Australia: More Grass Roots Resistance to the Jihad

Google ‘bug’ fixed?

Google’s tech geniuses finally figure out how to fix “bug” that censored criticism of Islam, after 19 days

Thai Jihad:

Friends Remember Idealistic Buddhist Teacher Beaten to Death by Thai Muslim Villagers…

NARATHIWAT, Jan 15 (TNA) – A school in Narathiwat commemorated an idealistic teacher, who left her native North to teach children in the South and died in 2007 after abducted and beaten by some villagers in this violence-plagued province.

USA takes in 6,000 Somali from Uganda

Big heart, no brains, H/T ZIP

Explaining the reason of resettling Somalis to the US, Katura said Somali refugees have failed to integrate with other refugee groups living in Nakivale and with the local communities because of their unique language and culture.

In America they’ll  fit in perfectly.... New Vision>>

Grass roots resistance to the jihad: Australia

…and of course the Dhimwits who aid and abet Islamic advances just know its not happening.

Vlad Tepes Blog:

Some Australians seems also to have lost confidence in it’s government to reflect the values of the Australian people and set up an EDL like group. Governments world wide take note. If you do not serve the people who gave you money and power, you may lose it in ways you did not expect. The likely consequence? Governments will continue to use valuable security resources to monitor the Western liberal democrats and interfere with their resistance while funding cultural and religious ‘outreach’ programs which have so far to pretty much the exclusion of all else, been about promoting Islam, sharia law, the erasure and rewriting of history to favour Islam, recreating text books to make other religions look like quaint ideas while Islam is the truth, and so on ad nauseum.

Below, a video from the newly minted, Australian Defence League:

An older article from the Free Library, which is more accurate than ever:

Illegal immigrants masquerading as “refugees”: the muslim invasion. (Editorial Comment).

The recent arrival off Christmas Island, in August 2001, of a Norwegian ship carrying over four hundred persons proposing to enter Australia illegally has crystallised a grave problem facing this country.

Unfortunately Australia has come to be regarded as a “soft target” for illegal immigrants, for the following reasons:

1. Instead of illegal immigrants arriving in boats being sent away immediately, with adequate food and provisions, they are allowed to enter Australia.

2. Many of the illegal immigrants are persons from violent backgrounds whose acceptance into Australia would be highly undesirable.

3. They are placed in detention centres, at enormous expense to Australian taxpayers, for long periods whilst they are permitted to take legal proceedings to establish that they are entitled to remain in Australia as “refugees” or “asylum seekers”. In these proceedings false and exaggerated evidence is commonly presented by them.

4. A very small proportion of the illegal immigrants are genuine refugees requiring acceptance by Australia. The great majority of them are simply people who, for good reasons or bad, are strongly opposed to their governments of origin or who are seeking to settle in a more economically advantageous country.

5. Australian taxpayers pay the legal costs of the illegal immigrants in their proceedings against the Commonwealth.

6. The Federal Court, under a left-leading Chief Justice, Mr. Michael Black, habitually makes biassed or over-generous decisions in favour of illegal immigrants. These decisions go beyond international guidelines on these matters, and act as an inducement to further illegal immigration

7. These facts are well-known amongst those who, for commercial reasons and for the procuring of personal profit, organise the travel of illegal immigrants to Australia.

8. The Australian Democrats and the Australian Labor Party
held up the passage in the Parliament of amending legislation intended to enable the Commonwealth to act more promptly and resolutely in order to exclude illegal immigrants.


Those who organise the travel of illegal immigrants have been swift to recognise that Australia is a soft target, and a compounding process has hence begun. Arrivals of highly undesirable illegal immigrants have been followed by further and further arrivals, caused by Australia’s reputation of accepting people who would be rejected elsewhere. The numbers held in detention centres increase continually, and new centres must be built and maintained at a staggering cost. False and exaggerated complaints are made by illegal immigrants about alleged ill-treatment, and they demand increasingly that further amounts be spent on their comfort.

