Aafia Siddiqui, the "Al Qaeda Lady," Demands Jews be Banned from Jury in Terror Trial

Papa Whiskey comments on Atlas:

Genetic testing? This creature sounds like an activist of the NSDAP’s Racial Policy Office, or perhaps an officer in the Reichssicherheitshauptamt under Heydrich. That she obtained her Ph.D. from Brandeis, a university founded and supported by Jews and whose motto is the Hebrew word “emet,” is surely a thundering great irony. So much for bringing Muslims to study at American institutions in hopes that our values will rub off on them.

Cool. So we should demand that Mohammedans are banned from any jury against infidels, or against her coreligionists who are increasingly in the dock:

Jury selection in the “Lady Al Qaeda” trial got off to a bizarre start Wednesday with the accused terrorist telling jurors she was “boycotting” – and demanding Jews be excluded from the panel.

From the Vicious Babushka

“If they have a Zionist or Israeli background…they are all mad at me,” said Aafia Siddiqui, a U.S.-trained neuroscientist charged with attempted murder.

“I have a feeling everyone here is them – subject to genetic testing….They should be excluded if you want to be fair,” she told Manhattan Federal Judge Richard Berman.

Prospective jurors weren’t present for that outburst, but they were in the courtroom to hear her say, “I’m boycotting the trial…there are too many injustices.”

At another point, Siddiqui repeatedly refused to talk to her own lawyers, saying she didn’t trust them.

“I don’t trust you either,” she told Berman.

She even tried to toss a handwritten note to prosecutors requesting time each day to pray. Berman said time would be set aside.

Siddiqui, 37, is accused of picking up an M-4 Army rifle and firing two rounds at a team of Americans who tried to question her in Afghanistan on July 18, 2008.

Prosecutors argue she screamed, “Allah Akbar” and vowed to kill Americans before she was wrestled to the ground. She allegedly had two pounds of poisonous sodium cyanide and hundreds of pages of notes and documents on how to build chemical and biological weapons.

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