Affirmative Action Failure

Fox’s Affirmative Action Baby Whines – by David Horowitz


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Marc Lamont Hill has responded to my Newsreal post about The O’Reilly Factor’s decision to make him their black in residence and to provide him a whole segment recently to share with us his views of the crisis with Iran. I pointed out that Hill’s expertise, such as it is, is hip-hop culture — the very low end, in other words, of popular music which is better known as rap. Why was Hill on at all? Because he’s Fox’s black academic. But what kind of academic? With an expertise in rap music, Hill has a professorship at Columbia University, illustrating  my often made observation that our liberal arts colleges have fallen to their lowest intellectual level in 100 years.

My objection to Hill’s appearance as a rap professor pontificating about geopolitical issues is it fed the soft racism of low expectations and that it was in fact an insult to all those black academics who would actually have had something intelligent to say about the Iran crisis.

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Eurabian Nightmares

“Adopt a Muzz”  backfires:

A TV crew in France is facing prosecution after carrying out a stunt offering Calais residents British-bound immigrants to keep as ‘domestic pets’. Read more: Daily Mail

calais-mosqueMuslims at an illegal ‘migration camp’ in Calais beg Allah for entry into kafir Britain.  Perhaps they should be asking why Islam is incapable of producing Muslim countries in which Muslims themselves want to live.

The Rise of the BNP gives ruling Socialists the Jitters:

Later this month, British National Party leader Nick Griffin will be on the panel of the BBC’s Question Time programme. It is a totemic achievement for his political movement and the far-Right in Britain, granting Griffin and the BNP all the dignity of the political mainstream.

The ensuing hysterics and denunciations remind us yet again that most British politicians, and the chattering class as a whole, have not the least idea how to combat the BNP. Nor do they have any understanding of how it now manages to boast quite a few local councillors and, since early June, two British seats in the European Parliament. Daily Mail

Hijab Resistance in Austria:


Austrias Broadcasting Corporation reports that Muslim girls and women  have massive problems in Austria. Few days ago a muslim schoolgirl was attacked by two schoolmates, which tried to set her hijab on fire with a lighter. The two girls who wanted to set their Muslim classmate on fire were expelled from school. They refused to apologize. More from Austria News

Assbomb creates nightmares for security experts world wide

The advent of “body cavity bombs” marks a frightening development which can, quite literally, cause a complete halt to air traffic and public events while new methods of detection are developed.

ass-bomberWe can’t push in more, he has to swallow the rest…”

The “body cavity bomb” technique was used for the first time last month when a bomber blew himself up in a failed assassination attack on Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef, head of Saudi Arabia’s counterterrorism operations inside the Royal Saudi palace.

Security experts have warned of a “total shutdown” in air traffic and other public events if counter measures are not quickly developed. Currently, the only way to detect such devices would be to x-ray a person or subject them to a physical body cavity search. BNP

Desperate Deals With Genocidal Lunatics

Atlas Shrugs

Pals, Hamas thugs conferenceHamas, just in case you don’t know it yet, has genocide written into its constitution. Masked Palestinian Hamas militants speak to the press during a press conferencein Gaza City, Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2009.

Israel and Hamas militants announced a deal Wednesday that will see Israel release 20 Palestinian women from prison this week in exchange for a videotape proving that a captive Israeli soldier held in the Gaza Strip is still alive. The decision was the first tangible sign of movement in more than three years of talks over the release of the soldier, Sgt. Gilad Schalit, who has not been seen since he was captured by Hamas-linked militants in a cross-border raid in June 2006. (AP Photo/Hatem Moussa)

For the first time in a while, the press has decided that it’s safe to run glamor shots from a Hamas press conference again. Those of you who are new to this site might not remember, but Snapped Shot was involved in loudly protesting such thug conferences back in the day, which I believe had led to these photos being barred from the newswires.

Look who really won the election in Germany…

Cultural Enrichment News from Counter Jihad

5.6 million German residents with “foreign roots” have the right to vote. Here is the result:

15 Muslims in German parliament

The last parliament had 11 representatives with what Germans call “immigration background.”


The most multicultural MPs belong to the environmentalist Green party, which has five, including Iranian-born Omid Nouripour, who entered his second term after Sunday’s election. (Make no mistake, the greens in Germany don’t give a f*kc for the environment, they are red-hot Commies under false flag/ed)

Meanwhile the centre-left Social Democrats have four, and the socialist Left Party now has three.

For the first time, the pro-business Free Democrats, who are also Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democrats’ preferred coalition partner, also have two new MPs with foreign roots – Turkish-German Serkan Tören and Iranian-born Bijan Djir-Sarai.

The Local

Is Multi-Culturalism on the way out?

Multi-Culturalism Outdated?

Herald Tribune

The reality is that nothing positive comes from pursuing diversity for the sake of pursuing diversity.

It seems the idea that diversity makes us strong has become a blindly accepted truism. However, we’ve seen that America’s traditional melting pot is no longer a reality, because of the extreme cultures and religious beliefs of some Islamic groups. So one has to question just how diversity strengthens our society.


  • Tolerating Islam is the demise of a tolerant society…

Would the British agree that their expanding Muslim population has strengthened their society? To what extent should a modern, civilized society such as ours bow to radical Islamic culture?

Our good friends, the Saudis (who consistently vote against us in the United Nations), last year passed a religious-based law that effectively banned walking pets in public. The purpose behind this idiocy is to keep men from using cute pets to attract women. How can a society like this be taken seriously?

I contend that it has not been diversity that has made America strong. On the contrary, America is strong because early immigrants were not so different from each other. They were able to put aside slight differences in religious and cultural beliefs, and “melt” into the strongest nation in history.

