on his personal blog.

Other News:

    The action taken against Eriksson constituted a violation of his freedom of speech – and freedom of opinion, according to the Ombudsman.

    “The constitutional protection of freedom of speech means that, amongst other things, the public may not take action against any individual who has exercised their freedom of speech. There are no grounds for an exception in this case,” the Ombudsman wrote.

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Our Pali "Peace Partners" Praise Yom Kippur Attack on Jews on the Temple Mount


3400330542_c773f86e83_mObama Calls for ‘Contiguous’ Palestine, Split Israel…

“Moderate” PA praises those who attack Jews

Thanks to the Elder of Zion

Yesterday, Ma’an described the event on the Temple Mount like this (the story has since been radically changed online:)

Confrontations erupted after groups of Israelis broke into the compound, reportedly under the guard of Israeli police. Palestinians hurled stones, chairs, and shoes at the Israelis, while police tried to disperse the Palestinians by force, injuring nine people right away, and four more throughout the morning.

The newer version of the story says this:

According to witnesses, clashes broke out after a group of about 150 Israeli settlers entered the Al-Aqsa compound on Sunday morning, reportedly under the guard of local authorities who also escorted the group away from the area when worshipers began to protest.

UPDATE: Here are some pictures of the poor provoked “worshippers,” courtesy of Palestine Today:


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Egypt: No to Second Hand Virgins!

Islamic scholar calls for death penalty over “virginity-faking” device

Moslem Obsession with virgins in the afterlife and in the here and now:

After all, if successfully used, it could get in the way of some stonings in the Middle East, and some honor killings elsewhere. Members of the Egyptian parliament have called for its banning; it’s that big a deal. Of course, there are two angles to play here: One is pandering to the clerics and supporters of more stringent Sharia (in a country where the vast majority of women have undergone female genital mutilation). The other concerns the fact that it’s easier to harp on the alleged moral failings of an already subjugated segment of society — one that is “deficient in religion and intellect,” according to Muhammad (Bukhari 1.6.301) — than to address corruption, unemployment, and other issues.

72-virginsVirgins: we need some devices…

“Egypt anger over virginity faking,” by Magdi Abdelhadi for BBCNews, September 28, thanks to Jihad Watch

A leading Egyptian scholar has demanded that people caught importing a female virginity-faking device into the country should face the death penalty.

Abdul Mouti Bayoumi said supplying the item was akin to spreading vice in society, a crime punishable by death in Islamic Sharia law.

In other News:

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State Department: Gitmo Detainees Are "Refugees"

* No, Obama is not a Marxist Moslem. No, Obama is not a terrorist sympathizer. From our You-can’t-make this-s#*t -up department…

Obamessiah: Fool, Incompetent or both?

3400330542_c773f86e83_mObama Doesn’t Understand: The Alternative to Victory is Defeat


  • White House Mum on Gadhafi Grants/ The White House declined to comment on a letter that an Illinois Republican send to President Obama demanding that he cancel funding for two $200,000 State Department grants to groups belonging to Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi’s children.

The Blog/ courtesy of Weasel Zippers

Just in case you were still skeptical that America’s 5th column president is a Muslim and in the enemy camp, here’s evidence that the (once) White House is now a Moslem nest:

white house, black flag

A Republican sends over this video of the State Department press briefing today, in which Assistant Secretary P.J. Crowley calls Gitmo detainees “refugees” at about the 24-minute mark.


QUESTION: Talk to us a little bit about response and talks and any commitments that you may have gotten from our European and other friends in the international community about taking in Guantanamo detainees as the camp in Guantanamo is expected to close at some point in the near future. Have you gotten any commitments from our European friends and anybody else?

CROWLEY: Ambassador Dan Fried continues his efforts to resettle, you know, Guantanamo refugees to various places around the world.


Update: Two Gitmo Gorillas headed for Ireland

Pamela Geller has a terrific piece in today’s American Thinker, “Is This Any Way To Fight A War?” In it, she points out the irony as an actual threat that was playing out in New York City last week just as Barack Obama was at the United Nations talking about a threat, all right — but not the same one.

The threat and the threat/read it all from JW