Britain's Mohammedan Police Force

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Yesterday we posted this:

Mohammedans tell Brits what “British values” are

Muslim Police Rebel Openly Against Government’s Anti-Terrorism Policy: Muslim police say Islam not to blame for Islamic attacks

Today we got this:

UK Muslim police rebel openly against govt’s anti-terror efforts, say “far-right extremists” greater threat than jihadists

Robert Spencer:

Sure. You remember when far-right extremists blew up those bombs in London on July 7, 2005. This “rebellion” should induce authorities to wonder which side these Muslim police are really on. But it won’t. “Muslim police say Islam not to blame for terror attacks,” by Robert Winnett in the Telegraph, January 20 (thanks to Pamela):

Muslim police officers have rebelled openly against the Government’s anti-terrorism strategy, warning that it is an “affront to British values” which threatens to trigger ethnic unrest. The National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP) claimed that ministers were wrong to blame Islam for being the “driver” behind recent terrorist attacks.Far-Right extremists were a more dangerous threat to national security, it said. JW

Lets dig a little deeper:

National Association of Muslim Police Links to Khomeinist Front Organisation

The website of the NAMP links to the Khomeinist front organisation, the so-called ‘Islamic Human Rights Commission’. Twice.

A flavour of the nature of the IHRC can be found here.

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More good news:

A declared supporter of Hamas, accused by a government minister of advocating attacks on British forces, has been given a paid teaching post at London University, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

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  1. The romans were not responsible for the destruction of jerusalem in
    70 a.d.
    the nazi’s were not responsible for kristallnacht in1938.
    The sovjet-union was not responsible for invading afghanistan in 1979.
    hamas and hizbollah are not responsible for launching rockets into
    islamic terrorists are not responsible for their crimes.
    islam not to blame for islamic attacks.
    Welcome to lala land.

  2. If we allow extremists fanatics to re-write history (which they certainly
    will do) than we are to blame, but thanks to sites like this one the people will be aware of the schemes and find out about their evil plans.

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