UK: Sham Marriages Boom

Sham marriage boom after judges rule Home Office crackdown is illegal

Daily Mail

Sham marriages are booming after judges relaxed laws designed to prevent them, figures show.

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The number of illegal immigrants who stage fake ceremonies to stay in the country are likely to top 500 this year, the highest level since 2004.

Growing abuse of marriage laws appeared to have been stemmed that year after non-EU nationals were told they must apply for Home Office approval before marrying an EU citizen.

But last year Law Lords said the rules against fake marriages breached human rights and could deny genuine couples the right to marry.

The figures, an increase of 80 per cent compared with three years ago, were produced by the Home Office and disclosed by More4 News.

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  1. * rules against fake marriages breached human rights

    Yes, so stick to banning Union Jack lapel pins, piggy banks, Christmas
    decorations, crosses as jewellery, eating in front of fasting muslims,
    and all those other social evils still running rampant in Britain.

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