Another Day, Another Mosque…

Sydney Australia, fighting another giant mosque.

From Islam Monitor/ thanks to Vlad Tepes

Must be the old “build it and they will come”- thing… but, hey: its the Religion of Peace. What could go wrong?


As if this huge masjit would not be enough for Auburn

Auburn Council, in Sydney’s west, approved yet another giant mosque (there is already one monstrosity called Gallipoli Mosque in Auburn) to be built on a site occupied by a historical Art Deco fire station on Harrow Road.

And so it comes as no surprise that the non-Muslim residents are trying to stop the construction as they they believe it will become a headquarters for the strict Wahhabi sect of Islam in Sydney. (reference)

Additionally the Muslim buyers of the property do not care that the Fire Station, listed as a Australian heritage building, will be destroyed in the process.

The purpose of the Omar Mosque leadership in acquiring the property was to demolish the Old Auburn Fire Station building, consolidate the site with their three other adjacent properties and build over the new site a grand mosque, capable of accommodating a thousand worshippers at a time.

The new mosque is proposed to have 134 car parking spaces underground in a location that is zoned residential. The DA applicants knew at the time they bought the property that it was subject to heritage protection under the Auburn LEP. They are the same people who a few years earlier built the Al Faisal Islamic School, which is only one hundred metres further down the road from the site. But despite this knowledge of the laws in NSW and their ready access to legal and town planning expertise, which might have motivated them to seek another site, they chose instead to pursue a campaign to have its heritage protection removed by Auburn City Council.

Historical Fire Station at 47 Harrow Road, Auburn

The leaders of the Omar Mosque also probably knew at the time they bought the old fire station site that the Victorian Italianate terrace style cottage next to their existing mosque, formerly used since 1909 as Pegler’s Bakery at 43 Harrow Road, is also of high heritage significance, although not yet on the heritage schedule. Both properties will be demolished to make way for the proposed grand mosque, the main structure of which will stand on the highest hill in Auburn over three stories tall, topped at each of its four corners with a small minaret and a large central dome bearing an Islamic crescent moon. At the apex of the crescent moon, as is now proposed by the applicant, the structure will be close to the height of a five storey building.   (source)

Dear Readers, we can stop the destruction of our heritage building and at the same time we can prevent building yet another symbol of Islamic arrogance and disregard for our culture and history.

If you are a resident of New South Wales, please download our petion from HERE, print as many copies as you need and collect as many signatures as you can.
When you finished collecting signatures, please mail the forms to the following address:

P.O. Box 693
NSW 2144

If you prefer e-mail you would need to scan the forms after signing and then send them as attachments to:

Unfortunately there is very little time and you would have to send the forms back to us before January 16, 2010.

If you are not a resident of NSW you can still help by sending THIS letter directly to:

The Hon. Tony Kelly, ALGA MLC
Minister for Planning
Minister for Infrastructure
Minister for Lands
Deputy Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council
Leader of the House in the Legislative Council
Address: The Hon. Tony Kelly, MLC
Parliament House
Macquarie Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:     (02) 9230 2528
Fax:     (02) 9230 2530
Email: (Private Secretatry)

Please remember to send your petition before January 16, 2010.

Check out the Mohammedan City Council of Auburn, its worth a look>>>

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  1. I certainly will write a letter. Send an e- letter, everyone, to ALL media outlets in your area. Let everyone know of the Petition and the Letter.

    Let’s do this the Australian Way!

    Australia’s CRUSADE has started!

  2. In the UK it’s the Crusades as the reason for Islam’s attempted high-profile (the debt is surely paid off by now!) but in Australia I can see nothing but attempted colonisation. In Spain, the locals were so fed up with UK ex-pats and their claim on the land that the Spanish re-wrote the land-rights laws. Australia – are you listening? 🙂

  3. People there will have to phsyically prevent the two heritage listed buildings from being demolished. How about the trade unionists slapping a green ban on the demolishing of these buildings? How about people having a vigil to prevent this demolishion? Contact all media outlets in the world to let them know what’s happening.

  4. one love – Moslems claim Australia because they say Aborigines were Moslem before whites came.

    They studied the aborigines and decided that rubbing sticks together, boning kiddies, eating their enemies innards and generally hatcheting each others heads open was definitely Islamic behaviour.

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