Afghan murders wife with her own veil for being ‘too Australian’

Islam elevates women:

Husband Strangles Mother of Five for ‘Becoming Australian’…

Soltan Ahmid Azizi told his wife she was nothing but a slave to him with no rights and her sole purpose was to have babies and raise children. Marzeih Rahimi a victim of forced marriage who had endured abuse and was trying to escape, was found strangled to death in the family home.  Her young children who were unharmed, sat next to her.

From The Australian Herald Sun/thanks to the Tundra Tabloids & Vlad Tepes

8-month pregnant woman killed over ‘honour’

KARACHI: An eight-month pregnant woman, 26-year-old Fahima, was allegedly killed by her family in the name of honour on Wednesday. This is the first such incident in the current year.   Paki Daily Times

Saudi Arabia: 100 lashes for Philippine rape victim

A Filipino woman in Saudi Arabia is scheduled to be lashed 100 times by the government as punishment for being raped. To add to the tragedy, the Filipino has been held in prison since September 2009. In December 2009, the woman — known only as “Camille” — miscarried. Now, she is facing a medieval crime — all because she was raped. H/T Zip & True Slant

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