Their complaints are publicised and distorted by their legal advisors (also funded by Australian taxpayers). Left-of-centre sources in the media (generally the same sources who supported false propaganda on the mis-named “stolen generation”) publicise false and exaggerated accounts, doing so not in the national interest, but rather in order to destabilise the Australian immigration
system. (1)

What is to be done? It is essential that boats approaching Australia and containing illegal immigrants be reprovisioned with food and water and other appropriate supplies and required to return to the country from which the boat has come. If necessary boats should be towed away or, if they are unseaworthy, replaced by seaworthy boats of equivalent quality.

What is critical is that illegal immigrants must not be allowed to enter Australia or, if they enter illegally, must be extradited at once. Further, in view of their illegality they should be excluded entirely for the future from those who may make lawful applications to enter Australia. If these measures are not taken immediately and firmly, Australia will be increasingly exposed to an undesirable and fractious


It is a matter of grave concern that Mr. Kim Beazley

and the Labor Party have only reluctantly supported the Prime Minister, Mr. John Howard
, in his amendments of the immigration laws so as to protect Australia’s sovereignty. As an alternative to the present government it is essential that the Labor Party should not be unduly influenced by sectional interests (and especially by internationalist lobby groups) but should respect the views and interests of the great majority of Australians who believe, correctly, that they are being taken undue advantage of. (2)

Ultimately it must be asked of politicians elected by the Australian people whether those politicians are in fact prepared to put the interests of Australians ahead of internationalist causes that have the effect of reducing Australian sovereignty. Those who adopt unduly internationalist approaches may be viewed as treacherous in regard to their own country.

(1.) The Melbourne “Herald Sun

” recorded on 29 August 2001 that in a voteline poll taken on the preceding day, out of a total of 14,187 respondents, 96 per cent indicated that “Australia should turn away illegal immigrants”, and 4 per cent indicated that Australia should not.

(2.) Such comments as these, from a French Muslim spokesman named Mohammed Saboui, help to explain the apprehensions of some Australians concerning Muslim immigration en masse: “Our well functioning, `peaceful’ invasion of Europe has not been completed yet. We want to act simultaneously in all host countries. Since you keep on making more and more room available for us, we would be stupid not to fully profit by it…. You have framed laws that penalise
those who utter any racist expression against us. And you can’t see how blinded you are …” (“Catholic”, December 1998-January 1999).

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  1. what they did to fix it was to make ‘islam is’ the same as ‘Christianity is’ with the same profanities.

    ‘Judaism is’ does not have those profanities.

    ‘Buddhism is’ and ‘Hinduism is’ is not as profane but close to what ‘islam is’ is. ‘atheism is’ is pretty mild too.

    I don’t use google search anymore. I think that is the best solution ever. I use Bing. Google was the best advertizement for changing to Bing.

  2. ‘Google bug fixed?’ Mostly, this end. BUT…

    You guessed it ‘judaism will….” has no results, guys.

    Now, for goodness sakes don’t get paranoid!

    ‘They’ will fix it so-o-o-o-n.

  3. Re boatpeople.

    Send all Muslims back. Take a careful look at the non-Muslims, if any (there are sometimes some). Bona fide NON-MUSLIMS will probably be OK – if they are fleeing Muslim countries (e.g. if they are Assyrian Christians from Mesopotamia) they should be only too glad to come somewhere where as yet there are not so many Mohammedans, and once they get deprogrammed from dhimmitude they can help raise the alarm about jihad (think of what the Aussie Copts have been doing lately, and that Assyrian Christian MP in NSW who proposed the memorial to the Assyrian victims of jihad genocide), besides helping tip the demographics in our favour.

    If we get Papuan Christian boatpeople fleeing jihad genocide, I wouldn’t tell the Indonesian Muslim regime about them at all; I would not support sending them back …unless we quietly sent them back ARMED, undercover, to carry on the fight against the Muslims who are robbing, raping, killing priests and burning churches.

    I think we should be pushing for our *legal* immigration and refugee programs to stop taking in Muslims and to give highest priority to bona fide non-Muslims who are in imminent danger of genocidal attack by Muslims – at present, Assyrian Christians from Mesopotamia, Copts from Egypt, Christians and Hindus from Pakistan. And NO ‘Australian’ or foreign Muslims to be employed in any capacity in our refugee & immigration application/ checking processes either overseas or here on Aussie soil – because if they are, they will waft their fellow MUSLIM invader-occupiers on through while shoving the poor desperate dhimmis back down into the Predator Pits.

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