Black Iraqis claim discrimination

Al Jizz discovers Arab racism

“Islam transcends race and ethnicity as Muslims are extracted from various backgrounds and nationalities including English.” From google’s cache of Islam4UK web site …

Black Iraqis in the southern province of Basra are complaining of discrimination, saying they are not fairly represented in the state.

African Iraqis have lived in the country for centuries and now number more than one million.

Many of them are descendants of African slaves brought to Iraq. Many Iraqis still refer to them by their ancestral name, abeed - meaning slaves.

Salem Shaaban is a member of the Free Movement of Iraqis, advocating more rights for African Iraqis.

He says black people in Iraq feel there is a tradition of discrimination against them in the society.

“For example when two people fight in the street and one is black and the other is white, they say X had a fight with the slave. It really hurts.”

‘No place for blacks’

Shabaan says black Iraqis are also discriminated against when it comes to parliament representation and jobs.

“Whoever wants to be a member of parliament or heads the cabinet should present himself to the Iraqi people and they will elect whoever they want”

Mohammed al-Bahadily, tribal leader

“Why is there no black merchant or a senior black official in the state? We conclude that there’s no place for the blacks in the Iraqi society or in the state.”

But local officials say there is no discrimination and that the door is open for any group to participate in society.

“We don’t want to differentiate one sect or colour over another. This is part of the ethnic, racial and sectarian division. We want Basra to stay way from it,” Jabbar Amin, the head of Basra Local Council, says.

“If there is a group like the blacks in Basra and say they are big, then they should and can stand in the elections to compete with the other sects or groups.”

Mohammed al-Bahadily, a tribal leader, agrees that the political scene is open to all, regardless of race.

“Now politics is free for everyone and free choice. And whoever wants to be a member of parliament or heads the cabinet should present himself to the Iraqi people and they will elect whoever they want.”


But some black Iraqis say they are not treated the same way as other minorities.

Tahir Yahya, an activist, says: “We want to be like the Christians and Mandaeans  and other white minorities who have fixed representation in parliament – we the black people in Iraq have rights.”

On the streets of Basra, residents say discrimination does not exist.

“The whites are 90 per cent and blacks 10 per cent in Iraq and Basra. That’s why you find few blacks in high posts and ranks because the whites are more. But we are all brothers and my best friends are black,” one man says.

Another local says there is no exclusion of the blacks but some segregation persists.

“There are some traditions in the society that the two don’t intermarry. But otherwise they co-exist together peacefully.”

One thought on “Black Iraqis claim discrimination”

  1. One rule for them, one rule for us.

    If whites were beating up blacks and calling them slaves in America or Europe, we would literally never hear the end of it in the media. I mean seriously, “Saint” Stephen Lawrence, the left’s poster boy for black racial murder victims is still brought up all the time in the British press despite no conclusive conviction ever being reached.

    We Westerners are having our minds and confidence in our sense of moral righteousness raped by a collective guilt complex, because of the never disputed assumption (remember it’s racism dispute “slavery”) that a few white people a couple of hundred years ago supposedly went to Africa and took slaves indiscriminately.

    To engage in the slave trade, you obviously need slaves. So how did White Europeans acquire their slaves in the first place? The image usually promoted is of ships of White slave traders pulling ashore in Africa, storming a local village and violently kidnapping the inhabitants to sell on as slaves.

    The reality, however, is much less dramatic. But what is shocking is how the truth of the matter is never discussed and is airbrushed from the history lessons. The truth is that the overwhelming majority of Black African slaves were sold to the White slavers by Black Africans themselves.

    The notion of White slavers establishing themselves in Africa and carrying out raids on villages is simply not feasible. Europeans were highly prone to the many diseases present along the West African coast such as Malaria, dysentery and yellow fever. Attempts to make a base in Africa for any amount of time would have left them open to severe ill health and seriously threatened their lives. Africa was not known as the “White man’s grave” for nothing.

    Africa, and blacks of African descendence in general should look to their own ancestors and the arabs if they are looking to lay the blame on anyone for slavery!

    I fear I may have strayed a little with my point on this one, as reading the post back it seems to have little to directly with this story. It’s still worth reading, but apologies for the irrelevance of the post.

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