So the next time some speaker wants to establish personal political correctness by glorifying diversity, remind him or her that the concept is outdated.

Bob Russell

Rotonda West

Mumbai Killer Would Do it All Over Again

I have no regrets, more Jihad to come: Kasab

Now watch for Islamo- blog trolls pop up telling us there was no jihad since the 11th century and Kasab is a bad misunderstander of Islam:


Ajmal Kasab, the terrorist caught in the Mumbai terror attacks of September 26 has confessed to the court of his offence.

He showed no remorse in his confession statement. The Pakistan based terrorist said that future Jihadis will get inspired from his actions.

M_Id_111676_ajmal_amir_kasab‘Kasab showed no remorse for his crime and said that he wanted to confess so that others may derive inspiration from his action.’ .
Obviously, they don’t teach remorse in the madrassas, they teach jihad…

Magistrate told that his confession was voluntary and not done under any kind of stress.

Other Jihad News from the RoP:


UK: “we are here and we are here to stay. With the arrival of wives and children I have no doubt that the Muslim community will triple over the next two years…”

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Here we go again: Religion of Peace hijacked in Texas, Muslims angry…

Backlash watch:

Who would have thought? Misunderstanders of Islam all around. Especially the reporter from the Star, Darren Barbee, is totally befuddled. If you like, write him a quick note. Here on Winds of Jihad we are always available to cure political correctness, dhimmitude and deliberate cluelessness:

Area Muslims were angered and upset Friday that their religion had yet again been “taken hostage,” this time by a teenager who federal agents say was an apparent lone wolf who plotted to destroy a Dallas skyscraper in the name of jihad.

Tarnished by the faith or tarnished by the plot?

Muslim_Reaction_1_09-26-2009_Tarrant_GAVEVQM.standalone.prod_affiliate.58Imam Abdulhakim Mohamed leads the Islamic Center of Al-Hedayah in Fort Worth. Terrorists are “a threat to the community,” he said.

  • Jihad Watch: Smadi made a decision to act to commit a significant conspicuous act of violence under his banner of “self Jihad.” He will now face justice.

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Erdogan Flatulence

Turkish Delusions

Tayyip “I am  the slime” Erdogan:

Israel Is the Only Country in the Region with Nuclear Weapons- lets be fair and nuke Israel….

“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…” — Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan

Lets be fair:  Kemal Ataturk remarked:

“Islam is an absurd theology of an immoral Bedouin, a rotting corpse which poisons our lives.” (suck that, Tayyip!)


“Why is it that nobody talks about the issue of Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction, a fact that has never been contested in the international arena?” added Erdogan, calling the whole world to deal with this matter.

Erdogan asked “Why are people talking about Iran who has done nothing, while they keep silent on the nuclear weapons possessed by Israel who has done a lot in Gaza, including using phosphorus weapons.”

“Islamic Fairness:” He called the world to leave Iran aside and direct attention to Israel, “We have to be fair if we really seek world peace.” More from Sanna

Turks intolerant of religious diversity, says poll

A survey conducted by a private research company has shown that a great majority of the public does not want atheists, Jews or Christians for neighbors and also disapproves of their employment at top state institutions, the Radikal daily reported yesterday.

Conducted by the Frekans research company as part of a project to promote the Turkish Jewish community and its culture, the poll gauged Turks’ views on different ethnic and religious groups in Turkey, the Jewish community in particular. Fifty-seven percent of 1,108 people surveyed in the poll said they did not want to have atheist neighbors, while 42 percent said they did not want Jewish neighbors and 35 percent of respondents were reluctant to have Christian neighbors. More>>

Turkey spys on Christians: police suspected in Malatya murders

In German/no translation unfortunately…

Oh joy! Hamas has acquired ‘advanced’ anti-tank missiles

AT-3 Sagger missile

World Tribune is reporting that Hamas has acquired ‘advanced‘ anti-tank missiles during mid-2009. The missiles were smuggled in from Egypt through the tunnels (Hat Tip: Free Republic). The report is based on ‘Israeli military sources.’ Carl has more>>

Former Arafat aide: Third Intifada on its way

From our “thousand little wars on Israel” department

“The Palestinians are preparing themselves to carry out another Intifada of independence and freedom in response to Israeli violations, massacres and policies against the Palestinians and their land, against Jerusalem, the confiscation of land and the geographic separation of the Palestinian territories,” said the former Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) spokesperson in a press conference in Ramallah. Ma’an News

“Kill Jews” Pamphlets Spread All Over Brooklyn

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"Loon Watch" got it all worked out: "The Quran does not at all say to kill apostates"

“Muslims are undergoing a soft reformation, led by the Western Muslims and the likes of Dr. Tariq Ramadan.  But it will take time, just like Europe did not reform overnight.”


The loons from Loon Watch are still in Hopey-Changey mode: who needs reality when you can cook your own?

Former Muslim receiving death threats

Ironically, just when the kooks from Loon Watch have decided that we got it all wrong and Islam has this great reform movement that forbids the killing of apostates, a former Muslim who is now an atheist, says he has been ostracized and threatened with death Sabri Husibi, who has an unlisted telephone number, said he received about 30 calls Saturday from people who were cursing him, calling him a traitor and threatening him.

One caller, whom Husibi would not identify, said that if he spoke at the meeting and said anything against Shariah (Islamic law), he would be killed.  Another caller offered Husibi’s young Muslim wife $10,000 to leave him and return to her native Syria, he said.  “Someone from Tulsa called my 76-year-old mother in Syria and said, ‘You’re not going to see your son anymore,’ ” he said. Tulsa World

Rifqa Bary

Fathima Bary Needs to Read Her Bible; “Final Word” on Islam and Apostasy

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